More New Music from Coma Cinema

1881At the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with listening to Posthumous Release, the newest LP from Coma Cinema.  There’s something about the craftsmanship in the songwriting, dwelling in the same sphere as early Elf Power, where darkness and fairy tales blend with incredible pop sensibility.  On this newest single, there’s a bit of a wash over the vocals, coating them in a shroud of mystery, yet the ability to infect you with emotion still resonates in my ears. This album is one of my personal highlights of the year thus far, and you can grab your copy on June 11th.



Soft Ballad Bonus from Emma Louise

emma_mainphoto-fixedUS.105553I’m really impressed with the growth I’ve seen musically from Emma Louise.  When I first heard her awhile back, I liked it, but it was just another great voice–that’s not the case now with her latest effort, vs Head vs Heart.  She’s got a much stronger presence behind the microphone, and I like the soulful solemnity in her voice on this bonus single.  There’s not much besides the piano and the voice, but if you listen to this track, you won’t need anything else to fall in love with Emma Louise.  Her album is out now on Frenchkiss Records. 


Download: Emma Louise – Backseats

Gritty Rocker from Crocodiles

crocsI passed on this track a couple of days ago; I’m sorry, my life’s a mess! But, now that I’m back with it, I think everyone needs to take a good listen to this new jam from Crocodiles.  This is the sort of track I expected to hear more of when the band released their last effort, Endless Flowers, though that ended up a bit too polished.  On this number, they still have some melodic hooks, especially in the chorus, but the song itself seems to ooze with noisier elements on the edges, making the track more than just some casual pop ditty. You can find this tune on Crimes of Passion, which comes out on August 20th.


Download: Crocodiles – Cockroach [MP3]

Rocking Out with Diarrhea Planet

diarrheaSometime last year I brought you all a jam from Diarrhea Planet, and while I questioned the name, I couldn’t help but enjoy the anthemic brashness of the group’s sound.  You’ll hear just that on the group’s latest single, “Separations,” which will be on their new album, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.  If it sounds like this tune, then you can be sure the whole album will be filled with exuberant energy and hooks you can sing along to all day long. Perfect for summer time; the album hits late summer via Infinity Cat Recordings.

Noisy Number from Exwife

bandshotWhen this track from Exwife begins, it seems like you might be in for a drifting bit of post-rock, featuring ambling guitars and distant vocals.  But, as it heads into the 2 minute mark, walls of distortion are inserted, then pulled back.  In the end, the song begins to fade, with atmospheric noise circling the listener’s ears as the song draws to a close.  I like the sense of brooding and danger that rides throughout.  You can hear this song on the group’s upcoming New Colors LP, which hits stores on May 28th, courtesy of Evil Weevil Records.

Black Moth Super Rainbow Ticket Giveaway + Show Preview

imagesMan, it seems like there’s a whole lot of shows coming our way here in Austin, and we’re back with a chance for you to win a pair of tickets to an exciting show over at the Mohawk next Tuesday.  Black Moth Super Rainbow will bring their experimental pop tunes our way, still riding the praise from their latest album, Cobra Juicy.  They’ll be joined by the Hood Internet, so you know that everyone’s going to have a blast just by being in attendance, let alone enjoy some great tunes.  All you have to do to win a pair of tickets is leave a comment with a number between 1-1000; the contest will end Friday at Midnight.  If you want tickets the traditional way, you can head HERE.

More New Tunes from Case Studies

CaseStudies5.1Long have we supported Jesse Lortz, ever since his early days with Dutchess and the Duke; he’s since moved on, working on his new project Case Studies. He seems so much more comfortable stepping into the light on his own, with a great drawl to his voice, evoking every last drop of emotion.  The song’s built around the backbone of a piano, but the solo guitar work near the end of the track really emphasizes the accomplished range of Lortz as a songwriter.  His new album This Is Another Life will be out on June 11th via Sacred Bones.

More New Music from Spectrals

spectralsThe last track we offered up from Spectrals was an upbeat affair, somewhere in the vein of modern power-pop.  But, this new single definitely shows the songwriting prowess that’s present on the band’s new album, Sob Story; the title track is an ambling number with bending guitars and a soulful croon walking you through it all.  It’s almost as if this is a country track, which definitely hits home with us down here in Texas, yet more importantly, I’m just excited that the album’s going to have various avenues for listeners to enjoy.  You can pick up your copy from Slumberland Records on June 18th. 



Another New Jam from Songs for Walter

coverI appreciate the work of Songs for Walter, not to mention that he’s dedicated to releasing a free track every month on his way to finishing up his full-length debut.  I like the gentle quality of the guitar work, accompanied by added instrumentation.  And that voice. You can’t tell me it’s not intoxicating to a certain degree. This project is picking up steam all over the UK, so remember, you heard it hear first!


Download: Songs For Walter – Stamping On Snails

Strummed Ballad from Crass Mammoth

crassmammothMan, this track was really just what I needed.  Not that any other song deserves less attention, but there’s something about the strain in the vocals on this lead single from Crass Mammoth, which will be on their Ef En Eu EP.  A great deal of the song is spent with just heavy-handed strumming, but twice, there’s this drifting atmospherically enhanced moment, making the song stand out even more so in my mind.  It’s one of those tracks that hits you immediately with its honesty, and wins you over with its grace. You can pick up the EP from 3qtr on June 4th.


Download: Crass Mammoth – Dear Violet [MP3]

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