Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas (6/2)

After taking a night to relax and sweat at Stubb’s, it was back into the Chaos. Primary venue choice was Club DeVille, but I did pop next door to see the goings-ons.

Club DeVille scored a great lineup for the indie kids with Sea Lions, Royal Headaches and The Clean. I saw more Japanese hardcore at The Mohawk courtesy Zyanose, full mosh pit included. Ironically, I took an elbow to the face while shooting Royal Headache.

Here come the pics…

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Mellow Electronic Jam The Deer Tracks

It’s Monday, and while my body recovers from Chaos in Tejas, let’s throw something a little bit more chilled out in your direction.  This Swedish group is currently in the middle of releasing a trilogy of albums titled The Archer Trilogy–Part 3 should be out later on this year.  One of the reason’s I like the group so much is that I can see similarities to other electronic duo’s like the Knife, but this group has a sound completely all their own; it’s always good when you can build on influences and take your own direction.  The Deer Tracks is set to come to the US (though not Austin) in June, so keep a look out for them in your town.


Download:The Deer Tracks – W [MP3]

More New Music from The Intelligence

Summertime (I’m a teacher) is perfect for me to catch up on listening to records I’ve gotten that I haven’t given my full attention to, yet. This new album from the Intelligence is high on my list, so as they break out more great tracks for everyone, I’ve always gotta share.  Today this new single hit the web, and it’s more of a steady strum, as opposed to the jittery number they released earlier–that is until you get a little bit of swagger in the last minute of the track.  You can pick up the band’s new record, Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me, on June 19th via the good folks at In the Red Records.


Download: The Intelligence – Techno Tuesday [MP3]

Show Pics: Two Door Cinema Club @ Stubb’s (6/1)

So Two Door is one of those bands that I can’t help but like. Call me a sucker for Brit Pop done by Irish kids (cue snarky comment from Nathan).

But what was nice to see was Bad Veins opening for them again. They are on the local label Modern Outsider who are friends of the program.

However, the middle support sucked. Think wedding DJ meets karaoke mash-up. Oh my, it was so bad and made worse when I found out the respectable Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would be in the two-slot for the rest of the tour.

Anyway, I love these pics. Enjoy.

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Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas – Ted Leo (5/31)

Chaos in Tejas is that thing when you get ready for a show by not showering.

It is also that thing where randomly selected indie-punk-pop acts get thrown on stage in between hardcore and punk bands. In this case, The Mohawk featured Nathan’s man-crush, Ted Leo, had a set between Japanese thrash by Reality Crisis and old-school punk from The Mob.

To further confuse my ears, I stopped in for a bit of Big Freedia‘s set at Club DeVille.

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Magical New Pop Number from Dylan Shearer

Not being from San Francisco, I haven’t been let on the great secret of the city: Dylan Shearer.  Luckily, that changed today when this exquisite track landed in ye olde inbox. Dylan’s got a new record titled Porchpuddles, which is being released by Empty Cellar Records on June 19th.  Sonically, it harkens back to the earlier days of pop music, with a smooth approach to the delivery of the vocals and the music itself.  You get the feeling that this song sounds best in some sort of coffee house with hordes of people swaying as they sit cross-legged on the floor.  Pleased to meet you Dylan.


Download:Dylan Shearer – Afterwhile [MP3]

More New Tunes from Beachwood Sparks

Seems like summertime is perfect for guitar noodling and mellow jams, so I’m happy that Beachwood Sparks has been able to return to the fold as we go deep into the hot weather.  After getting back together, the group has recorded Tarnished Gold, which is being released by Sub Pop on June 26th, and trust me, it’s a gem of a record.  I’m not that well boned-up on my classic rock, but I hear that shaky ground between Neil Young and the Grateful Dead (I know, sacrilege for us indie kids).  Sometimes you just can’t ignore a good hit.


Download:Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again [MP3]

Kicking Track from Foxygen

Seems like every band coming out right now has a tendency to make a nod to the past, but that being said, I still find all the new twists on the old sound quite interesting.  Foxygen is the newest signing by our friends over at Jagjaguwar, and I’m really enjoying the duo’s hip old school sound.  Some people are tossing around the Kinks, but I sort of see it as a melding of Calvin Johnson and the past.  There’s definitely flourishes that surpass the tendencies of classic rock, which allows the band to remain progressive whilst still paying homage to their forefathers. Enjoy this little jam, and pick up Take the Kids Off Broadway on July 24th.


Download:Foxygen – Make It Known [MP3]

Show Pics: Father John Misty @ The Mohawk (5/26)

The day after Ty and Suckers, I “had to” go to The Mohawk to see Father John Misty with Har Mar Superstar and Dana Falconberry.

It was a very contrasting set of bands. Dana Falconberry‘s solemn folk melody gave way to Har Mar‘s jams and cock buffet invites led to J. Tillman’s mix of the two. To PYAITK, Father John Misty is J Tillman‘s project after leaving Fleet Foxes. He also played drums for Har Mar during their run out on the road.

It was a strange evening. And I got a decent Har Mar headstand pic, finally…

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