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ATH Take Away: Young Girls – “Caroline”

Youg Girls Caroline Take AwayOh Young Girls.  When you’ve got the hits, you’ve got the hits. We’re excited to put out the Young Girls EP, but even a stripped out acoustic set with the band sounds pretty incredible.  We grabbed the boys during a freezing night, dragged them to Comal Park in East Austin, and filmed the group up against the mural in the alley.  Personally, I’m loving the way the shadows tower over the band, just as much as I like the prevalent hook of “Caroline.” It’s the first of four songs on their latest EP, which is hitting stores at the end of February; you can pre-order HERE. Thanks to Axios Studios and Raul Rivera for all their diligence in the whole process of scouting locations, editing and, of course, the great film work.  Dudes deserve to be huge.

Lost in Austin: Brazos

BrazosIt’s been a hot minute since we’ve worked with our friends over at Guerilla Waltz to create one of our Lost in Austin videos.  We typically wait around for the perfect band to fit our mold, and when former local residents Brazos were in town awhile back, it seemed like the right time to get back in the game.  So we sat down with Martin Crane in his studio to perform “Always On” off his new album Saltwater out now on Dead Oceans.  Follow the jump for video.

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Lost In Austin: Cave Singers Prt. 2

cavesingers2As previously mentioned, we’re overly excited about getting our Lost in Austin takeaway videos back off the ground and running.  Our first subject in the relaunch featured Cave Singers and we shared the first part of that video series last week.  Today we’ve got part 2 and we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.  Follow the jump for video.

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Lost in Austin: Cave Singers

Wow, it’s been way too long since we’ve managed to shoot one of our world famous Lost in Austin videos with Guerilla Waltz.  Almost a year to be exact, since we last ran the incredible video of Suckers at Red 7.  Well today is a turning point in the series, as we jump start a new era for our takeaway videos with longtime ATH favorite Cave Singers.  Follow the jump for full description and video.

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Lost In Austin: Suckers

Nathan and I were just discussing the other day when it was that we really got into Brooklyn based experimental pop group Suckers.  We think it was way back in 2009 when we sent out an email interview to the band for ACL fest and then left very impressed with an amazing live show from the upstart band.  From that point, Suckers has landed on year end lists for music, appeared on award’s lists for performances during SXSW, and eventually played our SXSW show this year.  All this culminated in a love affair with the band that has turned into a major bro-mance.  All that being said, we of course had to ask these guys to take part in our lost in Austin takeaways while they were in town at Red 7 last Friday.  The resulting video is a beautiful take on their new song “Chinese Brail” from the just released Candy Salad.  Follow the jump for video and more info.

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Lost in Austin Takeaway – Les Rav

We know that everyone’s spotlighting the great SXSW festival, but we wanted to take a short little break to spread the word on Austin band, Les RAV.  Luckily, our friends in Guerrilla Waltz were able to catch up with the group in this takeaway show over at The Long Center.   Read More

Lost In Austin: A Lull

We’ve really got our thing going now with these Lost in Austin videos filmed by our good friends over at Guerilla Waltz.  We started with quite a few local bands, but recently decided it was time to expand to touring acts since we get so many incredible bands through town.  Our very first such video features electro-pop group A Lull.  Follow the jump for a set up and video.

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Lost in Austin – Literature

It’s been a minute or two since we ran a Lost in Austin Take Away feature, but we’re back today with one of our favorite local acts, Literature.  Again, we’ve teamed up with the good folks over at GuerillaWaltz to coordinate the best in video and music, so we hope you like the coverage.

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Lost In Austin – Ghost Wolves

This edition of Lost in Austin brings you our homegrown favorites, Ghost Wolves.  Follow the jump for more.

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Lost in Austin Takeaway – Her Space Holiday #2

We’re  still working closely with the great guys over at Guerrilla Waltz, trying to bring you great videos of our favorite musicians from Austin and afar. Today we’ve got another gem from Her Space Holiday to offer you for our second video in the Lost in Austin Takeaway series.  Read more to find out all about the gem of a video, and the free acoustic MP3 download we’re offering along with it. Read More

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