Rockin’ Track From Primo Danger

As many of you know, Nathan and I are truly struggling with the current world of online learning so we are excited to get a few days off, listen to some tunes, and relax. For me, I am seeing a lot of enjoyment and weekend stereo blasting with this new track called “Welcome Son” from our Dallas brothers in Primo Danger. The song has this unique way of combining poppier indie elements like say Franz Ferdinand with a more post-punk sound like Les Savy Fav. It shows a real promise of what will surely be a bright future for this up and coming Dallas area band.

Primo Danger have a new EP out today entitled Welcome Son. It’s available for stream and purchase right now!

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2937462892 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc track=3538458532]


No Thank You Deliver Another Banger

Back in 2018, Philadelphia based outfit No Thank You burst onto my musical radar with their incredibly impressive sophomore album All it Takes to Ruin it All. Since that time, the group has been somewhat quiet but return today with this expertly crafted rock tune called “Enough”. For me, this thing progresses like a dream as it sort of slowly lures you in until things really drop around the 1:20 mark with louder guitars, bass, and drums. It’s always refreshing and powerful to find such a strong sound from a 3 piece band. Boom!

No Thank You will release new album Embroidered Foliage on October 23rd via Lame-O Records.

One More From Shy Boys

Here’s the deal… If you are still sleeping on Kansas City based Shy Boys, you are a crazy person who really needs to take a moment to check out the band’s back catalogue. Once you’ve taken a couple of hours to check out the group’s first two records, come back here and enjoy a slice of this new single called “Talk Loud”. Consider me ever amazed that this band can offer such a commanding performance of vocal harmonies and bright sounds while also being reserved and unassuming. Do yourself a favor and check this one out now!

Shy Boys will be releasing new album Talk Loud on September 25th via Polyvinyl Records.

Have Another Slow Pulp Tune

The Chicago, by way of Madison, based band Slow Pulp has slowly been building a following over the last year with several solid tunes hitting the interwebs. Earlier this summer we shared with you new single “Idaho” and now I am beyond pleased to have this fresh new single called “At it Again” hitting the site today. As we’ve all seen from the band on prior singles, this one again features some expert musicianship, especially the drums, paired with the more intimate, quiet voice of singer Emily Massey. It’s sort of like a more banging version of POBPAH or Alvvays. Definitely worth a listen today.

Slow Pulp will release new album Moveys on October 9th via Winspear.

Have Another Cut Worms Tune

In case you missed it somehow, Max Clarke has a giant new double album coming out on October 9th via his Cut Worms moniker. Several tunes have already been dropped from the upcoming LP, but I am finding myself particularly drawn to this new one called “Every Once in a While”. It features the always engaging, almost Buddy Holly style vocal delivery of Clarke along with an expertly crafted, and beautifully recorded singer/songwriter track. Clarke is an expert at toeing that line between true country and a more Americana, songwriter style.

The new Cut Worms double LP, Nobody Lives Here Anymore, is due out on October 9th via JagJaguwar.

Stream A New EP From Ground Loops

It’s likely you aren’t familiar with the name Ground Loops, but I suspect you are familiar with the work of TC Brownwell in such projects as Wild Pink and Dead Painters. Well Brownwell, normally “the bass player” decided to step out on his own and release an EP of synth heavy, driving pop music. Prior to the actual release date on Friday, we’ve been allowed to share the 4 song EP exclusively for you below. As you give this a listen, you’ll find some brooding, slow developing songs like opener “It Never Happened”, paired beautifully with the more bright, hopeful numbers like closer “I Don’t Think He Remembers” and second track “They Weren’t Made to Last”. For me, the songs have crafted this sort of Joy Division Dark sound with some of the poppier elements of The Smiths or The Cure during the brighter moments. Check it out now and also check out Ground Loops label Rue Defense.

Missed This Gulfer Tune

Fridays in the music world have become crazy during quarantine as this seems to be the popular day for new music to drop all over the place. With that in mind, I miss things from time to time, like this impressive new single called “Forget (Friendly) from Montreal based band Gulfer. For those who know my musical tastes, one can quickly see why I would share a song like this despite my tardiness. The track clearly has some of those late emo vibes I love when the genre started getting grittier, with a more punk rock influence seen in bands like The Casket Lottery or Cursive. If nothing else, you have to love the tense, emotionally driven vocals from leading man Vincent Ford.

Gulfer will release this song on their new, self-titled LP due out on October 16th via a joint effort between Top Shelf Records and Royal Mountain Records.

Intimate Number From Runner

Noah Weinman is a musician who sometimes performs solo, but also gets together with a musical collective of friends under the moniker Runner. Weinman recently made the move from the more gloomy Eastern coast of Rhode Island to the sunnier skies way off in L.A. For me, one can almost hear this transition in Weinman’s new song “New Sublet” as things start off fairly quiet, and subdued, but slowly some brighter elements get sprinkled in with a banjo and more urgent vocals. It feels like we just drove across the country. Lovely.

Runner will release this song as a part of a a new EP entitled One of One on September 23rd.

Straight Banger From Lo Tom

Just about three years ago I fell in love with the self-titled debut album by supergroup Lo Tom, which features David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Trey Many (Velour 100), Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), and TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion/The Soft Drugs). That album offered us some of the heaviest moments of Control era Pedro with the added bonus of master beat guy Trey Many on percussion. During their time at home, the guys have made another album ready for distribution, but are asking for fans to donate towards the project via Kickstarter. Of course the album announcement comes with a new single to entice fans into giving, and it is yet another straight up banger from the growing supergroup. Check out the rocking “Start Payin'” below and consider donating to the manufacturing costs of LP2.


Bouncing Track From Carpet People

Sometimes on Friday mornings I will find myself in a sort of throwback mode, looking for something which might evoke just a bit of nostalgia. Today this feeling is brought out by the new Swedish based outfit Carpet People and their new song called “Dead Souls”. For me, this one hits on a sort of bouncing, late 90s alternative sound similar to bands like Travis if they added in a bit more of a current guitar pop sound akin to a band like Girls. It gives off a fun and carefree vibe.

Carpet People will be releasing this track on a new album entitled Kiss Me, I’m Crisis sometime later this year.

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