Slick New Track From The Gloomies

It’s been a second since we’ve heard anything from San Diego based band The Gloomies, but I am pleased to report that the band is still alive and kicking. Proof of their continued existence as a duo comes from this slick new track called “Palms”. It reminds me quite a bit of the earlier work of a band like Yeasayer if the vocals were a bit more reserved and completely in tune with the music. You’ll find a certain groove to the sound that’s sure to have your body moving along in unison.

The Gloomies will release Romance on July 13th via Thrill Me Records.

Fun New Track From Jonathan Something

It’s almost summer around these parts for teachers, and as I struggle to make it to the finish line, I need some inspiring songs to help motivate me. This new song called “Outlandish Poetica” from Jonathan Something is sure to perk me up and help me survive the next coming weeks. The track has a very playful vibe to it, similar to something you might hear from the early days of Wilco, but with more of an explosive sound to it. Call it what you will, it’s sure to brighten your day.

An album sharing this song’s title will be released sometime in August or September via Solitaire Recordings.

An Horse Return!

It has been a crazy long time since I’ve mentioned the name of old school Australian act An Horse. Seriously, the band have been absolutely dead and on hiatus since the release of their overlooked 2011 album Walls. During their mutli-year time apart both Kate Cooper and Damon Cox spent some time making music through other avenues, but they couldn’t stay away from each other forever. Having come together once again, the duo just released this stellar new track “Get Out Somehow”. Hopefully they plan on staying together for a bit so all of us fans can score some sweet new tunes like this one.

Another One From Gruff Rhys

Hey just last month I was excited to share news of old favorite Gruff Rhys putting out a new solo album this summer. Today I am again pleased to share with you another new single from his forthcoming album with a video for “Limited Edition Heart”. Similar to the last track I shared, this one again has a very lounge act vibe to it with the always comforting and soothing vocals of Gruff. This might go down as one of my most played albums of the year.

This track, along with 9 others, will be available on an LP entitled Babelsbergdue out on June 8th via Rough Trade Records.

Hot New Track From Holy Esque

Our Glasgow amigos in Holy Esque once played a show for me at Nomad, and I have remained a loyal fan ever since. It’s crazy that the band has been absolutely silent for about a year, but the guys are now ready to share with us what they’ve been working on for all that time. This new track, “I Am The Truth”, is to serve as a preview for the new full length LP entitled Television/Sweetwhich is due out June 8th via Beyond the Frequency. What can I say really, this is Holy Esque at their best and finest. A heavy synth, that always impressive gruff vocal, and of course the guitar freak out ending is always welcome. I say go on and pre-order the new record while you enjoy this one.

Premiere: Say Hi to Con Davison

Con Davison is a very talented, Austin, TX raised musician who currently resides in Saint Paul, MN. In the past Con has typically been a drummer, supporting other songwriters, but he’s now finally ready to step out and share his very own tunes. Here today is the very first song of Con Davison’s solo career entitled “Somebody Else”. It’s a piano driven bit of pop music that is essentially playful pop music while keeping things focused with a soft guitar and expertly timed drums.

Con is currently working on a full EP of new material with no release date currently announced.

Rock With The Silhouette Era

It’s Thursday and I’m ready for the weekend so it’s time to rock out! Thanks to this hit “Waste Me” from Bay Area band The Silhouette Era I can do just that. This one is most definitely for fans of fellow garage rock bands like Wavves or even Surfer Blood (hey a shark!). The guitar riff alone is sure to pull in even the “I prefer soft music” types.

The Silhouette Era will release a new self-titled EP on June 22nd. Pre-orders are up now.

Optiganally Yours Make Catchy Pop Music

Rob Crowe has long been a staple on ATH with his work in the now legendary indie band Pinback. He’s a busy guy in the music game, and 2018 will be no different as he is currently working on a massive box set collection under a multitude of names and aliases. One of his first releases of the year is coming with his friend Pea Hix under the moniker Optiganally Yours. Now most of you are likely not familiar with the name, but the duo actually released some material back in ’97 & ’00 but have been pretty dormant ever since. So after many years of quiet, the guys wrote a whole bunch of new songs with influences from their previous demos and whatnot. The very first single of this material is called “Night Shop” and is an incredibly catchy pop song with those always irresistable vocals from Rob. This might be my top single of the year. For reals.

Optiganally Yours will release new album O.Y. In Hi-Fi on July 20th via Joyful Noise.

Jawbreaker Coming to Austin – 7/13/18

The experts in pulling our old favorite bands from yesteryear into Austin, Margin Walker, have done it yet again folks by bringing the legendary punk group Jawbreaker to Austin. That’s right, the same Jawbreaker who haven’t played a Texas show in over 20 years, and though “back together”, only play special performances. This is a huge deal for both myself and Nate dog as this is one of the bands we grew up with and one of the bands that first introduced us to non crap. As far as the show goes, the event will take place at the Statesman Skyline Theater and tickets will go on sale this Friday, May 4th at 10am. Tickets are being sold via Skyline Theater website and will run you $44 for GA and $99 for VIP. Support for the show will be from Lemuria and locals A Giant Dog. I am very excite.

UPDATE: We asked Margin Walker boss man Graham Williams for a quote about his booking of Jawbreaker in Austin. Here’s what he had to say:

“While a lot of us got to see Jawbreaker in the 90s, far more never got that chance, as they broke up while really in the rise as a band. I think everyone had given up on the chance of them reuniting, so when they did, its been a goal to get them to Texas and pretty stoked we finally made it happen for everyone.” –Graham Williams

Secret Solstice 2018

Hey do you remember that time when I went all the way over to Iceland for a music festival? Yeah it was quite awhile ago so maybe you don’t keep detailed notes on my whereabouts over the last several years… Well the wife and I had so much fun 4 years ago that we’ve decided to return to Iceland and attend the Secret Solstice Festival in June. It must tell you something about how the event is run and the quality of the festival as a whole for two Texans to travel all that way again. This time we plan to do things right by flying direct out of Dallas instead of a massive layover in NYC. Oh and we’ll probably buy out the duty free store right after we land. If all this sounds interesting to you, hit the jump for links to buy tickets and some thoughts on the 2018 lineup/event.

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