PYAITK: I Love This Song By Still Corners

Still CornersI saw Still Corners at SxSW a couple years back and was mesmerized. This song may help you understand why. It kicks me in all the right places to level my brain space and make me put the media player on one track repeat.

You can find this on the recently released on Sub Pop album, Strange Pleasures. <- vaulted into the list of my favorite albums of the year in one listen. So good. So very good. Update, added an mp3 stream as the Soundcloud is borked.


Show Review: !!! @ The Mohawk (5/25)

Dance party…

The rain, ever looming, ever threatening avoided unleashing a drenching flood on The Mohawk last Saturday. To make up for it, !!! front man Nic Offer did his best work to make it rain, rain sweat. Twerk. Put it in. There was flailing and gyrating and a few trips into the crowd to spread the love. Meanwhile, the stage was full of music to back him as the dance punk disco pros put down the thick funk at the perfect BPM.

Shockwave Riderz opened with Learning Secrets DJ sets filling the gaps with the hits you should know. Pics and a few more words after the break…

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When Saints Go Memorial Day’ing

Holiday weekend people. Use it. Looking for to !!!? Looking forward to Behind the Candelabra? F1 at Monaco?

I featured a sweet evolving track from When Saint Go Machine as part of an IT Dept post so very long ago. That track was awesome, this one is just as good. “Iodine” lacks the quirky intro, but it has the breaks of sweet synths and waveforms running rampant under the fluttering vocal.

Infinity Pool lands May 28.

New Jam from Surf City

surfcityFive years ago when we were just young bucks starting out on our site, we threw a small SXSW party at the now defunct ghost room.  One of the acts we were really excited to bring in was Surf City, and I’ve closely followed the group since those early days.  Through three albums, they’ve polished up their sound a little bit, bringing the excessive noise down a bit, choosing to replace it with more direct melodies.  They’ll have a new album coming out titled We Knew It Was Not Going to Be Like This, which comes out August 19th via Fire Records.  Should definitely be a good record to wrap up the summer.

More New Music from Mozes and the Firstborn

mozesA few weeks back I brought you “I Got Skills,” a mellow jam from Mozes and the Firstborn.  Now, they’ve got another new single with an accompanying video; it has the same swagger and cool that I enjoyed from the first single.  It’s the perfect pop song, with some hammering on the keys, shaking percussion and a solid melody that harkens to sunny days.  The group’s self-titled album is out now on cassette from the folks over at Burger Records, but you can also grab it from the band HERE.  Oh, and check out the video for this tune; it’s shows what appears to be a day in the life of MFB.



Pleased to Meet You: Fine Steps

finestepsOne of the greatest things I remember about being a kid was following labels like Lookout or Dischord or Matador, knowing that I’d love whatever they put out.  It’s a good thing I still stick to that sort of attitude, which is why I chose to check in today with Volar Records, who’ve put out things by Tropical Popsicle and Window Twins, to name but a few. One outfit they’re working with, though I don’t know much else, is San Fran group, Fine Steps. The group released a pretty solid LP in 2012 titled Boy’s Co, but it seems they’ve got something new in the works. This song has some heavy vocals over this old school punk rock work.  If this jam isn’t making your day, then I don’t know what else to tell you, but I’m glad I stumbled upon it today.

Pure Pop from Lost Tapes

LostTapesCover500x500-300x300Two things are great about the following track. One, it comes from the Spanish duo, Lost Tapes, who’ve managed to craft some really outstanding pop songs, which I will never tire of hearing.  Two, it’s the latest release from Eardrums Pop, one of the great small labels doing their best to promote great music across the globe. I like the bouncing rhythm of the drums, and the gliding feel of the vocals.  If you’re into this tune, you can head over HERE and grab the EP from EPop, but do the site a favor and toss a dollar or two their way so they can keep bringing us sweet tunes.


Download: Lost Tapes – War in The Netherlands [MP3]

Pop Rockin’ with Paper Lions

paperlionsWhen you first press play on the new track from Paper Lions, harmonies will inch along, precisely as they should in the best pop songs.  It doesn’t last long, however, as the guitars speed in and up the ante on the tune’s approach; it will continue to flirt with both aspects, always maintaining the infectious melody that makes the track so successful.  For those of you that find yourselves interested in this tune, and you should be, it will be on the band’s upcoming record, My Friends, which will come out on August 20th via the band’s own imprint, Fountain Pop Records.


Download: Paper Lions – Philadelphia [MP3]

More New Music from Coma Cinema

1881At the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with listening to Posthumous Release, the newest LP from Coma Cinema.  There’s something about the craftsmanship in the songwriting, dwelling in the same sphere as early Elf Power, where darkness and fairy tales blend with incredible pop sensibility.  On this newest single, there’s a bit of a wash over the vocals, coating them in a shroud of mystery, yet the ability to infect you with emotion still resonates in my ears. This album is one of my personal highlights of the year thus far, and you can grab your copy on June 11th.



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