Dreamy New Single From Nothing

unnamed-161-640x421Man this new music from Philly’s own Nothing has been getting tons of spins around my house lately. Their RSD single release of “ACD” is this perfect emo style throwback sound similar to old bands like Copeland, Explosions in the Sky, or even someClarityera Jimmy Eat World. For some of you readers, that may turn you off immediately, but we ATH kids love that shit. So while Nathan is in party mode, I’m feeling the feels at my desk listening to this sweet new single “The Dead Are Dumb”. Give me 10 more just like it please.

Nothing will releaseTired of Tomorrowon May 13th via Relapse (pre-order here).


More From Jay Arner

unnamedOnly last month we heard a great new song from Jay Arner’s second effort as a solo musician. Well today we are treated to this new song, “Like a Dracula”, which is another delightful song from thatupcoming record. Jay could easily be compared to a guy like Mac Demarco but with more synth and a bit of a dance vibe to his music. I think you’ll find this one just as catchy as the last one.

Jay IIis out on June 17th via Mint Records.

Levitation BTW: Super Furry Animals

SFA-New-1Somehow I woke up today, turned my computer on, and suddenly realized that Levitation Festival is going down this weekend. I suppose with all us ATH members being so dang busy over the last month or so, we fell asleep and failed on our pre-coverage. Well today that changes with our first band to watch feature spotlighting veteran Welsh band Super Furry Animals. Follow the jump for some brief personal thoughts and a video or two.

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Bright Pop From Dentist

untitledOn a dreary Monday, it always helps so give yourself a little big of bright pop music to bring up your moods. Today that inspiration can best be provided by Asbury Park based band Dentist and their new single “Awful”. Though the song lyrics and subject matter seem to be a bit negative, the overall feeling of the song comes across as sunny and infectious. I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Dentist will dropCeilingson June 24th via Little Dickman Records.

Can’t Resist This New VHS Single

untitledWhen discussing genres like sludge rock or sludge punk, it seems like Violent Human System, shortened to VHS, need to be in the current discussion as one of the genre’s best. We’ve posted about the band several times in the past and today we are treated yet again to another gem. This one, “Art Decay”, is a bit of a slow builder of a song which builds into this driving slacker punk song with some chanting vocals that compliment things nicely. As things build, we are treated to some killer guitar near the end leading us on our way. Nicely done gents.

Gift of Life will come out on June 17th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Rock With Big Deal

1461088224BigDeal0216_Gullick9236It’s very likely that I’m running a day or two behind on posting this new Big Deal song, but alas, I do not care because I’ve been talking about this band way too long to not post their new music now. If you don’t spend all day on the internet, maybe you haven’t heard this rocking new song called “Avalanche”. One can of course hear the more fleshed out and full rock n roll sound one might expect when expanding your band from a duo to a quartet. Count me in as a continuing fan of this band and their no nonsense take on indie rock.

New albumSay Yes hits streets on June 17th via Fat Cat Records.

Quiet Beauty From Aloha

untitledLet’s get real here, I honestly had no idea that old favorite Aloha were still making music together in 2016. Last I’d heard they put out an album about 6 years ago and I hadn’t heard much noise from the group since. Apparently this is due to my lack of interest in reading other sites… So as news to me, here’s the latest single from the guys called “Don’t Wanna Win”. I’m really enjoying the hushed qualities and the incredibly tight instrumentation in this song. Cheers to making more great music together.

Aloha will dropLittle Windows Cut Right Throughon May 6th via Polyvinyl.

Brooding Pop From Stillwave

StillwavePrior to right this minute I knew not one thing about Netherlands based pop group Stillwave, but I’m looking to change that starting now. Our introduction to the band is this awesome and unique new single “What Have You”. What we have here is a brooding sort of pop song full of darkness and some extremely heavy vocals unlike any other you’ve likely heard before. I think you’d be hard pressed to find this interesting and delightful take on pop music anywhere else. Stay tuned as a new EP is apparently coming soon.

Nice Bit of Pop From Still Parade

stillAs I hit play on this new Still Parade song for the third time today, I’m finding more and more to like with each new listen. We’ve posted about the band in the past and I’ve find some things to like here and there, but I feel as though this is the most complete tune I’ve heard so far. It flawlessly melds things like synths, hushed vocals, and one hell of a beat to create a truly memorable pop sound. Check out “Chamber” below and let us know what you think.

Concrete Visionis coming on June 3rd via Lefse Records.

Power-Pop From Susan

1460418387802Man this new jam “I’ve Been Known” by Los Angeles based trio Susan has really been giving me some motivation over the last 24 hours. I’m loving that it starts super slow and dupes us into thinking it’s some type of slow melodic jam, but then boom yeah, things really take off. Rather than me ruining it with more descriptors and comparisons, I’d say you’d best be served by hitting play right now and enjoying this gem for yourself.

Susan will drop Never EnoughOn April 29th via Volar Records.

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