Show Preview: Trail of Dead @ The Belmont (5/4)


Date 5/4/13
Location The Belmont
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets $12 @ Ticketfly

Those looking to have their faces melted this weekend should head on over to The Belmont on Saturday night for a rare performance by Austin’s own …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.  What’s even more interesting about this show is that we’ll be treated to a full performance of the bands stellar 2002 album Source Tags & Codes.  I’d be willing to bet a few other gems will be thrown in for encore.  If that doesn’t do it for ya, this is also a record release show for ATH favorite and fellow Austin riser Ola Podrida.  American Sharks will provide opening support for all.  At $12, this is a no brainer.


Download: … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead – Another Morning Stoner [MP3]

Show Pics: Metric @ Stubb’s (5/1)

Metric is a band that is very fun to shoot. Emily is charismatic and energetic, the rest of the band implements proper use of guitar, drum and bass face. Add to that a killer lighting rig and some beauty pop jams, you have the recipe for a fun night out. Heading to Stubb’s on a Wednesday, there are worse ways to spend a weeknight.

I’ll sum things up, offer advice to the openers, The Colourist, and share the pretty pics after the break.

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Show Pics: The Joy Formidable @ Emo’s (5/1)

The Joy Formidable was very impressive in their set at the Nikon Warner Sound showcase at Belmont during SxSW. Ritzy is a manic powerhouse and the entire band, including drummer Matthew James Thomas by way of his frontline half open drum kit, so everything possible to connect with the crowd. Big strobes, jumping into the pit, TJF is always encouraging the crowd to come along with them.

IO ECHO was the opener at Emo’s, and quite honestly, the more interesting act on the night. New to big touring, they get to play some decent-sized venues while rolling with TJF and hopefully will pull a decent early crowd. Backlit shenanigans.

Ritzy got a new hat. Click through for the pics, y’all.

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Contest: Jim James @ Stubbs (5/6)

mmj-jim-james1It’s time for a big contest around these parts kids. Today we’re excited to be offering up a pass to you and a friend to the Jim James show on Monday @ Stubbs in Austin. We anticipate a heavy list of entries so let’s get this thing going with some deets:

Up For Grabs: Your name on the promoter’s list with +1

Show Time: Doors @ 7pm

Closing Time: Friday @ high noon

How to enter: Leave a comment with your favorite MMJ or Jim James song

We’ll pick a winner and shoot you an email on Friday. Please don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.

Please Enjoy Splashh

splashhGood jams are good jams. They’re the sort of songs you can’t escape, the sort that haunt the interior of your brain and soul.  That’s the exact feeling I get when I listen to the latest single from Splashh.  It’s got a heavy-handed bass line that gurgles beneath, with a swelling distorted guitar that wraps around the rhythm section.  This gem of a tune will be playing non-stop until June 3rd, when the band’s album, Comfort, is finally received. I reckon that then I’ll have more songs from the band that make my musical soul swoon.

Nice New Tune from Wampire

WampireJust a bit ago I caught Wampire opening up for Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra; I said it then, and I’ll say it again: Wampire were the best band that night. They have this combination of California sun-pop with a bit of R&B swagger…even throwing in some alternative rock jamming moments.  They’re definitely one of those bands who I’ve been waiting to hear more from, which is a good thing since their debut Curiosity is coming out in two weeks from Polyvinyl Records.  It’s shaping up to be a pretty perfect record for summertime party jams.


Download: Wampire – Trains [MP3]

Indie Pop Delight from The Airplanes

284395_419479744767618_988455224_nI owe the discovery of this jam entirely to my friend Howard over at IPSML; he’s got some of the best taste in pop music around.  I was really surprised to hear that the The Airplanes from Fayetteville, as it’s not a sound I really associate with the area.  Here’s great things about the track: it’s on a EP titled Jingle Jangle; it alludes to Big Star in the title; it has killer vocals.  Right now, that’s just enough to go off of without even listening to the track; you know it’s going to be a hit.  But, you should really listen to it, over and over again, just like I’ve done all week long.  Happy Tuesday folks.

New Jam from the Sea Pinks

seapinksLast year’s Freak Waves was one of my top albums of the year; it was such a joy that I still listen to it on a regular weekly basis.  Well, Sea Pinks are back with a brand new single for your ears, and this one will hopefully promise more great songs to come! The guitar still jangles, but it’s not as prominent this round; I feel as if the tonal quality of the guitar itself is actually a bit darker.  Of course, the lyrics are perfect, with a chorus you can sing to yourself while you’re jamming on the highway.  Support the band and go check out their BANDCAMP where you can grab their previous works and this single!


Download: Sea Pinks – Magpies Eyes [MP3]

New Pop Rock from Spectrals

spectralsAdmittedly, I’ve been a casual fan of Spectrals for some time, though I’ve never become overly involved with the project of Louis Jones.  I have a feeling that things are going to change this time, and not just because his new record will be released by the always reliable Slumberland Records, rather it’s the feel of the song.  It takes a bit of a jaunt into just good old fashioned power rock n’ roll. It’s got hooks, decent drumming and nice guitar licks; this is the sort of tune that you sit back and enjoy, grateful someone out there made it. The new record is titled Sob Story, and it should be in stores on June 18th.

Show Preview: The Joy Formidable @ Emo’s (4/30)

Date 4/30
Location Emo’s
Doors 7:00
Tickets $16.00

Since SxSW’s exit, we have already seen a few bands that played the conference come back through town. Tuesday’s show at Emo’s features two grads of 2013. The Joy Formidable put down a blistering set at the Nikon Warner Sound showcase, I mean nailed down. IO Echo showed the harder edge that comes from the live setting, but the quick-turn venues and makeshift staging never allowed for a real run at how they want to convey their songs. The big stage can give them the room to breathe.

If you like live music, and since you are reading this you do, join me won’t you? I’ll the guy up front taking pic, say hi. Here is a sample from IO Echo as you better be familiar with Ritzy and the boys…

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