More New Music from Gold Star

I can’t help but fall for the cinematic appeal of Gold Star, especially once you hear this brand new single from Marlon Rabenreither’s project. Honestly, I could see this being the centerpiece of some great Cameron Crowe movie; it pulls at every heartstring from the moment Marlon’s voice comes through the speakers. The simplistic approach of great chords and mild percussion really allows each note to stretch out across the track; and, while it may be simplistic, I don’t feel like there’s too much out there that pulls this sound off. Gold Star will release Big Blue on March 24th via Autumn Tone.

Another Rocker from Vaguess

We’re pushing towards the weekend, so you need something energetic to pick up the pace and get you there…especially if you hit the town last night. I’ve written about Vaguess before, and while there first single was an energetic burst of noisy rock, this one has a whole lot more hook to it, though it’s equally as short. I like the fact that they’re mixing up the sounds slightly, which should make Guilt Ring steer clear of falling in the trap of redundancy. The album is being released by Sinderlyn next week, March 3rd to be exact. Bring me those rocking hooks!

Premiere: Bloomer Offer Up New Tune

When I first heard the guitars on this new Bloomer track, I immediately thought they’d blast off into modern guitar pop, or in the least, offer a sunny gem. Well, the band fooled me, as they actually combine the deep vocal tones to leave you with a casual pop number that rests uniquely in solemn tones. It’s a nice juxtaposition of sound that the group leave you with, letting the track fade out with a high end vocal that gives you another new tidbit to sink your teeth into. The Maryland act is perfect for those of you wishing to sit back and let the world wash over you!

More Psych Bliss From RF Shannon

Oh man, I am getting too excited for the upcoming full length album from Austin’s RF Shannon. They shared the title track from their upcoming release yesterday, and it beautiful, other-worldly trip into sun bleached psychedelia that the band does so well. It opens slowly with flute sounds and tinkering piano sounds, like a sleepy day begins, but then suddenly it picks up as the sun always seem to arrive and turn the sky rose before you realize it. Hazy vocals and steady percussion move the song along, accompanied by twangy guitars.Just when you think the song can’t get any more devastatingly beautiful, some female vocals join Shane Renfro, and you’re simply smitten in the psych-desert-blues glory of the song. Take a listen below.

Have you preordered Jaguar Palace yet? It’s out March 31st. Get on it.

Annabel Allum Gets Gritty (SXSW Artist)

Stick around on this tune passed the first thirty seconds; you’ll be in for a nice little treat. While this new Annabel Allum tune begins with a pretty little serenade, it quickly plugs into the amps, stamps down on the pedal and lets loose. She manages to take her folk traditions into the heavy guitar pop realm. That being said, I really love the chorus, as I feel like the notes hit on “rich backgrounds/rich fucking backgrounds” is a perfect delivery, and I can’t get it out of my head! She’s coming to Austin, and I’m ready to put her on my list of must see acts.


Soft Jam from Doug Tuttle

I really love the work of Trouble in Mind Records. What I love the most is the diversity of the label, tossing out rockers like Omni or Rays, then bringing us something softer like this new Doug Tuttle. From the moment you press play, you’re immersed in this wonderful world filled with strings and horn accompaniment. The approach of this song fits perfectly with the album art of Peace Potato, as you can see Tuttle walking into the stars…you should feel as if you’re doing the same when this number reaches your ears. This is a far cry from his work in MMOSS, so look for the new album on May 5th.

SXSW Interview: The Spook School

I adore the Spook School; I followed them around all of last SXSW, caught them at least 7 times. Today we continue our coverage by catching up with the band before they cross the Atlantic and make their way back into our hearts. Jump on and get a little introduction to the band, and be sure to guide them to the Vegan hotspots in Austin. Be sure to stream the gem from Continental Drift hanging at the end, featuring some of the best indiepop on any continent. Read more

Groovy Electronic Tune From Joakim

If you’re looking for an electro pop tune that will allow you to jam out as well as appreciate the different layers of percussion that are going on, then look no further, as Joakim has got the perfect match for you with “Samurai.” Joakim is a french electronic producer who spent some time bouncing around New York, Paris and Tokyo. This track is the title number from Joakim’s upcoming record, which was directly influenced by his time spent in all three of those landmark cities. It’s a cool and sleek electronic track, but there’s a whole lot of interesting and unique sounds going on throughout its duration. I bet the full album will expand upon this sound style and I’m looking forward to its release on March 17th via Tigersushi/Because.

You can preorder Samurai here.


Dark Ethereal Bedroom Pop From Ohyeahsumi

Ohyeahsumi is a duo made up of twin sisters, Lena and Rena Vernon, out of LA, who are about to make real waves in the music world. They’ve just announced that they’ve signed to Austin’sSports Day Records.This track, “Daisy,” will immediately win your affection for these ladies, as it’s the perfect slice of brooding bedroom pop. Duelingbass and electric guitar riffs make up the majority of the instrumentation for the song and the piercing vocals provide the effortless accompaniment that really makes this track shine. The whispery, haunting, and almost too pristine vocals give the whole song an eerie, yet beautiful vibe that you’ll be hard pressed to shake as you move through your day. I know I keep coming back–watch out for Ohyeahsumi.


The Ocean Party Release US Tour Tape

You’ve heard it many times, we love the Ocean Party. So much so, that we helped release their Light Weight LP a few years back. The band returns to the US, and with them, they bring a new collection of perfect pop in the tape format…courtesy of Emotional Response. These 9 tracks are the perfect introduction to the group’s casual pop appeal, in case they haven’t hit your radar just yet; some of the tracks are more developed, while others are just brief ditties. If you visit the purchase link below, you can see the tour dates, which, luckily, feature a great Austin date at Cheer Up Charlies next Tuesday! Pretty sure you’ll love the track “Surat” by the way, as its my favorite this morning.

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