New Music From The Laughing

It seems like it’s been ages, years even, since I last heard word from the local group The Laughing.  I was always a fan of the band’s tunes, but sort of just assumed that they had moved on to other things.  Well, imagine my surprise today when I get a random email from the band promoting a new song entitled “Disappear”.  It shows tons of promise for one of Austin’s finest bands that was dormant for too long.  A new album from the band, Oscillation, is said to be on the way sometime later in the spring.  Welcome back boys.


Download: The Laughing – Disappear [MP3]

Thundering Track from K-Holes

If you know our friends over at Hardly Art, they’ve been dabbling in the softer side of indie rock for the last several releases (not that we mind at all #justsaying).  But, when you hear this booming track, you’ll realize that the label has a new force to be reckoned with in K-Holes.  Their new record, Dismania, should be out on the label on May 1st, and there’s something sonically sinister lurking.  It’s got the reckless abandon you can recall from early Liars work, just a lot more demonic, but in only the best way, of course. Don’t be afraid my child, there’s no devil in this rock n’ roll, just killer noise!


Download: K Holes – Rats [MP3]

More Sweet Pop from Soft Swells

A few weeks back we brought you a nice little gem from Soft Swells, and as we near the release of their self-titled record, another great tune comes our way.  The record won’t officially come out until February 28th, but you’ll definitely be anticipating getting your hands on it after listening to this standout song. For me, it recalls a lot of the pop sincerity of bands like the Generationals, offering up hooks with no pretension or guise; that’s how you’re supposed to compose the hits.  If this isn’t stuck in your head by the end of the day, let me know and I’ll apologize–I have a feeling I won’t be getting any comments on that front though.


Another Sleazy Rocker from White Fence

You’ve got to hand it to Tim Presley.  He can bring a nice psychedelic country number with Darker My Love, then turn around and bang out a noisy little garage rock number on the other hand. As we’ve mentioned before, Presley’s White Fence project is set to release one of two albums for Woodsist on April 3rd titled Family Perfume. And rumors have it that he’s also in the works with Ty Segall on a joint project.  If he’s going to keep kicking out solid jams like this one, then we’re going to stay on board.  Just hope this is more quality than quantity.


Download:White Fence – Swagger Vets and Double Moon [MP3]

New Folk from Kendl Winter

You’ve got to love an indie rock stable with eclectic tastes, and such is the genius of K Records.  They’re set to release the new album from Kendl Winter titled The Mechanics of Hovering Flight, and I’m really enjoying getting lost in this album today. Listeners should appreciate her penchant for storytelling, especially on this single.  One listen to this track and I’m hoping you’ll see the gifts in her singing and songwriting.  Oh, and I acknowledge this is a melancholy number, but there’s definitely some more peppy numbers about on the album. In this day and age, folk music is coming at us from all angles, but only so often is it done as well as it is here.


Download:Kendl Winter – Faded [MP3]

Smashing Hit from Estrogen Highs

Man, this is what a great song sounds like? Yeah, absolutely. I hadn’t heard of Estrogen Highs until I caught this sweet jam in the inbox, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to spend my entire day rocking out to this one.  The Connecticut group are releasing their Irrelevant Future album via Trouble in Mind Records on April 10th, and you can bet on it being brilliant.  This track begins with a light musical line and vocal accompaniment, which goes on for a bit.  Hold on tight though, as the band blasts off into this brilliant realm of post-punk hooks.  Songs such as this can only make the world a better place.


Download:Estrogen Highs – I Wanna Be Tall [MP3]

Nice New Track from Little Hurricane

Sometimes you get some information on a band, and you’re tempted to look the other way, panning them as just another run of the mill bluesy duo. But, along the way to my dismissal, I just couldn’t escape this track getting stuck in my head. Little Hurricane might have a hell of a lot of swagger in the live setting, but I’m really enjoying the sound on the first single from their album Homewrecker; the album hits on May 1st via Unknown Behavior. There’s something about Tone’s (singer/guitarist) vocals that definitely raise the bar on blues-rock; it’s not that typical country whine.  With Jack White rocking solo, a song like this propels Little Hurricane to the top of the pack.


Download:Little Hurricane – Haunted Heart [MP3]

Party Pics: Council Meeting @ ND (2/3)

There was another Council Meeting at The North Door and it just so happened that friends of ATH, The Great Nostalgic and Tiger Waves, were playing through the curtains. What a lovely way to spend an evening; playing jams and shooting jams being jammed. Lots of jamming, in fact. Jam has become our favorite thing.

Tasty drinks, booty drops, plenty of extras joining in because of multiple birthdays. You may have missed it, but it was documented for posterity. Click through…

Read more

Literature Pre-Order Now Up

Okay, admittedly we’re going to give a little plug here for ourselves, but I’m totally okay with that.  As we’ve mentioned here before, we’re going to be helping put out the new album, Arab Spring, from Austin’s own Literature.  It’s a project we’re stoked to be part of, and one that we hope will help us launch our non-profit label (aren’t they all?) to help Austin/Texas bands.  Anyways, for those interested in getting your hands on it, you can preorder the album today from our partners (the other benig Cop’s Kids Records)  in this venture, Square of Opposition.  Go HERE to get yours now, and sample one of the sweet tracks from the record below!


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

New Tracks from Ruby Fray

Emily Beanblossom’s a bit of a roamer, and we’re happy to have her find a home here in Austin, for the time being at least.  She’s about to release her new album, Pith, via K Records on March 15th (if you buy straight from K, all money goes to Emily!) under the Ruby Fray moniker.  There’s a nice bit of difference in the two tracks, one featuring a heavy-handed guitar backbone, the other more gentle and quirky.  You’ll enjoy a similar variety on her album, so be sure to mark your calendars for the release date, as it’ll be a special listening experience for us all.


Download:Ruby Fray – And the Moon [MP3]



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