Great New Song fromTiger Waves

If you checked out our Top Texas Albums List, you might have noticed a little known band, Tiger Waves.  In my opinion, the band deserves all sorts of adoration, and this new track should definitely prove to you that you basically need to spend your weekend getting your hands on their old works, falling in love, then enjoying this new track. Word on the streets is that 2012 should feature a new record from the Austin/Chicago based group.  In this new song, music sort of trickles in carefully, then the vocals harmoniously dance atop it all, creating this dreamy song that you won’t want to miss.  Do yourself a favor and spread the word; bands like this deserve all the love they can get.


Download: Tiger Waves – I Hope You Feel Alright [MP3]

New Track from Cold Showers

I’m really excited by this new track, or rather this alternate version, from Cold Showers.  It’s going to be released in early 2012 as a single from Art Fag Recordings, along with the original versioun, which is equally as awesome; we’ll keep you posted on the exact street date.  For now, get into this song:  It has a nice bounce to it from the beginning, which will live with the song throughout, but you’ll notice that coated vocal effect favored by Mike Sniper. There’s an odd haunting mood created by the vocals and the bass, but at the same time, there’s this counterbalancing brightness provided by the other instruments.  It’s dark, it’s catchy, and it’s just flat out good. You dig?


Download: Cold Showers – So I Can Grow (Alternate Version) [Mp3]

New Punk Jam from VIDEO

For me, 2011 has been an excellent reemergence (in my life, at least) of the punk rock. One of the most recent albums I’ve been spinning a lot lately has come from Denton’s VIDEO.  The band is comprised of members of Wax Museums and Bad Sports, bands I’ve already raved about.  They just released their album, Leather Leather, on Play Pinball! Records, and it’s nothing but a rocking adventure, harkening back to the grittier days of rock n’ roll.  On the track below, the song just builds and builds, exploding in the chorus in dramatic fashion, giving you an impression of a killer live show sure to come (12/28 in Austin). If you’re looking to get your blood boiling, then look no further than right here! And head to the record store to pick up your copy, as you can see that it’s got some unique packaging; I think it’s their to hide the fury inside.


Download: Video – Red Pills [MP3]

New Rocker from Black Twig

There’s not a hotter label in my mind right now than Soliti Music, and the killer label has been generous enough to share us this incredible new track from Black Twig.  The group will be releasing their album Paper Trees via the label on January 11th, and as of right now, this is one of my most anticipated records for 2012.  In this newest single you’ll find jagged guitars jangling, but it’s the vocal that really grips you; it’s calming, which juxtaposes the furiously beautiful noise that bounces through the rest of the song.  If you’ve heard anything better this week than this track, then give me a heads up, as I don’t think you will.


Download: Black Twig – Death Scene [MP3]

New(ish) Jam from You Won’t

As the musical year draws to a close, it’s getting kind of hard to find some solid tracks to toss your way, but I didn’t have to go too far once I visited the site of our old friends over at Old Flame Records.  They’ll be releasing the debut of You Won’t, titled Skeptic Goodbye, and it’s definitely something you’ll want on your 2012 radar.  This track has been floating around for a few weeks or so, and it’s going to be floating around in my head for the rest of the week I feel.  The gentle strum of the mandolin along with the accompanying percussive stop just makes its way into your soul, in only the best way possible.  Look out for these guys to make a big splash in 12′.


Download: You Won’t – Who Knew [MP3]

New Single from Guns of Navarone

One of the fads of the last decade or so has been alt-coutnry, and with so many bands out there, it’s been hard to really find that one great alt band that wins everyone over.  Fortunately for us, and you, Austin band Guns of Navarone have crafted an exceptional record full of well-written tunes in the vein of alt-country.  Prize and Battlefield is the name of the record, and they’ve just tossed out another great single that exemplifies the band’s sound.  It’s a bit of that country feel, but there’s hints of underlying pop, as well as a gruffness that accompanies the vocals.  Now’s your chance to join us in our praise for one of Austin’s great bands.


Download: Guns of Navarone – Gatsby Did It All For a Girl [MP3]

New Jam from Cineman Red and Blue

Our friend Kevin’s probably going to hate the fact that I can’t get over my infatuation with all things Comet Gain related, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for the band.  However, this track only features part of the group, as well as members of Crystal Stilts, so that should garner me some hipster cred, right?  The track below is from the Butterbean Crypt EP, which was released only in the UK on Fortuna Pop, but it’s still worth hyping one of my favorite songwriters, David Feck.  This track here is a lot more aggressive than previous works, and seemingly unites some of the Stilts psych tendencies.  Definitely a nice addition to the group’s brief history.


Download: Cinema Red and Blue – Walkin’ To The Cemetery [MP3]

New Indie Pop from Wild Arrows

Interestingly, Wild Arrows has a bit of a post-hardcore influence, but listening to this single from their new EP ,The Punks Don’t Know What Punk Is, has not trace of that style in there at all.  From the moment you get into the track, there’s nothing but playful pop lurking about.  and it’s the pop of the good kind.  It’s light-hearted with very little kitsch to it, so you can’t help other than to feel the effortless bounce from within.  With main musician Mike Law’s storied past in the business, it will be interesting to see where he goes with the rest of the EP.


Download: Wild Arrows – Cloudbursting [MP3]

New Mellow Jam from Islands

After the release of the Human Highway record, featuring Nic from Islands, I truly expected a lot more of a mellow approach to singwriting.  But, then Nic went out and threw Vapours at us. It’s not that I minded, but I was looking forward to a more contemplative side of the man, which might be what we’re getting when Islands release A Sleep and A Forgetting on February 14th via Anti- Records.  He seems calm here, willing to lay down a great harmony to build the song around.  He’s great when he’s spastic, but this is an interesting touch on an ever-changing career.


Download: Islands – This Is Not a Song [MP3]

More New Power Pop from Marvelous Darlings

We brought you the news a few weeks ago that Deranged Records would be releasing a compilation from Marvelous Darlings, the project of Fucked Up‘s Ben Cook.  This time around we have a brand new track that’ll be featured on the album, and it’s precisely what you’ve been promised. Everything you ever loved about pogoing around your room, with hints of Westerberg-esque delivery on the vocals pushing you to sing along.  Sometimes nostalgic throwback tracks just kick you in the teeth in the most enjoyable way, and I’m not going to stop playing this record as it’s filled with tracks just like this.


Download: Marvelous Darlings – Teenage Targets [MP3]

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