Mamalarky Drop Two New Singles

Since their days living in Austin, we have long supported and tried to move the hype train forward on our friends in Mamalarky. The band has since moved to Atlanta after a stop in L.A. but we still love them and love their groundbreaking music. Moving into 2021, the band has a full length LP ready to release soon, but first dropped to brand new singles today, both with accompanying music videos self-made. If videos aren’t your thing, the fin folks at Fire Talk have both tunes available for purchase/download.

Jams From Last Week 7/27-7/31

It was a bit of a slower week for us on the new music side of things, but we still had a few jams for from the last week of July. You’ll see some recurring artists here like Tummyache and Meatbodies but also new to us music like The Enigmatic Foe or Treeboy & Arc. It’s a shorter one this week so it should be great for your Monday morning or afternoon commute. Stay dry!

Mini Trees Deliver A Hit

We’ve certainly loved seeing the musical progression and sonic maturation of L.A. based Lexi Vega and her project known as Mini Trees. After tons of praise over the last few years, Vega is back in 2021 with a new album coming in September which will feature this new single “Carrying On”. You will definitely want to take some time to check out this bright, fresh and catchy new tune from Mini Trees.

New album Always in Motion will drop on September 17th via Run for Cover Records.

Ferocious New Tune From Tummyache

This time two years ago, I was introduced to the delightful Amarillo born Soren Bryce and her musical project known simply as tummyache. Though Bryce hadn’t planned to make much music during lockdown, the creative bug hit and she powered through some new tunes in parents backyard shed. We are of course happy to share & premiere with you the first new tune from these efforts entitled “DIY!!”. You will immediately notice the raucous and urgency to the tune as it powers through a short 1.5 minute explosion of screaming vocals and frantic instrumentation. Once again, I think it shows a songwriter who can dip into so many different genres and refuses to be put in a musical cage.

Straight Banger From Stuck

Looking for some short and sweet rock music to brighten up your day and get you ready for the weekend? Well, then you need look no further than this new single “City of Police” from Chicago quartet Stuck. It is most definitely a song inspired by the post-punk genre but offers a hell of a lot more intensity and passion in it’s 2 minutes than most things I am currently hearing on the scene. I think you’ll dig it as well.;

Stuck will release a new EP entitled Content That Makes You Feel Good on August 13th via Exploding in Sound Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Grazer Share New Track Without You

Melbourne couple Mollie and Matt started their musical project known as Grazer back in 2019 and have put out tons of noteworthy singles since. I’ve found something to like about all of those tracks over the last few years, but I am finding this new one, “Without You”, to really move the band forward with an even catchier and engaging sound. The song is so incredibly simple in it’s construction with sparse instrumentation, yet the track will definitely find its way into your head and warrant multiple spins. My soundtrack for today.

Introducing The Birthdays

Towards the end of last week, an announcement came out sharing news of a new musical project called The Birthdays featuring indie greats Jackson Phillips from Day Wave and Ben Grey from Dear Boy. As they are both ever growing stars in the indie scene, one would expect a collaboration to produce some interesting material, and their first single together, “Bunny”, does not disappoint. It has a very washed out, guitar pop vibe to it with a super slick bass line and tonally engaging guitars. Hopefully this is not the last we hear from this new project.

Driving New Single From Tennis System

As you are checking out those sweet albums posted by Lankford this weekend, might I suggest you also add this new Tennis System tune to your playlists? The song, “Dizzy”, features this incredibly catchy mix of driving, washed out rock music with the piercing vocals of Matt Taylor. Having been a fan for many years, I can honestly say that this may be some of the best material we have heard from Taylor and his band. Check out now.

Tennis System is also releasing a new album this fall called Autophobia. Pre-orders with tons of other cool merch are live now.

Treeboy & Arc Announce New EP

If anything good came out of Covid lockdowns, it has to be the slew of new music artists created during their long time stuck at home. Leeds based Treeboy & Arc were one of those busy groups during quarantine, having managed to record an entire EP of new material. The new extended player, Life Preserver, includes four new tracks of material with this lead single, “Role Models”, streaming prior to the full August 6th EP release date. I love how the track pushes what we might consider post-punk tendencies but with a more restrained approach to give it a very Devo meets Idles feel. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Life Preserver will be available on cassette and for digital download on August 6th. Pre-orders are live now.

New Banger From Grace Vonderkuhn

Riding the high of their 2018 release Reveries, Wilmington based trio Grace Vonderkuhn just dropped a new single yesterday to further push their hype train forward. New track “Rock & Roll Gary” is a crazy catchy sort of garage rock throwback style tune which is sure to hit you in all the feels if you have a rocker’s soul. Maybe it will kickstart your morning on yet another gloomy summer day.

This track will be on the new Grace Vonderkuhn album Pleasure Pain releasing on August 13th via Sheer Luck Records.

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