Chilled Tune from New Animal

I’m always down to help represent for our friend Rob over at Old Flame Records.  He’s just released this new single from Atlanta’s New Animal, and I’m really digging this lead single.  For a duo, it’s got a real dense feeling to it, with multiple layers, both instrumentally and vocally.  As the song slowly unfolds, the two pile upon more sounds, creating a rather interesting pop collage.  If you like what you hear, you can grab the single from Old Flame, or you can wait a bit, as they plan to release a limited edition tape soon.

Soft Gem from King Creosote

One of the things I hate about the US is that it’s really hard to get the good vinyl from the UK without paying a hefty sum.  If it weren’t so, I’d definitely have my house filled with the beautiful sounds of Kenny Anderson, aka King Creosote.  Today, he’s releasing his newest collection of tunes, a three song EP titled To Deal With Things.  On this particular tune, Anderson quietly enters the fold, letting his vocals brood and build, just before the drums slightly pick up the pace.  For me, there’s not a more mesmerizing voice these days, especially when it’s accompanied by the dark undertones of the music present. Enjoy.


Download:King Creosote – Ankle Shackles [MP3]

New Rocker from The Demon Beat

You all know I love my rock n’ roll given to me with a nice little punch in the face, which is exactly how I feel with this new jam just released by The Demon Beat.  The group’s preparing to release their new album, Less is Less, which comes out in September via Funny/Not Funny Records.  I feel like the group’s got a solid garage rock feel, but the vocals have a bit of a scratchy drawl, prompting me to give into these guys more punk rock leanings.  It’s definitely an energy filled hit, so I hope it helps keep your day real.


Download:The Demon Beat – Teenage Wasteland [MP3]

Fun Fun Fun Nites Lineup

So you think you’ll have energy for even more bands after spending your day at the FFF?

The Nites lineup is here and I anticipate the lack of sleep the second and third days of FunX3 will be enough to cause delirium and panic, intentional insomnia. Check bands like Blitzen Trapper, Imperial Teen, A Place to Bury Strangers and King Tuff in native environments, the clubs and bars and venues. Plenty of others will be throwing DJ sets to get your dance party on after spending the day being pinned against the rail on the black stage.

Click here to see what you get to miss if you sleep.

New (ish) Dream Pop from Holidays

Not quite sure why I haven’t heard of Holidays yet, but I’m glad I came across them today.  This Roma group have crafted an album of perfect dream pop that I wish I had stumbled upon earlier in the summer–better late than never, am I right? It’s filled with an homage to all your favorite American bands of the moment, using warm electronic sounds and California surf rock to sculpt hooks galore.  If you’re into this jam, which I know you will be, you can head over to Keep It Yours Records and pick up the Young Love LP from Holidays; it’ll carry you through the rest of these warm summer days.


Download:Holidays – Lazy Diamonds [MP3]

New Tunes from Life In Film

Man, I’m really excited to bring you this new tune from Life In Film, a little known British group that should be making waves over here soon.  They’ve just put out their Needles & Pins EP, and it’s got some great hits on it that I think you’ll all enjoy.  Okay, I can definitely hear hints of Chris Martin in the vocals, but I can overlook that.  The construction of the song is what happens to turn me on here, with these bright angular guitar sounds, sometimes stuttering a bit in the middle of the track.  It ends up crafting this wonderful single that I’m going to dare you not to love.


Download:Life In Film – Needles & Pins [MP3

Video: Deep Time – “Gold Rush”

Deep Time is an ATH Favorite.

Given the strong opening set at the recent Mynabirds show and their show tonight at The Mohawk, it should come as now surprise that we would want to share a video they released for the song “Gold Rush”.

The video was directed by Cassandra Hamilton and features frivolous ghosties playing on the left coast. Moreover, this is one of my favorite songs by the band so please check it out.

Embed after the break…

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New Tunes from Twerps

If you remember last year, then you remember Twerps, especially if you followed our site closely.  They had a runner-up best of year song on our year-end list, and their self-titled album also made the cut.  News hit yesterday about a new 7″ from the Australian bunch coming your way September 17th via Chapter Music.  This tune’s a lot more upbeat than what you might have gotten from the group in the past, and Marty seems to be having a bit of fun with his vocal performance.  In my opinion, this band can’t do a single thing wrong with their music, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same after jamming this track.

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