Feel Good Pop from Monogold

Monogold have graced our pages many a time before, and now that there’s this light-hearted new tune floating out there, seems like the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with the group. This tune has this steady groove working through the middle of it, leaving plenty of room for the vocals to take on their airy quality as the bounce on the top of the mix. Perhaps most interesting to me is how the band seemed to casually insert energy into this song, which definitely is a highlight to Tuesday’s listening. The Brooklyn group will release their new record, Babyfood, will be released by Chill Mega Chill Records on September 29th.

Show Pics: The Church with Helio Sequence @ 3ten (9/19)

Nostalgia acts are difficult. Ticket prices are usually higher, merch is prominent, meet and greets are “a thing” and expectations can be low. I have had several great experiences lately with bands I loved years ago coming in and performing at an insanely high level including two recent shows at 3ten with The Fixx and Midge Ure.

The Church, more to the point Steve Kilbey and a slowly evolving support band, last came through Austin for SxSW. I was always overlapped and didn’t have the chance to catch them along the way. When I saw the announcement for The Church to headline a show at 3ten, my interest level was sufficient to go on radar. When I saw the announcement that The Helio Sequence would open, I was locked in as they are one of my favorite things.

It was a good show, but not without issues. That is what we call a teaser. Click through for notes and all the pics.

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ACL Interview: Deap Vally

We here at ATH are now counting down the weeks to yet another party time at Austin City Limits Festival. It’s crazy to think how long we’ve been doing this, and yet the excitement continues to remain the same each and every year. We’re doing our usual thing in lead up to the festival with interviews, previews, recommendations, and guides. Already we’ve shared an interview with White Reaper and Nicole told us about 5 things she’s most looking forward to over the weekend. Today I move us forward with a sweet interview from L.A. based rock duo Deap Vally. Hit the jump for full interview.

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New Single from FRAME

I love the way this new FRAME song just trickles its way along. First vocals, then drum beat, little bit of energy and then guitar lines…all carrying the song forward. Eventually, the space behind it all is filled with synth accents, more detailed drum work…all adding layers to the wonderful vocals of Caitlin Frame. It’s great when you can feel the movement of a song without some over-produced beat pounding the concept into your head. This is just more solid work, which should encourage you to keep an eye out for State of Mind, which will drop on October 27th via Concierge Records.

Stream the Incorporee EP from Mina Sang

Not too long ago I posted about my discovery of Mina Sang via surfing the Internet. Well, checking back in with her page, I found that she’s now posted the entirety of her Incorporee EP. It’s delicious as I expected, with new track “Picnic, being the winner in my eyes…I love that Casio keyboard vibe with the vocals making a strong display on top. The opener and that tune alone are worth your listening time, but I implore you to delve into the French pop masterpiece (particularly the latter half of “Enfance”), lurking in between. Give it a go below.

Get Serenaded By Scott Yoder

After many years fronting Seattle based band The Pharmacy, Scott Yoder stepped out on his own last year with surprising debut Looking Back in Blue. Well he’s back at it again this year with an album in the works entitled A Fool Aloof coming later this year on Burger Records (pre-order here). To preview the new material, Scott sent over his latest single “Ways of Love”. I love the throwback style of the song as Yoder croons to us over a psych themed background. I’ve already hit repeat on this one about 5 times today…

Greenway Records is releasing a 7″ vinyl version of the song available on September 28th. Pre-order that one too while your at it.

Check Out This New Single From No Kill

On a bleak and somewhat gloomy Monday, it’s important to find some music to keep you going through the day and week. Helping me boost spirits this morning is a track called “Eddie Vedder” from Brooklyn based group No Kill. The song reminds me a bit of an older ballad by Yeah Yeah Yeahs with guitars, drums and vocals the main emphasis. Be careful though, the song builds towards the end and erupts in a beautiful wall of noise. Carry on my friends.

Hear New Music from Honey Lung

I’m just really feeling this Honey Lung tune, so I had to share it with you all. It’s actually a pretty relaxed number, working predominantly around a semi-angular guitar chord that rings in your ears as the vocals calmingly dance their way on top. A few spots the band does employ the modern shoegaze touch to stretch the song’s vibe, but the settled moments return, definitely winning this listener over; seems perfect for letting your mind drift off into the day. They’re young London upstarts, but let’s hope they keep up this promise.

Enjoy New Music from Last Leaves

We’ve previously discussed how excited we are for Last Leaves debut full length; I’m hoping it fills the void the Locksmiths left when they called it a day on that project. Better news, especially for vinyl heads is that the band’s labels, Matinee/Lost and Lonesome are releasing a very limited 7″ with the below gem being the star. The front end of this song has a jangling shuffle to it, but as the track progresses, it takes on a melodic groove that rides to the end. This is going to be a super limited release, so just be forewarned that it’s going to go real quick!

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