SXSW Interviews: Young Magic

Michael Italia’s probably not a household name, not just yet.  With that in mind, 2012 seems perfect for his project, Young Magic, to break through to the masses, as he’s already gotten a lot of attention from the press.  We were fortunate to catch up with him before he headed to SXSW to get a brief glimpse inside his mind.  You can check out his SXSW dates after the interview. Thanks again to Gloria for setting things up! Read more

SXSW Interviews: Jonquil

I’ve always been a big fan of Jonquil.  At times their music is pop with dance inducing rhythms, but then they can just be more of a straight up rock n roll band.  Either way, I find myself listening to the band when looking for something unique to pass the time.  Band member Robin McDiarmid took some time to answer our SXSW questions and his answers can be found after the jump.

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New Music from Parlovr

Last year we brought you lots of news about Parlovr, one of Montreal’s hottest act.  It looks like 2012 is going to give us more of the same; the band is set to release another album, Kook Soul, on Dine Alone Records on May 15th of this year.  What I like about our first listen to the new music is the lack of immediacy in the following song.  It’s not hitting you over the head, but instead, the band builds their sound slowly, erupting from time to time with spirited pop moments.  It’s a slight change in direction, but one you’ll surely love if you just take the time to stream the track below.



SXSW Interviews: Young Empires

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know much about Canada based Young Empires prior to sending off these interview questions.  While doing a little bit of research on the group, I found myself jamming to their brand of new wave/dance music similar to The Rapture or even Cut Copy.  It’s now always my thing, but SXSW can definitely bring out the inner dance child inside.  After the jump you can find interview questions from Jacob Palahnuk, bass player for the band.

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SXSW Interviews: Prince Rama

As we continue our SXSW coverage, we’re bringing to you a group that sadly gets lumped in with psychedelic rock, not that we don’t like that style, but Prince Rama is so much more than that.  They’re a whole lot more experimental, combinging elements of Eastern world music, creating an atypical sound from the get-go.  They played a great show in Austin earlier this year with Gang Gang Dance, so we expect another great performance. Oh, and apparently cats are the loneliest thing if their owned by touring bands. Read more

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