ATH Radio For Your Ears!

For your listening pleasure, ATH presents our brand spanking new media player: ATH Radio.  Now if you want to hear all the rad tracks on the site all you have to do is cruise down the sidebar and hit PLAY.  You can even pop-out the media player and take the music to go.

Q: How long are tracks on the player?
A: Tracks drop off the playlist after 30 days.

Q: Can I get this for my site?
A: Soon we can all be Stereogum!  We’re working on packaging the player into a free plugin for WordPress.

Q: Why isn’t Chris Cornell on the playlist?
A: No comment.

Enjoy!  We had fun making it. 

New Led Zeppelin Album in the works?

On the heels of re-releasing a bunch of old records and reuniting for a one-off show last December, it sounds like the Zep might be heading back into the studio for a 10th album. Apparantley Page, Jones and John Bonham’s son Jason have been working on new material (sans Robert Plant). Could there really be a new record on the horizon, or are these just glorified jam sessions? You decide

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