The Suncharms Get Video Treatment

If you’re not part of Slumberland Subscritption Series, you’re in luck, as the label ran a few extra copies of the new 7″ from The Suncharms (and Rat Columns too). Today I want you to give about 5 minutes of your time to the video version of that B-side, which, personally, is probably my favorite of the two tunes. The video is shot in black and white, and mostly comes across as a performance video. But, you ask why I love it? For starters, I adore the scuzzy guitar vibe, heavy yet brimming with these pop melodies through the crackling of my speakers. Take that sound and the video imagery, and things look glum, until you give into the seductive powers of Marcus Palmer’s voice; though deep, it carries this natural kindness. Get a copy over HERE.

New Music from Twain

Twain had one hell of a year thus far, and it looks like he aims to take the same approach to world domination in 2019. Today he announces a double-EP for Keeled Scales, schedule to drop in January. I love the way he just casually strolls into this song, carefully picked notes, twinkling piano and a stomping tambourine of sorts. For a minute you’re enraptured, spinning in the melody, until the piano comes in a bit more emphatically, adding just the slightest bit of a gallop to the tune. There’s even some sort of lo-fi vocal yelps jumping in and out in the song’s second half. Pretty sure at this point, he can’t write a bad tune. We’ll know more when the new release drops in January.

Sprightly Pop from Bones Garage

We often get carried away in the hype of the music biz, but one thing that Bones Garage reminds me is that there’s always been a voice inside of us all, waiting to break free. Interestingly, this Tel Aviv outfit is doing so by offering up dreamy pop from one of the darker region’s of the world. The jangling guitar seems to maneuver in and out of the mix, allowing for various points of focus; I’m partial to the energetic spruce that hits just after 2:30. Ariel Pedatzur owns the song with her distinctive vocal performance too, dragging out syllables where needed, though always with a charmed touch of the angelic. The group will be releasing Oi Ma Yeah later this year, so feel free to fall in love now.

More Synthy Indiepop from Coastal

Fanou, formerly of Skittle Alley, gave us Voyage Intererieur earlier this year, and already he’s back with a whole new batch of synth-driven indiepop songs under the name Coastal. I love how his electronic aspects don’t overshadow his indiepop tendencies, instead combining them into one organic collection of concise pop tunes. he has this way of elongating the tension until your ready for the release. Of the tracks present on Endless Summer, I think I’m gravitating towards “The Time” as my personal favorite…definitely holds the heaviest beat. If you’re interested, then mosey on over to Discos de Kirlian to get your hands on these tracks.

The Moles Share After May

Richard Davies is one those songwriters who is adored by other songwriters; he’s made claim that Cobain and Pollard have both fallen in love with his music at some point or another…and now he’s releasing a double album with his band The Moles. The group of musical rabblerousers has members in various cities across the globe, which will allow them to perform songs from Code Word in various locales. Luckily for you, we’ve got a preview of one of the album tracks. “After May” is a bit of a ballad, with Davies working calmly over a strummed guitar with some space-aged electronic noodling cutting in and out; it gives the tracks just the faintest whiff of peculiarity. It’s just a small taste of what Richard can accomplish, and with a slew of contributors, each listen is likely to be as varied as the new LP; it drops this Friday via Super Secret Records (with an ATX Beerland show on Thursday).

ATX News with Linen Closet and Jana Horn

I reckon as an Austin-based site, we’ve got to rep our fabulous locals (but only the fabulous ones). Yesterday a couple of our favorite acts shared some things, and I’d like to share them with you.

Linen Closet dropped the latest single from their forthcoming LP, which will drop this week, with a celebratory show at Central Presbyterian with our friends David Israel and Marmalakes. If you’re looking for well-crafted indie rock, of the orchestrated sort, then this is the place to be.

Also, Jana Horn had a couple of releases, uploading her recent tour tape, as well as adding to a few of the tidbits from her forthcoming Optimism LP. She’s got three tunes up, but this is perhaps my favorite. I love how her voice comes in soft, but there’s a sharp twist when her voice grabs pace (like at the 35 second mark). Can’t wait to hear the entirety of the new LP.

Alpaca Sports Share Video

Earlier this year our favorites Alpaca Sports released the indiepop mega-hit album, From Paris with Love via Elefant Records. Today they’re super excited to share with you the video version of album opener, “I’ll Do Anything You Want.” The video has the duo set on film, with that film set atop other images in the background; it’s charming, as is the original track. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for Andreas guitar jangling, not to mention the way the two blend their harmonies into one another. Plus, if you go grab the digital single, it comes with a B side not included on the album version!

Swirling New Single From Wooing

What crazy, dreary Monday it is here in Austin, TX. I know most of us will welcome the change of weather, but I also find myself a little sleepy and moving slow. To improve my spirits and yours, why not check out this new single called “Could Have Been” from my friends in Wooing. It’s a dreamy, swirling bit of dream pop music with some fun elements of garage and psych thrown in to make things really interesting. This track appears on a new 7″ single coming from Wooing on November 9th via Kanine Records.

Stuck on Jonathan Franco

I can’t help but to keep playing this Jonathan Franco track over and over; it’s like some seductress, drawing me in when I least expect it. Franco has a slew of references I can get behind, like Bedhead and Silver Jews…and I’m probably way far off here, but I also here a little bit of early Grandaddy in the song’s construction. Jonathan is soft-spoken, at least in this mix, and he’s crafted this magnificent wall of noise that swirls around and around, entrancing you as you listen. I promise you that you’ll come back to this number again and again, finding new secrets with each listen. You’ll find this tune on Swimming Alone Around the Room, which drops November 9th.

Pleased To Meet You: Lights on Moscow

I’ve probably spent a decent amount of time with the music of the two musicians who make up Lights on Moscow (Justin of Editors, Hazel of Lanterns on the Lake), but I didn’t expect them to give birth to this striking sound. The duo spend a good minute just building the tension with ambient noises encircling. Drums begin to emerge, covered by this heavy riff that begins as an added musical layer, before, itself, adding further textures to its own sound. Hazel’s voice sits perfectly amidst the entirety of the tune, sort of wavering between angelic and wispy, riding the natural ebbs and flows of the tune. Together they’ll release their debut EP on October 19th.

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