Summer Sampler From Dizzybird Records

splash4Summer is officially over for us teachers, but it’s not too late to jam some new tunes and enjoy this non summer like weather right now. Dizzybird Records out of Grand Rapids, MI just sent over their new sampler celebrating the end of summer and several of their new releases. Many ATH favorites are on this playlist like Gringo Star, Heaters, Cool Ghouls, etc. etc. You can find it below for your enjoyment. Thanks dudes.

Golden Suits Will Change Your Day

d6755dd4-9469-4235-a207-4671d7614a9eMany folks on the interwebs have been talking about Fred Nicolaus and his new project known as Golden Suits recently. Fred is known primarily for his work with Department of Eagles, but now he’s ready to make a name for himself on his own. He’s absolutely killing me today with this new track “Gold Feeling”. I suggest you play this one a few times as it seems to get better and better with each and every listen. It’s clearly folk inspired while still giving you an incredible overall pop experience. Prepare to fall in love.

Golden Suits will drop Kubla Khan on October 7th via Hit City U.S.A.

Bright and Sunny Single From Beauty Sleep

unnamed (2)As I continue to bring you a few more songs of summer right before the season ends, this new tune “Living Right” by Belfast natives Beauty Sleep should fit that summer playlist. Imagine if you will Beach House had a baby with a crossbreed child of Rainer Maria and Pains of Being Pure at Heart and that’s about what we have here. Hopefully those comparisons will make a bit of sense to you music fans out there. I’m loving it. You’ll be able to download this new single from all major outlets on August 12th. Stay tuned.

Stream The New 7″ From Ex-Cult

unnamed (14)It seems like my day will continue to rock with these new songs from Memphis based Ex-Cult. So the band is releasing a brand new 7″ soon, and in preparation they have posted both of the new songs on bandcamp for all to enjoy. I’m sharing both below, and many of you might recognize “1906” from earlier this month, but new song “Summer of Fear” is really doing it for me. While rock at it’s core, I love the overtones of punk rock and psychedelia as well.

Pick up this new 7″ on vinyl via Famous Class on August 12th.

Rock With JEFF the Brotherhood

unnamed (13)Man it’s been a really long time since we last brought up JEFF the Brotherhood and that’s just a dang shame. Now I believe this single was floating around late last week so I apologize for my tardiness, but the song is too good to not pass along. It’s called “Idiot” and features that good ‘ol rocking and rolling sound we’ve come to love from the band over the years. I see a straight up rocker as an excellent beginning to the week.

Dine Alone Records will release new album Zona on August 12th.


CC Mose Delivers Folk Beauty

unnamed (12)Many of you probably know I have a soft spot for indiesinger songwriters who craft heartfelt and mesmerizing tunes. Chris Robbins is another artist who creates just such tunes under his moniker CC Mose. This single “A Sad Song” blends some of my favorite artists of the genre like JBM, A.A. Bondy, or even Horse Feathers. It’s a truly memorable track.

CC Mose will drop Beat Me on August 19th via Plastic Jurassic.

Powerful Synth Tune From Chelan

Chelan_mattdrenik-500Often times the synth pop genre is left for other members of the ATH staff, but today I’ve taken a liking to this new single from Joshua Tree based Chelan. “Wont Break” is a heavy synth song which manages to blend the best parts of Beach House with the heavier electronic sounds of Cold Cave. I promise you will find tons to like about this new single and I suggest you check it out.

Vultures will hit streets on August 26th.


Nice Pop Tune From Mirror Test

Mirror Test_Washed Up_cover imageMany of you may remember us talking about Melbourne based band Wilding several times over the last few years. Well Justin from the band recentlyalerted me to some new music he’s making under the moniker Mirror Test with several otherfriends in Melbourne based bands. As a preview of this new start up, the band shared with me this new single entitled “Washed Up”. One can clearly hear the brit pop influences here with gleaming guitars and hushed vocals. It’s bright, jangly, and perfect for your morning sunshine.

Justin has told me the band hopes to get their act together soon and release a proper EP. Stay tuned.

Single Premiere: A Day Without Love

13707516_1411882962161134_4135835546118524078_nBrian Walker, the lead singer of Philadelphia based band A Day Without Love, sent me hit me up about premiering a song the other day, and damn I’m glad he did. The new single, entitled “It Hurts”, is a raw and stripped down version of heart felt love song. It’s brief in it’s length of course, but it’s hard not to feel the emotions and feelings of the songwriter here. This song is a perfect track for me at the moment to think about someone being in love amidst the scary ass world we’re currently living in.

A Day Without Love is set to release debut album Solace on Sounds and Tones Records on August 30th.

Download: It Hurts [MP3]

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