Show Pics: Night Drive Release Party @ Cheer Up (6/16)

We are in the throws of the longest days of the year and while it will get a bit hotter, it won’t get much hotter that last Friday. The hotness was overcome.

Night Drive threw a party at Cheer Up Charlies and we were all invited as long as you contributed $5 at the door. Isn’t that nice. Four bands, a DJ that popped jams, so many friends and even some family. Attendees got to see Keeper, Orthy, Night Drive (duh) and Single Lash with Lambda spinning jams in between.

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SxSW 2017: ATH vs SOTO Party Pics

Who is ready to relive the greatest day of music ever assembled by John Laird and Nathan Lankford? Ever.

The jams were copious as were the tender moments. The showcase highlighted the talent in Austin with bands watching bands that shuffled up to be other bands. We had international celebrities in attendance, as well as every familiar face possible. I took photos, some with an Instax. We ate sausage wraps and drank beaverages. It was perfect air for a whisky.

Click through and be impressed.

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SXSW Interviews: Doe

Last year the Doe released Some Things Last Longer Than You to rave reviews, and they’ve opted to follow up their success by bringing their energetic pop rock to the States for SXSW. We briefly caught up with the entire group to give you a little insight into what they’re all about, as well as toss in a sample track from their last album, which is available via Old Flame now.

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SXSW Interview: Ne-Hi

Last year at SXSW there were a couple of acts that I constantly chased around, trying to catch them as many times as I could. This year, one of the bands on that must see list is Ne-Hi. We’ve got a brief little interview with the band, and we’ve included their SXSW dates below, so you can chase them around just like me! They’ll be playing tons of jams, I hope, off their recent album, Offers…just in case you haven’t checked it out yet.

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SXSW Interview: Split Single

Jason Narducy is a certified indie rock bad ass, having played with Bob Mould, Robert Pollard and Superchunk. It’s been a bit since he took the stage as his own, but he’s been stepping back out under the name Split Single, backed by Britt Daniel and Jon Wurster (those names should ring a bell too). He’s released two albums in the last few years, most recently Metal Frames. There’s a jam from that LP at the end of the interview below.

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SXSW Interview: Stef Chura

Stef Chura has been writing infectious rock n’ roll hits in Detroit for some time, but her names is quickly becoming well known to the greater indie rock realm. Most of this is due to her excellent LP, Messes, which hit in January. She took some time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions, and we’ve included her SXSW dates below to let you know where you’ll be able to catch her…and her hit “Spotted Gold” too! All after the jump-a-roo.
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SXSW Interview: Pines

When I first heard about the electronic musical stylings of Australian based band Pines a few years ago, I was immediately hooked. Since then, the band always finds some room on my playlists for pretty much any time and feeling. Their music just sort of works that way. As a fan of the band, it was an easy call for me to send them interview questions when they hit me up. Hit the jump for their thoughts on SXSW.

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