Friday Facts: 40,000 Years Ago

So you may have missed the story a couple weeks back about the oldest musical instrument found to date. It is a flute, 40,000 years old found in southern Germany made from mammoth and bird bones. With a discovery like this, there are typically other things learned about our ancestors.


  1. This pushes back the first time someone tried to “talk” during a show. Scientists assume there was grunting from a female about how her caveman wouldn’t “commit”.
  2. Cave paintings of performances were limited in scope. Apparently, they were made during the first three songs, no torch allowed.
  3. Distant relatives of Gerard from Matador was at the first show and bought a band pelt along with early members of Jim Eno’s lineage and the actual Lemmy.
  4. The flutists eventually signed a new tribe and lost all indie cred in the cave.
  5. Flute/penis euphemisms were born.

Image courtesy Oxford: Full Story.

Great New Tune from Tiger Waves

Obviously Tiger Waves are one of our favorite acts, and as they continue to work together, they become increasingly better.  We’re going to help the band by putting out their next album, which is still being recorded, but they’ve passed along this great new song; I’m practically ready to put this record out already.  You’ll find that the vocals are vibrant, yet just a bit quiet in the mix; it’s one of the things I really enjoy about the group’s recordings.  I’m not going to spend time trying to compare them to anyone else, as they’ve gone to eclipse obvious influences by creating a sound entirely their own.  We’ll keep you posted as more details unfold about the group’s next record, but for now, enjoy “Weekends.”


Download:Tiger Waves – Weekends [MP3]

Please to Meet You: Coves

Opening the old inbox today, I found a very kind email from Coves, featuring links to several songs, and a brief history.  Now, after enjoying these tracks all day long, it’s time I introduce you to the group.  They’re comprised of duo Beck Wood and John Risgard, both hailing from the United Kingdom; they’ve just put out their Cast a Shadow EP via Cross Key Records. My initial thought was that they’re some dreamy bedroom pop group, and you can see that when listening to the first track I’m posting, on which Beck takes the lead vocal, but I can see something else lurking beneath that concept.  If you take a listen to the second jam below, is it just me, or is there some of that gospel-infected pop that J. Spaceman has included in his work? Regardless, I’ve been enjoying the soulful tunes these two have been making, so I had to share it with you, in hopes that the good word would spread!


Download:Coves – No Ladder [MP3]


Download:Coves – Let the Sun Go Down On Me Here [MP3]

Fun Surf Pop from Mrs. Magician

If you’re a fan of Waaves, you’re going to enjoy listening to Mrs. Magician even more.  They’re a San Diego surf-rock band, and while they’re just as bratty as Waaves, the recording of this track (and their album) sounds a whole lot better than some of the production on that other dudes records.  Strange Heaven is the perfect record to play all summer long, and it doesn’t hurt that it was produced by John Reis of Hot Snakes/RFTC fame.  Put it on, sit back, and imagine you and your friends chilling down at the beach…guarantee you’ll only get up to press repeat over and over.


Download:Mrs Magician – There Is No God [MP3]

Bouncy Track from Body Parts

The latest track from Body Parts has been a great way to start out my morning, although the song’s been out for quite a bit.  It was brought back to my attention when the group organized this clever sign language video HERE. It all comes from the group’s On Purpose album, which is chock full of songs to keep you on your toes, hopping about. Sometimes energetic dance-pop is just the right thing to kick off the day, so hopefully that’s how this song fits into your day, giving you a bit of a bounce in your step.  Buen proveche.


Download:Body Parts – Doing Things [MP3]

New Track from Nude Beach

Now, this is a band I’m definitely going to get behind!  Nude Beach is from NY, and you can see some lineage to old school NY.  The group’s got this swagger and this street-smart sound…and there’s a hint of garage pop to boot.  They’ve recently signed on to Other Music Recording Co, who will help put out the group’s newest record, II, on August 14th this year.  It’s a track that should have pretty much all music fans salivating, using bits of modern indie rock fused with a classic street sound.  I’m going to love this record, and I bet you will too.



Great Reissue from Rock Plaza Central

Perhaps my friend Shane and I are the only one interested in this, but I’m sure we’re both really excited.  Chris Eaton’s Rock Plaza Central project has been sporadic at times, but that shouldn’t take away from the great body of work, such as my personal favorite, Are We Not Horses.  Chris has just re-released one of the group’s early recordings, Quantum Butterass, and I’ve really been enjoying getting to see where the band began.  The track I posted has some similarities to Mountain Goats, and I can definitely see similarities that have lasted into both bands careers.  If you like this, the band is giving it away, but they’re asking for donations, which are always suggested by us here at ATH.


Download:Rock Plaza Central – Que Sara [MP3]

Chill New Tunes from Soltero

I’ve been looking for something just like this new tune from Soltero for a couple of weeks now.  The Brooklyn group just released their new album, 1943, and it’s full of some ridiculously good songs that I can’t stop playing over and over. For me, my first hook was the similarities to the delivery and the writing style of D. Berman of Silver Jews, but there’s a bit more of a mellow jangle going on in these tunes.  This song starts off slow for a few seconds, but just wait until it delivers the subtle hooks that made me fall in love with this new album.


Download:Soltero – Rescue [MP3]

Solid Rocker from Young Guv + the Scuzz

As if Ben Cook wasn’t busy enough with Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings, he’s gotta keep his own project, Young Guv going right?  Well, he’s joined up with some of his favorite musicians in Toronto, deemed the Scuzz, and recorded A Love Too Strong 12″, which will hit stores on July 31st.  It’s always interesting to listen to Cook’s work, as it definitely has a softer side than one would expect from the guitarist in Fucked Up.  This song reminds me of The Replacements a little bit, although there’s a softer edge to it overall–even with the Scuzz backing.  I’m pretty stoekd to hear the final product because this song is just killing it on my stereo right now.


Download: Young Guv + The Scuzz – Heal Over Time [MP3]

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