Hear Kay Odyssey’s Slack Capital 2 Contribution

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the coolest bands in Austin. All proceeds go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To make sure every one of these bands gets the attention they deserve, we’re unveiling one song per day.

Song of the day: Kay Odyssey – “Slipstream”

For a band with “odyssey” in their name, it’s fitting that “Slipstream” feels like a journey. The guitar-heavy track is psychedelic and mysterious, with swirling sounds that evoke a heavy trip, across a desert or in one’s own head. Band leader Kristina Boswell sings in a Roy Orbison-meets-Corin Tucker wail, gliding upward as the song reaches epic guitar god heights. That’s where they shine the most, when, as cymbals crash ecstatically, the dense and fearful atmosphere succumbs to the will of one who has found their voice.

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Luke Reed Reissues Won’t Be There

While Luke Reed may not be a household name as of yet, you’ve likely devoured the music he’s helped craft in his other projects, Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses…I know I have. He released Won’t Be There last summer, and now the album’s getting a larger reissue via The Native Sound. It almost sounds like the track will take a folkish turn in the tones during the opening seconds, but Reed soon moves into heavenly pop territory. It reminds me of the quieter side of indiepop, the kind of pop best suited to soothing introverts…or other reflective types. Don’t sleep on this one, please; it hits this Friday.

SxSW 2017: ATH vs SOTO Party Pics

Who is ready to relive the greatest day of music ever assembled by John Laird and Nathan Lankford? Ever.

The jams were copious as were the tender moments. The showcase highlighted the talent in Austin with bands watching bands that shuffled up to be other bands. We had international celebrities in attendance, as well as every familiar face possible. I took photos, some with an Instax. We ate sausage wraps and drank beaverages. It was perfect air for a whisky.

Click through and be impressed.

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Premiere: Frontier Folk Nebraska

The boys in Cincinnati band Frontier Folk Nebraska have long been on our radar over the years with their unique take on the Americana genre. As fans of the band, we are always pumped to be asked to premiere new tunes never yet heard elsewhere. Well today I have been given the great pleasure of premiering this hella catchy new song called “Destructive Man” here on ATH. The song brings to mind Chuck Ragan if he wrote sweeping, driving, and chant worthy songs like The Boss. True Delight.

Frontier Folk Nebraska will release new album War Pigthis Friday, March 24th on Old Flame Records.

Hot New Hoops Tune

I was really impressed with Hoops during this year’s SXSW; they were way tighter as a unit than I expected them to be. This song continues the band’s push of lightly jangling pop hits, though the video accompanying the track also represents the band’s sense of humor. Personally, it’s great to hear a band with such promise that’s still able to have a little bit of fun…especially when they’re facing such high expectations. But, you can relax…these guys are going to pull it off; you’ll be able to see precisely why when you pick up Routines on May 5th via Fat Possum.

She-Devils Announce S/T LP

One of the handful of regrets I had from SXSW this year was not catching She-Devils during the festival…that’s especially true after hearing this new single. It’s a soulful pop twist on the revival of doo-wop nods that accompanied the garage rock burst. There’s this inherent playfulness in Audrey Boucher’s vocals, which seems to come naturally with her delivery. You’ll also hear a bit of psychedelia, though it’s spun in a manner that almost reflects a study in French electro-pop. The band announce today that they’ll release their self-titled LP on May 19th via Secretly Canadian.

Another Tune from You’ll Never Get to Heaven

This Friday You’ll Never Get to Heaven will release their latest album, Images, but they’re releasing one final secret to guarantee they’re on your radar. While the band is known for crafting ambient soundscapes, this song more closely resembles ethereal dream pop. Static drips from the electronically produced music, almost dripping with sterility, if it weren’t for the light wash of keyboards jumping in from time to time. Across it all is a drifting vocal, carefully moving through your speakers and into the world. Those looking to indulge in soothing nighttime pop will surely want to grab the LP when it hits stores on Friday via Yellow K Records.

Hear Oozer’s Track from Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the coolest young bands in Austin. All proceeds go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To make sure every one of these bands gets the attention they deserve, we’re unveiling one song per day.

Song of the day: Oozer – “Clickity Clacker”

Oozer is possibly the best-named band in town. Their songs are sludgy, gross things, full of weird noises and punctuated by super-dry snare hits that feel like kicks to the gut. In other words, they are a visceral band, and they evoke the often shitty experience of having a body. What makes them special is their penchant for melody and songwriting, for sneaking real heavy emotion into places you least expect. They’re a band for misfits, by misfits, which means they’re smart. When James Roo screeches “See you/ When I see you” over and over, it kinda makes you laugh, but it also kinda makes you think.

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Saint Etienne Triumphantly Return

It’s been almost five years since we heard from Saint Etienne, but it’s clearly worth the wait, as they’ve announced Home Counties today. Sarah enters the scene with a breathy vocal, almost delivered as spoken word before the 40 second mark where synthesized beats add emphasis to her pronunciation. I love the ghostly ambiance hiding behind the whole mix, as the song’s character Heather seems to take on her own role of a ghost fluttering about in SouthernEngland (as nodded to in the art work). It’s always great when the best come out with new tunes, so count me as an excited fanboy; the release will hit on June 2nd via Heavenly Recordings.

Subtle Pop from Little Person

Clearly I’m a fan of pop tunes, and Little Person just dropped this little frolicking ditty that you just have to hear. Crooning vocals hang in the air, moving effortlessly in contrast to the guitar work behind them. Just as you think the song’s going to settle into a quick close, the pace is picked up and electric guitars wrap back around your ears, drawing you into the track’s subtlety. There’s lots of little touchstones here too that should fall right in line with folks into the best of indie rock. Their new EP, I Feel Fine, will be out on April 3rd.

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