ATH Presents: Dutchess & The Duke

ATHpresents_d&dHooray!  We are now happy to anounce a killer show we will be helping out with at Mohawk in December.  One of our favorite bands of last year (#1 to be exact) Dutchess & The Duke are returning to Austin on December 12th and we couldn’t be more excited.  They will be joined on the stage by two other buzz bands: Oakland’s own Greg Ashley and Denton, TX boys Fergus & GeronimoThe last time D&D were in Austin they played as an acoustic duo, but word has it that they are now touring with a full band to bring the rock!  Tickets will only run ya $8 so we really don’t know why you wouldn’t be there…  Plus it’s a Saturday night!  Check out some previews of this show with an album review of D&D’s debut album of 2008, one for their more recent LP Sunset/Sunrise, or an interview we ran the last time they made it to town.  Stay tuned for more details and a possible contest for tickets to the show.  In the meantime, check out one of our favorite songs from last year “Reservoir Park” and what will surely be in our top songs for this year “The River”.


Download: Dutchess & The Duke – Reservoir Park [MP3]


Download: The Dutchess and the Duke – The River [MP3]

Free Dirtnap Records Sampler

1253911409-internI’m forever indebted to Dirtnap Records, as I hold them responsible for bringing me the sweet rocking tunes of The Exploding Hearts.  Sure, it’s just one album from those guys, but it’s one hell of an album.  For those of you into that sort of music, you can grab the free sample from the label HERE.


Download: The Exploding Hearts – Youre Black and Blue [MP3]

Contest: Combo Plate Guest List Spots

hamburgernet_rgb_colon_plate_finalSo you didn’t win the Fun Fest contest huh?  I’m sorry man… but thanks for playing!  Can we make it better with another contest for spots on our guest list for the Combo Meal show on Friday?  I surely hope so.  Details are again very simple: Hit us up in the comments section or on Twitter and tell us anything you want.  Seriously… anything you want to say.  Just make sure to mention the contest if you enter via twitter.  Two, count em two, winners will receive a spot on the guest list with a +1.  Winners will be contacted Thursday.  Hey if you don’t win, the thing only costs $5 with an RSVP on do512.  Oh and PLEASE be sure to leave a valid email address people!!!  Some really solid entries in our Fun Fest contest were disqualified because the emails bounced back.

Fun Fest Contest Winners

So it took us some time to wade through all the entries, but we finally picked our top 3 supergroup bands for our Fun Fest Contest.  You guys were great coming up with some creative ideas and we appreciate everyone that took the time to enter the conest.  We’re also going to give you the top 3 bands so you can get an idea of what it took to win this contest.  We also still haven’t heard from 2 of our winners so stay tuned if you entered and you could possibly still pull it out!  Follow the jump for our 3 winning entries.

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Combo Meal Fun Fest Pre-Party


Fun Fun Fun Fest is fast approaching and we wanted to go ahead and give you some details about a pre-party we have planned with some other fine local folks.  Our Combo Meal event will be going down on Nov. 6th at Scoot Inn and features 2 stagse of incredible bands and DJs.  The outside DJ stage features headliners Hood Internet, local legend Neiliyo, and Prepmode.  The inside stage features Stillwater boys Colourmusic along with Zlam Dunk, StABBA (metal aBBa cover band) and up and coming locals Ideal Soul Mart.  If that wasn’t enough, the great Annie Ray will be on hand to take some fancy photos and Under Pressure will be on site making custom screen t-shirts.  Price for the show is $5 if you RSVP ahead of time at do512 and $8 if you don’t. 

Along with ourselves, this tasty event is sponsored by Cherry Peel, Knuckle Rumbler, Champion Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, do512, Ultra8201, and Sailor Legs.  This will be the only place you’ll want to be to celebrate your night before Fun Fest.  We’ll drop some reminders your way as the event date gets closer.


Download: Colourmusic – Put in a Little Gas [MP3]


Download: The Hood Internet – Single Foxes (Put A Wood On It) [MP3]

Donations For Jon Pettis & Family

TheVersatileSyndicate_062-1It was a sad day in the Austin music scene on Friday and this weekend as news spread about the death of Bankrupt and the Borrowers multi-instrumentalist  Jon Pettis.  Jon and his band were well known for their rowdy live shows and their drive to make a name for themselves in and out of Austin.  If you ever experienced a Bankrupt and the Borrowers live show, you know that Jon always put himself into every set.  As a friend of ATH and a prominent member of the Austin music scene, we would like to offer our condolences to Jon, his family and friends, and his fellow members of Bankrupt and the Borrowers.  You will be deeply missed by all.  If you would like to help out Jon’s family and his fiancee, The Versatile Syndicate has set up a donation page to help out in their time of grieving.  Whether is be $1 or $100, I’m sure anything will help.  Plans are currently being made for a benefit show and we’ll let you know the details when we know them.  R.I.P. Jon Pettis.  Donation Page.  News of Jon’s death came out Friday via the Austinist.

Headed To ACL

Hey guys, we’re just getting out of the shower, and we’re putting on our game faces.  We will most definitely be back to you on Monday with updates and highlights.  We hope that your ACL weekend is everything you’ve imagined.  Be safe, have fun and enjoy the festivities.  See you Monday!

Republic Of Austin/ACL Picks

A fairly new blog to town, Republic of Austin, just wrote up a little blurb about myself and the ATH website.  He also included my picks for this year’s ACL Festival.  This is all part of the site’s plan to run features about local bloggers/musical people and their favorite things about ACL.  Check it out.  Now the internet knows what I look like.. aaaahhhh!  Oh and many thanks for the kind words friend.

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