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A couple of months ago, I told you about London’s Dan Carney and his folk pop project, Astronauts. I shared with you his Four Songs EP, but today I’ve got a single that was recently released, “In My Direction.” This track is from Astronauts’ debut album, Hollow Ponds, which is available now for your listening pleasure, and it combines a lot of quality elements of both of those aforementioned genres to win your heart. It’s got a subtle acoustic guitar riff at its core, layered soft vocals and builds through its course, adding in more detail and elements as it grows. Enjoy its understated goodness and pick up Hollow Ponds here.

Kick It Classically With The Rotaries

894569_521573567884887_1366027989_o A lot of people say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and sometimes that same philosophy holds up in the musical world. The Rotaries are a New York three piece outfit that focus on making classic indie rock tunes. When I say classic indie rock, I mean the kind that bands like accessible kind The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys have created over the years. You know, super prominent lead vocals, electric guitar riffs weaving in and out of the melody, usually a catchy chorus. Well, “Town Light” from the band below will surely remind you of those aforementioned bands and maybe peak your interest with its crisp precision and lo-fi spin. Look out for the bands upcoming EP, On The Outs coming to you in March.

Fun Times with Cafeine

CAF profileFriday’s are meant to be fun. Celebrate the weekend. Celebrate a brief respite from stress and all that. What’s the best way? Finding a track that’s invigorating and kick ass, then turning it up real loud while you get ready to hit the town or have friends over or whatever floats your fancy.  This new tune from Cafeine is going to be that tune for you today, so just get ready to add it to your playlist already.  His album New Love is coming out on February 17th, and it’s a genre-hopping collection of guaranteed good times.  If you’re into those.

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Download: Cafeine – Electric [MP3]

Vetiver Brings Warmth Back to Forefront

vetsIt’s been a little bit since we’ve heard from Vetiver, but they’ve always been a personal favorite of mine, so I’m happy to hear new music coming from the Cali band.  Andy Cabic, the man behind the music has completed the work on Complete Strangers, the group’s new album (or his new record, really).  This single is the sort of infectious folk-influenced pop songwriting that I find rather endearing; there’s a nice bobbing bass line working beneath, with slide guitar working in and out of the song itself.  All the while, Cabic excels with his genial vocal delivery; it’s every bit an afternoon in Cali. Easy Sound releases the LP on March 24th.

Show Preview: Reservations @ The Mohawk (Tonight)


Date01.23 (tonight)
LocationThe Mohawk (inside)
Tickets@ the door: 6$/8$ Under 21

So it’s cold and rainy… the perfect excuse for you to stay home tonight and watch a movie like a loser, right? WRONG. Tonight at The Mohawk inside, locals Reservations are going to bring their delicate folk tunes to your ears, and you don’t want to miss them. Jana Horn’s beautiful vocals accompanied by soft acoustic guitar and those swelling drums are sure to make for the perfect warming ambiance. Tickets are cheap and this full night of music includes Ama and a split EP release of Dwight Smith and Nathan Wilkins (Hikes).  If you weren’t already persuaded, listen to the track below and it will help you make up your mind.

Keep Your Eyes on Expert Alterations

expatThere’s no doubt in my mind that I’m a huge indiepop fan; it’s what I clamor for on a daily basis, and the one thing I miss in Austin (give or take a few bands).  So, I went to hit up a show at Cheer Ups last week to catch one of those acts, Rose Selavy.  They were great, and I expected they would be; they’re still a fairly new band in town, working through the early stages, but I have no doubt they’ll make waves soon.  But, immediately following them was Expert Alterations from Baltimore.  One word to describe their sound: classic.  There was jangle, bubbling bass, steady percussion and a little bit of reverb on the vocals.  Honestly, it made my night, so here I am a week later imploring you to keep an eye on the band. Here’s their most recent cassette that should give you reason to love them.

Sara Bethe Nelson Brings Back Slowcore

saraOne of my favorite little genres of the past was the quieted pop music that got dubbed slowcore. I realize a lot of music has been created of that ilk for some time, but I’ve recently taken a liking to Sara Bethe Nelson.  There’s that slow moving emotional pull to this track, with Nelson’s sultry swoon bringing in more melancholy (at least in tone).  She’s readying her debut album, Fast-Moving Clouds, which is going to really wow a lot of folks out there, so it’s necessary for you slow music fans to add her to your list.  Look for the LP on March 10th via Burger Records.

Smooth Song From Aphex Twin

10629809_10152385483439952_4360575686812864847_nIf you don’t own Selected Ambient Works 85-92, get thee to a nunnery.

I put an Aphex Twin song on my end of year playlist. The new EP lands tomorrow courtesy of Bleep, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2, but you can get a freebie today.

This song is “Diskhat” blah blah blah and can be downloaded. It is also a very accessible version of Aphex Twin. Pleasing.

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