5 Bands To See @ Fun Fest: Friday

Fun Fun Fun Fest is here everybody!  As excited as we know everyone is, it’s important to have some sort of plan before you head out to the festival each day.  Before you head out, we thought we might give you some recommendations for the day just in case your head is about to explode when trying to decide who you should see.  We shall alleviate your pain with the top 5 bands you should make a point to see each day.  Now this is by no means a conclusive list and all festival goers should check the full lineup to accomodate their discerning taste.  In our mind, these are five bands that you don’t dare miss today!  Follow the jump for Friday recs.

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Fun x 3 Fest Preview: Sharon Van Etten

This is a troubling preview…do I swoon over the gorgeous Sharon Van Etten because of her music of her looks?  Can I do both?  I think I’ll do both.  It’s not enough that Sharon can play, and play incredibly well, but I can attest to her mesmerizing performances.  When I last caught her, her voice just took ahold of me, and refused to let go.  It’s not what one would describe as a “pretty” voice, which makes me appreciate what she’s doing all the more; she’s belting out her soul, not just trying to be adored.  Her recent album, Tramp, won over a lot of new fans, atop of accolades from many.  It’s moody and affecting, two things that translate to a good live performance by any artist, especially one the boys can swoon over.  Seeing Sharon on the stage is going to be one of my highlights of Fun Fun Fun Fest, but now that I think about it, it’s more for her incredible set of songs than the looks. But hey, those don’t hurt. 


Download: Sharon Van Etten – Serpents [MP3]

Sharon plays Friday, November 2nd at 3:25 on the Orange Stage.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: FIDLAR

It’s been a way solid year for FIDLAR, releasing a nice little 7″ full of catchy garage rock jams, and then getting loads of press across the nation from new fans.  It’s no surprise they’re rising, they combine the catchiness of pop-punk tunes, fueled by a lo-fi recording done in someone’s garage; it’s ballsy, yet it’s exuberant, so what more could you want?  They’re going to continue their huge year by playing for us all at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I get the feeling that they’re just on the cusp of being everyone’s favorite band, sort of like Wavves of 2009, which is all the more reason to get out there and see their set.  You can be one of those people that says “oh yeah, I saw them way back when…”  Not to mention the fact that it’s going to be energetic and kick you in the face!


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

FIDLAR plays Friday, November 2nd at 1:05 on the Black Stage!

New Track from Linfinity

It’s been a rather slow week on the Internet, which is okay since we’ve got Fun Fun Fun Fest kicking off tonight.  But, I got a few cool tracks I wanted to share with you today, the first being from Linfinity.  They released a special Halloween single yesterday, and this is one of the tracks that was put up for grabs.  The band originally layed it down to a soundtrack for a horror film, but now it can be all yours thanks to the bands kindness. Don’t forget you can also grab their Red Nation Waltz EP now, if you like what you’re hearing.  I hope you might.


Download: Linfinity – The Game [MP3]

New Slow Jam from Crystal Castles

It’s almost the end of the week, and it seems like things have been slowed down quite a bit in the music world.  But, there’s still been a few great hits floating about, especially this new jam from Crystal Castles.  This new single is definitely more of a slow burn, but I think it encapsulates the growth of the band of the last few years, no longer merely intent upon banging out in-your-face electronic jams.  You can find this tune on III, the group’s upcoming album, which is due out on November 13th in the US.  After their set at ACL, there’s not much this band can do wrong at the moment.

Cool New Tune from Pictorials

We don’t typically associate Portland with post-punk sounds; that seems to be more in line with their friends nearby in Seattle.  But, I’ve been really enjoying this new track from Pictorials, a band that came together after other projects failed to meet their needs.  The group gave up on their trained instruments, trying to create a sound all their own.  If this is a good example, then their debut Learning EP is shaping up to be quite a gem.  I’ve enjoyed the mood, which has created a slight swaying of my arms and body, giving me a nostalgic feeling for my appreciation of good old fashioned art-pop.  Bet you like this jam.


Download:Pitcorials – Sense of Vanity [MP3]

More New Music from Prince Rupert’s Drops

Back in early August, I brought you this swaggering psych rock tune from Prince Rupert’s Drops, just before they’d announced the official details of their LP.  Well, the first official single is finally out there, happily floating around.  The album is titled Run Slow, and it will be released by the new label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records on November 13th.  This new tune still holds to that swing that I appreciate about the group, plus there’s some inclusion of various psych rock staples; personally, I like the fact that they’re still willing to dwell in the realm of approachable pop, making it much more consumable on first listen. What say you?


Download:Prince Rupert’s Drop – Almond Man [MP3]

Show Preview: Superchunk @ Mohawk (11/1)

Date 11/1/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 7pm
Tickets FREE with FFFfest wristband

Well now this ladies and gentlemen is one hell of a show we’ve got going down in Austin on Thursday night at the Mohawk.  Our headliner for the evening is legendary band Superchunk on the outside stage. That alone should be enough for most of you, but let’s also mention that supporting outside bands are Imperial Teen and Joyce Manor so that should sweeten the deal.  Oh and you’ve also got some awesome up and coming bands playing the inside stage known as Terrible Feelings, Mind Spiders, Wiccans, and The Impalers.  I wish could say that’s all folks, but also remember that the entire show is FREE with your Fun Fest wristband.  Thanks you Mohawk and thank you Transmission.  You rule.


Download: Superchunk – Digging for Something [MP3]

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