Here Comes Austin Jukebox 7 Part 2

Last week we helped share Austin Jukebox #7 Part 1, but we’re back with another promotional video for Part 2…it might be even bigger than Part 1! Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say, Saturday evening’s set at Beerland is the only chance you will be able to see legendary rockers, Pere Ubu, playing in the United States in 2017 (they have some EU shows lined up). The word from organizers is that the band will craft a set primarily of their first two box sets (roughly spanning 75-82), which is incredibly rare, as the band don’t often delve into their back catalog. The bill also includes The Crack Pipes, Coma in Algiers and Haker Flaten + Rempis. You won’t often get a shot at seeing historic acts playing in such small venues, making the Austin Jukebox experience incredibly unique.

There’s no pre-sale tickets, you just have to show up at 8 PM with a $5 bill in your pocket.

Further accolades go to Jaime Zuverza for his hard work in creating this video!

Show Pics: Tycho @ Stubb’s (5/12)

Last Friday was an insanely busy night in Austin. While Nathan camped out with Team ATH bands over at Hotel Vegas, I was taking in a full set from Tycho at Stubb’s.

It has been a big year for Scott Hansen. He started the Tycho project as an aside to his graphic design (check it out at The live shows have featured projections of his art as an element of the performance. To the credit of that graphic design, I sometimes “see” the design language when spacing out listening to the records. The latest album, Epoch, was Grammy-nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album. That had to be a rad feeling, and a bit odd given how much of the record is not electronic or dance. The Austin show was the end of the tour, so we were treated with an extended set of lesser played songs after an intermission following the normal show.

Anyway, you can relive the night with photos of Tycho and openers Khruangbin along with some more words and even get a few bonus shots of our friends Tres Oui at Beerland. Deal?

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Brand New Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Unbeknownst to me, I’ve been anxiously awaiting new music from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I didn’t know it was coming, but I’m glad to say, that the announcement of The Echo of Pleasure has brought with it a sense of joy. Clearly, Kip Berman’s style has evolved, dialing back on the distortion to allow for the clarity in his melodic pop songs. Still, the chorus erupts inhuge fashion, swirling distortion and melody the way very few can. The hooks are still there, and knowing what a huge fan of pop music Kip is, I couldn’t be more excited to see where else he’ll take us on his journey. Look for the new LP on July 14th via Painbow.

Another Stunner from Stutter Steps

Looking at my life, I always feel like there’s been a sense of wandering, a feeling of letting the world just take me in whatever direction the wind blows. Why does that matter now? I feel like Stutter Steps‘ latest single has perfectly captured that sentiment, that longing we all we give into from time to time as we dream of better lives. I feel like Ben Harrison has this way of crafting the music you want playing at every turn of your day or even your life. No one is writing pop music like this, and perhaps few ever will, so give in to his powers and grab a copy of Floored EP via Blue Arrow Records (June 2nd).

Have You Heard Why No?

Sometimes you come across a tune that just feels right, that just makes the day ahead slightly better. For me, today’s tune is from upcoming UK act Why No?. Guitars carefully open up the tune before you’re brought into the chilled out swagger the band offers. You can hear little surfy elements, but overall, the carefree styling is what really hits home for me; there’s not a care in the world when you’re letting this song wash over you through your speakers. The band are working on a new release, and we’ll hopefully have more news on that for you in the coming weeks, but for now, try not to let that smile hit you too hard.

Fresh Music from Doghouse Charlie

Feeling like we all need to settle into Monday this week, and what better way than to get into this groovy bit of slow pop from Doghouse Charlie. I love the soulful vibe on this new single from the forthcoming Eponymous LP, but the music lurking behind the voice is really what I’m feeling today. There’s this lightly trickling guitar that opens the song, then a slight leg stomp with a tambourine enters as the song really shimmers in your speakers. Definitely something spiritual in the way this song comes across, which in the end, makes it perfect for you to settle into your groove for the week.

Stream Romantic States New LP

For the last few months, I’ve been raving about the new music of Romantic States, and since Friday, I’ve spent a lot of time spinning their latest LP, Corduroy in Italy. While the singles have been great at teasing what was to come, opener “In My Arms” illustrates just how far the band has come, perfect blending elements of slow core and fuzzy indiepop. Ilenia and Jim switch singing roles throughout, but I think theIlenia’s performance on “Half Your Life” might just steal the show. Seems cliche, but there’s honestly not a bad song on this entire LP. Go grab it from Gentle Reminder Records; it won’t disappoint.

Check This New Curved Light Single

While the rock n’ roll scene is clearly alive and flourishing in Austin, lets not forget the incredible electronic scene that continues to inspire. The latest rising star is Curved Light, the project of synth composer Peter Tran. I love the gradual build to this song, especially as the tension pushes and pushes the listener right until the song’s last gasp. Don’t come here looking for that euphoric release, as this is clearly more about composition and structure, of the electronic sort. Look for a brand new batch of compositions on his Channelview mix coming out via Holodeck on this Friday.

Eclectic Pop from Will McKay

There’s so much to enjoy when listening to Will McKay‘s music. Walking into this track, you’re likely to feel a little nostalgic, as it has a classic rock bounce. But, McKay quickly turns the song into something more dreamy as he allows his pop sensibility to swirl during the chorus. His vocal delivery is super casual, and as it meets up with the bouncing tempo it takes on a youthfulness that makes his tune all the more endearing. You should check out his brand new self-titled EP that he just released, featuring this enchanting little ditty.

More New Music from Tunabunny

A few weeks ago we dropped the first Tunabunny single, and I promised it’d be an album of diverse sound that many would find to be one of the year’s most exhilarating listens. Today, we’re back with another tune, with that promised new twist. Slowly opening with minimal sound and a dreamy softness in the vocals, the song subdues listeners before reaching into an emphatic growl during the chorus; it soon retreats to the entrancing bit once again filled in by percussion and electronic haze. Their new album, PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland JR, is being released on June 23rd via HHBTM, and hopefully this is just another example of the group’s willingness to define their own sound.

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