Brand New Lung Letters Tune

One of the great thing about living in Austin is the abundance of bands trading friends and members to begin new projects, such as Lung Letters. The band takes members from acts like A Giant Dog and Flesh Lights, both whom we adore. As you’d expect, there’s a heavy handed rock n’ roll at work here, with Jeremy Steen handling the band’s vocal ferocity. If you’ve managed to catch the act live, then you’re already on board, but for those who haven’t, this track does a pretty good job of capturing the group’s energy on recor; there’s an animalistic quality not many can claim as their own. I’m particularly enjoying the moment between 1.45 and 2.30, bringing in some sly little hooks (reminds me of late 90s post-hardcore) before erupting into finale. Look for the Passing Days EP this Friday via Super Secret Records.

Please Listen to Crescent

The instant the somewhat haphazard guitars danced their way into my speakers I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop playing this new Crescent tune on my stereo. Even as the song seemingly plods along, there’s a fragility in the delivery from Matt Jones’ vocals; it sounds like he recorded these and sent them via video clips on his phone. I mean that in the best of ways, as it encourages the listener to find the track more personal. Whether you’re into bedroom recordings, slacker pop or even the dreaded dole wave, you’re going to fall head over heels for this track. Look for Resin Pockets to appear in stores on May 26th via Geographic Music.

New Music from Bill Baird

Well, this is technically new, but only if you’re living in the States, as Bill Baird‘s recently released his latest LPs already in the EU/UK. This tune appears on one of the two, Baby Blue Abyss (the other is titled Easy Machines). Bill is seemingly working with some loops, similar to what one would expect from early Beck, building simple pop structures and letting them play over and over again until you’re stuck with them forever….in a good way, of course. I really enjoy his evolution since his early days living in Austin, and I appreciate the length of these tunes. They really allow you to sit down and let the world spin away behind you. Look for his new work to hit the States on July 28th.

Brand New EP from No Museums

I don’t know what it is that’s always drawn me to No Museums, but I keep coming back as they write new tunes for me. This week they’re releasing the Surfers to the Beach EP, and I hope you listen to each track on this release. Some of the tunes have this spirited brightness, like opener “The Surfers Leave” and “In a Camper Van,” yet you’ll find a different emotion in others like “The Abandoned Reel.” For that track, it feels like the group chose to record it rather simply, almost as if the song barely made it onto tape; there’s an undeniable personality to it, something that drags you into your speakers. I can’t escape this band, and for that, I’m grateful.

Bedroom Pop From Willolux

I’ve got a soft spot for well written bedroom pop driven by nostalgic, often powerhouse, female vocals– a-la Angel Olsen or Lady Lamb. Today’s fresh batch of this kind of music comes from an artist by the name of Willolux, or the project of Kristina Emmott, out of Vancouver. This track, “Modern Day Maestro” packs in some fine songwriting, telling a tale of young-adulthood in our current age of “dying to know who’s looking at you.” Emmott’s vocals are smoky and rich, but when she hits the notes on the chorus, you’ll be singing right alongside her. Take a listen below, and thenstay tuned for more tunes from Willolux.

Fresh Pop from Seazoo

You want to meet the next great pop group? Then just listen to Seazoo, and do it today. This song opens up well enough, playfully getting into your ear with a shimmering guitar dancing in the distance. Still, you have to at least make it to the 51st second of the tune, as it’s immediately going to carry you away into a euphoric bliss; I haven’t heard a hook this good in 2017. It’s okay, you’re right to feel uplifted; you’re right to grab your neighbor and celebrate life. Play this song as much as you want, and just wait for more pop from this Welsh bunch…they’re polishing up their debut LP.

Celebrate Seven Years of Gold Flake Paint with New Compilation

This week marks 7 years that the site Gold Flake Paint has been up and running, and while it may be odd for us to hype another blog/site, I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Why the love? Let me count the ways…

First, the site has been extremely supportive of our work on our own label ATH Records, running countless pieces on our artists…like yesterday’s piece on Summer Salt. Each piece is thoughtful and well written, reminiscent of other sites years ago. But, their support is honestly just a small nod to the site’s hard work.

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Cende Strikes Again

You don’t always need more than a few minutes to fall in love with a band, or a song for that matter. That’s all you get form the new Cende tune, and in fact, it’s not even two minutes. You won’t need it as its furious pop rock of the best sort, with the vocals and drums battling to see who can keep the pummeling pacing. Then there’s a nice little “oooooh” moment just before the minute mark and the cutting guitar solo for kicks. Their debut album, #1 Hit Single, will be out on Double Double Whammy on May 26th.

Brief and Delightful Ditty From Michael Nau

I may be a little slow on the uptake on this new(ish) track from Michael Nau, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check it out and be fashionably late to the party with me. “I Root” may be short, but it still packs quite the pop punch. It’s quiet and shimmery pop– something you may hear fluttering over speakers in a quaint, perhaps European, cafe as you sip strong coffee. There’s light percussion, Nau’s sweet and doleful vocals and solid songwriting. Take a listen below and find out what you’ve been missing out on.


Some Twist, will be out June 16th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Pre-order it here.

Brand New Music from The Dears

I still remember seeing the Dears at the Parish in 2009; I remember thinking that no one had owned the stage quite like Murray Lightburn…I still think that to this day. They just released the second single from Times Infinity Volume Two…the companion piece to Volume One that was released in 2015; these songs were recorded in the same session. Despite Lightburn’s claim that these songs were “during an unmistakable sense of unease” you can still hear the band holding onto hope. Even the spirit of the song survives, with an upbeat vibe from the bouncing percussion. Still, the winner will always be Murray’s pipes. Always. Look for the the new LP on July 14th via Dangerbird and Paperbag.

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