Show Pics: Letting Up Despite Great Fauls/She Sir @ Holy Mountain (11/29)

After the dance party last Wednesday night, Nathan and I decided to go local and take a stab at the new venue living in Beauty Bar’s space on 7th, Holy Mountain. The bands on the bill were certainly worth two nights in a row of missing a few hours of sleep. Letting Up Despite Great Faults has one of our favorite local records of the year and She Sir played our SxSW showcase a few years back, even lending gear to use for the night, and have recently busted out a few new tracks.

Click through for a few thoughts and some pics…

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Chilled Out Gem from Helado Negro

Man, when a musician likes to hang their hat on bilingual jams, I can respect that, especially when it’s done in the vein of Helado Negro.  The group, the project of Roberto Lange, is dabbling into its first foray with English singing, though I hope there’s just bits of Spanish throughout.  He’s signed on to release his recent album, Invisible Life, with Asthmatic Kitty on March 5th, and the smooth quality of his voice is what originally attracted me this song.  Then, the folds of electronic beats began to make their way through the track, taking you on a journey of a man lost in his thoughts as he walks through his new home, Brooklyn. Of course, it could also just be about really tasty black ice cream…you be the judge.


Download:Helado Negro – Dance Ghost [MP3]

Majestic Indie Pop from Northern Portrait

Finally, the wait is over! After two years, the triumphant return of Northern Portrait is upon us.  Just one listen to this new single and I guarantee you’ll be foaming at the mouth with anticipation.  The song casually opens, with a faint beat in the background and a jingling tambourine…and then we’re off at the 35 second mark.  From that moment on, my body tingled with the pleasure of listening to perfectly crafted indie pop that’s hard to match.  It’s looking like 2013 is going to be a great year for the band, starting with the Pretty Decent Swimmers EP, which is a 10″ being put out by our dear friends at Matinee Recordings.  Yep, I’m in love.

Show Preview: David Bazan @ The Parish (12/1)

Date 12/1/12
Location The Parish
Doors 9pm
Tickets SOLD OUT!

If only I was in town Saturday night, I’d surely be at the Parish on Saturday night for a nostalgic show featuring David Bazan playing the Pedro the Lion classic Control.  Now I don’t see any word of an opener on the website, so attendees are all in for a special treat to take us back to our younger days.  My apologies for those of you without tickets, because the show is sold out.  This show post made me go back and listen to that classic album from 2002, and you should really be there to relive the glory.


Download: Pedro the Lion – Penetration [MP3]

Rock N’ Roll from Low Culture

I know I’m struggling here on Friday, so I definitely needed an energetic pick up, which is lucky for me since I just got this great Low Culture tune.  There’s no pretense here, it’s just fast paced rock, in the vein of what I’ve deemed power punk.  It’s filled with hooks, especially in the chorus, yet there’s just a hint of gritty anger that blows your hair back.  They’ll be releasing their album, Screens, on my favorite Dirtnap Records on January 9th of next year.  You need energy and fun? You get Low Culture.


Download:Low Culture – Screens [MP3]

Show Review: The Faint @ Emos (11.28)

For me, seeing The Faint was a necessity and a desire, nostalgically taking me back to early 2000 and my discovery of the group via Saddle Creek fandom.  They came into a packed house at Emos on Wednesday night to relive the hits from Danse Macabre.  They brought with them Icky Blossoms and Trust, so it was a solid line-up for all.

Read on for thoughts and photos.

Photo Guy Note: We had access to shoot the entire show. Tons of pics, Icky Blossoms were photogenic so enjoy.

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Just Another Hit from Girls Names

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about new music from Girls Names.  For one, the band’s drummer Neil has won me over with his Sea Pinks project, but I like the darkened underbelly hinted at with Girls Names.  Apparently after releasing Dead to Me, the band began to rework their sound, which is completely acceptable, but none the less important to the group’s developing sound.  This tune is a good four minutes shorter than their previous leaked single, but I think you’re going to like the feel of the tune.  It’s got a wayward jangle, but there’s a wafting quality created by the guitars and the vocals that carries the mood of the ]track. If you dig what you’re hearing (and you should!) then you can pick up their new effort, The New Life, on February 26th from Slumberland Records.

Smooth Pop Tunes from Leapling

I’m really excited about this tune from Leapling that has been floating around just a little bit over the Interwebs.  A light introduction builds the perfect setting for the tune, leaving enough empty space for the brilliant melody to jump in enthusastically, then trickle it’s way through your mind, leaving an effortless happiness in its wake.  There’s not much information on the group, other than that they’re from Brooklyn and they’re making this chilled out collage pop.  Oh, and they will soon have an EP to their name, which is being put out by the excellent folks over at Father Daughter Records…I’ll keep you updated on that.


Download:Leapling – Seventeen [MP3]

Welcome Back: Lilys

It’s been a long time since I’ve even really thought about Lilys, but I’m so glad the band is back with a new tune.  The project was always that of Kurt Heasley, and they’ve bounced around stalwart labels like Sub Pop and Slumberland, landing their newest single on Speakertree Records.  You can find the following tune on a new split with Big Troubles, another band we adore here at ATH.  It’s a gem of a pop tune, including a little bit of the quirky stylings that always made listening to Heasley so special. Do yourself a favor and seek out the group’s catalog; it’s full of hits like this.

Show Preview: How To Dress Well @ Mohawk (11.29)

Date Thursday, November 29th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $12 @ the Door

Thursday nights are always good for rock n’ roll, but in this case, it’s good for an upbeat evening with some electronic stylings brought to you by How to Dress Well.  After releasing Total Loss this year, the band’s star has begun to rise, though the group’s blend of electronica is a lot more soulful than much of the work out there.  The show also features our local favorites, Royal Forest, and a band we’ve recently taken a liking to, Beacon.  If you’re looking for a show to attend, you can’t go wrong by hitting up the Mohawk.


Download:Beacon – Feeling’s Gone [MP3]

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