Playful New Dream Pop from Psychic Twin

There’s never a bad time to come across a dreamy little number like this new track from Psychic Twin. The Illinois duo is self-releasing this single later in the year, with hopes to get out a full-length in 2012.  While it begins coated in haunting atmospherics, the song picks up soon after, bouncing off in a blissful manner that’s sure to appeal to any listener.  Personally, I appreciate the way the lyrics come in and out of the foreground of the song, giving it a deeper mystic quality that you don’t hear every day.  Be sure to check out this up-and-comer.


Download: Psychic Twin – Deepest Part [MP3]

New Indie Pop from the Bats

New Zealand has long been home to some of the greatest pop music created, and The Bats have been around for a great bit of that, with their career coming up close on 30 years of brilliant LPs, EPs and singles.  Now, the band is soon to release Free All the Monsters, which you can find on Flying Nun Records. On the title track you’ll find bright guitars, and even a little male/female vocal performance; it’s a simple study in basic indie pop–the kind those who hold this genre dearly will be sure to enjoy.  Give this track and the record a go, if you know what’s good for you.


Download: The Bats – Free All the Monsters [MP3]

New Music from Richard Warren

Richard Warren first caught my attention with his album, Laments, and I hope he’s about to grab your ears as well. His new album, The Wayfarer, just came out on Rough Trade, and it’s the type of sad-bastard music that makes your gut hurt, but in a way where it makes you feel alive. British press has sort of given him a David Lynch attitude with that lone highwayman spirit; you can definitely see that in the title track from the record which we’ve got for you below.  This is definitely a listening experience worth your time.


Download: Richard Warren – The Wayfarer [MP3]

New Single from Girls Names

Earlier this year I raved about Girls Names full length, Dead to Me, so when they announced the release of a new single on Slumberland Records, I scrambled to listen to it.  It’s exactly what I expect coming from this group, although the guitar lines seem really clean–that’s a positive.  Deep vocals floating through it all and steady drumming build an excellent foundation for this little jam.  Between this and Sea Pinks (the drummer’s project) it seems like Belfast is under control of these lads; surely we’ll all benefit from this!


Download: Girls Names – Black Saturday [MP3]

New Girl Pop Number from Coasting

Man, as soon as I got this email, it seemed like Coasting was all over the web, and why shouldn’t it be?  It’s the new project from Fiona, the drummer from the Vivian Girls, and it’s pretty tasty.  The group has their new album, You’re Never Going Back, coming out on November 15th via M’Lady Records; and based on the record sampler we were sent, it’s going to be a solid effort.  Personally, the production’s a lot cleaner, yet it still has that bubbling garage-pop sensibility.  Hopefully they can sustain catchy goodness for an entire record, and a good career to boot.


Funky New Jam from The Coast of Nebraska

I’ll be damned if The Coast of Nebraska isn’t attempting a great musical feat, releasing a new EP every month for the rest of the year.  Sounds like a huge amount of work, and I wouldn’t be convinced had the October EP not made its way over to our inbox.  Looks like the big hit off this EP is going to be “Dark Signal,” an electronic exploration of pop, with a tendency to sound a bit like Tunde of TV on the Radio.  Give this one a try, and be sure to keep up with the band as they seek to toss out hit after hit for the rest of the year.


Download: The Coast of Nebraska – Dark Signals [MP3]

New Track from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

RayRay and I have both raved on We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves, and it doesn’t look like that sort of adoration is going to end here.  The group tossed us up a new track off their upcoming album, Never Listen to the Ones You Love, and it’s just as good, if not better than their previous work.  It’s got a bit of swing to it upon the opening, but as you listen to the song progress, it takes off into a blissful state, with a bit of ringing guitar to wrap up the track.  This is definitely a promising song, illustrating to us that the band’s on the path to pop righteousness, at least if we have anything to do with it!


Download: We Cant Enjoy Ourselves – Your Datkest Thoughts Will Shine [MP3]

New Music from Black Twig

I’ve been keeping my eye on Soliti Music, the label that released the Big Wave Riders EP earlier this year.  Just the other day they unleashed this excellent gem from Black Twig.  The group is gearing up for a January release of their album, Paper Trees, and I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve heard so far. It reminds me a lot of The Mary Onettes, but just a touch more fog coating the music, yet still maintaining that pop sensibility I adore.  If you’re into that sort of shoegaze pop track, you’re going to really enjoy jamming out to this number all day long.


Download: Black Twig – Lake Song [MP3]

New (ish) Jam from Atlas

It’s always exciting when you stumble across something that you hadn’t heard, instantly recognizing it as something you’ll enjoy for a long time.  Such was the case tonight when I came across this track from Atlas, a group who has just released a split with My Friends.  Their opening track on their half of the record is a sprawling little jam, but while it gently enters, the increased pace and introduction of the vocals grabbed me.  There’s a great bit going on in the entirety of this track, but I keep coming back to the great melody that’s created by the guitar from beginning to end.  Give this one a try.


Download: Atlas – Slaughter Beach [MP3]

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