This Eskimeaux Tune is a Grower

ddwThe first few times I ran through this Eskimeaux track, I struggled a bit.  The opening to the tune is soft, almost too casual in its delivery.  Then I jumped forward, getting right to the rocking part of the track.  Sure, it’s not the most legit way to go about it, but it put the whole song in perspective, which eventually won me over.  You’ll especially want to wait until just after the 3 minute mark, where there’s a brief, yet explosive burst of musical joy.  This is just another sign of things looking up for the band as they prep the release of OK via Double Double Whammy on May 12th.

ATX Spotlight (?): Warm Soda Ready New LP

warmNot quite sure if we can claim Warm Soda as one of our own, despite the band living in Austin, but seeing as we’ve always loved the band, I think we’ll take em.  They’re readying their 3rd LP, and it seems that Mr. Melton is slowing things down, perfecting his blend of power-pop for the masses.  He’s still got that warm fade on his vocals, the guitar lines are there, but it’s a calmer approach that’s most notable (I still love it).  Look for the band’s new LP, Symbolic Dream, to hit stores on May 4th via Castle Face Records.

Do Tell: Folksy Springtime Ready Pop

dotellDo Tell is the project of Vancouver’s Jocelyn Price, who makes lo-fi indie pop. This track, “See-Through,” is the perfect song for these early spring days, as it combines Price’s airy and whimsical vocals with classic indie pop instrumentation: hooky electric guitar riffs, combined with filling acoustic strumming and the light pitter-patter of percussion. And just when you think you’ve gotten used to the track, Price changes it up slightly and the whole thing builds. If you like what you hear, go head over to Do Tell’s Bandcamp Page and order the Midseason EP.


Bright Indiepop from Azure Blue

Azure-BlueIt’s not been too long since we last heard from Azure Blue, but I welcome their return nonetheless.  The groove in their latest single has this vibe that seems like it was ready for college dance floors in the late 80s/early 90s.  Still, the echoed wash that coats the vocals provides a different view, turning the song from a dance tune into a powerful bit of dreamy indiepop.  You’ll even hear the song explore some darker EDM territory as it nears its close; I’m definitely glad I’ve got this song to jam to today. Look for Beneath the Hill I Smell the Sea to hit later this year via Fika Recordings.

Float Away With Boats

10553931_887350651292275_9154658260453201051_oI don’t know what the weather is like where this post is finding you, but I do know that it’s a grey day here in Austin, but there’s no sign of rain in the forecast, which always leaves me in a weird place as to what I want to listen to. You see, I had that dilemma until I found this track “Shallows” by Melbourne artist Boats, which is turning out to be the perfect accompaniment for this kind of day. This song has faded and echoey vocals atop layers of acoustic guitar and synthesizer, which build as the tune progresses in addition to handclaps (who doesn’t love handclaps?) and other percussive builds. Reminds me a bit of something Justin Vernon would be responsible for. If you like this track, you’re in luck, as it’s part of an EP with the same title coming out April 17th, which you can check the details of here  

Great New Pop Track From Communions

front_digiCommunions is a Copenhagen based band that both Lankford and I posted about back in October of last year.  I hadn’t heard much from the band since that time so imagine my surprise and delight when the band just sent over this awesome new track “Out of My World”.  I don’t know about you guys, but I continue to dig the beautifully quirky take on pop music.

Communions finally have a new self-titled EP due out in June on Tough Love Records.

New Music from Panther Ray

prayPop centric sounds are being spun all around the Internets nowadays, but I really like what the folks in Panther Ray are offering up today.  They’ve got a brand new single that vaguely resembles the enthusiasm of early Pains of Being Pure at Heart, though they’re relying less on classic indiepop tropes and more on the guitar-infused alternative stylings.  The track has just enough noise to blow out your speakers, but comes home to roost with the cool quality of the vocals.  You’ll be able to hear their new album, Ripple, on April 24th via Forged Artifacts.

Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood

Ghostface-Killah-and-BadbadnotgoodMiss the old days of Wu-Tang Clan when all they did was rap over samples of 1970s soul and R&B songs (and it didn’t sound shoehorned)? The closest thing you’ll get to that now is the new collaboration between Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah and Canadian jazz instrumental hip-hop band BadBadNotGood. Since Ghostface is the only member of Wu-Tang to still closely resemble that sound, this match up made the most sense. The album is half instrumental and half performances from Ghostface Killah, with a handful of guest artists, including Danny Brown and MF Doom. The album can be purchased on cassette, CD, or vinyl via the Lex Records website, or purchased digitally on iTunes. The entire album can be streamed below.

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