SXSW Photos – Brian Gray Pt.3

What’s that you say?  How can this be?  We have even MORE photos from our new photographer Brian Gray from SXSW week?  Thats right kids, this guy took a ton of photos all week long and we wanted to share with you just a few more before calling it good.  I mean we really couldn’t resist at least sharing a few photos of Murray Lightburn going crazy on the unknowing crowd in front of him.  Here’s to a job well done Mr. Gray.  Hope you guys have enjoyed his work as much as I have.  Follow the jump for the last bit of SXSW photos.

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SXSW Photos – Brian Gray Pt.2

So this guy Brian Gray did quite a bit of running around during SXSW and saw more bands than any human being ever should over the course of 5-6 days.  Hell, this guy even managed to pull that off while battling the flu.  Lucky for you and me, Brian snapped a huge amount of photos during the week that we plan to share with you in small portions here.  We’ve already shared some of his work from the first part of the week, so now we’ll move into the middle parts of the festival.  What can I say, the man does great work.  Follow the jump for more.

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SXSW Photos – Brian Gray Pt.1

So we’ve finally wrapped SXSW and everyone is either lying in bed with the worst hangover of their life or back at work in a similar state.  To begin some sort of recap for the week’s events, we will begin with some fancy photos from recent ATH pick-up Brian Gray.  Now Mr. Gray has a lot of photos obviously so we picked just a few of the best ones to share.  Follow the jump for more.

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Introducing The Black Watch

You’ve got to be an avid reader in order to catch some of the more obscure artists worth your time.  Luckily, I like to consider myself one such person, and going through the thorough review section in the most recent Big Takeover magazine, I stumbled onto The Black Watch.  At first, references to The Lucy Show and jangling guitars grabbed hold of me, but once I got my hands on the record itself, everything else just fell into place.  John Andrew Frederick writes lyrics the way my favorite David Gedge would put together, just without the idiosyncrasies such as comic book references.  His vocals have this warmth, as if you’re listening to a much loved mentor.  Their latest album, Led Zeppelin Five, doesn’t have any hints of metal allusions, so that’s a good thing here.  Sadly, the band had to go afar, all the way to New Zealand, to get Powertool Records to put out this release.  But, if you like your indie rock to be thoughtful, clean and worthy of abundant spins, then go find yourself a copy. Here’s a sample:


Download: The Black Watch – Emily, Are You Sleeping [MP3]

New Violens Track!

One of the band’s we’re most excited to see at SXSW, Violens, has slowly been leaking out demos and mastered versions of their latest tracks for their next LP, the follow up to Amoral.   You’ll have to wait a few weeks for the mastered version of their latest track, “Be Still,” but if you go to their site you can get a nice listen of this really sweet new track.  I suggest you do so, as this band’s deserving of much more praise than they’ve received. Take a listen right HERE.  And, if you like it, you can buy the first MP3 that they put up last month.  Here’s an old track from the band to get you in the mood.


Download: Violens – Acid Reign  [MP3]

Killer SXSW Comp from Dirtnap

The great thing about SXSW is getting to see a lot of great bands you haven’t spent a lot of time with, but for me, that’s not the case with all the acts on Dirtnap Records.  They’ve been putting a lot of great tunes together, several include local Austin/Texas acts like High Tension Wires or the Mind Spiders.  They just put up a little comp HERE, where you can sample their great bands.  Be sure to head out to their showcase on Saturday @ the Easy Tiger if you like what you hear.


Download: The Mind Spiders – Dont Let Her Go [MP3]

ATH SXSW Guide & Sampler

It’s that time of year again for us to share with you two of our favorite things in the world: free music and show recommendations.  First up is a sampler consisting of 27 songs from some of the best up and coming bands performing at SXSW this year.  We tried to drop in some of the bigger names you already know with some of the small time guys you may not know much about.  Check out the sampler as a zip file or stream the whole thing on the sampler site.  The guys at Paravel really outdid themselves this year on the design.

Next up is our fancy SXSW guide that started last year and continues on in full power again this year.  The guide features a day by day list of 3-4 of the absolute best shows to attend.  Our goal is to try and slim down that massive list of unofficial shows you have and give you something that’s easy to read, print, or bring up on your slick iphone.  Each day should give you a few free day show options and at least one show to check out at night.  We also kept around our handy dandy food guide created last year by our friend Bonnie.  This guide is of course intended as an “ATH Recommends SXSW” guide and by no means a complete list of unofficial SXSW shows.  For that, we recommend Do512, showlistaustin, ultra8201, donewaiting, or the many many facebook groups.

Sampler Page

ATH Unofficial SXSW Guide

SXSW only comes once a year, don’t blow it.

Contest: PS I Love You Tickets & 7″ Giveaway

Man, have we got a deal for you! PS I Love You is playing a gig next Tuesday night (3/1) at the Mohawk (indoors), and we’re fortunate enough to have a pair of tickets to give you absolutely free.  But, not only are we offering you tickets to this excellent show, but we’re also going to be giving away the brand new “Leftovers” single 7″, which is a split with Diamond Rings.  Both bands have gotten loads of praise already, and it seems like their stars are only going to be rising higher and higher in 2011.  All you need to do is leave a comment telling us which band you’re most excited to see at SXSW, and we’ll pick our favorite end of day Saturday (2/26). Oh, and speaking of SXSW, PS I Love You will be back for the festival as well, so stay tuned for more news on the band’s travel itinerary, but for now plan on meeting us at the Mohawk next week.  Below is a sneak peak at a track from the new 7″.


Download: PS I Love You – Leftovers [MP3]

Giveaway: Austin Music Volume 10 Tickets & CD (2/23)

The Austin Music Office is back again with their annual compilation album featuring music from some of the hottest local acts around.  The compilation CD soon to be released features music by Bright Light Social Hour, Sahara Smith, The Marshall Ford Swing Band, Danny Malone, TV Torso, Ocote Soul Sounds, Mother Falcon, Gina Chavez, Betty Soo, Bill Callahan, The Trishas, T-Bird and the Breaks, Tee Double and James Speer, and The Octopus project.  Whew.  To celebrate this release, a show is going down at The Parish on Wednesday the 23rd with short sets by a few of the acts mentioned above (full lineup can be seen on the Parish site).  Now tickets will cost most of you $10 at the door, but TWO lukcy winners will get into this show on us.  Deets are as follow:

– TWO winners will receive their name +1 on the guest list AND a copy of the Austin Music Volume 10 CD.

– To enter: Simply leave a comment below or hit us up on twitter with why you should win.

– Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can find you when the contest closes.

– Contest closes this Friday at high noon.

1 685 686 687 688 689 719