New Single From Summer Heart

unnamed (15)Summer Heart is a Swedish pop group we here at ATH took a liking to last year. Mastermind of the project, David Alexander, creates a very dreamy sort of pop music full of haze and enchanting melodies. Below you can stream his new singled called “Pretty Heart” and make your own comparisons. Alexander will drop a new EP sometime later this year. Stay tuned.

Great New Tune From Kyle Craft

Kyle Craft

I’ll always be a sucker for quality singer songwriters and Kyle Craft is a new artist on the scene who write some great tunes. Today I’ve got this one called “Lady of the Ark” to share with you peoples out there. Craft will be the first one to tell you who gets compared to Dylan frequently, which should be considered and honor, but I think the lad offers more than just some lazy comparison. The song is heartfelt and you can hear the passion in his voice. I suggest you check it out.

Craft will release Dolls of Highlandon April 29th via Sub Pop.

ATX Single: Sharks in the Deep End

unnamed (2)We have somehow failed in the past by not mentioning Austin band Sharks in the Deep End and their infectious pop tunes. Today I remedy this error by posting their new wave sounding tune called “Shadows in the Sunset”. I’m loving the heavy, driving bass line and the overall catchy feel to the song. Seriously, how could one not love this?

Sharks in the Deep End will release Killin’ Machine on April 16th

GIVERS Return!

unnamed (14)Man it seems like it’s been years since we’ve heard any noise from Louisiana based pop band Givers. Just running a quick search here…. and yeah I last posted on the band way back in 2010. So you can probably imagine my excitement today when I received this new tune entitled “Growls” in my inbox. It seems as though the time away has allowed the band to really mature and flesh out their sound from their bright pop days of old. Now the band resemble more of a mixture of Dirty Projectors and older Yeasayer. Count me in for that.

New Kingdom will come out on April 8th via Glassnote Records.

The Villas Record Release @ Mohawk Tonight!


Date: 1/29/16

Location: Mohawk

Door Time: 9PM

Tickets: @ the door

The Villas are a local band that I’ve been following quite some time as one of my favorite acts in town. Today I’m pleased to offer some support for a big moment for the group as they plan to celebrate the release of their new LPLong Playerat the Mohawk this evening. The guys will be joined by fellow locals Wildcat Apollo and Waco band Loafers opening things up. Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and support one of the hardest working, and most talented, bands in town.

Goth Pop From Bootblacks

untitledPrior to today I didn’t have a whole lot of information about Brooklyn based group Bootblacks. I’m looking to remedy that lack of info starting now after hearing this dark, synth laden pop song entitled “Sub Rosa”. I’m sure many listeners will hear some easy comparisons here to uber popular bands like Joy Division or The Smiths, but I feel as though the band deserves more than just some lazy comparison. Hit play down there and decide for yourself if it aligns with your taste.

Bootblacks will drop new albumVeinson March 11th.

Operators Kill It

unnamed (13)I’m realizing as I type this that several big sites posted this song yesterday, but if you’re like me and sort of anti huge music websites, well maybe you haven’t heard this yet. So Operators is the current project of Dan Boeckner who many of you know from his glorious days in Wolf Parade and his later projects with Handsome Furs and Divine Fits. Basically the guy churns out hit after hit regardless of the current name or project he’s going with. Today we have yet another gem to add to Boeckner’s hit machine with this new song “Cold Light”. As a straight shooter and a guy who is sometimes too honest, I mean it when I say that this is some of the best sounding music I’ve heard from Boeckner since his days in Wolf Parade. Count me in.

Operators debut album entitledBlue Wave will come out on April 1st via Last Gang Records.

ATX Premiere: Reddening West

rw-crop2-smallAs I’ve stated many times in the past, it always amazes me to try and comprehend how many talented artists and musicians we have in this town. Seriously, we are spoiled. Today I have yet another new band I’ve just been alerted to called Reddening West. The group is fronted by Matt Evans, formerly of Sleepy Holler, and also features drums from Kevin Butler of Black Books fame. When describing the sounds you’ll discover, Black Books would be a good starting comparison with some elements of singer/songwriters like JBM or even Bon Iver. Below you can find brand new single “All You Need” for your enjoyment and own comparison making. It’s a hushed tune full of beauty fit for a rainy afternoon.

A pre-order for the groups new EP,Where We Started, is currently up on bandcamp.


DTCV Share A Great Pop Tune

untitledFrench group DTCV has always been difficult for me to classify. Are they pop? Post-punk? Fuzz rock? To me, the ability to blend all those styles and avoiding one distinct genre is what makes the band special. So with that in mind, check out this new track “Bourgeois Pop” and enjoy the true blending of those styles. What seems to be a straight up pop tune also has a bit of cojones behind it with some crunchy guitar and leads. Dig.

Confusion Moderneis coming on April 9th via Xemu Records.

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