New Chamber Pop from Miracles of Modern Science

You’ve got to love the progression of modern string instruments, moving beyond classical music and into the mainstream with bands like Arcade Fire and Final Fantasy.  This trend continues with your introduction to Miracles of Modern Science, a band bred in the Ivy Leagues.  They’ll be releasing their new record, Dog Years, next week, and it’s definitely going to catch the ears of many, as it employs creativity and hooks that grab you right away.  Clever instrumentation can only go so far, but it’s clear that this band has so much more to offer, so spend some time with this track below in order to fall in love like we did over here at ATH.


Download: Miracles of Modern Science – Eating Me Alive [MP3]

New Tunes from ARMS (Todd Goldstein of Harlem Shakes)

In case you missed out on the now defunct Harlem Shakes, I’m here to let you know you missed something quite special.  For now, we can all make due with ARMS, the project of Todd Goldstein, formerly of HS.  He’s done some work on his own, but he’s now recruited a few friends to help flesh out the sound of ARMS.  His new moniker in tow, he’ll be releasing Summer Skills on November 8.  Some of the tracks, like the one below, you can find on a free EP over on the group’s BANDCAMP, but as for the rest, you’ll have to wait until November before you get to fall wholeheartedly in love.


Download: ARMS – Heat & Hot Water [MP3]

New Dream Pop from Work Drugs

When I first listened to this record by Work Drugs, I thought they surely had something going with Captured Tracks; it captures that minimal sound with warm melodies and quiet vocals. But, I was wrong, as these guys are going it alone, so your best bet is to get out there and support them.  They’ve just self-released their album, Summer Blood, and you can grab it for yourself over on the group’s BANDCAMP page.  If you’re looking for something in the vein of bedroom construction to wrap up your summer, then you better get on it soon, as this band is doing a great job crafting that sound.


Download: Work Drugs – Rad Racer [MP3]

New Slow Burner from Crooked Fingers

Eric Bachmann wrote one of my favorite all-time songs, and I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t while he was working with Archers of Loaf, though they have great tracks as well.  The song was called “Man O’ War,” and you can watch the video (and realize why I love it) HERE. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done, especially his work with Crooked Fingers; it’s got everything to do with his powerful voice.  The band has a new album, Breaks in the Armor, coming out on Merge on October 11th, and like most things off the Carolina label, it’s going to be stunning. Trust me.


Download: Crooked Fingers – Typhoon [MP3]

New Slacker Jam from Sleeping Bag

I sincerely doubt that the term “slacker” really applies to Sleeping Bag, and I’m sure they’d agree; however, you can’t help but see that unaffected approach to the lyrical delivery.  Still, the guitars are exactly what a lot of us look for, chugging along, somewhere between power-pop and garage rock.  This Indiana group just released their self-titled album, and it’s been a joy just going through these tracks one after another.  Somehow they have this personal affect over me, and it might be nostalgia, but I’m calling it just good tunes. Spin this, and be sure to support these guys if you like what you hear!


Download: Sleeping Bag – Slime [MP3]

New Track (and EP) from Saadi

In my mind, today is a sort of world music day.  We’re fortunate to get lots of stuff from all across the globe, so I was super stoked to get this peppy little number from Syrian-born Saadi.  She’s releasing her new Take It Easy EP, and based on this, it’s going to be sort of a chilled-out good time.  My early opinion is that this single lives somewhere between the sweetness Lily Allen and the club flavor of Santigold.  Clearly it’s meant solely for your musical enjoyment, perhaps even your latest mixtape.  Give it a go, and I’m sure you’ll find a little more bounce in your step.


Download: Saadi – Take It Easy [MP3]

New Music from Pinkunoizu

I suppose the best thing about the Internet is the availability of musicians from around the world, and though I suppose it’s been like that to an extent, you didn’t have access to the smaller bands.  Luckily, we can now, which is how I heard of the new signing of Pinkunoizu by Full Time Hobby.  The Danes are about to ready their Peep EP, and I’ve really enjoyed their song construction today.  It’s similar to the structure of a Fleet Foxes tune, if one were in a field as opposed to a forest, but there’s restraint, allowing for everything to build contiuously.  It works to great effect, so we’ll see where these guys go from here.


Download: Pinkunoizu – Time Is Like a Melody [MP3]

New Music from Big Troubles

This band is one of those that I’ve really been jamming to lately, going back to their last record from 2010, and looking forward to the new one they’ll be releasing.  Romantic Comedy, the new record from Big Troubles, will be released by Slumberland on September 27th, and it’s probably going to be a pretty big deal around the ATH offices.  This new track has a bit of that softness that’s often associated with their label, but I hear Jason Quever of Papercuts in the vocals–not a bad thing in my book, by the way.  Should be another good outing from the group.


Download: Big Troubles – Sad Girls [MP3]

More New Music from Future Islands

The more I listen to this band, the more excited I get about their upcoming release for Thrill Jockey. On the Water will hit the street on October 4th, and it’s shaping up to be an album for everyone.  There’s little hints of atmospheric ambiance thrown in here and there; you’ll find pop goodness all over the place.  Even those with love for the electronica have to feel that this could really go their way.  It’s hard to find a band that can wrap it up in a nice little package and win everyone over.  Pretty sure that one listen to Future Islands, and we’ve all got to get on board.


Download: Future Islands – Balance [MP3]

New Music from Kathryn Calder

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that Kathryn Calder burst onto the scene once she joined up with the New Pornographers.  But, while that might be her staple, she’s been slowly crafting her own career on the side, releasing a record last year, and prepping a new one for the month of October.  This record’s going to be called, Bright and Vivid, and based on this first single, there’s a bit of a different approach to her writing.  Yes, those great vocals you expect from her are there, but there’s definitely some programmable beats being used here, giving Calder a bit of punch to her pop du jour.


Download: Kathryn Calder – Who Are You [MP3]

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