SXSW Interview: The National Parks

I wasn’t kidding when I said multiple interviews would be coming soon highlighting some of the bands coming to SXSW in a couple weeks. This year I sent out questions to any band interested, even if the band was totally unfamiliar to me prior to the interview or their style wasnt necessarily my favorite. I figure this will allow for more exposure and interesting responses from a wider variety of artists. Today we continue our ongoing effort to provide you interesting SXSW interviews with indie folk band The National Parks. Hit the jump to see whats what.

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SXSW Interview: The Spook School

I adore the Spook School; I followed them around all of last SXSW, caught them at least 7 times. Today we continue our coverage by catching up with the band before they cross the Atlantic and make their way back into our hearts. Jump on and get a little introduction to the band, and be sure to guide them to the Vegan hotspots in Austin. Be sure to stream the gem from Continental Drift hanging at the end, featuring some of the best indiepop on any continent. Read more

Day For Night Interview: Night Drive

Night DriveRegular readers know that we love the synth-pop jams from our friends at Night Drive. Day for Night will include the Austin/Houston based outfit and I figured I would do a little Q&A action to help preview the awesome festivities. Rodney and Brandon took some time to deal with the usual list of things about life, fests and jams.

Click through to read all about it including some tips for stuff to listen to and the story behind the band…


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