New(ish) Tunes from Veronica Falls

After releasing their self-titled album on Slumberland Records last fall, Veronica Falls was quick to return to the fold, still rocking out with the same label.  In quick succession they’ve turned around to complete a new 7″, which you can pick up right HERE.  It’s definitely got that 90s pop nostalgia, with brightly swirling guitars and a vocal performance (both male and female) that’s youthful and relaxed.  These are the kind of songs that made us fall in love with the group, so give the band a chance to warm your heart.


Download: Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats [MP3]

Chilled Out Tunes from Lauren Green

I’ve really enjoyed the work of Austin band Follow That Bird, so when I found out that Lauren Green was stepping out from the band for a minute to record her own debut EP, Easy Spirits, I was interested to see where her own work would lead her.  Needless to say, I’m really stoked on this whole little EP; it’s got an entirely different feel, but one that you’ll definitely enjoy.


Download: Lauren Green – Quilts [MP3]

Hazy New Track from White Birds

Last fall I caught wind of this great band, White Birds, a Philly group that was creating lush pop music with a nice coat of fog.  Just this past weekend the band released a new track from their debut, When Women Played Drums, which unfortunately will be on a limited cassette release.  Again, they come at us with this really steady pop, with the vocals run through this wash of noise…it sort of reminds me of what I would expect a mello Arcade Fire to come off as if they recorded in the midst of a windstorm.  I don’t know, it’s quiet and gentle, and perfect for my chilled out afternoon jamming.


Download: White Birds – Waters [MP3]

2012 Austin City Limits Festival Lineup

The lineup has been announced and tix will be up for sale soon. After many months of speculation and the build-up via the scratch offs, the management has let loose the list of bands that we will argue about for the next five months.

Obviously, the headliners aren’t for us. I mean, I will hang out for a little Red Hot Chili Peppers and maybe even Neil Young for a moment, but The Black Keys have jumped the shark. I am down with seeing Iggy. Other notables for me include The Afghan Whigs, Crystal Castles, Die Antwoord, The War on Drugs, Bombay Bicycle Club, Oberhofer, Polica, Stars, Black Lips, Caveman and Nikki Lane. I am sure I forgot some stuff in the list I like, but as with every festival lineup from the music obsessed point of view, we can react with meh. We’ll all still go and have fun, so start shopping for your cooler-umbrella-chair combo device. Leave a comment with your reaction and see you  on the lawn.

Full line-up here.

Update: Three day passes are gone. Single Day tix will go up once the daily schedules are announced tomorrow.

New British Punk from The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind-Up Birds are a UK pop-punk band, but it’s clear that the definition of pop punk varies from continent to continent. Vocal delivery is definitely a touch different, which you’ll easily notice–to me it recalls Art Brut in the way it’s very matter of fact, almost spoken word.  The group’s just released their new album, The Land, and it’s full of sharp and jagged guitar licks just like the one here.  If you’re a fan of bouncing punk rock, then this is going to be right up your alley!


Download:The Wind-Up Birds – Cross Country [MP3]

Nice Country-Tinged Track from Sons of Fathers

Sons of Fathers are an up-and-coming Austin band, and with the impending release of their second album, Big Diamond Waltz, coming in August, the boys are prepping to take over Austin…and probably move beyond.  This track below is featured on the album, and it had an appeal to both the indie sorts and the country fans.  It’s that precise balance of sounds that really has the band poised to have a break out year once the release comes out; we wish them the best of luck, but we hope most of all that you’ll enjoy this track as we kick off the week.


Download:Sons of Fathers – Burning Days [MP3]

Nice Poppy B-Side from The Eversons

Not too long ago I brought you a sweet single from New Zealand’s The Eversons, discussing the gems off their recent album Summer Feeling.  I was stoked today when they offered up a free B-Side from that recording session, and it’s more blissful pop to warm your heart (as if I needed that hear in Texas).  You can find this song on their 7″ for Could It Ever Get Better, which you can pick up straight from the band if you offer them a generous (and helpful donation).  There’s a youthfulness to the tunes coming from this quartet, and right now, it’s precisely what I need to get ready for summer!


Download:The Eversons – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend [MP3]

Show Pics: I Break Horses @ Stubb’s (5/18)

We certainly intended to bring coverage of the M83 show, but a PR SNAFU prevented me from shooting them. I really didn’t want to sign that release anyway; it had a really strange clause about no digital editing. Really? Images from a DIGITAL SLR and no digital editting?

Not deterred, because I really wanted to see Sweden’s I Break Horses. I love Hearts. Love it. “Winter Beats” and “Wired” have been in rotation around the house for a while now. Could the band pull it off live? Head past the break for pics of their set, a few of my favorite shots of the year so far…

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More New Jams from Volcano!

Not less than a month ago I brought you the title track from the new record, Pinata, by Volcano!, so I’m happy to offer up another fun track that I know you’re going to enjoy.  It’s still a little bit off-the-beaten-path pop, using tight guitar work as the backbone of the song.  I swear there’s a moment in the song when Ted Leo makes an appearance, but that’s just wishful thinking.  It doesn’t even matter, as there’s a shaky quality here, but also a soaring pop element that is crafted near the end of the track.  If you like your music to keep you entertained and twisting, then listen to this gem of a tune. Pinata is out June 12th on The Leaf Label.


Download:Volcano! – Long Gone [MP3]

Killer Tune from So Many Wizards

This new track popped up on Stereogum yesterday, and I just had to post it.  We’ve heaped praised upon So Many Wizards since back in early 2011, and I’m still supporting, especially as their sound continues to grow.  In February I kind of gave them a nod to old school Shins, and they still have that propensity to dig into the pop realm from a very dense arena; these are the sort of things that always make us happy here at ATH. You can find this song as well as others we’ve raved about on August 14th when the band releases their album, Warm Nothing, via Jaxart Records.


Download:So Many Wizards – Happy Birthday [MP3]

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