Spiritual Ballad from Sea Lion

Sea Lion | TurnstileThis tune floated into the inbox, and I was immediately taken aback.  Something about the emotion in the simplest piano chords got to me, then the distinct vocals of Linn Osterberg, who claims Sea Lion as her project lightly shown through the song. While the song stays in once place, there’s this huge pull for the listener, bringing the listener deep into a trance within the track.  At the moment, she’s working on finishing her debut album, but this track felt really special to me, so I had to share it with you. Happy Friday to you.

Ravi Shavi Make Me Wanna Party

raviI hadn’t heard of Ravi Shavi, though their press release has them backing up some pretty rad bands, so I gave them a listen and fell for it.  There’s your typical garage rock tropes, from the guitar to the production, but there’s some little things that elevate this song into a party classic.  I think it’s the slight little vocal inflections that pop up, giving a hip swagger to the sound on this tune; there’s just an element of joyousness that’s hard to escape when pressing play.  The group is set to release their self-titled album on June 2nd via Almost Ready Records. So hope you’re ready.

New Music from Gambles

Gambles-Far-From-Your-Arms-EP-COVER-highresThe last time we heard from Gambles he has released his album, Trust, which we fawned over.  Checking in on him the other day, I found that he has quietly been building new songs for us all, though they’re different in sound, showing his growth as a songwriter. His first effort had him working with the power of his voice over a strummed guitar, for the most part.  Now, he seems to have been experimenting, adding extra layers, percussion, etc; it’s an interesting progression, yet just as striking as his earlier work.  Both tunes are said to come out on a new record, which we’ll keep you posted on.

White Hot Dream Pop From Pleasure Beach

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.06.13 PM

So little is known about Pleasure Beach that I couldn’t even find a Facebook Page for the group, but I can tell you that they hail from Belfast and they’ve got a sound that’s incorporates mad jangly guitars and fuzzy synths. The track, “Go,” is seemingly the only thing that this group’s put out thus far, but it’s got quite the groove to it, enough so that makes it worthy of your ears. Taking dream pop to a whole new level, the band adds surf elements into the mix and then throws in some gang vocals in addition to the yelping main vocals and winning you over with the sleek pacing of the song. Take a listen and look out for more on Pleasure Beach.

ATX Spotlight: Spoon + Sweet Spirit

Sweet SpiritIf you’ve been following the Austin scene over the last year, you’ve probably heard all the assholes blogging about how we expected Sweet Spirit to be the next band to break out in a big way.  It doesn’t hurt that the band has Spoon and their frontman Britt Daniel backing them up along the way, so much so that he’s even collaborated with them on a tour 7″.  The A-side was released this week, and the band is finishing up their debut album, which is set to be released this summer via Nine Mile Records. Sweet Spirit will hit the road this summer, with a few shows including their friends Spoon.  This is our “I told you so” moment, I reckon.

I’m Going To Dan Deacon @ The Mohawk (Tonight)

Image by Frank HamiltonIt is Thursday. Didn’t much feel like seeing Matt & Kim again, but kinda wanted to get out to a show and I took a look around. I have been on the fence about Dan Deacon for a while, but the latest effort puts more emphasis and fun instead of challenge. OK, you have me interested. Add a little Prince Rama action #trustfall. Add some bonus wordbeats courtesy Ben O’Brien. Add it is at The Mohawk. Add that it is almost the weekend. $16 at the door, allegedly. It is like they are paying you to have fun. What a bargain…

Let’s party.

Torres Keeps Spitting Out Solid Tracks

torresI’ve already posted about Torres a few times, but she keeps putting out more great tracks from her upcoming album, so I’m going to keep sharing them with you until Sprinter comes out May 5th. This song, “Cowboy Guilt” has the signature growling vocals of Mackenzie Scott, but it also gives out some St. Vincent vibes in the distorted guitars that wind their way through the track. Though methodical in that it doesn’t really build too far from the beginning of the track to the end, but the lyrics add an extra element to the tune to hold you there. Give it a listen and get even more ready for Sprinter.

Orchestral Folk From Inti Rowland

intiWhat’s that you say? You want free music and you want it now? Well, you’re in luck because I have just what you need in the form of Inti Rowland, an artist from the U.K. who just put out a debut album of carefully crafted dreamy folk music that will wrap you up in beautiful melodies and then serenade you with strings. I’m head over heels for this song below, but the rest of 17th Century Japanese Aviary is pretty glorious as well and if you head over to the Bandcamp page, you can check it out for free, and then show your love by purchasing said album. Take a listen to “The Pendulum Swings For The Joy Of It,” which is a short little song that pretty much does everything right: there are swells of strings amidst gentle acoustic guitar and even a brief burst of horn near the end. Let Inti Rowland grace you with this song and then go check out the rest of the album. You won’t regret it.

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