Twin Peaks Share New Video

twin peaks

If you’re still stuck at work, or you’ve already taken off for Turkey Day, rejoice, for your favorite gang of lovable dudes, Twin Peaks, have a new video for you. Start your day off with this short video for the song “Mind Frame,” which features the band taking turns, riding on some sweet hogs. We’ve loved this band long time, and this little video reminds me of the same kind of chill vibes that we enjoyed from them at their FFF Fest set.  It’s a carefree laid back kind of video– perfect for the band and a perfect way to start your day. Enjoy.

Introducing Cats of Transnistria

kittiesYou know my adoration for our Finnish friends over at Soliti Music; that’s going to continue as they’ve just signed an incredibly interesting new act, Cats of Transnistria.  The group is essentially a duo, crafting this really ornate soundscape music, weaving vocals in and out, and creating this aesthetic that’s extremely hard to ignore.  This video the band created to accompany their single captures that approach, as it’s merely just a bit more than a gentle breeze that whispers through the flowers and the video’s protagonist; it fits in perfectly with the vocals.  Look for their EP in January.


Another Alex Calder Tune

alMan, this track would have been perfect this last weekend full of rain, but it’s still a great little tune.  Alex Calder‘s new tune has him slowly moving forward with some densely coated vocals, while the guitar beneath struggles to stay in tune.  It’s a dreamy track, which offers you a glimpse at the softer side of Calder’s writing, with the lyrical content taking less of a focus than the emotional appeal of the instrumentation.  His new LP, Strange Dreams, will be released on January 20th via Captured Tracks…starting off the year in what he hope is an excellent way.


Show Pics: Caribou @ The Mohawk (11/23)

CaribouYou ever notice how a bunch of tours either kick off or finish up in Austin? In the case of Caribou, they were finishing up a successful run out in support of the latest effort Our Love. The bummer about being the last stop, no vinyl at the merch table. The best part, whoa hooollly shit is the band tight. Let me get this out of the way, this was one of the best live performances of “electronic” music I have ever seen. Dan Snaith and his team of musicians have found a way to make those key elements, the live drum and overlayed organic pieces of the recorded material, present in the live show. Flutes to extra percussion to ringing guitar licks, the material comes to life that then absorbs the crowd into a hypnotic tunnel.

I feel so jealous of the people in Toronto that get that homecoming show.

Click through for a couple more notes including some words on opener Jessy Lanza , bonus coverage of aftershow locals Silk Rodeo and plenty of pics…

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Get Eclectic With Pepa Knight


Pepa Knight is a musician from Long Jetty, Australia, who set off on his solo career at the beginning of this year and has been enjoying a fair amount of buzz around this beginning. Later this week on November 28th, he’s dropping Hypnotized Volume 1, which contains not only this track below, but  five other tracks that will get you dancing to the far-out grooves that he’s crafted. The track below, “Clams,” is reminding me a lot of early Animal Collective mixed with some folksier elements.  You can pick up the EP either via cassette, vinyl, digital, or a combination of all three over at his website. Have a listen to the bubbling eclectic tune below and get excited to listen to the rest of the tracks soon.

New Music from Matthew Melton

140110-warm-sodaMatthew Melton of Bare Wires and Warm Soda fame, and currently of Austin, Tx, has made great power pop records, no matter what band he’s using.  But, he’s got a pile of recordings that couldn’t quite fit into those acts, so he’s releasing another solo record with Southpaw Records.  Our first listen to this work shows Melton displaying much of the same style he’s come to be known for, wrapping up his vocals in a guitar sound that walks the line between bedroom and garage rock.  This new effort is titled Outside of Paradise, and you can only grab it from the label or from Matthew himself.

Austin Spotlight: Quiet Company

quietOk, I know it’s been a while since local darlings, Quiet Company, released their last record, We Are All Where We Belong, but if you live in Austin and still don’t know these gentlemen and their indie-rock jams, now is the time to change that. The locals are back with a new album announcement and a new tune for you to taste. Their new album, titled Transgressor, is slated to come out on February 24th, on Modern Outsider and it’s supposedly guitar driven and the band’s most mature record yet. Have a listen to the track below, “Seven Hells,” and see what you think. It’s certainly a darker direction musically, with a deep bass line charging through and a lot of buzz effects on the guitar, but once they launch into the chorus, Muse’s endearingly spastic vocals takeover and you’re reminded of classic Quiet Company.

Stream the New LP from Native America

grownupsFriday’s are always good for folks to stream a good record, but there are other places to get your everyday fare of tunes.  I dug a little deeper to bring you the new LP from Native America, an act I’ve written about on these pages before.  They’ve got a little bit of garage rock, a hint of swagger and a nice dose of psychedelia, all adding up to some tunes worthy of your Friday listening pleasure.  Their new LP is titled Grown Up Wrong, and you can grab it from Inflated Records; enjoy your Friday folks.

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