New Pop Track from Nixon

No! Not The Nixons, just Nixon.  Nixon is one of the band’s on the fantastic little label, Cloudberry Records.  They’ve got a new 7″ coming out, which will actually feature more than your typical two tracks (its got 4!).  This single is extremely gentle, and it goes with my mood from earlier in the weak, using a smooth guitar sound, with just a hint of jangle.  On the vocals, it appears like a home recording, providing you with an intimate experience, as if your listening in private to a mixtape made by your best friend.  Tracks like this remind me why I love indie-pop so much.  If anything, this is going to make you smile on a Friday.


Download: Nixon – This Town [MP3]

Show Preview: Grimes @ Emos East (10.6)

Date Saturday, October 6th
Location Emos East
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

It’s been an incredible year for Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, bursting onto the world indie scene with her latest album this year, Visions.  While she’s put out a few releases prior to this last effort, people are taking notice, and it’s a deserved following she’s garnered for herself.  I mean, the show is SOLD OUT, so that has to tell you something.  Last time in Austin, she sold out Lamberts, and everyone we talked to said it was definitely a moving experience.  Openers Myths and Elite Gymnastics have also had a solid 2012, with the latter being pinned by many as a band to keep an eye on in the future.  I know there’s not tickets available, but ask your friends and hit up Craigs…you just might find yourself lucky!


Download: Grimes – Oblivion [MP3]

New Tunes from Pretty & Nice

Man, what a trip down memory lane!  When we had our first SXSW party back in the day, we were a young site and super excited to have any bands participating.  One of the great acts that we were lucky to have was Pretty & Nice.  They’ve been a it silent since then, but there’s been slow hints at a return to form; that day is finally here!  The group has just released a new single from their forthcoming EP, Us You All We, which will be released on November 16th.  Based on this song, it’s going to be high energy with tons of fun tied into the mix–two great things the band never ceases to provide.


Download:Pretty & Nice – Capsules [MP3]

Show Review: Lord Huron @ Stubb’s (10/3)

Ryan and Nathan gave Lord Huron an atta-boy during SxSW 2011. Tough choice for the photo-guy, Menomena or Lord Huron? Well, I hadn’t seen Lord Huron yet, so I jumped at that show to enjoy a relaxing evening at Stubb’s Jr (that’d be the inside stage).

This was the second night of their tour after an opening night in Denton supporting the pending release Lonesome Dreams, due next week. Night Moves will be opening for this stretch on the road, a nice add for a solid bill with just enough contrast in styles to make sure you had a little something for everyone.

Read on for a few more show notes and plenty of pics.

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Hooks Galore from The Pharmacy

Our boy Rob Mason runs the label Old Flame, and while it might not get all the press of some of the smaller heavy hitters, I’m pretty sure he’s got one of the best stables of bands, and he’s just added another one I know you’re going to love. The Pharmacy is a Seattle trio who are about to release their record Stoned & Alone via Rob on November 19th.  I hope it’s filled with pop ditties like this one; it packs a powerful punch in just under 2 minutes.  There’s no need with a hook like this to labor on forcefully; I like the restraint these dudes are showing.


Download:The Pharmacy – Baby Be [MP3]

More New Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Letting Up Despite Great Faults has offered up another track off their pending release Untogether.

It is pretty obvious that the band has been listening to and influenced by a few of my favorite things. Floating vocals, percussive synth, this is one pretty sweet electro jam. I am really excited by this release and expect to hear a bit more on it soon. LUDGF have a few shows pending, 10/12 at Frontier, a couple CMJ dates and then back to town for a 10/29 show at The Mohawk before hitting Japan. Maybe they will take me along to document the Japan shows. #probablynot


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl [@RCRDLBL]

New Jam from Guards

I have no idea how this new jam from Guards slipped under my radar last week, as I’ve long adored this band something fierce.  The band’s released a a couple of EPs, but they’re prepping for the release of their debut, In Guards We Trust, which comes out February 5th of next year.  Listening to the first single, it’s precisely what I wanted the band to do.  They highlight their exuberance with bright hooks and swirling melodies that emotionally encourage you to soar.  Be prepared to hear more great things from this group next year.


Download:Guards – Silver Lining [MP3]

Murky Number from Dead Horse One

You know, I don’t think too many people talk about the scene over in France, aside from a few acts.  So when I got this heads-up on Dead Horse One, I was a bit intrigued, and then I was pleased.  The band has crafted a blend of early shoegaze with hint of psychedelia, creating a heavy sound that begs your attention today.  Earlier this year they released their Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines EP, and while it might be a short affair (4 tracks), it’s been really rewarding listening to the wash of guitars coated in this odd pop approach.  It’s clear that the French aren’t worried about pretense here, aiming to craft their own unique sound.


Download: Dead Horse One – Alone [MP3]


New Tune from Girls Names

I’ve been in love with Girls Names since their inception, but even more so now that their drummer Neil is battling for album of the year with his latest effort as Sea Pinks.  That point aside, the group’s got a great new single they’ve throw out, illustrating the bold new steps they’re taking in working towards the completion of their upcoming record. There’s still an element of lurking darkness in their sound, but the music seems to have drifted into a broader spectrum that I think shows the group really pushing themselves to find a new playground (musically speaking).  I love the ringing guitar that jumps in just after the 4 minute mark.

Nice New Rocker from Dirty Fences

Let’s kick off the day with a nice little bit of anthemic rock n’ roll, you know, of the garage sort.  Dirty Fences is a New York act with a few small releases to their name, but I’m digging the sing-a-long attitude of their swaggering rock.  This jam comes from the group’s self-titled EP, which is filled with energetic tunes you and your friends will use to get you amped up for the night.  It’s nothing out of this world, but it’s got the simplicity and grit that made bands like the New York Dolls huge, so look out for these dudes!


Download:Dirty Fences – Sid [MP3]

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