Contest: St. Vincent @ ACL Live (10/24)

It’s contest time kids!  It seems like forever since we’ve had ourselves a ticket contest and I’m pumped that our first one in a long time is for St. Vincent tickets.  So I’ll cut the crap and give you some contest deets:

Rules: Leave a comment below with why you should win and we’ll pick winners with the best answer.

Prize: 2 tickets to the St. Vincent show at ACL live on Monday the 24th.  We will pick TWO winners who will each receive ONE ticket.

Timeline: We’ll pick our winners and email them sometime this weekend.

Tickets for this on are still available for $20 if you don’t win.  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address in the comment section so we can get in touch with the winners.


Download: St. Vincent – Actor Out of Work [MP3]

New (old) Punk Rocker from Tyvek

It’s Friday, so I feel like we all needed a nice swift kick in the ass, you know, to get us going into the weekend.  With that in mind, I’d like us all to have a listen to this little rocker from Tyvek, who just put out Fast Metabolism via M’Ladys Records. It’s a compilation gathering all the old singles from the group’s early days, thrusting some furious rockers back in our ears.  It’s always good to listen to the history of bands we love, so it’s good to get to finally have a hold on these gems from some of my favorite rockers.  Give this a go; it’ll save your Friday.


New Track from The Golden Awesome

New Zealand’s The Golden Awesome aren’t necessarily what you’d associate with the typical Oceanic fare, but that’s a good thing. They’ll be releasing their album, Autumn, via M’Ladys Records on November 15th, and it’s shaping up to be a darkly tinged bit of poppy noise rock.  If you stream the single below, you’ll be met with walls of guitar noise drenched in warm female vocals.  Clearly there’s an element of pop one can’t escape in NZ, but there’s more than enough darkness lurking in the songwriting of this group.  Stream the jam below for a taste of great things to come.


More New Music from Richard Swift

We gave you the heads up on the new Walt Wolfman EP from our favorite Richard Swift, which just came out a day or so ago via the good folks over at Secretly Canadian.  Well, today, in case you weren’t able to make it to your local store, the label (and SPIN) tossed up another groovy track from the record. This one’s a bit different, using some ramshackle drumming to keep the beat while Swift sings atop it all.  I highly encourage you to get your hands on this work as soon as possible, giving Richard some much deserved love; it’s definitely an interesting, and enjoyable listen.


Download: Richard Swift – MG 333 [MP3]

New Gem from Death Songs

I’ve really enjoyed the work of the Shaky Hands, so I’m happy to introduce you to Death Songs, the projects of Nathan and Nicholas of the aforementioned group.  They’ve just released a self-titled 10″, and it’s full of low-key country-fied jams. This track sounds a bit like early Conor Oberst with a gently strummed guitar to go along with it.  Having listened to the whole collection, I’m quite pleased to tell you it’s full of great tracks just like this one, so go ahead, you can thank me now for introducing you to these guys.


Download: Death Songs – Water In The Eyes Of Man [MP3]

Playful New Dream Pop from Psychic Twin

There’s never a bad time to come across a dreamy little number like this new track from Psychic Twin. The Illinois duo is self-releasing this single later in the year, with hopes to get out a full-length in 2012.  While it begins coated in haunting atmospherics, the song picks up soon after, bouncing off in a blissful manner that’s sure to appeal to any listener.  Personally, I appreciate the way the lyrics come in and out of the foreground of the song, giving it a deeper mystic quality that you don’t hear every day.  Be sure to check out this up-and-comer.


Download: Psychic Twin – Deepest Part [MP3]

New Indie Pop from the Bats

New Zealand has long been home to some of the greatest pop music created, and The Bats have been around for a great bit of that, with their career coming up close on 30 years of brilliant LPs, EPs and singles.  Now, the band is soon to release Free All the Monsters, which you can find on Flying Nun Records. On the title track you’ll find bright guitars, and even a little male/female vocal performance; it’s a simple study in basic indie pop–the kind those who hold this genre dearly will be sure to enjoy.  Give this track and the record a go, if you know what’s good for you.


Download: The Bats – Free All the Monsters [MP3]

New Music from Richard Warren

Richard Warren first caught my attention with his album, Laments, and I hope he’s about to grab your ears as well. His new album, The Wayfarer, just came out on Rough Trade, and it’s the type of sad-bastard music that makes your gut hurt, but in a way where it makes you feel alive. British press has sort of given him a David Lynch attitude with that lone highwayman spirit; you can definitely see that in the title track from the record which we’ve got for you below.  This is definitely a listening experience worth your time.


Download: Richard Warren – The Wayfarer [MP3]

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