Brand New Power Pop from Gentleman Jesse

For the last couple of years I’ve loved the purveyor of pure power-pop, Gentleman Jesse and his group of merry men from Atlanta.  He’s been working hard at his new record, Leaving Atlanta, which comes out on March 13th via Douchemaster Records.  One of the best things about the group, and this track below, is that the band just gives you straight up rock n’ roll.  There’s no frills, there’s no gags, it’s just an honest-to-god rock song. Still, that’s not always good enough for a lot of people, but those people are wrong, as this song’s got me pumping my fists in the air, tapping my feet on the ground, and ready for the rest of the release. Well played gentlemen.


Download:Gentleman Jesse – Eat Me Alive [MP3]

Brazen Pop Ditty from Tacocat

Yes, the music is as playful as the band name, and that’s not a bad thing at all.  The Seattle quartet, Tacocat, has recently signed on with Hardly Art Records to release the Take Me To Your Dealer EP, which will actually be squeezed into the 7″ format; it will be available to the masses on March 13th, so be ready to pick your limited edition copy up at your local record store.  It’s no surprise that the band has shared the stage with the likes of Best Coast and Vivian Girls, since their sound definitely falls into that category, although you’ll find that this group’s approach is one that’s a bit more polished–void of the extensive atmospheric reverb and distortion.  You’ll like it, promise.


Download:Tacocat – Spring Break-Up [MP3]

Amazing New Track from So Many Wizards

We first discussed So Many Wizards back in 2011, when the project was just getting started, but I’m happy to report the band has grown and blossomed into something spectacular.  The LA acts is slated to have an album, Warm Nothing, arrive later this year, and if it’s filled with tracks like this, then it’s going to take over the whole Internet.  For me, there’s a resemblance of what you would expect the Shins to sound like if James Mercer still kicked it old school, draping careful melodies across light instrumentation.  Come on, you can’t tell me this track doesn’t make you happy.


Download: So Many Wizards – Lose Your Mind [MP3]

Exciting New Jam from La Sera

Sure, I’m a day late on this little jam, but I just couldn’t help myself. It’s hard enough to dislike La Sera and Katy Goodman for her striking beauty, but when she’s rocking such incredible jams as this one, the world is her oyster.  Her newest album, Sees the Light, comes out on March 24th on the most excellent Hardly Art, and it’s shaping up to be quite a delight for all parties involved.  This jam is brief, poppy, and Goodman sounds as confident as ever–as she should be with tracks like this at her disposal. If you haven’t heard this yet, get to it!


Download:La Sera – Break My Heart [MP3]

More New Music from Cats on Fire!

Cats on Fire have to be my favorite Finnish group, though there have been some great ones of late.  Their first record Our Temperance Movement played on my record player for a solid year, and this new effort All Blackshirts to Me will is shaping up to be one of my favorites in 2012. It’s slated to be released by our friends at Soliti Music and Matinee Recordings, with the overseas release date stated as March 28th. On this new jam, it starts off with just a bit of trickling pop vocals, then it reaches this pinnacle, which honestly has me spinning around my room in absolute glee. Definitely can’t get enough from these guys, can you?


Download:Cats on Fire – A Few Empty Waves [MP3]

Brand New Jam from FIDLAR

I first wrote about LA’s FIDLAR back in May of last year, so I was really excited to find a new track in ye olde inbox today.  Apparently, the band’s got another 7″ planned for March 13th, and we’ve got the one of the tracks for your listening pleasure.  This jam definitely finds them treading the same water as their bretheren in bands liks Jeff the Brotherhood, but you can definitely here a bit of the Cali touch in the way the vocals come across.  If you need a track to blast on a nice sunny day, then you better get this song and turn it up loud, as that’s the only way to rock!


Download: FIDLAR – No Waves [MP3]

Coutnry-Fied Jam from Juston Stens

Juston Stens used to spend his time playing drums for Dr. Dog, but he’s since parted ways with the band.  As all musicians tend to do, he’s found his voice, and is going to release his own solo album, titled Trash or Treasure on Mach 6th.  I like his approach here, at least on the single we just got, as it’s not necessarily that barroom off-kilter folk jangle of his ex-project–that’s grown a bit old, sadly.  This tune’s got a more true country vibe, though not free of that pop element by any means.  It’ll be interesting to see how it all unfolds as Juston walks that new road.


Download: Juston Stens – Edge of the Moon [MP3]

New Music from the Wave Pictures

One of the acts I’ve really grown to love as of late is The Wave Pictures, who released the excellent Beer in the Breakers LP last year. Already the group has another album ready to turn around and release, again coming your way via the folks over at Moshi Moshi.  Said album, Little Black Cars, will be hitting the streets on April 2nd, but for now, they’ve also just released the single for Eskimo Kiss, which is a pretty sweet jam in itself.  There’s a little bit more of a punk swagger to the jagged high-stepping of this song–all good things in our book. Give this song a little try, and keep an eye out as the band makes its way stateside in the Spring.


Ethereal New Song from Tiger Waves

It’s been almost a whole month since I’ve been able to post about Tiger Waves, so I’ll happily spend today giving them some more praise.  Soon, their new album, Don’t Be Yourself will be hitting the streets, and it’s shaping up to be a diverse piece of incredible pop.  Early views have the band with a little more step, but then this track simply floors you.  There’s a careful bit of restraint in the song’s tempo, and it casually unfolds along the lines of this mellow, but sublime melody.  Whether it’s just me or not, these dudes are simply doing great things right now. You can get a six song sampler of the album free by going HERE, and the album should be out before SXSW.


Download: Tiger Waves – Underground [MP3]

Fun Number from Lovely Bad Things

The press release for Lovely Bad Things starts out with “if the Pixies and Black Lips got drunk at a party…”  For me, the first thing I thought was “Man, wish I was cool enough to be there.”  Then, I figured the next best thing would be to hear the combination of those two acts, and thus we have LBT.  They’ve got a an EP, New Ghost/Old Waves, that was released on cassette, but should be back on vinyl on March 13th of this year. I see a bit more sunshine in their brand of pop then perhaps the press release mentions, but that’s definitely an added bonus; pretty sure most people will enjoy this simple little jam.


Download: Lovely Bad Things – I Just Want You to Go Away

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