Stream The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Debut LP

Just a week or two ago, The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness teased their debut LP with “Close the Doors;” I wrote about the churning pop magnificence. Now, Dead Calm isn’t officially out until March 1st, but Pretty Olivia Records is already streaming the record in its entirety. If you missed the crystalline guitars of the Lucksmiths, with the occasional power-pop pep, then this is where you belong today. I’ve been playing “Southern Words” on repeat for some time today, and also happy to see that “Nervous Man” found a home on the LP. Dammit, I’m going to go down into the worm hole that is this entire album; join me, won’t you!

The Lovely Sparrows Share Shake the Shadow Video

One of my favorite albums from 2018 was the latest release from The Lovely Sparrows; I think it came too late in the year to catch everyone’s attention, but with this new video, perhaps we can encourage you to give it a look-see. The video alone is pretty special, relying upon still images in the stop-motion format. But, please keep your ears perked to the majesty of this track; I love the light stick work in place of louder percussive elements; the way the guitar chords jump out when needed gets me every time. Oh, and those harmonies make me swoon! Grab the Shake the Shadows LP HERE. Oh…and the band will also be playing a very special SXSW show, put on by us and Side One Track One…check out the lineup HERE.

Citrus City Records Readies Reissues

It’s not too often that we really dwell in the realm of reissues; they always seem a cash grab for labels and what not. But, our friend over at Citrus City has a few forthcoming reissues that beg your attention.

First up is Shindigs Like So/Summa! Goddess! double cassette. It’s this wonderfully dreamy bit of indiepop, which makes perfect sense as Beejay Budan has both the influence of his home in the Philippines and San Diego…so you get a little sharp pop with sunny Cali warmth. This tune below will definitely be playing on all the boomboxes this summer.

The other reissue is for Boyscott, who self-released their Goose Bumps LP back in 2015. But, the great thing about brilliant pop music is that it never gets old; this album feels really relevant musically, so jam the whole thing here below.

Brand New Murray Lightburn

I wonder if people are overlooking Murray Lightburn because he led the Dears…one of the many great Canadian acts everyone adored in the 00s. If that’s the case, then they’re surely missing out on something truly special, as Murray’s composition here illustrates what a great craftsman can accomplish. His guitar playing is almost hushed, letting it sort of ride on the back of his vocals; it allows him to really pull at every emotion within you as his voice billows through your speakers. This is a timeless classic, and it’s only just dropped; excuse me while I go press play one more time (or ten, probably). Look for Hear Me Out via Dangerbird this Friday. Also, because it seems like everyone is…Murray will be in town with his brilliant voice for SXSW.


Benedict Benjamin Shares Aint Easy

Benedict Benjamin, formerly of Peggy Sue, has a new album coming out in May of this year, and he’s letting us all have a nice little peak at what’s to come our way this Spring. It starts with this rolling stomp from the percussion, allowing the track to sort of gallop its way towards the listener. For his part, Benedict carries the high pitched tones with such warmth that it feels as if you’ve been covered in a heavy blanket. Plus, slight little elements uplift the track, moving it into this more progressive brand of indie rock; you’ll have to give it a close ear. Look for Truant to pop up in a few months.

Vital Idles Announce New EP

Last summer, Vital Idles quietly released Left Hand; I’m not sure it got the appreciation it deserved in my neck of the woods. But, perhaps the sharpness of their new EP will put folks in the US on notice that they’re an outfit to keep an eye upon in the future, if not today. The bass line bounces the listener into the song as muted guitar riffs await the full barrage of the rest of the group; here, the band walk that fine line between minimalist pop and post-punk. I love how the lyrics are stretched over several chords in their delivery, though they do grow more frantic; that all culminates in a closing moment of discord for the last 45 seconds, with the band acting out just a wee bit more. They release their new EP on March 8th via Upset the Rhythm.

FEELS Share Post Earth

I don’t know what it is as of late, but I’ve been really into these lengthier, expansive pop songs. Last week, and for the last few months, I was jamming Bones Garage, but today I’m turning my attention towards FEELS. Vocals aren’t even a thought in their latest single until the 45 second mark, then they enter, ever so playfully. There’s something about the tones and the backing vocals that create this vibrant note; that’s perfect, as the music, at times is heavier, almost abrasive in lieu of the vocal performance; I’m a fan of musical juxtaposition. The song plods and turns, bobs and weaves, yet never losing the listener, which bodes well for their full length. Post Earth will be released this Friday via Wichita Recordings.


Quivers Share You’re Not Always on My Mind Video

You think we’d sleep on another up-and-coming Melbourne act? Think not, especially when it comes to churning guitar pop like Quivers present to us here. There’s a classic alternative sound to this track, something that’s faintly reminiscent of early U2 or REM, though they’ve reworked the style to fit right into today’s musical landscape. I love the sharp guitar stabs that shine through your speakers, and you don’t have to get me started on the vocal harmonies that float throughout the entirety of the single. They fill this track with so much delicate musicianship that I keep going back and hearing little chords or melodies that I hadn’t heard the first time, so please, give this at least 12 listens. Oh, and did I mention they’ll be at SXSW?

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