Show Preview: The XX @ ACL Live (2/11-12)

Date 2/11-2/12
Location ACL Live
Doors 6:30pm
Tickets Tonight/Tomorrow

Ticket Link Warning – If you don’t mind sitting behind a speaker, you can still get a ticket to either night’s show.

Indie darlings of moody sparseness, The XX are coming to town to play two nights and ACL Live. Austin Town Hall will be present tonight to give you all the lowdown on the show to see if you should sell your soul to go tomorrow night. A lot of people are way into Romy’s soft vocal, but the best song on the latest effort, IMHO, is the more upbeat, primarily Jamie XX-vocaled “Fiction”. Digress.

Now, The XX are cool and all, but to be honest, the openers Austra have spent more time on my playlists over the past couple years. I am looking forward to their set after having seen them at FFF6 in the broad daylight, not the best environment for their beauty-electro goodness. So here is a track to get you in the doors before their set starts at 8pm…


Download:Austra – The Beat and the Pulse [MP3]

New Music from Burnt Ones

BurntOnes2013_1You looking for a bit of glam pop to brighten your day? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll get when listen to this new tune from San Fran’s Burnt Ones.  The band just announced they’ll be releasing their second LP on Burger Records on April 30th; it’s titled You’ll Never Walk Alone (I hope these guys don’t like Liverpool!). There’s a fuzzy guitar that rings in the opening of this tune, just before the clapping and stomping begins.  It’s immediately catchy, but it’s not sugary, using a little grit to make the song sound just a bit dirtier.  Nice little ditty for a Monday.

Dance Yrself Clean with Sensual Harassment

1166The most important thing about kicking things off on a Monday morning is to get things going in the right direction, and I think this tune from Sensual Harassment will do just the trick for you.  This Brooklyn duo has a new EP titled Escape From Alpha Draconis coming out on Tuesday (it’s free if you trade your email), and based on this it’s going to be filled with danceable hits to get your weekend parties started.  If you like what you’re hearing, you can check out the band on a brief little tour as they make their way into Austin for a stint at our little festival, SXSW.


Download:Sensual Harassment – Make Me Human Again [MP3]

Show Review: A Night @ Holy Mountain

We wanted to put more coverage towards the locals this year and our friend Glen Brown was going to be at the Red Bull Sound Select show at Holy Mountain earlier this week. He offered up some thoughts and shots, so we were like “yeah, do that” and he was like “OK, I will” and we were like “that’s gnarly”. So we have a little love for Gentlemen Rogues, The Sour Notes, Not In The Face and Ume.

Click through for Glen’s notes and plenty of pics. I should have gone. You should have gone. We should have gone.

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Hot Dance Mess from Shout Out Louds

Shout-Out-Louds-IllusionsI’ve been waiting for Shout Out Louds to replicate the deliciousness that was 100 Percent from their first LP, and I think this new track, Illusions, might just be that perfect step.  It combines the element of indie dance music with the group’s current musical warmth, due mostly to the soft spoken female backing vocals.  You can listen to this song and not feel a bit of personal exuberance; you better be tapping your toes or spinning about at your cubicle/bedroom.  This tune has me thoroughly excited for the band’s new album, Optica, which comes out on February 27th via Merge.

Friday Rock from Team Spirit

01-004_TeamSpiritEPLayout_V4_1500x1500.164704Friday’s are lame…until you get off work.  I’m hoping to make things better with a little power-pop from Brooklynites Team Spirit.  It’s nothing out of this world, but it’s just good old fashioned rock n’ roll.  There’s some nice guitar playing in here, giving room for a classic foot stomping moment that correlates to the precision drumming.  Sometimes you just need something fun and energetic to help you make it through to your first beer, and this should do the trick.  The groups Team Spirit EP will be out on April 9th via Vice Records.


Download: Team Spirit – MRDR It’s Ok [MP3]


Relaxed Pop from Finnmark!

1641599171-1You’d think that based on the name, Finnmark! would be stuck somewhere in Scandanavia, and while the music may be as such, the band itself comes from Leeds.  I can’t really say enough about this single, encouraging me to give the group my full backing, even on just one track.  I love the effortless vocals, matched perfectly by the churning guitars.  Towards the end of the song, my love affair just fell deeper with the vocals stretching to higher pitches. For now, just enjoy this great tune and thank me later.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more from the band.


Download:Finnmark! – Through A Glass Darkly [MP3]

Desert Rock from Deconstruction Unit

dunit_colore6d46575a465It’s interesting to see the interest in the heavier side of music again, especially considering the dull releases of late 90s metal.  One of the group’s that recently caught my attention was Deconstruction Unit, due to the group’s history with Jay Reatard.  While the guitar work has a dark-tinged garage feeling to it (bleeding into psychedelia) the vocals have this historic Danzig quality to them, which is fitting with the group’s home near the Arizona desert. They’ll be releasing their Void LP on February 19th via Jolly Dream Records before heading out on the road to tour with Milk Music; they will also be making their way through Austin during SXSW and Chaos in Tejas.


Download:Deconstruction Unit – Evil Man [MP3]

More Noise Drenched Rock N’ Roll from Grave Babies

GBangel3Not too long ago we all got to hear the great “Over and Under Ground” from Grave Babies, but with their new single, “No Fear,” they just continue to show signs of vast improvement.  There’s a deep tonal quality with the vocals, and the tracks is covered in controlled noise.  I think the increased pop element is definitely going to appeal to a wider range, while still holding onto the group’s aesthetics that came with their first EP.  Their new record, Crusher, will be available in stores on February 26th from Hardly Art.


Download:Grave Babies – No Fear [MP3]

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