ACL 2012: Friday In Pictures

ACL 2012 coverage continues with a giant photo post for Friday. Here is the list of artists: Los Campesinos, Patrick Watson, Delta Spirit, Afghan Whigs, Alabama Shakes, Florence and the Machine and M83.

We’ll have more on which bands did what, for sure. This I will tell you, Florence has pipes. Very impressive, as I recall early in her career being a bit of mess live. Alabama Shakes deserve their popularity. Patrick Watson (Wilson according to the lineup, awww) and his band may have been the best group of musicians. Delta Spirit is an all-growns-up festival band. Likewise for M83. But seeing the Afghan Whigs? That was pretty bad ass.

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Bratty Rocker from So So Glos

We’ve long supported the four dudes in So So Glos, but oddly, we’ve yet to see the full-length they alluded to earlier in 2012.  But, they do have another new song, which may bring us closer to that release.   As the band nears up for a frenzy at CMJ, this song appeared, again showing the bratty rock n’ roll stylings of the band; this time they’re turning up the noise even more, but still holding tight to those inner melodies they’ve got going on.  Here’s to the boys, and hoping they get that album out to us as soon as possible.


Download:So So Glos – Son of Ambition [MP3]

Slow Jam from Ethereal and the Queer Show

Those of you having trouble creeping into your Monday activities might want to steer clear of this tune from Ethereal and the Queer Show; it’s got that slow vibe that just might make you want to call it a day.  Honestly, I like the wispy quality to the vocals, allowing room for the rest of the song to breathe in and out.  There’s no propulsive beat, leaving you with a dream quality tune that you’re sure to revel in, if you’re in need of a brief escape from today.  The duo’s Cosmotopia LP comes out on October 30th, just in time for you to lapse into a quiet hibernation for the winter months.


Download:Ethereal and the Queer Show – Horse [MP3]

New Tunes from People Get Ready

We’re slowly recovering from an extensive weekend at Austin City Limits, so I’m grateful that we’ve got this solid track from People Get Ready for you to enjoy.  It begins with a slow steady rhythm, and it builds and builds, but only briefly erupts near the end of the song.  It’s interesting to say the least, but it’s got a light spirit to it, which is exactly what my body needs today; I’m sure everyone leaving or living in Austin agrees!  You can check out the group’s self-titled album when it hits stores on October 23rd.


Download:People Get Ready – Middle Name [MP3]

Introducing GHXST

With events all over the country like ACL and CMJ (yeah acronyms!), we’re getting a barrage of emails about bands we haven’t actually heard.  The one group that really jumped out on me is the NYC trio, GHXST.  Their name would almost hint at some sort of dark wave or dance pop, but the band is a whole lot noisier than that.  Heavy guitars open this single, which was on their Evilwickeddesire album–a compilation of their early EPs.  I’m enjoying the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of pretense in the group’s sound, and the vocals are low enough in the mix to grab listeners in really closely.  Definitely a band I look forward to hearing more from in the coming year.


Download:GHXST – Doomgirl [MP3]

New B-Side from Wintersleep

Surely you’ve heard about Wintersleep by now, as they’re five albums deep into their career.  Today they put up this great new B-Side to celebrate their tour/invasion of North America throughout November.  This song is rather striking because it begins so heavily, almost bursting my speakers on the first run through (I’m not complaining), but as the song settles, you can see the vocals warm up a bit, calming the mood ever-so-slightly.  Such a strong sound definitely bodes well for all those fans that get to catch them on their upcoming tour.  You should also check out Hello Hum, the group’s latest LP that spawned this B-Side.


Download:Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

Great New Tunes from Song Sparrow Research

Man, the guitar line from the new single from Song Sparrow Research immediately drew me in, but then the vocals gave me an entirely different feeling.  Suddenly, guitars were ringing in my ears, only to be brought down to Earth by the elegant voice.  It’s a pretty strong statement being made by the band, fusing elements of folk, baroque and dream pop all together, creating a supremely listenable tune, and it’s just one of many.  You’ll find ten more such tracks on the group’s debut self-titled album, which you can purchase now from the group; it’s a limited press, so if you love what you hear, get on it quick.


Download:Song Sparrow Research – As the Clouds Drift By [MP3]

New Jam from MMOSS

If you haven’t heard of MMOSS, then I suggest you trudge back in time and find yourself a copy of i; it was one of those records I honestly adored so much that I really didn’t share it with too many people.  Now, they’ve got a new effort coming out on one of my favorite labels, Trouble In Mind, and this first single is pretty remarkable if you consider the group recorded the entire upcoming album, Only Children, at home.  This first track from the LP has this rise and fall quality of sounds, yet it is able to hold onto this mesmerizing emotional pull that evolves just as the song does.  Definitely mark your calendars for November 13th, as you’ll get a chance to hear more from these New Hampshire lads.


Download:MMOSS – Another Dream [MP3]

Show Review: Godspeed You Black Emperor @ The Mohawk (10/10)

Sure, ACL starts tomorrow. Doesn’t mean we get to take off from live music, especially when you have a band like Godspeed You! Black Emperor playing the friendly confines not once, but twice.

Weather did its best to cooperate. The crowd was excited to witness. I was too, I spent a little time with GY!BE many years ago, but they fell off the radar, likely due to the relative silence form the band. But with their first new recorded material in ten years, Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! seemed like the perfect excuse to mount a bit of a tour and take up brief residency at The Mohawk.

Dark, noisy pics and dark, noisy thoughts after the break…

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