Video Premiere: Biblioteka – Tick Tock

Today I am pumped to share with you all this video premiere for “Tick Tock” from Seattle based rock n roll band Biblioteka. It sort of gives off this very The Hives vibe with a touch of 60s era garage/fuzz rock. It’s a fun, rocking number with a trippy and trance inducing video to go along with the overall psych mantra of the track.

“Tick Tock will appear on Biblioteka’s new album entitled Pretty Ugly which is due out on July 24th via Freakout Records. We’ll mark out calendars.

Public Opinion Drop New Single

If you’re out there today looking for some solid, super well produced, rock n roll music with a twist of punk, may I suggest this new single from Denver based Public Opinion. The track entitled, “Sweets all the Time”, has this very White Reaper meets NOFX vibe to it with a clear post-punk inspiration. Sort of garage rock but with a bit more gusto and edge if you will. Take it with you on your morning adventures.

This track will appear on the new EP Modern Convenience due out May 27th on Convulse Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Night Moves Share Twangy New Track

Minneapolis based Night Moves really caught and held my attention in 2019 with the release of their stunning LP Can You Really Find Me. For a year or so after the release, like most bands in the Covid era, things were slow and not much was heard from the group. But to no one’s surprise, the dudes were holed up in a friend’s cabin to record a whole slew of new material in the coming year. Having already shared two recordings from the sessions, today I am pleased to share with you this new single called “Feel Another Day”. I feel like this band continues to fill this void in need for country inspired, twangy pop music that I just don’t seem to get much more here in TX. Thanks to my Minnesota brothers.

Mountain Time Release Meet The Kid

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ATX legend Chris Simpson and his large catalogue of music with Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper, and tons of other local groups. Over the last few years, Simpson has turned his focus to a more singer/songwriter folk style of music with his project Mountain Time. If you didn’t pick up his “best of” or song collection of solo music from last year, Saint Francis, Zookeeper, well you should really grab a copy. This year Chris is working on a new album for a planned release next year, but in the meantime he’s shared this new single “Meet the Kid”. As has come to be expected, Simpson displays his keen ability to construct a near perfect folk inspired, American pop tune. Dig it.

Tijuana Panthers Release New Single

Long Beach based band Tijuana Panthers have been a staple here on ATH for almost 10 years and I still think they may be one of the last remaining guitar rock bands out there. Proof of their continued rocking ways comes today in the form of this new single “False Equivalent” which features a sort of surf inspired, gnarly guitar piece reminiscent of late 50s/early 60s rock n roll. I am sure you’ll find this to be a refreshing piece of vintage inspired surfy, jangle rock.

This track will appear on new album, Halfway to Eighty, which will be released on June 24th via Innovative Leisure. Pre-orders are up now.

Hovvdy Do It Again

Though they may have left Austin due to ever rising costs of living, we will always have a special place in our hearts for Hovvdy. Honestly, at this point if you aren’t a fan, well you must just lack musical awareness or suffer from poor tastes. ZING. Ever the hard workers they tend to be, Hovvdy aren’t resting after their breakthrough album True Love from last year. No, the guys have taken some of the leftovers from the True Love recording sessions and have a new EP coming on May 27th entitled billboard for my feelings. Prior to the EP release, we’ve been treated to this mellow, enchanting new tune “Hide” to enjoy while we await the full drop.

Hovvdy are also about to embark on a lengthy US tour. Tickets are on sale now.

Playful New Tune From Mewn

Though it may be understandable if you haven’t heard of Manchester risers Mewn prior to today, I think they’ll be on your radar after you check out this new single “Two Days”. It has this sort of melodic emotional vibe similar to The National but with this tiny hint of pop playfulness to make it even more engaging and memorable. It progresses quite nicely.

Mewn will be releasing this tune on a new EP due out sometime later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy “Two Day” below.

Super Catchy Tune From Flasher

Washington D.C. based band Flasher is a local favorite around these parts and we’ve been entuned to the group since their debut album Constant Image dropped in 2018. With so much love and hype from us, you can bet we all added this new tune “Love is Yours” to our best of 2022 playlists after just a few listens today. It’s an upbeat, indie pop inspired tune with a downright sick baseline to boot. All of us in the ATH offices are glad to have this band back and can’t wait to hear more from the upcoming LP.

New album Love is Yours will be released on June 17th via Domino.

Memphis Inspired Soul From Elizabeth King

For those of you who listen to me talk music on the regular, you know I’ve been on a deep dive over the last few years into soul and R&B music with a major focus on Memphis and the surrounding musical hot beds in the South. To be straight and totally honest, Elizabeth King is not a name I was familiar with prior to today. Maybe her musical history has something to do with my unfamiliarity as her recording career lasted only from 1970-1973 as lead vocalist for Elizabeth King & the Gospel Souls who only had one true physical release (that I can find). After a brief recording career in the 70s, King retired from recording and performing live to pursue raising a family and singing in her local church. Nearly 50 years later, King and her powerful, gospel inspired voice has returned to making music and my inner soul enthusiast couldn’t be more excited.

After a compilation of older material in 2019, The D-Vine Spirituals, and a new album of material from 2021, Living in the Last Days, King isn’t planning to slow down in 2022. Another new album, entitled I Got Love, is due out on June 24th via Bible & Tire Recordings. In the meantime, check out this soulful new tune “I Got Love” featuring video of King being chauffeured around the magical city of Memphis. You’ll be happy you stuck around this long. Pre-orders of I Got Love are live now.

Banging New Single From Pet Shimmers

Bristol based band Pet Shimmers took the ATH offices by storm back in 2020 and we’ve been eagerly awaiting some new music ever since. This Spring our patience has been rewarded with news of a new 7″ featuring this new track called “Sonder”. The tune has those familiar fuzzy pop notes we love from Pet Shimmers, but also maybe a touch more of a pop element and a beautiful song progression. This band is surely on a path to stardom.

This tune will be featured on a 7″ single coming out on June 16th digitally and July 17th on vinyl. Pre-orders are live now.

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