The Whiskey Priest @ End of an Ear

Normally we would reserve this space for a show post, but we wanted to give more details about the free show that will take place this Saturday, August 14th, at End of an Ear, at six o’ clock.  You see, The Whiskey Priest is Austin songwriter Seth Woods, and his new collection of songs is really spectacular.  Wave and Cloud will be released on August 23rd, and it’s a down-trodden affair, of the most enjoyable type, of course.  You’ll enjoy the way the songs flow from Woods’ voice, and the gentle strumming allows for optimal emotion to be pulled from every chord.  You’ll have a new favorite Austin band after listening to this.


Download: The Whiskey Priest – If A Train Was A Doctor Was A Song

Free Tunes from Mars Field

Mars Field is an old Irish group who never seem to have reached a lot of acclaim over in the United States, which is kind of a bummer.  Their sound is sort of that melodramatic slow-core that we adored in the late 90s.  It’s heartfelt, sometimes tragic, but always beautiful.  The good news is that you can now get all three of the band’s albums: The Blue Buildings are Burning, Upwards Like a Well and Talking Makes Things Worse.  You’ll want to do this immediately, as they’re all FREE!  Just visit the band HERE.


Download: Mars Field – Michael [MP3]

ATH Joins Forces With Future Sounds

By your powers combined… We here at ATH are proud to announce that we’re joining forces with L.A. based music company Future Sounds.  Those not familiar with the company should know that these guys do it all.  They manage bands, put out music on their own label, run a music blog, and put on huge events around the country.  Speaking of huge events, part of what we’ll be doing with these guys is helping them put on shows in Austin.  Each month, we’ll be working with FS, as well as locals Covert Curiosity, Austinist, AV Club, and Waterloo Records to put on amazing and free shows at Beerland.  Every show will feature the best and brightest of local talent in our little town.  Stay tuned for what we’ve got planned for August!

Fun Fun Fun Fest Leak

You know one of Austin’s best festivals is actually Fun Fun Fun Fest right?  Well, they’re slowly starting to leak out news about who will be taking the stage, and you get to hear it right from Bill Murray on this video.  Looks like we’ll be hosting Best Coast, Slick Rick and Suicidal Tendencies, so that’s a pretty solid start, especially considering how everyone is soon to fall in love with Best Coast.  We’ll keep you posted on more updates.

Stream Wavves New Album: King of the Beach

This is a just a short note, as people everywhere should be on this already, but if you dig Wavves, you can stream the new album right HERE. Personally, I’m really excited for this record, as he enlisted the old back-up band for Jay Reatard, and since I can’t have Jay anymore (RIP), then perhaps Wavves will be the next big thing. Go stream it. Tell me if you like it.

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