Looking In on Shelflife Records

LIFE097_Cover480Been following Shelflife Records for a bit now, and I had almost forgotten to check back with them on plans for 2013.  Good thing I took a look-see, as they’ve got two great new acts I want to share with you.  First, you’ve got Spain’s When Nalda Became Punk.  It’s refreshing to hear spirited jangle-pop coming with just a hint of a Spanish accent. They’re debut for the label, A Farewell to Youth, is out now.  Also, the label has just put out the Goodly Thousands 7″, with the Irish group kicking out really rad indie pop, like a less-angular version of The Lodger.  Music like this really makes it easy for me to come back to work on a Monday.


Download:When Nelda Became Punk – When It’ll Come [MP3]


Download: Goodly Thousands – Honest[MP3]

Something Different with New Mexico

1178Sometimes going through my email at the ATH offices I realize that I get stuck in musical ruts, listening to music that I think defines my tastes.  But, that being said, this new jam off the upcoming album from New Mexico is sort of taking me in a different direction, although just for a wee bit (probably). There’s something about the track that’s really gotten to me.  At times, I can hear a bit of post-punk influence, especially with the opening minute and the manipulating of negative space. I can also hear just a really tried and true alternative rock center.  Regardless, I’m digging it.  If you feel the same, check out the group’s new album, Malpais, which surfaces on April 23rd.


Download: New Mexico – Alpha Male [MP3]

Show Preview: Matt Pond @ Stubbs (2/22)


Date 2/22/13
Location Stubbs Indoor
Doors 9pm
Tickets SOLD OUT!

Music fans have a great show option for Saturday night with a solid lineup over on the indoor stage at Stubbs.  The show features an old ATH favorite Matt Pond along with fellow great bands Jukebox the Ghost and Lighthouse & The Whaler.  As far as lineups go, I’d say that’s pretty stacked if you’re asking me.  See you there?


Download: Matt Pond PA – Love to get Used [MP3]

Show Review: Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Mohawk (2.20) + Tiger Waves

Rainy weather won’t keep us down, especially if we’ve got rock n’ roll on our minds.  The Mohawk gradually swelled to capacity with Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra having a huge draw in town, both touring behind pretty solid album releases in 2013.  I even stuck around to watch our friends Tiger Waves do their thing on the indoor stage afterwards.

Read on for brief thoughts and Brian’s rad photos.

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Fuck Yeah with Shellshag

sspromopic2013JIt only took me two seconds to realize that I was going to dig this tune from Shellshag. The opening bit of guitar noodling had me immediately hooked, and only furthered my attention as the band plugged in a bit.  It’s just a good tune to roll the windows down and turn up real loud, especially on such a nice day today.  The vocals are sort of throaty, but I appreciate that aspect–it only improves when Jen Shag softly enters in the background.  You can enjoy this track and more on the group’s new record, Shellshag Forever; it comes out on April 16th via Don Giovanni.

Journey Through the Dark (for 10 minutes) with Disappears

disappears_zoranorlicI don’t know how often some of you read these pages, but back during Psych Fest and FFF, I raved about Disappears.  They’re noisy rock n’ roll has always had a special place in my heart, especially their captivating live sets.  Today news came that the group is about to release their new Kone EP, and they’ve unleashed a sprawling track of dark experimentation to wet your appetite.  You’re going to spend about 3 minutes of your day falling into a darkened trance with the group before they offer you even a hint at a vocal.  Then you’re off into the world carefully crafted by the band, so I won’t ruin it for you…everyone has their own journey to take.

Rolling Folk Pop from The Lonely Wild

1175Something about the damp weather brings me home to blossoming folk tunes, such as this new number from The Lonely Wild.  When the song opens, it’s got a lengthy build in, accented by soft horn accompaniment in the background. Then the track sets its sights on evoking that emotional tug at your heart with male/female vocal harmonizing.  It’s a simple formula, but when executed so well, I find it hard to ignore.  If you enjoy what you hear, be on the lookout for The Sun As It Comes, which will be released on April 2nd via Ursa Major Recordings

Special Softy from We Are Loud Whispers

WALWOh Hardly Art, how you have our heart.  The label has recently added a new singing, We Are Loud Whispers, which actually features a member of the label’s original signing, Arthur & Yu–enough about that though.  You’ve really got to allow yourself some time to enjoy what’s going on in the group’s first single for the label, “Western Town.” At first, I was attracted to the soft female vocal, as its presence in the mix is really the focal point, or so I thought.  But then, the little bits of trickling electronics began to filter into my brain, allowing me to hear new notes all along the way.  You’re probably going to need to pick up the group’s debut, Suchness, when it comes out on May 7th.


Download: We Are Loud Whispers – Western Town [MP3]

Smooth Vibes from Beacon

Beacon_4_photo_by_Will_CalcuttI brought you a couple of hits from Beacon in 2012, and it seems the duo aim to keep making really quieted electro-pop that’s perfect for those mellow nights at your home.  When the song begins, you can see the care that’s placed on allowing the track to enter at its own pace.  Soon a more industrious tinkering of electronics comes in to accompany the warmth of the vocals; you gotta dig it.  The band’s debut album, The Ways We Separate, will be in stores on April 30th via Ghostly, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Rad Music Thursday — In Austin That Is

austin-skyline-mark-weaverIt’s a weird world in Austin building up to SXSW.  We get some good shows, but a lot of traveling acts just postpone the inevitable of a week of belligerence and loud tunes.  Luckily, Thursday night has all kinds of great shows you can skip around to, or catch in full, all featuring promising acts that us folks at ATH adore.  Here’s a brief spotlight on where you can head if you’re into live music. Read more

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