New Music from Orange Blossom Flyover

Ryan Scally is the man behind Orange Blossom Flyover, a Massachusetts bedroom recording project, except the thing is, it seems to have blossomed into something much more than just a bedroom recording project, even adding some members.  Sure, Ryan’s got an infatuation with using beats, but he’s also coating those beats in buzzsaw guitars and heavily drenched vocals.  It makes for some magical blend that really stumps me for a comparison; I’m thinking throw War on Drugs in with some collection of 90s house beat samples and then politely throw in the term gaze at the end.  Whatever it is, it’s really keeping it real on my stereo right now.


Download: Orange Blossom Flyover – Near Beyond Alone [MP3]


Show Pics: Little Dragon/Big Boi @Fader #Uncapped

When I get an invite to shoot any Fader event, I usually take it. Fader has a history of being good to press and throwing a pretty solid party. I am pretty sure the party-side of even the most earnest hipster has been corrupted by shenanigans at The Fader Fort.

As part of an ad campaign with Vitamin Water called Uncapped, there are a series of pop-up parties with unknown artists. Each event featured an odd mashup of styles. For Austin, Little Dragon was the live show, A-Trak hosted the dance party and Big Boi made an appearance. The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex played host.

Read on for a couple thoughts and plenty of pics. (great light, btw)

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New Club Hit from Kisses

Okay, maybe we’re about 24 hours late on this, but I absolutely loved Kisses old jam, “Bermuda,” and I think this new track surpasses it, so I’ve got to share it with you in case you missed out. I love the groove that pulses throughout the track, thus the name of the track referencing a heartbeat.  But, it still has a little bit of sunny cool that rubs you just the right way. This new single doesn’t appear to have a release date, or be associated with any release in particular, so do yourself and pick up their pretty rocking The Heart of the Nightlife from a few years back.


Download: Funny Heartbeat [MP3]


More New Jams from Night Panther

I’ve already written about Night Panther in the last month, but I’m excited to bring you yet another new track from the group that surfaced earlier today. It’s definitely a track with a different twist on the duo’s dance-ready swagger.  While there’s a hook that grabs you throughout the soon, it’s not nearly as in your face as their earlier single, “Snudge.” I like the way the vocals sort of take off, floating into the background as the pitch reaches extreme heights.  No word as of yet as to when these dudes plan to release a full-length, but I’ll keep you posted on that as we get more details.  For now, sit back and dig the vibe here.


Download:Night Panther – Fever [MP3]

Ticket Giveaway: Clouds Are Ghosts @ Stubbs

It’s ticket giveaway madness time again here at ATH!  Last week we brought you a pair of tickets for a lucky winner to the incredible Saint Motel show at Stubbs last Saturday.   This week it looks like we’ll be back at Stubbs on a Saturday for the locals only show being curated by ATH favorite The Clouds Are Ghosts.  We’ve got a guest list spot with +1 for one lucky winner and the deets go like this:

Up for grabs: A guest list spot with +1

Closing time for entries: Friday morning around high noon

How to enter?: Simple leave a comment with why you should win.  That’s it.

Please remember to leave a valid email address in the comment form so we know who to get in touch with.  This show also features great local talent Equals, Love Hate Affair, and Rescue Mission so it’s gonna be a good one.  Check the Stubbs event site for more info.


Download: The Clouds Are Ghosts – Fields [MP3]

New (ish) Indie Pop from The Lost Homeboys

Surely you’re all aware of my thirst for Swedish indie pop, and I was satiated today when a friend send me this recent EP from The Lost Homeboys.  They didn’t have to do too much  to convince me, considering members of the band are also part of The Electric Pop Group, a band in the heralded stable of our friends at Matinee.  This gem comes from the group’s Leaving Town EP (out not on Dufflecoat Records) and it’s a five minute trip down the beautiful road of indie pop goodness.  Something about that guitar sound gets me every time, and the vocal definitely found its way to my heart.  I hope you’ll enjoy this one.


Download:The Lost Homeboys – S is for Secrets [MP3]

New Jam from Literature

Our boys in Literature have had a pretty solid year thus far, having released their debut Arab Spring LP with us earlier in the year.  They’re back at it again with the new Tie Die 7″, which will come out via our partners for the LP, Square of Opposition Records.  On the B-Side for the release you’ll notice that the urgency of the power pop the band used in the past has receded slightly, allowing for their melodies to take their time coming through the song.  In what’s already been a banner year for the band, they continue writing great songs, maintaining their spot as one of our favorites. Oh, and if you haven’t bought their LP, you can still grab a few HERE.


Download:Literature – Apples [MP3]

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