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Minor Issue

Minor_Issue_ATHClearly an AC unit is optional this summer…

The Consumer

theconsumer_athThey say an apple a day will keep the doctor away. I’m not sure what the rule is for Big Macs.


ath_boycottBoycotting on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

You Never Know

mega_mac3_athI think we can all agree that America desperately needs more fattening fast food burgers. But, how can you make your voice heard? Fear not my friends. Thanks to Facebook you too can join the Mega Mac revolution! Just search for “Bring the Mega Mac to America”


blasphemy_athI suppose I could make my own Mega Mac. But, as a proud American, shouldn’t I be able to get someone to make one for me?

Mega Mac

megamac_athIt’s one thing for the Japanese to build a better car than us, but a better Big Mac!? Whats next McDonald’s? Maybe you could just burn an American Flag. And then, perhaps, you could spit on said American flag, while it’s burning.


fruity_athI’m really tired of people making assumptions about my masculinity based on the fact that I like fruity cereals. I just like the way they taste, okay!? The skin tight sequin shirts, however, are a bit harder to explain.


pudding_athWho decided to make washing machines and toilets the exact same color? A simple color code system could prevent accidents like this. Clearly there should be some sort of advocacy group for drunks

Day Drinking

day_drinking_athThere’s nothing better than throwing a few cold ones back after a hard days work. Even if it is just a part time job. And also, an imaginary one.

Coyote Ugly

coyote_ugly_athI happen to know that there is an ATH writer that got water boarded with beer the last time they went to Coyote Ugly.

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