More New Jams from Plateaus

We’ve been raving about Plateaus all summer long, and it looks like the rest of the world is finally catching up to our impeccable tastes (I’m looking at you P4K).  They’ve put out a slew of punk/power-pop 7″s recently, and they’re about ready to bust out their self-titled debut for Art Fag Recordings.  This new single is just what I love in the group; it’s short and sweet, and catchy as hell.  These are the sorts of songs I dreamed about as a kid, so it’s great to see that all our electronic progression hasn’t gotten in the way of good old rock n’ roll.


Download:Plateaus – Blackout [MP3]

New Dark Jam from Black Marble

If the first few singles are any indication of what Black Marble have up their sleeve, then their new release, A Different Arrangement.  For me, this newest single, “Static,” has the feeling of a more approachable Blank Dogs track.  It’s got this underlying darkness being portrayed by the electronic element, but the overall feeling is definitely one that leans more towards pop.  You’re going to need to pick this record up the day it comes out, just to show your friends how good your tastes really are. You can pick the album up on October 6th from our dear friends over at Hardly Art Records.


Download:Black Marble – Static [MP3]

Up, Down and Up Jam from Fantasy Rainbow

Met The folks at Heist or Hit Records a few years back during SxSW through a mutual friend. Good people.

Saw on Bookface that one of their acts, nineteen year old Oliver Cat doing the music thing as Fantasy Rainbow, has a song up to stream via the 405’s Soundcloud. I took a listen and liked it and decided to share. The song “Condominium” will be on the album Bos Taurus, due in the UK on 10/29. Looking into US release info.

New York friends, he’ll be at CMJ.

Austin Town Hall Presents: White Arrows @ Red 7 (9.20)

Hey folks, I know Thursday is super packed with great bands in town, but if you’re going to some of the early shows, like Fiona Apple or Beach House, then afterwards you need to join us over at Red 7.  We’re stoked to be working with Transmission to present White Arrows in their glorious return to Red 7.  I am still enjoying their latest release, Dry Land Is Not a Myth, which is filled with hooks galore.  Last time we caught the band, they absolutely blew us away, giving us a stronger live show than I think any of us expected.  They’ll be joined by friends Young Buffalo to open up the evening, and with Doors @ 9 PM, you’ll have time to finish your beer and round out your night pop bliss.

Tickets – $8 from Transmission


Download:White Arrows – Fireworks Of The Sea [MP3]

New Single from Gap Dream

I’ve been really pleased with the output from Suicide Squeeze Records this year, already releasing hits from King Tuff and Iron and Wine.  They’re gearing up for another 7″ from Gap Dream titled Ali Baba.  I love the casual way this songs opens up, not really forcing the issue.  For the most part, the song trickles in the same manner throughout, with Gabe Fulvimar sitting around kicking out his vocals in a calm and cool manner.  I have a feeling that a lot of people are really going to enjoy this tune…it’s like a garage rocker for the laid back type.

New Jam from Broncho

I went to school in Oklahoma, so I’ve got to rep the OK bands from time to time.  One of the acts that’s been on my radar is Broncho, kicking out catchy garage jams that encourage anthemic sing-alongs. The group has just put out their debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, and now they’re in the full swing of a nation-wide tour.  If you’re looking for hooks and a bit of grit that harkens back to the swagger of the 70s, then you’re definitely going to love listening to this group.  They’ll be playing a show in Austin at FFF Fest Nites over at Red 7, so get your ears ready.


Show Preview: The People’s Temple @ the Mohawk (9.17)

Date Monday, September 17th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $9 at the Door

There’s pretty much a great show to attend every night of this week, so if you’re a die-hard rock n’ roller, you should probably start your week off right over at the Mohawk.  The People’s Temple are one of the bands I stumbled upon a few years back, and I’ve been following them pretty closely since then.  They recently put out a great new 7″ on Hozac Records, and that’s only made me more excited to hear their psychedelic garage rock this Monday evening.  Opening the show will be Dead Space and Foreign Mothers, helping to round out a pretty noteworthy evening at one of our favorite spots.


Download:People’s Temple – Sons of Stone [MP3]

Great Floating Folk Number from Day Joy

I’ve been looking through the window at the rain for hours, trying to get the site ready for the week.  One of the tracks we were sent just seems perfectly fitting for the soundtrack of these last two hours. Florida’s Day Joy have crafted this emotional folk number, which gives me the impression that my life is quietly floating by as the rain soaks my yard.  It’s a pretty special listen, and one that moved me the minute I pressed play.  You can find this track and others on the band’s debut, Go To Sleep, Mess; the record will be released soon by Small Plate Records.


Download:Day Joy – Go To Sleep, Mess [MP3]

Have A Nice Weekend

It is going to be raining. There are a lot of shows. Be safe. Be happy. This song makes me happy.

Stars just released The North and will be touring through the fall including a stop at ACL, playing on Sunday during my birthday party at 1:15. I’m inviting all of you to the Barton Springs stage. I know some of you may venture off towards the Freelance Whales or Moon Duo. I understand. I may even stop by.

In the mean time, I give you 4:39 of happy.

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