Say Hello To Sidewinder & Graham Williams

Red7It’s well known around these parts that our beloved music scene in Austin is ever changing, and though some may go into panic mode, we here at ATH understand that change is all part of the industry.  With that said, I’m sure many of you have heard the sad news about the closing of prized venue Red 7 come this September.  While we mourn the loss of one of our favorite venues in town, let us rejoice in the news of a new venue in the Red River District.  The newly crowned Sidewinder will open in October, shortly after the closing of Red 7, and will occupy a totally revamped and remodeled space formerly known as Red Eyed Fly.  With all the creative minds on the list of those involved, this is definitely something to be excited about.  The Chronicle was one of the first to break the news.

With all the craziness currently going on in and around Red River (Cheer Ups rock wall, closing of Holy Mountain/Red 7, new venues, etc.) it seemed like a great time to speak with someone in the know.  Step in Transmission Events founder Graham Williams.  We sent Graham a few questions about his new venue and the current state of the live scene in Austin.  He has a lot to say and any real music fan in town should take his thoughts into consideration.  After the jump you can get his thoughts.

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Festival Recap: Eaux Claires

oh clair bannerEau Claire, Wisconsin is a long ways a way from Austin, but not too far away in terms of mindset: here, we call our city the Live Music Capital of the world, and in the Eau Claire is the Music Capital of the North. Nestled in the Chippewa Valley and overlooking the the river, we were treated to three days in the woods with 22,000 of our newly formed friends celebrating music, arts, and the spirit of the river valley. At the center of it all was the man who dreamed up such a festival: Justin Vernon, who, alongside Aaron Dessner, brought all of us together in essentially his backyard to experience something greater.

Read on for our recap of the inaugural Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival and see some pictures from the fest.

**Feature Photo Courtesy of Graham Tolbert

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Levitation Interview: The Holydrug Couple

holydrugWe’re just about there. A few more short days and Levitation 2015 will be upon us.  ATH is excited for the weekend and we’re also excited to bring you another interview today from Holydrug Couple.  Follow the jump for interview.

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Levitation Interview: The Soft Moon

the-soft-moonWe’re so close guys. Levitation is just around the corner, and it’s going to be a helluva time.  I can’t really think of any band that I don’t want to see, so we’re trying to catch up with as many as we can before the fest to give you a little insight into what you should catch…or look into even if you’re not going to be out with us next weekend.  Read More

SXSW Interview: Wand

wand bannerSXSW is just around the corner, and while the beast seems to be laying somewhat dormant this year, I wanna make sure we keep you posted on what’s coming up, and who we’re excited to see.  I sent some questions to Cory Hanson of Wand, who released Ganglion Reef last year, and are releasing Golem this Spring. He gave me some honest answers, and seems to have taken his time with them, which I appreciate. Thanks to Pitchperfect PR for the set up.  Read More

Fun Fest Interview: Mineral

mineralFun Fest weekend is here kids and ATH is just about ready to kick this thing into high gear.  Before we wrap up our pre-festival coverage, we’ve got one more interview coming your way from one of our favorite all time Austin bands Mineral.  Founding father and vocalist Chris Simpson was nice enough to answer some of our tough questions.  I tried my best not to be a fan boy… Follow the jump for one of my most anticipated interviews of the festival season.

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Fun Fest Interviews: Ex-Cult

unnamedIt’s really hard to believe, but Fun Fest is just a short two weeks away now and it’s time to start doing some prep work.  As usual, we’ll be offering up some interviews, band previews, tips, photos, and anything else we stir up on our crazy minds.  Today we shall begin our coverage with a quick interview spotlighting Memphis punk band Ex-Cult.  We’ve been fans of this band for awhile so naturally we’re excited for this one.  Follow the jump for interview.

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ACL Interview: Empires

empiresWell here it is folks, ACL Festival starts tomorrow and ATH will be signing off about this time tomorrow.  Before you head out the door, check out another interview from festival act Empires.  We’ll of course have a few more interviews coming your way after the weekend with full recap of the events.  Follow the jump for interview.

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ACL Interview: My Brightest Diamond


We are merely a skip and a hop away from ACL Festival 2k14, and so to get you properly hyped (as if you weren’t already) we’ve got yet another artist interview to tantalize you from your office chair or couch and get those feet itching to touch ground at Zilker Park already. Today’s interview features Shara Worden, the lady behind the moniker My Brightest Diamond, who released This is My Hand earlier this year.

ATH: Now, this is an ACL interview, but we’ve got to ask, which would you rather play: a club show or a festival?

SharaWhen I was conceiving the album, I imagined an outdoor festival where a marching band approached the stage from behind the audience and surrounded them, creating a 3D affect. Then I imagined that on the stage the rock band would have a micro version of a marching band with flute, clarinet, trumpet, alto sax, and trombone, so that there could be this kind of call and response between the big macro marching band in the crowd and the mini but microphoned group on stage. Dreams come true! So sometimes when I get lucky, this situation actually happens and we are lucky enough to have a marching band in Austin!!!

ATH: You’re slated to play on the Sculpture/Zilker Stage from 4:30-5:30 on Saturday for both weekends, if you could pick any bands from the lineup to play before and after you, who would it be?

Shara: Whoever is playing before and after us!

ATH: Would you rather play to a crowd that knows all the words to your songs, or get the chance to win over a crowd who has never heard of you before?

Shara: My ideal engagement with an audience is when we can have it all, every emotion. I love us singing together, laughing together, dancing with abandon, and also being able to be silent and cry in certain moments. That’s my goal in every show, to create an environment for release, for oblivion, for anger, for joy and if that happens with those who know all the lyrics or with people who have never heard the music, then I’m happy.

ATH: This Is My Hand, your latest full length, has received a fairly large amount of praise… does this make you more inclined to play more songs from it, or can we expect a mix of new and old?

Shara: This show is a mix, weighing heavily on the new material but jamming some oldies too. Some of the songs on This Is My Hand are too difficult for me to play with a trio formation, so not all of them are ready for the stage.  With some more work I will be able to play a song like “Shape”,  but it’s in 5/4 and I sing in 4/4, then when the drums move to 4/4, I play my guitar solo in 5, so it’s tricky. I need to practice more. I recorded myself improvising and singing as I was writing, and then I often kept the exact improv, but formalizing it by notating it for other people to play, especially with “Shape” and the title track “This Is My Hand”, so it’s very hard for me to repeat exactly what I did. Possible ultimately,  but I need more practice.

ATH:  Best food you’ve had on tour so far?

Shara: Vietnamese noodles in New York.

ATH: Favorite song to play live?

Shara: “Pressure” !  I like the loud parts best!

ATH: Of the new songs, which have you enjoyed breaking in so far on the tour?

Shara: “Resonance” is fun because it feels like just pushing up against a wall and banging on it until the wall comes down.  You never really know what it is going to be each night, so it’s a risk and that feels good to just take a chance.

You can catch My Brightest Diamond and her macro and micro marching bands on the Sculpture (Weekend 1) and Zilker (Weekend 2) Stages on Saturday at 4:30.

ACL Interview: Nightbox

nightboxUnless you’ve been under a rock or something, I’m sure you are aware that our annual ACL Festival is taking place this weekend in Zilker park.  Now we’ve already shared a few interviews with you guys and today we’re pumping out several more.  This one features up and coming indie-electro group Nightbox.  Every band member gets in on this one with some great responses.  Follow the jump for more.

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