New Indie Pop From Stray Fossa

Man we get a lot of things labeled as “indie pop” sent our way and typically the tune is either super commercial, pop star style or simply to slow and meandering to be considered pop music. Well today I have a truly bouncing and bright pop number called “For What Was” from my old pals in Charlottesville based group Stray Fossa. This ladies and gents, THIS, is what I truly consider an indie pop number. It’s super catchy, the synths come in perfectly and the beat is incredibly infectious. Mark it up as one of the best I’ve heard in the genre over the last few months.


Driving Number From Pynch

As we all continue to push through more quarantine life this summer, it’s been fantastic for us music bloggers to keep receiving so much new music from artists working from home. Today we have this new tune called “Somebody Else” which was written and produced by songwriter Spencer Enock for his band Pynch. The tune definitely has a more lo-fi take on the garage rock genre of a band like The Strokes if their songs incorporated a more driving sound with epic progressions. As someone who typically looks for those solid and spell binding song progressions, this one is right up my alley.

“Somebody Else” is available on all streaming platforms now.

Film Review – Relic

Rating: ★★★★☆


After an elderly woman goes missing in the woods surrounding her home, a mother and daughter return home to find her but are haunted by her ever worsening, and all consuming, dementia.

Relic comes out this Friday, July 10th via all streaming platforms and I’ve got a review for you if you’re into the horror/thriller genre.

Please hit the jump for my thoughts on this upcoming film by Natalie Erika James.

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Straight Rocker From Del Paxton

Hey it’s Friday so let’s go into the weekend with some fun rock music to jam out too and take away our worries about the sad state we are in. Well you need look no further than this upbeat number, “September”, from the Buffalo based outfit Del Paxton. It’s certainly a throwback themed number harkening back to bands like The Promise Ring, or maybe even GUK. However you want to take it, hopefully it offers you some enjoyment today.

This tune appear on a new 3 song EP entitled September, Bedtime, Ontario out on August 19th.



Have Another Baybs Tune

A couple months ago, Nate Dog delighted us with a new song from San Francisco based up and comer Craig Jacobs and his project known as Baybs. Well now we celebrate the release of Jacobs’ new EP, Introvertigo, with the final single, and title track, from the the collection. For me, this one is all about the progression from the beginning of the song to just about 1 minute or so in as the track tacks this lovely turn, with full drums coming in, and leading us further into the depths of the song. This is a great EP if you’re looking for new music. It’s streamable and purchasable on bandcamp right now.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2685680115 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc artwork=none track=531970290]

Madeline Kenney Back At It Again

Oakland based songwriter Madeline Kenney has slowly built a name for herself over the last four years with two solid albums under her belt and tons of positive press building on the interwebs. Kenney recently announced her new album coming out next month called Sucker’s Lunch and this new single, “Double Hearted”, just came my way to promote the record. With this record being produced by Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak, one can sort of hear those subtle hints and sounds woven in perfectly with the always captivating voice of Kenney. This is another perfectly crafted tune in the ever growing catalogue of Kenny’s hits.

Madeline Kenney will release Sucker’s Lunch on July 31st via Carpark Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Check Out New Advertisement

Today I am pleased share with you fine folks this new tune called “My World Now” from our Seattle based amigos Advertisement. The song has this engrossing take on what I consider Americana rock inspired music which can be likened to older bands like Grateful Dead or something more modern like Fruit Bats. For me, it’s just the right amount of Americana twinged with subtle hints of psych to round things out.

Advertisement will release new album American Advertisement on July 10th. Pre-orders are live now.

Brooding Pop From Ganser

Chicago based quartet Ganser has been slowly releasing some new singles from their upcoming sophomore album entitled Just Look at That Sky. We’ve slept on the previously dropped track, but I’d be failing you if I didn’t get this new one, “Emergency Equipment & Exits” into your ear holes. It is a stunning, epic piece of brooding pop music which screams post-punk at the height of the genre, but also features this extended, dramatic build out for over 2 minutes. This should definitely be on your list as a banger for 2020.

Ganser will release Just Look at That Sky on July 31st via Felte.

Welcome Back Radical Dads

It’s been quite some time, five years to be exact, since we last posted about NYC founded group Radical Dads. It looks like we missed out on a single from last year, but other than that, the band has stayed relatively quiet having moved to different parts of the country. Despite their extreme distance from each other, the veteran trio managed to write and record an 8 song album out now entitled Paved Mountain. As a preview of the new album, the band is sharing this new single called “Institution” which should definitely entice you into checking out the entire LP. Let’s call it an official return to form for our old favorites Radical Dads. You can stream their entire new album over on bandcamp.

Gordi Releases One More Single

Over the last month or so I must have been asleep while Australian based musician Sophie Payten, known musically as Gordi, released several stunning singles to preview her upcoming album. Well I stay asleep no more and am very pleased to share with you all this mesmerizing new single called “Extraordinary Life”. It is a truly haunting, yet lovely piece of music which seemingly combines songwriter elements like Joni Mitchell with a dash of some darker qualities like The Knife. Somehow the breathy, hushed quality of the vocals combines to work perfectly with the piano, sparse drums and plucked guitar. Not something that would typically fall in my wheelhouse, but I am struggling to resist hitting play on this one over and over again.

Gordi will release Our Two Skins on Friday, June 26th via JagJaguwar.

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