Nice Indie Pop From The Tins

unnamed-6In keeping with my theme of trying to simplify things here, I present to you this new single called “Friday Afternoon” from Buffalo, NY based The Tins. It’s a simple pop number with a very repetitive feel and a bit of meandering guitar throughout the track. The chorus here also drops in nicely to break up the melodic acoustic guitar bits driving the song. Easy to like.

This new single can be purchased on iTunes or Spotify now.

Simple Pop Sounds From Acrlyics

unnamed-5Myself and many other die hard music fans are often guilty ofover thinking things and trying to use new adjectives to describe music were listening to. Today I vow, though maybe just temporarily, to put an end to my wordy ways as I present this new single called “One in Seven” from NYC based duo Acrylics. It’s simple pop music folks and it’s incredibly easy to get into. Check it out below.

Acrylics will release their new LP DADA minor this Friday on Papercup music.

Bright Pop From ADOY

13754468_1061697427250200_1566118883685813389_nWell I officially have a new favorite band from South Korea! I’m not sure how much competition they have exactly, but trust me when I say this new single from Seoul based ADOY is a jam. It’s called “Don’t Stop Me” and features some nice bits of bright pop and head nod inducing beats. How is this band not blowing it up right now stateside? Seriously. Stay tuned for more information on ADOY as they work on a debut album.

Reverb Laden Pop From High Tide 15:47

unnamed-4Prior to right now I knew not one thing about Newcastle based High Tide 15:47, but I’m looking to remedy my lack of knowledge starting immediately. The band caught my ear this morning with this catchy new track “And The Bubble Burst”. It’s full of reverb laden guitars and swirling hooks ready for your enjoyment on this fine Monday. If you’re digging it, the song is available on iTunes and Spotify now. Stay tuned for more on this promising band.


Album Premiere: The Funny Uncles

0001752112_10Drew Danburry is a guy I’ve known for quite some time as a quirky, just left of center, yetawesome songwriter and creator of great music. You might remember him as the guy who wrote the tearjerker entitled “Artex” about the horse from Never Ending Story. Well I was pleased to hear from Drew a few days ago after a lengthy pause and receive some news about his new album under the moniker The Funny Uncles. In even better news, Drew has allowed me to premiere this new album below! It’s entitledWritin’ Songsand features songs all under a minute long about some of your favorite products and stores. While some of you may think, “what the hell, that’s weird”, yes it is a bit weird, but picture it as a fun ride through all the awful shit we Americans hold as vices and addictions. You’ll laugh at times, you’ll think a bit too, and you’ll be enjoying some great pop music all at the same time. Trust me, it’s an experience unlike any other listening to start from finish. Hopefully he doesn’t get sued.

Drew will release this album on cassette soon! Pre-order here now.

Unique New Track From Busman’s Holiday

unnamed-3Bloomington, Indiana has sort of become this weird new spot for up and coming indie music over the last decade or so. Though not near as prolific as say a Brooklyn or Portland, some solid bands are coming out of the area as evidenced by a group like Busman’s Holiday. The music created here is a type of indie folk music blended with some nice horns and full of chant style lyrics. Their latest single below entitled “What We Need We Know” is a perfect example of the style I’m talking about. It’s worth a listen or two.

Busman’s Holiday will release a new EP entitled Popular Cycles on October 14th via Joyful Noise.

Popping New Track From Orchin

unnamed-2Man I was enjoying my Friday quite a bit already, and then a song like this hits my inbox in the morning and the day just gets better. This one is called “If I Ever” and comes by way of L.A. based songwriter Jeremy McLennan, or Orchin, as his project is known. Seriously, I’ve played the song 3 times straight and it’s the best thing I’ve heard in a very long time. The musicianship and production are both incredibly tight here. It’s sort of like War on Drugs and Tame Impala, but also with a little bit of a dreamy feel to bring in that pop goodness. Press play. Now.

This track is part of a digital single which came out a couple of weeks ago. Check out a-side “One” right here.

New Video & Single From Springtime Carnivore

unnamed-1Last week I mentioned that the lovely Greta Morgan and her project known as Springtime Carnivore was truly pulling me out of a musical rut. Well she’s won me over again today and put me in full on swoon with this new single and accompanying video for “Face in the Moon”. Yet again I think she’s worthy of the label as the next Jenny Lewis, Neko Case, or even Courtney Barnett to some extent. Carry on.

Don’t forget Springtime Carnivores second album entitled Midnight Room will drop on October 7th via Autumn Tone Records

ATX Spotlight: New Video & Album From Attic Ted

12798958_186031541774470_236675713616566310_nFor some crazy reason ATH has never posted about local Austin wierdo pop band Attic Ted. Well today that changes for the better as we share with you this awesome new video from the band and a link to their new album. The video, appearing on new album Parade Dust Mischief, is called “Next Time” and brings to mind this strange image of The Flaming Lips doing punk rock at the circus. That sounds like a good time to me. Have a listen, watch the video, and check out their new album in full via the link below.

Parade Dust Mischief is available in full over on the Attic Ted bandcamp page.

Hazy Pop From Heavy Heart

13680794_1062590187111474_356682200736920488_nI’d like to take a brief second of your time and introduce you to this up and coming band from London called Heavy Heart. The group has been releasing a song every month this year and they just sent over their August song entitled “Fever Dream”. I’d liken the band to haze pop greats POBPAH but also with a little bit more bite with that heavy break down about 2 minutes in. This guy can’t wait to hear what they put out next month.

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