Rad Rocker from Wireheads

Initially I was digging this new track from Wireheads because of the way the guitars kicked in right off the bat. They had that scuzzy vibe, though rooted in classic rock n’ roll. Still, the Aussie drawl of the vocals really grabbed me, at times indifferent, yet infectious, especially when the female vocal accompaniment joins in to support. The band will be releasing their fourth LP, Lightning Ears, via Tenth Court; it might just be the energetic rocker that breaks through to your listening rotation.

Cut Worms Signs with Jagjaguwar

Good news for people who like good music; Cut Worms has signed on with Jagjaguwar, helping to spread of Max Clarke across the globe. I appreciate the fact that while Clarke operates within the confines of folk, he seems to be approaching it in slightly different manner, something that sounds more orchestrated and grand than many of his peers; it just makes the whole composition sound more soulful, matched by Max’s voice. His debut EP, Alien Sunset, will be released by the label on October 20th.

Hear a New Tune from The Clientele

The only thing that bums me out about the Clientele‘s new album is that it drops while it’s still damn warm down in Austin. Other than that, I couldn’t really find a record I’m anticipating more. For me, the band’s been the perfect late fall listening experience, just as the cold weather begins to take on a dreary, yet alluring presence. This new tune stretches over 6 minutes, with multiple changes in structure (and the inclusion of samples), yet it sounds wholly like the group always has…like the feather in Forrest Gump, drifting perfectly in and out of our lives. Music for the Age of Miracles will be released by Merge Records on September 22nd; I’ll be there to grab it.


For one, the lyrical content, or even the message, in this track from THE PLAN is enough to make me, a literature teacher, foam at the mouth; I might even use it whilst introducing my students to annotating today! Musically, there’s a dark post-punk/art rock vibe, which fits my musical needs as well. Jagged chords prod in and out, leaving space for Rebecca Gillieron (of Wetdog) to take on stabbing vocal lines, seemingly emphasized by the punctuation of drum hits. The group are set to drop Nervous Energy on October 13th via Southend Records.

Stream Step Aside/Oppsie from Good Morning

I’m a huge fan of Good Morning, and if you need an introduction, I suggest grabbing their compilation of EPs that just recently saw a release from Bedroom Suck Records. Today we’re happy to share with you two songs, united in the below clip as one. If you’re a fan of the group, you’ve likely heard these tracks before, but now, they’re ready for the whole world to enjoy. The subtle joy of “Step Aside” fades right into the more meandering pop of “Oppsie” right at the 3:06 mark, with both illustrating the sensible pop that I’m known to fawn over. If you like what you hear, you can grab the new single from Bedroom Suck Records now.

Another Gem from Plastic Flowers

We’ve been on the Plastic Flowers bandwagon since he first appeared on The Native Sound roster, and his new album looks to have a whole lot of promise. On this brand new tune, he seemingly takes the track into a steady indiepop realm, guitars and drums dancing around another, whilst vocals enter with an airy quality. It then moves into shimmering guitar walls for a good bit before returning to the more playful side of the performance. Infectious, and with depth, Plastic Flowers is on a roll. Absent Forever will be available on November 10th for those interested…which should be all of you.

Enjoy This New Dinner Video

When I first encountered Dinner at SXSW a bit ago, I regarded him as a bit of an oddity, something you had to see to believe. But, the great thing about that performance was that it made me go back and listen to his music; I’ve been hooked ever since. His excellent new album New Work just dropped via Captured Tracks, and this video provides a further illustration at the intoxicating qualities of his tunes. Deep vocal tones dancing atop steady beat work should be enough to grab the ear of any listener. He’ll also be touring the US throughout October with a date in Austin on the 23rd at Hotel Vegas.

Check Out Party Hardly

The Leeds outfit Party Hardly have garnered a lot of support from fellow rising stars over in the UK, which is how they came to our attention. They’re not a afraid to turn the guitars up loud, even as they let the notes dabble in dream pop qualities, giving the band a heavy edge that guarantees explosive performances in the live setting. I like the way the vocals were recorded too, hiding in the mix just enough to keep things balanced. Keep an eye on these lads, as they’re already a huge hit on the other side of the pond.

Another Fresh Airiel Tune

Just a week ago we dropped a remarkable return from Airiel, and today there’s another tune that popped up over at FTR. True to form, the song’s filled with cascading guitars lines that create an enormous wall of beautiful atmospherics. Vocals are hidden in the back, and on this tune, they almost serve as a textural element for the rest of the band to work around…ebbs and flows and what nots. Fans are really going to clamor for this, so if you’re new to the band, you might want to rush over to Shelflife and get your hands on Molten Young Lovers before the October 13th release date.

Destroyer Drops New Video

I don’t know what it is, but even when Dan Bejar seems to go out of his comfort zone, he’s able to execute as Destroyer. For instance, his new track definitely has an early 80s pulse to it, heavy on the synths and sterile percussion. Somehow, Bejar’s unique croon is able to slide carefully in between the grooves, delivering contemplative lines that reverberate as the synths echo in the background. In the video, there’s some great imagery captured in the stills that fill it. Look for his new album, ken, to hit on October 20th via Merge.

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