Boyracer Drop New Video for Hit and Miss

If you’ve got two minutes to spare, you wouldn’t possibly find a better way to spend them today than listening to the fuzzy bop of Boyracer‘s latest single from their forthcoming On a Promise. Every time I listen to the band, I can’t help but make comparison’s to the Wedding Present; I’m sure Stew would hate to hear that. But, just take that great guitar work and really build on the pop sensibility, and that’s what you get here; there’s a certain driving ferocity, though this has a huge bounce to it from the rhythm section…and that horn was a really nice touch. Guitar pop’s supposed to have a hook and this bunch is full of them. Stay tuned for On a Promise to drop on June 5th via Emotional Response.

Jade Imagine Share Coastal Pines

I’m always digging on what Jade Imagine is working on, and this new single from the band is probably one of my favorites from their forthcoming EP, You Remind Me of Something I Lost. There’s a steady rhythm section that helps keep the ship steered straight on this one, with the guitar lines sort of fading in and out of the mix, shimmering here, evaporating there. Jade McInally’s voice meanders through the paths of dreamy pop with this cool indifference, seemingly shrugging off whatever surrounds her as she veers to song towards its melodic best. Their new EP will be officially out on June 5th.

Enjoy Maggie Blue by Dead Parties

Dead Parties is the work of Etienne Mamo, who has also plays in the New Black; he’s currently relocated form his native Australia to Spain, where he’s rocking his solo work like the below single. There’s some psychedelic fuzz around the corners, which, of course, I’m digging on, though I’ll admit that there’s this really great pop sensibility that rides through the core of the song that drew me in initially. It’s kind of like a chugging power-pop tune with hints of psychedelic haze. It’s a good little rocking tune, and for me, a great introduction to Dead Parties…perhaps its the same for you…or so I hope.

CHAD Share Isolation in Advance of Good Talk EP

This Friday, Portland band CHAD will be dropping their sophomore release, Good Talk EP. Before you get a chance to dip your toes in the full EP, we wanted you to sample a little of the sweet sounds crafted for the release. Sarah Lane’s vote is as captivating as ever, almost manipulating the song with her voice; the synth work seems to move around the rise and fall of her notes. There’s a slightly ominous texture entering in the song’s back end, though ultimately you get this thoughtful dreaminess that pervades through the 3 minutes. Look for Good Talk this Friday!

Love This New Honey Lung Tune

Over the last year or so, London based group Honey Lung has quickly been moving quite a few songs into year end lists and various other playlists of mine. Yet again I feel like the guys deliver another real slam dunk in the indie rock genre with this new single called “Big”. I absolutely love the intricate and dueling guitar work on this track. All of the separate parts blend into each other effortlessly and offer the listener a fantastic piece of music.

Honey Lung will release a new EP entitled Post Modern Motorcade Music on May 29th via Big Scary Monsters.

Orpine Share Migrating Geese Overhead

A few months ago when I first was introduced to Orpine, I raved about their first big single “Sondern;” it’s still one of my favorite singles from this year, hands down. At first, their latest release seems likes its sort of plodding along, and that’s fair, though I beg you to exhibit some patience in your life…not like we got much else to do. Eventually Oliver and Eleanor creep into the picture, though Oliver seems to be the dominant force on this number. As the track builds slowly, you reach a point where the duo offer the sublime; the edges start to shimmer and cymbals build as an angelic chorus seems to surround Oliver’s voice lifting us all to the song’s end. If you’ve waited this far, you’ll surely be rewarded, especially if you grab Grown Ungrown this Friday via Heist or Hit.

Seabirds Share Gentle New Ballad

I hadn’t thought of Seabirds in some time, and in fact, they seem like a sort of indiepop anomaly to me. They had a great 7″ for Matinee Recordings, then just disappeared from the face of the Earth, other than a soundcloud page that had been mostly dormant until the other night. Sure, this wasn’t the bounding pop I remembered them for, but it was still a striking little number with barely more than guitar and voice. Today felt like a sort of mellow one, so I figured why not share this delightful ballad in case any of you fawned over the band like I did.

Say Hello To Sigmund Fraust

On a gloomy Wednesday morning, I hope you will help me in welcoming new Berlin based artist Sigmund Fraust and his bright brand of indie rock music. Recorded at his home in Germany, one can’t help but be impressed with the production quality and overall full sound of a song like “A Verdant Fancy”. It brings to mind elements of surfy, hazy rock music similar to a band like Surf City with some shinier and brighter elements of more modern indie rock. If you’re enjoying this one, I suggest you check out more from Sigmund on his bandcamp page.

H. Moon Shares Trustblood

We’ve been following the work of Philip Ekstrom since the earliest days of this blog, though at the time, that was with his band the Mary Onettes; today he brings us another tune from his solo work under the H. Moon moniker. Our first listen definitely recalls some of the emotional effects that resonate with Mary Onettes fans; it’s like you peel away the haziness that coated that and reveal this shinier pop version of Ekstrom’s songwriting. There’s all this negative space too hanging about, kind of building that cavernous feel that lets you fall deep into the context of the song, floating endlessly in the subtle textures. Trustblood will be out on May 22nd.

Katie Von Schleicher Shares Brutality

Katie Von Schleicher drops her new album Consummation next Friday, and as we hear another single today, it seems the songwriter has honed her craft into one of shape-shifting prowess. Her last single “Wheel” was this almost buoyant pop ditty, kicking its heels up and having a ball. But, with “Brutality” you get a more thought-provoking slow mover with Katie’s voice draped over a minimal beat and occasional guitar line. As a fan of 10 second pop nuggets, I think you can’t go wrong just check in at the track just before the 1 minute (and again at 1:52) mark, hitting the chorus highlights…worth its weigh in gold I dare say! Consummation is out on May 22nd via Ba Da Bing.

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