Great Sprawling Track from Wildeflower

Over here in the States we’re probably not too familiar with Wildeflower, but after listening to the tracks off their Good Girl/Amazing Discovery 7″, I’m expecting that to change–of course, that all hinges upon people believing my hype machine (I don’t think they do).  The recording of this B-Side song is perfect; you can barely make out the audible bird chirps in the background.  Musically, it seems to fit that natural world sound, crafting a track that seems to fit perfectly within some far off landscape.  If you play this song again and again, you’re going to get immense rewards–all of which will make you a huge fan of Wildeflower.


Download:Wildeflower – Amazing Discovery [MP3]

Show Preview: Tennis @ the Parish (5/8)

Date Tuesday, May 8th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $13 from Frontgate

Indie-pop with female vocals has really taken over the Interwebs in the last few years, and leading that attack (along with others) has been Tennis.  The group returns to Austin on Tuesday night over at the Parish, coming into town to support their recent release, Young and Old.  It’s a gem of an album, and the group’s sounds will assuredly sound spectacular coming through the great sound system at the Parish. Opening the evening will be Vacationer, so it won’t be too late an evening, but it will be something you pop lovers will absolutely have to attend.


Download:Tennis – It All Feels The Same [MP3]


Noisy Little Rocker from No Monster Club

If you’re looking for a band that lives somewhere between Fresh and Onlys and Wavves, then let me introduce you to No Monster Club!  The group came to my attention as I was following one of my favorite smaller labels, CF Records.  They’ve recently helped this Irish trio put out a small small run of their newest LP, Dublin, and it’s a pretty solid introduction to the band.  Below you’ll find a rambunctious bit of garage pop filled with infectious hooks and a bit of disregard for hi-fi recordings.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get this jam out of my head.


Download:No Monster Club – Be My Bone [MP3]

Show Review: Active Child @ The Mohawk (5/4)

It was way too hot for early May as The Mohawk played host to Active Child with Superhumanoids and Balam Acab opening. RayRay insisted I would be surprised by the live set. After a few beers at Easy Tiger, we wandered up Red River half-jokingly singing clips from You Are All I See. What would an Active Shild cover of “Cumbersome” sound like?

Anyway, click through. I have plenty of pics and a few more show notes…

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R.I.P. Adam Yauch

This makes me sad.

From middle school kid being rebelious by listening to three white kids from New York rap about defying their parents to college student getting a groove with funk beats to grown-assed man lamenting their cancellation at ACL, The Beastie Boys have been part of my life. I imagine most of you are the same.


Psych Fest Day Three: Photos and Thoughts

It is Psych Fest Day Three. I have empty memory cards and I am well-rested. My brain is no longer trying to swell out of its cage.

What’s to do? Well, there is a little band I call Thee Oh Sees. Again, not a true fit for Psych, but who cares? They are going to put down jams. I was also excited to see the return of Dead Confederate. Can they catch the magic of their first release?

Click that box over there and read words and have photo overload.

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More Great Rock n’ Roll from Fidlar

I’ve already raved about Fidlar from some time, so when this new track surfaced, I couldn’t help but fall back in love with the band.  It’s a great jam for a Friday, with garage rock jangling kicking on for the duration of the track.  It’s even a bit sloppy at parts with the vocals getting a touch scratchy.  When I came across this song it also came news that Mom and Pop had picked up the band, so we can expect a full length of rocking jams to come from the band later on in the year–at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

Show Preview: Roky Moon Birthday Show @ 29th Street Ballroom (5/4)

Date Friday, May 4th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 900p
Tickets CHEAP!!!

Dudes, you gotta go to this.  I know it’s in the non-traditional part of the music scene, but sometimes that’s where the best stuff goes down. Friday night is a huge bash featuring tons of local acts on three different stages, so you can bounce around and see what you dig.  Me, well, I’ll definitely be checking out our friends Young Girls and Shivery Shakes; Sour Notes will also be on my list! Of course, some of these bands I haven’t seen yet, so I’m going to try to get in as many bands as possible. Come out and have a blast with us!


Download: Young Girls – Party Tape [MP3]


Download: Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Psych Fest Day Two: Photos and Thoughts

Day One was fun.

Day Two, however, was met with a splitting sinus headache and stories of crowded photo pits with iPhones and friends of the friends of the bands that got in as “Press”. Such is the festival atmosphere. It is like an insurance conference where normal human beings sometimes get a little nuts.

Regardless, we had a punch list and we were going to punch it. Head past the break for a few notes and plenty of pics.

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Great Track from Pet Milk

If you follow this site, you’ve got to know my affinity for really well written indie-pop tunes, so I was pleased to come across Pet Milk through the suggestion of Literature front-man, Nate. Apparently, the Philly group carries with them some members of Brown Recluse (a solid band on Slumberland), but Adriane’s vocals on this recording provided a nice little twist to the band’s sound, giving it a hint of warm sexuality.  Still, you’ll find my favorite musical trademarks like heavy-handed guitar jangles and anxious drumming; be sure to stay tuned for the great end to to the track.  You can find tons of songs from the band over HERE, but don’t forget to donate a little bit to the band’s efforts!


Download: Pet Milk – Phantom Lovers [MP3]

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