New Gem from Teen Daze

Teen Daze released two strong albums last year, The Inner Mansions and personal fave All of Us, Together. Both are chock-full o’ chilly waves of background music for your couch surfing cocktail party that can also hold up to critical listening.

Seems Jamison is staying busy, Glacier is set to release on 10/1 on Lefse Records. Pre-order is available here. No tour dates for Austin yet.


Azure Blue Readies New LP

azureblue-willowsandpines_highres-500x500I first caught on to Azure Blue when the band released it’s last album via Matinee Recordings. The group is the work of Tobias Issakson, and for me, I really appreciated the understated quality of his pop sensibility. Yes, it’s electronic-based pop, but it doesn’t push the beats too hard, instead using dreamier synth sounds and a casual pace. His voice carefully rests atop the instrumentation, creating songs that allow for escapism. His new album, Beyond the Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt will be out sometime this Fall.

More New Music from Bent Shapes

bentshapes_coffee_promowebWe’ve already talked about our adoration for Boston trio Bent Shapes in the past, and this new single from the group isn’t going to change that at all.  In fact, this is one of my favorite tracks on the entire new LP.  There’s something about the sound of the guitar in this tune that really makes the song work; it’s got a drifting quality that seems to leave you with a floating effect.  I like the way the vocals reach the same level why the drums work furiously beneath.  You can get your hands on the group’s debut album, Feels Weird, on August 20th via the excellent kids at Father/Daughter Records.


Download: Bent Shapes – Hex Maneuvers [MP3]

Little Slice of Indiepop from The Swapsies

swapsiesIt’s been a pretty good month for some great new indiepop tunes, so I’m going to keep pumping out those hits.  I’m back at it today with another track from February Records  and Lovelypool by the Swapsies.  For one, seems like the subject matter revolves around football…the British sort. Throw that in with the rise and fall warm vocals plus the group harmonies, and you’ll find yourself bobbing your head along for enjoyment.  I can’t not post great catchy tunes. If this song doesn’t make your mouth move into a smile, you need to call 911 right away…something’s tragically wrong with you!


Download: The Swapsies – Another Game On Saturday [MP3]

Brand Spanking New Tune from New Tigers

newtigersOur good friends over at the wonderful Soliti Music have just announced that The New Tigers are back again with a brand new record; they’ve added a new drummer due to the mix too.  On this new tune, there’s a playful attitude that wraps itself around the ramshackle drumming and ringing guitar sound. I like the fact that the group is still sticking to writing longer songs, at least that’s what’s evidenced here; it allows for various movements within each song, which always excited me.  The new LP is titled The Badger, and it will be made available on September 20th; hopefully it brings them to the States.

Energetic Electro Pop from Love Is a Burning Thing

168999_495651234052_8328076_nHonestly, I’ve got little information about Swedish band Love Is a Burning Thing; the band has been on the tips of Swede tongues for some time, though there’s not been an official release from the group aside form a few singles.  But, just the other day, No Method tossed up a compilation for the summer, including a brand new track from the group.  I love the way the song is long and drawn out, though the central piece of has to revolve around the vocals, which can come off as intentionally bratty at points.  If you’ve got the patience, the track picks up even more pulsing energy just beyond the five minute mark.  Cool band find.


Download: Love Is a Burning Thing – Throw It All Away [MP3]

Sorry I Missed You: The Latest from Jim Guthrie

jimguthrieI failed you all; I’m sorry.  I should’ve been more on the up and up with Jim Guthrie, who first came to my attention with his participation in Islands and Human Highway.  As I was reading the long list of the Polaris Prize nominees, I noticed the Canadian songwriter had released an album a little over a month ago.  The big single definitely warrants our attention, using Jim’s unique voice and fabulous melodies with some beautiful string arrangements.  His latest record is called Takes Time, and I’ve spent my entire afternoon immersing myself in the pleasures of this release.


Download: Jim Guthrie – Difference A Day Makes [MP3]

Austin Show Spotlight: Shivery Shakes @ Mohawk (8/6)

Shivery ShakesI’m really happy for Shivery Shakes, as they just completed the kickstarter funding to record their new tunes on an upcoming LP.  With that in mind, you’ll have the chance to check out the boys play some of these new tracks when they come into the Mohawk this Tuesday evening; I’m sure they’ll throw out some of the classics too.  Joining them on the night will be Bitter Birds and The Shones, so you’ll have the chance to see other rad acts. Tickets are only $6 at the door, with the show starting around 10 PM.  Get there early and enjoy friendly service and dangerous libations from our friends at Mohawk.


Download: Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Quick Indie Pop Tune from Amida

amidaYou gotta keep your ears to the Internet if you’re going to stay on top of all the great music coming out nowadays, but things are easy when you’ve got reliable labels like Dufflecoat Records putting out hits.  The latest release from the label is going to be the new 7″ EP from Amida, a Manchester act playing around with the poppier side of the city.  The first tune from the record is a catchy bouncer that spans just beyond the 1 minute mark, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to feel the inherent joy from the song.  If you’re into it, support the great label by ordering the 7″ as soon as you have a spare penny or pound.

Body Parts Release Debut with Father/Daughter Records

FireDream_Cover_webThere’s a purity in simple pop songwriting that often is overlooked, though that can’t be said about the newest act on the roster of Father/Daughter Records, Body Parts.  The band has signed with the label to release their debut, Fire Dream, on October 29th, and so far, it sounds like the band’s out to give us all some throwback fun. Utilizing synths, samples and groovy percussive elements, this lead single is nothing short of a hit ready-made for your summer party collection.  Personally, I like the pristine quality of the vocals soaring through through the speakers.  Need a touch of fun? This one’s for you.


Download: Body Parts – Desperation [MP3]

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