Have Another New Holy Wave Tune

Looks like Nathan has you all set up for some nice streams over the weekend, but I’d also encourage you to check out this new tune from our Austin friends in Holy Wave. “Interloper” is the title track of the bands brand new album and features a lot of the dreamy and psych oriented sounds we’ve grown to love about the band over the years. This one certainly has a Pink Floyd influence behind it, but a more pop orientation. Chalk it up as another hit for the Austin legends.

Holy Wave will release new album Interloped on July 3rd via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Real Banger From Leeches

Only a couple of months ago I shared with you all a catchy as hell song called “Fuerta Ventura” from my new pals in Dorset based band LEECHES. Well now the boys are back with this banging new number called “Man Up”. It features a nice blend of a shoe gaze inspired sound which meanders in and out of some seriously heavy, seriously loud, sludge rock. I think you will find it quite enjoyable.

LEECHES are releasing a singles collection EP called Easy on July 3rd via Leisure Records.

Ultimate Fakebook – The Preserving Machine

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When looking back on my early days of music discovery, the years when you found “the good stuff”, the late 90s and early 00s were likely the most important time for me. This was a time when I began to transition from the middle school days of mostly radio rock n roll towards a more indie, underground scene. Coming out of Kansas at the time were bands like The Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, The Anniversary, and of course, Ultimate Fakebook. Though maybe not as widely known as those other bands, the group was equally as important to me and to that scene. So it of course brings me great pleasure to review Ultimate Fakebook’s first album in over 10 years, The Preserving Machine. Hit the jump for my thoughts on this long awaited album.

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One More From Brother Sports

Nathan and I have become big fans of local boys Brother Sports as they’ve released quite a bit of new music over the last couple of months. As we continue to hype up our new found band, here is yet another single from the group called “Mala”. For me, this is what I was hoping the new Strokes record might sound like (but didn’t). They take that guitar driven sound and throw in just a bit of grit and raw energy to create a truly special offering from a local act. Word on the street is Brother Sports will be dropping a new EP sometime next month.

Epic New Song Form Unwed Sailor

Seattle based Unwed Sailor is a longtime favorite around the ATH offices. When it comes to mostly instrumental bands, they are likely in the top 3, maybe even top 2, of all time. Never shying away from pumping out new music, band founder and main creator Johnathon Ford just put out an album last year, but has another one in the works for this summer. To preview the new material, check out this epic and banging new track called “Look Alive”. It offers a myriad of musical moments and emotional ranges as it can be soft, mellow and mesmerizing, but then loud, fast, and truly head nod inducing.

Unwed Sailor will release new album Look Alive on June 12th via Old Bear Records.

Pretty Lightning – Jangle Bowls

Rating: ★★★½☆

In these weird times we’re living in, it seems like a perfect moment to get some album reviews up since we are major slackers in that category. It makes it east to motivate for a review when a band is kind enough to go out of their way to send us a physical copy of their release. We are hoarders people! My new pals in the German based band Pretty Lightning sent me their new album Jangle Bowls and I’m going to offer my thoughts on it after the jump. Remember, that I’ve stopped traditional reviews and tend to offer a more creative take on opinion pieces.

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Dreamy Number From Gleemer

Happy mid Monday to all of you lovely, quarantined people. I don’t know about you, but during this time music has really given me a sense of community, hope, and level headedness. Maybe this new song called “Down Through” from our old friends in For Collins based band Gleemer can offer you something similar. It’s a quiet, dream pop number falling into what some might call the early, to middle portions of the emo faze. What this offers to freshen up that style, is some expertly recorded, loud drums and a vocal style which sort of melts into the music. This is definitely going to be on repeat today.

Gleemer will release new LP Down Through on May 8th via Other People Records.

Driving New Number From Graveyard Club

For those not in the know, Minneapolis based outfit Graveyard Club released the impressive, and critically acclaimed LP Goodnight Paradise during the summer of last year. After the success of their last album, the band eagerly began work on new material and are ready to share some of the work with this new single “Valens”. The song is an epic number featuring the band’s familiar dark pop/new wave style, but with a new driving element showing small hints of The Boss or similar artists. Seems like two very different things to mash up, but it works quite well on this new stunner.

It’s Time You Listen To Sorry

If you have yet to check out the young, up and coming folks in London based Sorry, it is now time for you to do so. After the release of their new album 925 a couple of weeks ago, the band now have this new single with accompanying video for album track “Perfect”. For me, this perfectly encapsulates the raw sounds of a band who can take darker genres like goth/new wave and seamlessly intertwine them with more pop oriented sounds. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a band who buck trends to create something completely their own.

I suggest you pick up the stellar new album 925 from Domino right now!

Impressive Number From Muzz

Muzz is the brand new project from friends and musicians Paul Banks (Interpol), Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman), and Matt Barrick (drummer for The Walkmen). These guys have known each other quite a long time, have made some music together in the past, and have finally decided to share their collaboration with the world. A taste of this new project can be found in this new dark, haunting new single called “Red Western Sky”. It features a brooding, folk inspired sound conjuring up images of dusty saloons and dark bars. This is the third single coming after previously released “Broken Tambourine” and “Bad Feeling”.

Muzz will release their self-titled debut on June 5th via Matador Records.

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