Estonian Dreampop from Bizarre

Estonia is probably the last place you think of when the topic of dreampop/shoegaze emerges. But, the country boasts Pia Fraus, although before that, they were part of Bizarre. Our first experience with the group, and for many of you, is this subdued number, dominated by the perfect blend of male/female vocal parts. The background fills with guitar chords wandering through the landscape of simple percussive rhythms; it crafts this beautiful realm where you’re free to completely lose yourself in the melody of the track. It’s impressive to see that these recordings were out there in the late 90s, clearly a precursor to a lot of the current vibes going about. Necro will be released on June 4th via Seksound/Darla.

Premiere: Phosphenes Ready New LP

It makes sense thatPhosphenes began their work around a collective of like-minded visual artists. Their songwriting, especially in this tune, seems to work in varying movements folded into one another, with each layer unraveling as it crosses through your ears. At first, we’re offered a light, almost space-age backdrop, slowly waiting for Julee Bee to work her way through with her strong vocal performance. But, the song doesn’t stop there, shimmering with this pulsing wash of electronica as Bee drapes her voice across it all. Then we settle back in, calmed, ready for the next momentous rise and fall within the track…riding the crest of pop sensibility to the song’s close. Look for their new LP, Find Us Where We’re Hiding via FAYZ Records on May 25th.

New Music from Deeper

Deeper should be one of those bands that everyone is raving about; they’ve got the recent hype, celebrated live shows and they definitely have the songs. This track plays between the genres of modern emo and dream pop, drawing out the vocals while crafting a sense of never-ending descent; still, it doesn’t just stop there, leaving you with a bit of instrumental sprawl. Each time I play it, I envision myself falling through some distorted rabbit hole, only to find myself beached upon a lost shore, bewildered, yet smiling. Fire Talk Records will be releasing the group’s self-titled album on May 25th.

Dance Yrself Clean with Guess Genes

We’re big fans of Houston’s Buxton, so it would make sense that we’d be ready to jump on board with Sergio Trevino’s new project, Guess Genes. But, aside from Sergio, there aren’t too many sonic similarities; his work now includes his lyrical storytelling working over club-worthy beats. Like the best of the electronic genre, there’s little guitar chords clearly cutting through the beat, forcing a nice little bounce in your step. Feel like today we could also use a step-up, seeing as its only Wednesday, so why not turn up and dance around with GG. The project will drop a self-titled album sometime this May via Very Jazzed.

Enjoy This New Ice Baths Tune

Ice Baths definitely fit in the realm of any post-genre; there’s elements of post-punk or post-rock, but for me, they’re stretching out those styles. This latest single has those sharp guitar chords that ring discordantly while the rhythm section plods along; the vocals hang in the air, patiently. Then there’s a slight uptick in the energy, almost revealing psychedelic influences; they perhaps owe more to this genre than they’d like to admit, stretching the song beyond expected limits. Their debut album will drop on May 11th via Blank Editions.

New Hit from Teenage Cavegirl

I’ve been jamming this new Teenage Cavegirl tune pretty nonstop. The duo seem to accomplish what not every two-piece can…leaving listeners with infectious pop music that’s rewarding time and time again. The grainy video accompanying their new single also seems to capture the group’s vibe, prominent pink and greens bursting as those drums hammer away in step with the crunchy guitar riffs. Word on the streets is they’re wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut album, and we’ll hopefully have more news for you soon.

Second Still Offer Up Dark Pop

You’re thrust forward from the minute this new Second Still song starts, guitar’s ringing as the beat forces you down some imaginary hallway. It’s almost as if you’re running from something you can’t see, with the band running just behind you, never letting you slow. There’s even a little bit of solace, briefly before the 1.40 minute mark; you can almost catch your breath and then the song careens off towards its close. It’s dark, yet poppy, thus leaving listeners with just enough exhilaration to have them coming back. The band will drop the Equals EP on Friday via Weyrd Son Records.

New Cut Worms Video

Admittedly, I can’t help but think of early Tallest Man on Earth when I listen to Cut Worms. But, also in all fairness, we covered those early releases quite a bit, so it makes sense. All that being said, there’s a little bit more of a pop swing in the sound, as opposed to a clear Dylan predecessor. Take the 2 minute mark and the rushed stutter and burst, before that forlorn harmonica reappears and crafts a sense of wonder and longing. This song will feature on his debut album, Hollow Ground, dropping on May 4th via Jagjaguwar.

Pinkshinyultrablast Drop New Track

The first minute of this new Pinkshinyultrablast tune might have you scratching your head, wondering when, and if, the song will take off. Rest assured, the 1 minute mark will leave you satisfied, as an immediate bounce comes in playfully bounding through your speakers. There’s a calming minute where Lybov’s vocals are given a slight uplift to your ears, accompanied with a subdued moment, musically. Then the track takes right off, filled with blazing electronics and shooting guitar chords in the distance. The group have come a long way, but one thing’s for sure, they always deliver; look for Miserable Miracles on May 4th via Club AC30/Shelflife.


Nice Dream Pop From Lev Snowe

The dream pop genre has been gaining a lot of steam recently and sometimes certain artists can pull of the genre a hell of a lot better than others. Take the young Lev Snowe for example who crafts some beautiful numbers which further expand the quality of the genre. His new song entitled “When I Look Back” is a perfect example of his song writing skills. My favorite piece of the song is near the 3:00 minute mark when things break down a bit with some slick bass lines and enchanting beats. I suggest you check it out now.

Lev Snowe will release new EP Faded Blue on June 1st.

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