Great New Lo-Fi from Fantasmes

I haven’t really been able to find some super punk rock lately, so I’ve been delving into some weird lo-fi tunes left and right.  My latest discovery, via some secret special friends, comes to us by way of Puerto Rico/NYC outfit Fantasmes.  Their latest effort Redness Moon just came out today, and this title track is something I’ve been obsessing over.  Whether it’s the brooding music or the way the lyrics casually glide over it all doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I’m just going to play this song on repeat.  I can see some psychedelic links too, so that should appease friends looking to drop out.  Regardless, it’s interesting, so give it a go.



New Pop Gem from The Belle Game

Those of you who are fans of well constructed pop songs that are full of extra instrumentation and catchy guitar lines are really going to love this new tune from Vancouver’s The Belle Game.  While the band prepare for the release of their latest effort, Ritual Tradition Habit, which comes out on October 9th via Boompa Records, they’re offering up a single to tease our ears.  While the soulful vocals soar, you can’t help but listen for bits of horns hiding behind the indie percussion section, with the band going in and out of focus on different instruments.  It’s a fairly exuberant track and I hope you enjoy it.


Download:The Belle Game – Wait Up For You [MP3]

Rad Track from The Paellas

Oh Internet, I thank you for bringing the musical world together.  If it weren’t for our trusty WorldWideWeb I mightn’t have stumbled across this track from the Paellas, a Japanese act who’ve been making my Labor Day weekend a solid listening experience.  The four-piece group is crafting music that definitely falls in the vein of bands like Ducktails or even Ariel Pink.  Vocals hide in the background, while the rest of the music holds onto a dark angular tone.  You can’t figure out if you’re supposed to chill or let dive into some active listening.  Either way, you’re going to have fun jamming to this tune. It’s part of their Following EP, which you can pick up free from the group.


Download:The Paellas – Following [MP3]

Sprawling Dream Pop from Astronauts etc.

I feel like today’s going to be a recovery mode sort of day…the sort where I just want the music to hang in the background.  I think this track from Astronauts, etc is the perfect way to get into that mood.  The Cali man is releasing his Supermelodic Pulp EP next week, and it’s spaced out dream pop to soothe your inner spirit.  I really enjoy the pacing on the track, as it crawls along with carefully placed guitar lines walking about in the back of the mix.  You’ll find airy vocals to help encourage your ultimate dream relaxation.  Welcome back to the working week.


Download:Astronauts, etc. – You Can Yell [MP3]

New Music from Villagers

Long ago I raved about Becoming a Jackal, an album by Villagers that I think a lot of people really overlooked.  But, now they’re back with a brand new single that is scheduled to come out on October 22nd, and with a recent tour with Grizzly Bear, I think they might finally start to break into the big time.  “The Waves” is every bit as dramatic as the earlier output from the band, but this one has a different approach.  For me, this tune utilizes the electronic production as its backbone, and the emphatic beauty ensues.  I just picked this up on iTunes, so you too can grab it early if it suits your fancy.



Show Review: Tanlines @ Red7 (8/30)

Last week featured back to back nights at Red7, outside to inside. Wild Nothing was fantastic. I had relatively light expectations for Tanlines. When I found out it had sold out, even given the smaller capacity of the inside venue, I was quite surprised. I think the band was, too.

Tanlines is Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm. They throw down calypso-electro dance jams. They asked Love Inks to open. Learning Secrets spun between sets.

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FAC DANCE 02 Compilation

Take a look back.

Factory Records made an impact on my listening in the days of old. Tony Wilson and Aaron Erasmus started the label in Manchester in the late 70’s. It was the mid-80’s run that took my ear over with artists like New Order and Happy Mondays. The label also featured tons of eclectic post punk, funk, new wave and dub jams that hold up to anything out today. Compiled and released on Strut Records, FAC DANCE 02 picks up where 01 left off, a scatter chart of what the Factory guys were promoting and distributing to the scene. Jazzy jams from Kalima, smooth darkness from Durutti Column, harder edged tracks from Section 25, Jamaican dub from Sir Horatio

FAC DANCE 02 is out September 18th on CD and Vinyl. Digital versions include a few extra tracks. Here are couple tracks to show you what’s up.

[audio:] [audio:]

Dream Pop from The Belinda Butchers

The last several years have left me with a pretty solid impression of what to expect with San Francisco bands, so I was surprised when I started checking out the latest EP from The Bilinda Butchers, Goodbyes.  If you can catch the allusion in the band’s name, then surely you’ll think you’ve got them locked-down, but they’re not out to blaze the trails of their namesake…though you could possibly throw the haze/gaze word around a bit.  I like the rhythmic electronic of this track, with it’s vocals immersed beneath the song a bit.  This definitely gives me a different idea of what San Fran is all about.


Download:The Bilinda Butchers – Hai Bby [MP3]

New Pop Tunes from Generationals

We’ve long supported Generationals over here at ATH, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon.  There’s something effortless about the way they construct their tunes, and this new single definitely epitomizes that aspect; it’s not overly produced, with just a simple vocal over an electronic beat in the background.  You can find this song on their upcoming Lucky Numbers EP, which will be available to the masses on October 2nd.  It seems to have a lot less of the guitar hooks, but when it sounds this good, who cares.

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