Show Preview: Tiger Waves (Purity Ring After Show) @ Mohawk (1.22)

Look, I know all of Austin is excited for the SOLD OUT Purity Ring set at Mohawk, as I hear the band is a big deal.  But, that being said, if you’re not sticking around afterwards or not headed into the venue when the show is over, you’re going to miss out on two of Austin’s most promising acts.  We’ve been behind Black Books and Tiger Waves from the start, and the more each group progresses, the more we continue to be amazed by their performances.  Plus, Tiger Waves head out on tour the next day to represent Austin, so we’ve gotta send our boys off on the right foot!  I promise those of you with an appreciation for interesting pop music, you won’t want to skip out.  Here’s a song by Tiger Waves and Black Books, respectively, just to entice you a bit more.

[audio:] [audio:]

Synth Driven Track from Luxury Liners

I’ve written about the songwriting prowess of Carter Tanton before, and he’s back again, this time under the moniker of Luxury Liners.  He set off to record his latest record as a selection of John Cale covers, but like all great things, it evolved into something all his own.  The track below is using Cale’s lyrics, but the song itself takes on a life of it’s own, moving through three distinctly different phases.  First you get a slowly evolving stark electronic sound, then it moves into a more danceable groove, finally ending in an explosion of experimentation.  The new record, They’re Flowers, will be released to the masses via Western Vinyl on April 2nd, and it looks to be an openly creative piece of work.


Download:Luxury Liners – Caribbean Sunset [MP3]

Show Pics: The English Beat @ The Mohawk (1/18)

Being the old guy around here has its advantages. And when I say I remember the classics, it means bands before Vampire Weekend.

One such band that everyone knows because of movie soundtracks (Grosse Point Blank, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, SLC Punk!, Weird Science) and numerous spin-offs and side projects (because of band disagreements), is The English Beat. The American touring version is Dave Wakeling’s band of solid musicians; Dave shares The English Beat name with Rankin Roger who tends to stay across the pond.

Locals The Inverters got to open. A few words and plenty of pics follow.

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Letting Up Offered Another Track For D/L

More week end round up posting, good vibes to download through the Cloud from the recent transplants.

Letting Up put on a lovely little set during Free Week. Wife and I chatted with the band after, talking influences, Austin, pressed sandwiches, etc. Velocity Girl <- how's that one for a fave band mention? Anyway, Pauline has a jacket now. [soundcloud url="" params="show_artwork=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Cover Tune from Pickwick (ft. Sharon Van Etten)

I’m a fan of collaboration, especially when it’s executed properly.  It doesn’t take much to get me excited about Sharon Van Etten either, so when I found that Seattle’s Pickwick was joining up with the lady love, I had to post the tune for you.  “Lady Luck” is a Richard Swift cover, which uses the strength of Van Etten to push the song into a soulful flow of soft rock.  This is just one of three covers the band recently released on a Covers EP, which also has tunes from Damien Jurado and The Primitives.  They’ll also be releasing their own full length in March, which is highly anticipated at the ATH offices.


Download: Pickwick (ft. Sharon Van Etten) – Lady Luck [MP3]

Another Gentle Song from Leapling

We’ve been hot on the heels of Leapling since they were first picked up by the good folks over at Father Daughter Records, and this new single continues their great first impression.  There’s a quieted build-up with an underlying pulse, just before the whispering vocals come in to play.  There’s some electronic tinkering that goes along intermittently, providing a feeling not far off from Pinback or a Fugiya & Miyagi, but the special moment arrives near the end when the song bursts into this blissed out harmony.  You can grab this track and a few others from the band’s Losing Face EP, which is available now!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Youth Lagoon Dropla’s A Smooth Jam

Catch up post for a new track called “Dropla” from Youth Lagoon, a track fit for a Friday leading you into a smooth jam.

Trevor and the boys landed a sweet spot opening for The National at The Barclay’s Center in June. Whoa. Brooklyn friends, be advised. Nathan was a little let down by their live sets during SxSW last year, but I can see that the potential for a compelling live set was there. They better bring it in the house that Jay-Z (and a Russian billionaire) built.

The new album called Wondrous Bughouse lands 3/5 on Chubby Creepy Nocturnal Marsupial.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The Eastern Sea @ The Parish (1.19)

Date Saturday, January 19th
Location The Parish
Doors 8:00 PM
Tickets $12 from The Parish

After an excellent 2012, The Eastern Sea is taking aim at the New Year, bringing their sounds to The Parish–they’ll benefit from such an excellent sound board.  Their release of Plague last year made a lot of year end lists, including our own, so you can expect an incredible set from the group Saturday night.  They’ll be joined by The Kopecky Family Band and Emily Wolfe on the evening, rounding out a solid bill for a jam-packed weekend of music.  If you like you’re tunes well-crafted, then this is the place to be this weekend.


Download:The Eastern Sea – A Lie [MP3]

New Music from The Little Ones

We’re only a few weeks into 2013 and the music is already hitting us hard; there’s only so much one small site can cover!  But, with that in mind, we’re only a month away from the new release from The Little Ones.  The Dawn Sang Along will be in stores on February 12th via Branches Recording Collective, and the group is aiming directly at the heart of pop-lovers.  On this new single you’ll hear bright harmonies in the vocals, tinkering musical instruments, and a general sense of pleasure for the listener.  This is pop music for everyone to enjoy; this is The Little Ones.


Download:The Little Ones – Forro [MP3]

More New Music from Lost Animal

The more I involve myself with Lost Animal, the project of Jarrod Quarrell, the more I begin to think that it’s a more elegant approach to the stylings of Kurt Vile or War on Drugs.  Rather than use the rock n’ roll method of guitar and atmospherics, Quarrell chooses to rely upon the synthesizer or keyboard for his songwriting.  It helps to differentiate his sound a bit from his aformentioned peers, even though the vocals still maintain a similar sonic passion.  If you like what you hear from this compelling songwriter, then be sure to check out the release of Ex Tropical, which comes out January 29th via Hardly Art Records.


Download: Lost Animal – Lose the Baby [MP3]

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