Gimme 5: Slothrust

unnamed-1After the smashing success of my first Gimme 5 feature with ACL band Corbu, I decided to keep the idea churning with bands coming into Austin. An easy first choice for the idea was Brooklyn rockers Slothrust. The band was in town last night at The Parish, and though I couldn’t be in attendance, I hear the show was was like most Slothrust shows, bad ass. So prior to the show, I asked the band to pick 5 random songs that mean something to them or have inspired them in the past. No rules or limitations. Follow the jump to see what they came up with.

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Nice Rocker From Doubles

0008066461_10It’s a nice day for some explosive and raucous indie rock music. Right? Well our genre bender today is called “Plant” and comes by way of Philly based rock band Doubles. This one is all about the build up you feel for about a minute and a half which turns into an all out rock fest after that. It hits.

Doubles will be working on a new album coming soon! For now, enjoy this jam today.

Intimate Ballad From The Person & The People

0007110867_10Last April we shared withintroduced to you Minneapolis based The Person & The People with a power pop ballad called “Hot Summer Nights”. Well Nick Costa, primary songwriter for the project, hit me up a few days ago to send along news of an album and for me to share this new track “Goin” Ape”. Fans of the previous material will notice a stark change here from what we heard back in April. This is definitely a songwriter ballad with some mesmerizing lyrics and perfect harmonies dropping in from time to time. One can feel the emotion pouring out in this song.

The Person & The People plan to drop Unemployment Blues on October 28th. Pre-order here.


More From Busman’s Holiday

unnamed-14This new album from Bloomington, IN based band Busman’s Holiday is slowly becoming one of my sleeper picks for a Top 25 album of the year. Here’s more proof with latest single “Evening Flow”. Once again we are treated to something truly unique with a sort of theatrical, atmospheric core to the song which shifts dramatically into a doo woop, crooner finish. It sounds a little crazy sure, but you won’t hear anything else like it. Try it out.

Busman’s Holiday will release their new EP Popular Cycles on October 14th via Joyful Noise.

Blues Themed Indie Rock From Julia Jacklin

unnamed-11It seems like a great time in the rock n roll world to discover some truly gifted and talented young ladies rocking their craft. Hell Lucy Dacus and Basia Bulat were easily my two favorite acts from ACL this weekend and now I’ve got this new jam from Julia Jacklin waiting for me on Monday morning. The track begins as a slower ballad which then builds into a swoon worthy, melodic, blues themes ballad. I believe she will be a household name before too long.

Don’t Let the Kids Win is due out on October 7th via Polyvinyl.

Matt Pond PA Is Still Going

unnamed-10Matt Pond PA is a group, or musician if you’d rather, who has been around since the early days of ATH and beyond. It’s crazy to me that he’s still going strong after all these years while many of the bands from those early, almost pre-historic, days of Polyvinyl have long since died out. Well the dude is back again with another song called “The Glow” to add to his already impressive and overwhelming discography. Honestly, the best way I can describe this is by simply saying it sounds like Matt Pond and it bring me great joy. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Matt Pond PA will release new album Winter Lives on November 11th. Pre-order here.

ATX Spotlight: Hidden Ritual Share New Jam

unnamed-9A quick search tells me that we have somehow never shared any music from Austin based group Hidden Ritual. Today I fix this error by giving you their new track “Rat”. I’m immediately reminded here of some earlier Wolf Parade sounds if they went straight lo-fi pop. Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense to you music fans out there…. Either way, enjoy the track and share some love for Hidden Rituals.

This track appears on Always due out on October 21st via Monofonus Press.

True Beauty From Sam Kogan

unnamed-8It’s Thursday and I’m struggling through this week, but things can always perk up when you find a song like this one in your inbox. It’s called “Something’s Wrong” and comes by way of Brooklyn singer/songwriter Sam Kogan. It’s sort of a psych pop opus featuring a beginning similar to a band like Choir of Young Believers, but slowly builds into a full on rock jam out session near the end. It’s an epic joy ride of pop music.

Kogan will release new album Psychic Tears on October 28th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

Gimme 5 ACL: Corbu

unnamedAs we get ready for ACL this weekend, team ATH has been trying to find new ideas for providing coverage for this year’s festival in unique and exciting ways. An idea was given to me recently to have a group highlight some of their favorite bands on the bill by way of a 5 song playlist. I jumped at the idea and asked New York City based outfit Corbu to be our very first playlist band. Maybe you’ll find something you like or rediscover an oldie that you forgot about. Check out the band’s words and playlist after the jump.

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Bit of Psych Rock From The Tambourine Girls

tambourinegirlscroppedsml-1You know how the story goes right? I’ve never heard of a band prior to today, but they impressed me with a memorable single… blah blah. You’ve heard it before and it’s happening again today with this new single called “Cupo” from Australian based act The Tambourine Girls. At its core, the song is most definitely of the psych rock genre and the band execute inside that sound quite well. Production is tight, the washed out vocals fit in perfectly, and musicianship is spot on. Carry on.

The Tambourine Girls will release their self-titled debut album on November 4th.

Download: The Tambourine Girls – Cupo

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