Another Ditty from the Infinites

It feels like the Infinites are one of the hottest commodities in town right now, and by that, I mean, they’re one of the absolute bands bouncing about. But, there are those that live outside the confines of our fair city, and you should definitely put the band on your “must listen” to list. Press play on this new single from their forthcoming LP and you’ll get intoxicated by the guitar tones; they have that natural bounce we adore from the surf-rock genre, though its presentation with the vocals definitely leaves it in more dreampop territory. I think it also shows the expert craftsmanship of the group, as the song seemingly comes to an abrupt end; why go forth when you’ve said all there is to say in a song? The band’s self-titled LP comes out via First Human Records this Friday…with an In-Store performance over at Waterloo if you’re here in town!

Show Pics: Jon Hopkins @ Scoot Inn (4/23)

We dodged the rain. In fact, it was a perfect night, the heavy air transmitting sound well. Scoot Inn was an odd selection for a pure electronica artist like Jon Hopkins, what with its wood paneling and gravel dance floor, but fans showed up and put the venue at capacity right when Jon took the stage. It was a drifting set of ambient tones that would build to grooves and break back down again with a set list spanning years of albums and collaborations.

Orthy put down a DJ set before hand, merch was bought, the sun set and the yard moved. Pics and show notes to follow…

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Rad New Track from Deliluh

I can’t turn this new Deliluh track off right now! It’s a slight bit heavier than my tastes of late, and perhaps not even that heavy, but more ominous. Strangely, it recalls a lot of the stuff I was into as an angsty teen, pulling from names like Shellac or Sonic Youth. Vocals in the track are murky, and they’re spoken as if they’ve been presented at some sort of poetry reading. The musical element is creeping behind those lyrics, but there’s plenty of space left for the band to work their discord into your ear holes. This tune appears on the bands forthcoming release, Oath of Intent, out May 3rd via Tin Angel Records.

Listen to Swim Camp’s Barlow Hill

Admittedly, there’s something nostalgic in the sound that Tom Morris is crafting under his Swim Camp moniker. He’s just released Barlow Hill, and while listening I was thrust back to the late 90s where I was filling my CD collection with Jade Tree/Polyvinyl releases. But, that doesn’t mean this sounds dated, and in fact, is quite the opposite, fitting right into the modern fold of indie rock. As you listen through, you’ll feel the intimacy, as if Morris is performing in your living room; you can feel the hum of the guitar strings as the waft through your speakers. It’s a glorious listen from the start to finish, so indulge in the joys of this listen.

Pleased To Meet You: Rad Gnar

Sometimes bands you love break-up, or move away and that’s just the way life goes. For me, that’s what happened with our beloved Basketball Shorts, who we worked with for their Hot n’ Ready LP. Now, guitarist Bench has a new band, Rad Gnar, and he’s taking on the vocal duties here too! The band’s first single from their forthcoming LP is filled with these huge crunchy rifts, as one would expect from his previous work. But, I really love the way he leaves his vocals hanging, letting the notes rise, then fall back down to your ears with those classic hooks! On May 18th the group will drop Rad Gnar, their self-titled debut, but if you want to catch them early…they have a show at Cheer Up Charlies on April 30th!

Another Grant Pavol Tune

Not too long ago we brought you a track from the Grant Pavol EP (it had the backing of Shamir), and now Grant’s ready to share another of such tunes. I’m really seeing this one as two different songs, even though the running time doesn’t even eclipse the 2 minute mark. He opens with this light strum and heavy pop vocal line; it’s the sort of presentation that coffee shop kids in the 00s would have adored. But, around the 30 second mark you can begin to hear this slight electronic pulse beneath, and that completely takes over in the song’s latter half, then opens for one last vocal delivery before the song comes to a halt. Accidental Popstar Records will release the Okay EP on May 17th.

Raucous New Single From GURU

We’ve previously mentioned the Brighton group GURU and their knack for loud guitars and growling vocals. Well the boys are back at it again, this time with a loud, raucous single called “Fixation”. For this one, the band do manage to slow things down at spots in the song for a more swing, or post-punk type sound. Those elements paired with the group’s usual snarling vocals and fast paced energy create a truly inspired song. I’m sure we will be sharing more from these guys as the information reaches us.

Simmering Dark Pop From Wy

Wy are a Swedish duo who hail from the city of Malm, comprised of “longtime lovers,” Ebba and Michel, who are on their way to releasing a new album, Softie, on 4/30. From that album, I’m pleased to share the track / video for “Swedish Summer,” which is a jangly indie pop tune that centers around the epic and devastating vocals that Ebba brings to the mix. The guitars meander around each other with jangly riffs, while Ebba’s vocals wrap them in a layer of smoke that is reminiscent of the likes of Daughter, but on the choruses, you’re reminded of 80s power vocals. It’s a lovely track that will pull you in for sure. Make sure you’re keeping up with Wy and check outSoftiewhen it’s out on 4/30.

Ominous Rock From Blake Maloka

Bet you didn’t think you’d find some Ukranian based rock and roll on ATH today, but we like to keep you on your toes. Blake Maloka is actually a five piece from Kyiv who just dropped a new EP. The track, “Naked” below is a slow burner that gracefully blossoms into an epic rocker. I’m into the way the guitars build up like growing walls around you. It takes a little while, but by the minute and a half mark, you’re hit with full volume vocals and this impending-doom soundscape that quickly tips off the edge into full noisy potential, creating something that sounds like a combination of Radiohead and The Twilight Sad. Safe to say I’ll be taking a listen to the rest of the band’s Moi Et Mis Amis EP and keeping an ear out


Olden Yolk Share Distant Episode

I spent a lot of time with the first Olden Yolk record; my wife and I played it a lot when our daughter was born just because it was both beautiful and quiet. Having spent some time with the band’s new LP, I’m really excited for folks to listen to it; it has the band branching out, expanding their palate. On this new single, Caity Shaffer completely steals the show, stringing her deep, dulcet tones across a sparse musical landscape, filled with this solitary pulse and tinkering piano line. It’s a solemn number, matched by the black and white video work that accompanies the single today. Living Theatre has the group growing into something far more captivating then even I (a fan) expected; it’s out on May 17th via Trouble In Mind.

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