Have A Nice Weekend

avatars-000108090749-xgydxe-t500x500I’ll be processing photos of the Merchandise show last night on the plane. I land late. That’s my Friday night, but after that, pizza party and catching up on my shows from the week. Jealous, right? What are your plans? Tell on the Bookface or the Tweets.

Richmond is pretty. They have this thing called “fall”. It is really neat. It is like this thing we call “winter”.

So google this “Don’t Tell Zebra”. Watch the funny video. More importantly, listen to the jam by Mansions On The Moon embedded below about what happened last night and make it your weekend anthem. #cantremembershit #party

Show Review: Ryan Adams @ ACL Live (10.23)


Thursday night was Ryan Adams’ second night at the Moody Theater; the previous evening he taped an ACL TV program, but this time it was purely all about the jams. A testament to this was the two-hour, and-then-some long set that Adams’ and his band gave to the very enthusiastic crowd. Comedian Dave Hall opened the night with his funny act. Read on to find out more about the evening.

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Garage Jam From Desert Stars

desert starsRejoice, it is Friday! While it may not be the weekend just quite yet, nothing is a better transition from the gritty work week to the bliss of freedom like some garage rock and roll. Desert Stars are a Brooklyn based band that puts out gritty shoegaze indie rock. This song “Hamster Wheel” below is one that will have you playing on repeat over and over again. It starts with this disjointed bit of extremely crunchy electric guitar and some faint drum machine beats and then the band just really launches into the track. The whole thing switches from flat to suddenly three dimensional and so present in the bands wall-of-sound style. I don’t know what you think about it, but I’m jamming through the day with this number.


A New Tune from Boomgates

boomgates2A few years ago there was this brief explosion of Aussie tunes that received a lot of love on our continent, especially from this site.  Bands like Twerps, Bitch Prefect, Bored Nothing, Pop Singles and more made waves, but I was particular to Boomgates.  I’ve kept an eye on the group for some time, so I’m glad to see that they’ll soon be releasing a new effort via Bedroom Suck Records.  There’s no exact word on when this new album will be released, but it popped up on a compilation that was recently released by the label.  It’s somewhere in between jangling twangling Aussie pop and just your down-home traditional indie pop.  It’s a special Friday delight.

The Little Cinema Album Is Out

tmackI’ve talked for years about how much I enjoy the work of Tyler Womack, who formerly won me over with his band Hollywood Gossip.  He’s been living in New York, though his new band, Little Cinema, did a lot of their recording here in Austin.  He just tossed up his new LP, Adventure, which features some touches from our friend Marcus of Shivery Shakes; it’s a record that I completely expected to enjoy, so I’m glad it lives up to that.  Tyler’s knack for melodies and wordplay have always been endearing, so it’s nice to see he didn’t leave those little touches behind.  You can grab the new LP HERE, but I’ve also included a new track with this post that’s on the album.

Smooth Dancing with Dutch Uncles

ducthovensI wanted to post this song.  As I’m sitting here working, recapping the day, my old lady says “Is that Hot Chip?”  That sort of sums up the work that the new Dutch Uncles have released this week, though I think there’s a smoother polish to the craftsmanship of their electro-pop.  It’s not filled with these hit-you-over-the-head beats, but these subtle little electro pulses.  The group announced they’ll be releasing a new album, O’Shudder, via Memphis Industries on February 24th. Enjoy your easy-listening.

Shivery Shakes Stream Album Right Here!!!

shiverOkay, so due to my promise from Monday’s song post, I had to wait a few days to post the stream of the brand new album from Shivery Shakes; it’s titled Three Waves and a Shake.  Why should you care? Have you read Nicole’s review? Also, the band’s been working hard in the Austin scene for some time, and the hard work pays off with their debut LP.  And, you know that I care because I’m putting out this LP with our friend Dan over at Punctum, so it means a great deal that you listen to it.  I’m putting up the Bandcamp stream, so you can donate to the band if you’re not into physical formats.  But, if you are, buy it from me HERE; it’s still a few weeks away from coming back from the press, but I’ll have it out to you as soon as it’s back to me.  Sit back, relax, enjoy our friends in the Shivery Shakes.


Lose Yourself To This Steve Gunn Track

steveIf your week is like mine, with no end in sight, this is the perfect track for your Thursday. There’s an ethereal quality in the guitar riff that’s pretty dreamy, maybe even dreamy enough to take your mind off whatever is weighing you down. Oh you’re really digging this? Well, its only the beginning– Steve Gunn released his album, Way Out Weather on Paradise of Bachelors earlier this week and you can get your hands on it here. Have a listen to “Tommy’s Congo” below and get lost!




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