Show Pics: Wild Cub @ The Parish (7/25)

Wild CubSometimes when I go to a show I want to be dazzled. Sometimes, I want to be challenged. Sometimes, I want to discover. However, we all need a night where you can just smile.

I caught Wild Cub at ACL a couple years back on the small BMI stage with a crowd that probably had never heard a Wild Cub song. By the end of their set, they had a few thousand new fans. I caught them again at the Mohawk during SxSW, a great way to end a day of chasing news. The reality is that this band isn’t our normal share, but the guys from Nashville put out perfect pop songs and deliver them in the live setting so convincingly, that you have to love them.

We headed out to The Parish for some much needed jams. Read on for thoughts and pics…

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Touring w/ a Band: The Handy Guide with A. Sinclair (Part 5)

524871_4433688652362_559866179_nOh no. It seems Brendan Bond has his mind on only one thing…well, more than one thing, but I’m stuck on the first paragraph.  Click below for a quick look into the mind of our touring friends.  Note that while on the road, if you’re just joining us, that Brendan is also playing with What Made Milwaukee Famous, not to mention his regular gig in A. Sinclair; he’s rocking two shows a night.  Below we check in with him from the ATL.  Read More

Another Tune from Sw/mm/ng

swWe’ve been enjoying our listen to the latest single from Sw/mm/ng, just to get ready for the release of their debut LP.  There’s really two elements going on in this track: the main course goes straight for the indie rock hooks, but the guitars wonder through the background, cascading in various directions.  One of the things I love about Feel Not Bad, the title for the album, is that the entirety of the record features 4 to 5 minute songs, yet they don’t seem to weigh you down, as one might expect. Look for the record on August 26th via Old Flame Records.

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Download: Sw/mm/ng – All I Want [MP3]

Guitar Rock from Dope Body

dopeStruggling a bit today, so I wanted to kick out something a little bit crunchy and loud.  This track from Dope Body popped up last week, and I love the sound of the distorted guitars ringing loudly, even the wild solos of noise.  It’s the sort of track that makes you want to go to a live show, jump around and sing with the band, or just watch your friends if you’re more the voyeur sort.  This new track comes from the band’s upcoming record, Lifer, their second album on Drag City Records; it’ll have a release date of October 21st.

Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

Austin, I love you.There’s just too many shows to really talk about any singular show above any other, so we’ll point you in the right direction (in our opinion) of where you’re likely to have the best time this weekend.  There’s worthy shows Friday thru Sunday, so we’ll get right to it.  Read More

Gleeful Tune from Joanna Gruesome

jg12After an excellent album on Slumberland Records last year, Joanna Gruesome are here with a brand new 12″ to illustrate why they’re one of the most exciting acts of the last few years.  They’re splitting this 12″ release with Trust Fund, with three songs coming from each band; the US release will come via HHBTM in late September.  The immediate infectious quality of this song comes in via a jumping rhythm and male/female vocal duties.  There’s even some erratic shouts in the background to help keep the band’s edge in tact.  Fall in love with Jerome below:

Touring w/ a Band: The Handy Guide w/ A. Sinclair (Part 4)

10329202_838407742854358_2434802823394545817_nA. Sinclair have been hitting the road hard, but they had a day off yesterday, so we encouraged Brendan Bond to enjoy the time off, and then get back to us.  He obliged, and he’s back with yet another look into the life of a band on the run.  There’s no need for much more introduction, as we hope you’ve been following the band in our last few installments, so without further adieu…here you go folks.  Read More

New Single from Gap Dream

strongbadLast year Gap Dream released Shine Your Light, and it was one of those albums I told everyone they need to listen to…though I doubt many listened.  Regardless, it’s nice to see Gabriel Fulvimar back again with a split-release with his touring friends, Part Time.  His side of the release offers up this really dreamy pop composition.  It’s the perfect sort of tune to comfort you this weekend, letting your mind drift away as you feel the bubbling pulse that warbles beneath the mix here.  You can buy this split 7″ from Burger Records on August 26th, or, catch the two bands traveling around the country, inclluding an Austin date on August 28th at Hotel Vegas.

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