More New Jams from Natural Child

This last year has seen us fall head over heels in love with Natural Child, and we’re glad that the release date is drawing close for their latest release Hard In Heaven, which hits stores next week.  This new track appeared yesterday on, and I particularly love the live feeling in the recording.  It’s got the raw energy that surfaces when the band takes the stage, yet it’s got that clear Southern rock nostalgia in the songwriting that is sure to make these guys a hit with anyone who has ears. Next week you’re going to have a great record in your hands, I guarantee it.


Download:Natural Child – Derek’s Blues [MP3]

Show Pics: Tycho & The Album Leaf @ Red7 (9/7)

Friday was a busy night. On my agenda, Pujol, Ariel Pink, Tycho and The Album Leaf.

Tycho asked The Album Leaf join them (him) on tour. This is a seriously good bill for any fan of mid-to-down tempo, beautifully crafted songs. To get to see both on the same night was a treat. It was impressive that the show sold out despite being in the larger space outdoors at Red7. Quick polling told me that the crowd was actually half and half as to who they were there to see, maybe Tycho in the lead. I guarantee that both bands gained fans.

Click through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics. Projectors are fun.

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New Rocker from Residual Kid

Seeing as our site’s based here in Austin, we’ve gotta help spread the word on the bands coming out of our town.  I’m happy to toss out this new track from local upstarts Residual Kid.  Keep in mind, these dudes are all super young (I mean super), so we should all be impressed out the sounds they’re creating, especially after a bit of a line-up change.  They’ve got a new EP coming out titled Friend, and this is one of the featured tunes from the release…which hits the streets on October 9th.  Check out this catchy fuzzed out rocker from these young guns.


Download:Residual Kid – Friend [MP3]

Free In-Store with Will Johnson (9/11)

You know that everyone here at ATH loves Will Johnson, so of course we’re going to take a little bit of time out of the day to celebrate his most recent release, Scorpion.  In honor of his release, Will will be playing a free set at 5 PM on Tuesday, September 11th, over at Waterloo Records here in town, and I’m sure it’s going to be intimate and charming.  The new record is full of great tunes that I hope everyone enjoys, so we’ll post this track again in hopes that you’ll leave work right on time to catch Will’s set.


Download:Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine [MP3]

New Tunes (and EP) from Tearjerker

Whoa! This weekend was quite beautiful; sunny but mildly cool. So what did I do? I just sat around enjoying records and tunes that have made their way into my music rotation.  One of the tunes that easily broke on through the masses was this little lo-fi gem from Tearjerker.  Something in the harmony and the vocal delivery really drew me in immediately, encouraging me to press repeat several times in a span of half-an-hour.  They’ve just released a brand new EP titled Hiding, and you can grab the four tunes from the band for free, as long as you promise to spread the word and donate at a future point.


Download:Tearjerker – Door [MP3]

More New Tunes from the Calm Blue Sea

One of the great Austin bands that are slowly making their way out of our fair city is Calm Blue Sea.  We’ve really been impressed with the work they’ve done for their upcoming record, Arrivals & Departures, which hits stores October 9th via Modern Outsider Records. Their latest single has the group in full sprawl, though they approach quietly from the onset, building walls of melodic noise that crash upon your ears.  Little hints of vocals scattered in the mix demonstrate just how far the group’s come since their early days. Wish these dudes the best of luck.


Download:The Calm Blue Sea – Mary Ann Nichols [MP3]

Show Review: Yeasayer @ Stubbs (9/6)

When I first heard Fragrant World, the newest record from Yeasayer, I wondered if it would be as impressive as Odd Blood.  It took me a few spins, but eventually, I found it’s progression and warmth more than enjoyable, so I was really looking forward to their live presentation of the new material at Stubb’s on Thursday night.

Read on for my thoughts on the evening, and the great photo set of B. Gray.

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New Jam from Dot Dash

Over the summer I stumbled upon DC outfit Dot Dash, falling in love with their post-punk stylings.  They had everything I loved about the genre, but that all stemmed from their old record.  Luckily, the band is back with a new album, Winter Garden Light, which has the group forging into new territory.  While they still hold onto some semblance of post-punk, there seems to be a bit of Flying Nun nostalgia in the guitars, giving the group a sunnier sound fueled by sincere melodies and hooks.  I just got a hold of the record, and I’ll have a full review up next week; for now, you need to hear the opening track just to get a taste.


Download:Dot Dash – Faraway [MP3]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule And Single Day

Public service announcement…

The Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule is out. Previously, we just had the lineup. Now, we can start arguing about which stage at what time and know the general area your drunk friend will be lost in. PIL versus Starfucker seems to be my biggest dilemma. Also, the Yellow stage is now going to feature bands in the evenings including Twin Sister, the always fun Peelander Z and Atlas Sound, finishing up the fest with Black Moth Super Rainbow on Sunday night.

The other news is that the full-price 3-day passes, PIPs and single day tix are available. Go here to buy ’em up.

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