ATX Spotlight: Major Grizz Release EP

majorgrizzFriday night you should make plans in your schedule to go over to Sidewinder and celebrate the release of another up-and-coming Austin act, Major Grizz. The group are lined-up to release their new EP, brandishing great pop-rock in the vein of other local acts like A. Sinclair; it’s hook-laden, but with an appropriate amount of bite. In talking with the band, they’ve got some exciting merch prepared for attendees; they’ve screen printed each EP by hand, and numbered them as well, so you’re going to get your hands on a rarity…not to mention catching a great live show. They’ll be joined by Sik Mule and Ghostbunny.

SPC ECO Prep New Album, Anomalies

spcIt’s a little over a year since SPC ECO released Dark Matter, and they’ve already prepared a dark return to their world of pop. Listening through, I find myself appreciating the fact that the musical construction is perfect in that all the musical levels are precisely where they should be in a song…none of the beats hit too hard, and nothing overshadows Rose Berlin’s vocal performance. Speaking of Berlin, her voice seems angelic, yet also pure, displaying characteristics of a true singer. In the end, it’s a pop song, but stripped of all the modern tricks, making it exemplary in its ability to connect. Look for Anomalies via Saint Marie Records on August 19th.

The Hecks Ready Debut

theheckThis is likely to be my last post about any Trouble In Mind band…at least for this week. But, in saying that, this is just another reason the label has been so consistent lately. They’ve signed on Chicago’s The Hecks for the band’s debut, and you’re not likely to hear much like it, though you’ll hear similarities across the board of the latest indie rock fare. Guitars open dangerously, yet steadied by a polite bit of pop sensibility just underneath. Then they take a turn into the realms of art-punk, just before another right turn takes them into the realm of dissonant noise…closing the track abruptly. It’s a fascinating collection of all things punk and rock, leaving listeners salivating at what’s to come on their debut; the self-titled record is released on September 2nd.

The Skating Party + The Death of Pop

lathecutHidden Gem Records have just released this ridiculously beautiful split lathe 7″ from The Skating Party and the Death of Pop. The Skating Party tune is marvelous, sounding like a less electronic version of Radio Dept, brimming with an undercurrent of pop sensation that’s inescapable. On the flip, the Death of Pop tune unfolds with a slight hint of jangle, yet still beholden to dreamier soundscapes (with slightly more energy). You can grab this special collection of songs from Hidden Gem HERE.

More from Wymond Miles

wymondIt’s almost as if we can leave the association with Fresh and Onlys in the dust, as Wymond Miles solo-work doesn’t seem to have too much in the way of commonalities, aside from the vocals. His latest single is this swelling pop masterpiece, cementing his talents as a standalone act. I love the varying tones in his voice, and the darkened tones of the guitar meeting the drums seem to contrast perfectly when it all meets in the middle. Call By Night, his new record, will be out on July 8th via Sacred Bones Records.

Quirky Pop From iji

unnamedWe ATH kids have a thing for pop music, especially pop music that might be a little bit on the weird side. Today we are treated to a bit of quirky pop music with this new single “Summer of 2069” via Seattle based pop group iji. The vocals here remind me a bit of Destroyer, while the music is almost like early Of Montreal. This is good stuff.

iji will drop Bubble on July 29th via Team Love Records.

We Missed Bad Sports

badsports1A few weeks ago, Bad Sports dropped this single, promoting their newest effort for Dirtnap Records. We’ve long supported the Austin/Denton group, and this track is the perfect example of their strengths. They make simple statements with their lyrics, added a pounding rhythm then Orville and Daniel’s vocals give the impression that this is rock n’ roll meant for a huge stadium. Anthemic rock n’ roll only succeeds if you mean it, and if you’ve caught they various acts these guys are involved in (Radioactivity, OBN IIIs, Video), then you know no one means it more.

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Goes Solo

unnamed (3)Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster has made a name for himself over the last several years as the primary songwriter, singer, and guitar player for indie rock band Water Liars. With all of his success as part of a band, Kinkel-Schuser has decided to step out on his own for a bit and take a shot at recording and performing as a solo musician. The first taste of his new material was offered up yesterday with this new single “Headed South”. It’s downright beautiful and features a sort of melancholic, yet sill somehow bright take on the songwriter genre.

Debut album Constant Stranger will drop on September via Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum. Pre-order here.

Fika Recordings Welcome Palomica

honeydewFika Recordings already has a decent stable of great acts (Stanley Brinks, Sally Shapiro), but adding Palomica to the fold just upped the ante a bit. Bouncing pop music never sounded so good in the morning, and the youthful spirit of the song has left a grin on my face for the twenty minutes. This song features a conversation between a male and a female, trading their perspectives, filled with fruit imagery. This single will be featured on the group’s second album, Petito, which should be out via the label later on in the year.

Dark Electro Pop from Silent Wave

silentwaveLooking over today’s earlier posts, feel like I went heavy on guitar-pop and the like, so I wanted to spend the afternoon with Silent Wave. The band, in my mind, sounds like a more accessible version of the Knife…at least in regards to the tonal touch on the vocals. However, they differ in that they seem to evolve in a manner that allows them to crest at just the right moments to maximize emotional power for the audience. As of now, this is just a stand alone single, but I’ll keep you posted as more info comes our way.

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