Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas – Ted Leo (5/31)

Chaos in Tejas is that thing when you get ready for a show by not showering.

It is also that thing where randomly selected indie-punk-pop acts get thrown on stage in between hardcore and punk bands. In this case, The Mohawk featured Nathan’s man-crush, Ted Leo, had a set between Japanese thrash by Reality Crisis and old-school punk from The Mob.

To further confuse my ears, I stopped in for a bit of Big Freedia‘s set at Club DeVille.

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Magical New Pop Number from Dylan Shearer

Not being from San Francisco, I haven’t been let on the great secret of the city: Dylan Shearer.  Luckily, that changed today when this exquisite track landed in ye olde inbox. Dylan’s got a new record titled Porchpuddles, which is being released by Empty Cellar Records on June 19th.  Sonically, it harkens back to the earlier days of pop music, with a smooth approach to the delivery of the vocals and the music itself.  You get the feeling that this song sounds best in some sort of coffee house with hordes of people swaying as they sit cross-legged on the floor.  Pleased to meet you Dylan.


Download:Dylan Shearer – Afterwhile [MP3]

More New Tunes from Beachwood Sparks

Seems like summertime is perfect for guitar noodling and mellow jams, so I’m happy that Beachwood Sparks has been able to return to the fold as we go deep into the hot weather.  After getting back together, the group has recorded Tarnished Gold, which is being released by Sub Pop on June 26th, and trust me, it’s a gem of a record.  I’m not that well boned-up on my classic rock, but I hear that shaky ground between Neil Young and the Grateful Dead (I know, sacrilege for us indie kids).  Sometimes you just can’t ignore a good hit.


Download:Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again [MP3]

Kicking Track from Foxygen

Seems like every band coming out right now has a tendency to make a nod to the past, but that being said, I still find all the new twists on the old sound quite interesting.  Foxygen is the newest signing by our friends over at Jagjaguwar, and I’m really enjoying the duo’s hip old school sound.  Some people are tossing around the Kinks, but I sort of see it as a melding of Calvin Johnson and the past.  There’s definitely flourishes that surpass the tendencies of classic rock, which allows the band to remain progressive whilst still paying homage to their forefathers. Enjoy this little jam, and pick up Take the Kids Off Broadway on July 24th.


Download:Foxygen – Make It Known [MP3]

Show Pics: Father John Misty @ The Mohawk (5/26)

The day after Ty and Suckers, I “had to” go to The Mohawk to see Father John Misty with Har Mar Superstar and Dana Falconberry.

It was a very contrasting set of bands. Dana Falconberry‘s solemn folk melody gave way to Har Mar‘s jams and cock buffet invites led to J. Tillman’s mix of the two. To PYAITK, Father John Misty is J Tillman‘s project after leaving Fleet Foxes. He also played drums for Har Mar during their run out on the road.

It was a strange evening. And I got a decent Har Mar headstand pic, finally…

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Folk Jam from Communist Daughter

I’m really falling in love with this new song from Communist Daughter, which just popped up yesterday.  The group is the project of Johnny Solomon, who has been working the scene in Minneapolis, but this new track should help him reach out to a broader audience. For me, I love the way he delivers the vocals, casual and heartfelt; I also have to admit that I love the lyrics themselves.  You’ll find gentle backing vocals and strummed guitar to make the song come to life.  Pick up your copy of this song, and more, on the band’s Lions & Lambs EP, which hits stores on July 10th.


Download: Communist Daughter – Speed Of Sound [MP3]

Old Jam (but new to many) from Silver Jews

Make no mistake about it, Silver Jews has definitely left a mark on the indie scene, especially considering the line-up of Dave Berman, Stephen Malkmus and Bon Nastanovich–they’re the only ones playing on this track.  Drag City is digging deep and releasing Early Times on June 19th, which is comprised of tracks from the group’s early EPs.  Just listening, you’ll notice the recording isn’t necessarily the best, but that’s what makes it such an interesting song, as it contains the talent the band went on to display, but also those tiny imperfections that endeared us to Berman and Malkmus in the first place. Hope you like it.


Download:Silver Jews – Secret Knowledge of Back Roads [MP3]

More New Music from Poor Moon

It’s clearly a chilled out week on the Internet, as shown by us over here at ATH; this new track from Poor Moon is just another such example.  There’s an element of tropicalia/lounge act going on in this song; it’s got a similar touch to Jens Lekman‘s work of late.  After recently releasing an EP, the group is slated to unleash a self-titled full-length via Sub Pop on August 28th, and I’m hoping it all shapes up to sound just like this here.  Something about summertime and warm weather makes this song really come alive down here in Texas, or it’s just a great song all around.  I’ll take it either way.


Download:Poor Moon – Holiday [MP3]

Show Pics: Suckers @ Red7 (5/25)

And so we run feature/show pic stories back to back, what? No big deal.

After the Lost In Austin session, Suckers decided they might as well play a set at Red7. We all decided to entertain Ryan and Nathan’s bromance by attending and I took some pics, naturally. I am still trying to warm up to the inside stage at Red7, my biggest gripe now being the lights. I missed Boyfrndz, caught the last bit of Young Man and was surrounded by friends for Suckers. Last Friday night was a great night.

Anyway, hit the read more for a few thoughts and pics…

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