Great New Music from Francisco the Man

I first encountered Francisco the Man awhile back, but had totally forgotten about him until the great blog I Guess I’m Floating posted a track from the new single by the group from Los Angeles.  But, in checking in, I discovered he’d also posted a couple of new jams to go along with the single, one that you can only get via Soundcloud (or here).  For me, listening to this sort of reminds me of listening to Ducktails; it’s got carefully crafted pop/folk tunes, yet there’s these ambient noises coating the music, giving it this distant quality that I completely enjoy.  Just listen to these two tracks and pretend like you’re not excited by the music; I dare you.


Download:Francisco the Man – Tiger [MP3]


Download:Francisco the Man – Broken Arrows [MP3]

Sweet Electro Pop from Seventeen Evergreen

Okay, so if you just listen to the first little bit of this song, then you’ll definitely get the electro-pop elements featured at the beginning of this new jam by Seventeen Evergreen.  But, while the song goes along, it evolves into more of an avant-pop construction, coating the track with slight bits of ambient noise, before returning to the electro-pop hook.  You can find this track this week in your local record store on the group’s new release, Steady On, Scientist, which was put out by Lucky Number.  It’s definitely more than just your average listening affair, so get on it!


Download:Seventeen Evergreen – Fluorescent Kind [MP3]

Great Jam from Jaill

A few weeks back Sub Pop announced that it’d be releasing the new album from the trio, Jaill.  Their last effort, That’s How We Burn, is a vastly underrated record, unless, of course, you’re in the know. Their new set of songs is titled Traps, and it’ll be out June 12th.  Just one listen to this and you’ll hopefully see why I’m so excited to hear the whole collection. It’s got just the right amount of hooks, a bit of quirkiness in the vocals, and even a bit of foot-tapping going on.  If this is how I kick off summer, it can’t get here soon enough!


Download:Jaill – Waste A Lot Of Things [MP3]

Nice Trip Down Memory Lane with The Rainyard

One of the few things I’ve grown to adore about the Internet is the abundance of bands that have reemerged over the last decade, bringing us music many of us thought was gone, or we were simply unaware of at the moment.  For me, I’ll admit to the latter when I discovered old Perth group, The Rainyard.  Oddly, I could see this band making huge waves today with their smooth jangling pop tunes, and I really enjoy the gruffness of the vocals, reminding me of a smoother Paul Westerberg. The following song comes from the group’s album, A Thousand Days, which you can pick up from the group by naming your price.


Download: The Rainyard – So Happy Now [MP3]

More New Jams from Suckers

You know we’re supporters of Suckers, so we’re happy to offer up a nice stream of the band’s second single from their upcoming record, Candy Salad.  Said record, the group’s second, will be out on April 24th on Frenchkiss Records, and you can expect a little bit of a different sound this time.  The group seems a lot more focused in the recording of this effort, offering up a tightened sound this go around.  It does lose a little bit of the magic from their debut, yet you’ll definitely find plenty to fall for on this effort, such as the band’s favorite accompaniment–a nice heartfelt whistle.



New Music and Free Album from Treefort

Madison’s always had a vibrant music scene, and it appears there’s a new band coming out of the scene that I expect to make some waves.  Treefort is the name of the group, and they’ve just released Tres Fort.  On the opening track, which we’ve got below, the track opens with cascading guitars; I dig the bright guitar beneath the fuzzed out riffs.  It’s a bit like a shoe gaze track, but there’s more of a concise pop element to it.  The band just released this record for free on their site, but you can also help the group out by purchasing a cassette from them for super cheap.  Hope you dig it.


Download:Treefort – Hideout [MP3]

Stream New Jam from White Arrows

Just a few weeks ago, I was really impressed by White Arrows at SXSW, so now that they’ve got a single floating about, it’s time that we share that with you.  This track is just as vibrant as I remember when I heard it live, although I think the recorded material has a bit more of an electronic touch then the live performance.  Regardless, you can’t just listen to this song once; it’s laden with hooks galore.  There’s that tribal percussive element and even a mellow little breakdown near the end of the track.  You can find this jam and a few others on the bands upcoming Fireworks of the Sea EP, and look for a full-length later in the year.



Catchy Tune from Joywave

You’ve gotta kick the week off right, right? That’s what I was thinking, so I went and decided to post this upbeat number from Joywave.  The group is about to release their Koda Vista EP.  If this track below is any indication, this is definitely going to be the party record when all Spring takes over.  At first, the track seems to throw everything into the song, filling it with bombastic sounds, yet during the chorus you’ll definitely find a nice vibe that comes across in a very clean manner.  Just give this one a try, and I have a feeling you’ll be picking up the album from the group soon.


Download:Joywave – Who Do You Like? [MP3]

Beautiful Pop from Lightships (Gerard of Teenage Fanclub)

If you’re a fan of 90s indie pop/rock, what have you, then you’re surely geeking out already about Lightships, the new project from Gerard Love of Teenage Fanclub.  The line-up includes members from TF (past and present) as well as Belle and Sebastian and the Pastels; that alone is enough to make anyone swoon.  Lightships will be releasing Electric Cables on April 2nd, but they just dropped off this wonderful new single this week. It’s exactly what I expected it to sound like: beautiful.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.



Catchy New Jam from Reptar

We’ve been all about Reptar for quite some time, and they seem to have gained a huge fan base in a short time.  So, we’re happy to offer up another new track from their forthcoming album on Vagrant, Body Faucet, which comes out on May 1st.  As you’d expect, there’s huge hooks to get your energy flowing and your feet dancing.  You’ve gotta love this sort of track, living somewhere along the lines of a punky dance number.  This is the sort of track that huge stars are made from, so give it a chance.


Download:Reptar – Orifice Origami [MP3]

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