New Country-Tinged Jam from Natural Child

The offices over at ATH have been really crazy lately, so when we stumble across a truly fun track, we’ve got to throw it in the mix!  I’ve spent the last few days jamming to this track from Natural Child, the newest sensation out of Nashville. The group will be dropping their new LP, For the Love of the Game, on April 20th via Burger Records, just before heading out on the road with our favorite Hunx and his Punx (including an Austin date on 4/18). This almost has a bluesy-feel to it, which is no surprise coming from Tennessee, but it’s got just the right amount of garage grit to make it a stomping tune we can all get behind, right? Buen proveche.


Download:Natural Child – Ain’t Gonna Stop [MP3]

Scottish Rocker from Holy Esque

Up until now, everything coming out of Glasgow, at least in my mind, has come across with this calm beauty to it, that is until I ran into this new tune from Holy Esque.  Singer Pat Hynes has this stuttering vocal delivery that gives off a weird sort of tension, as if the group’s about to explode.  I don’t know really how else to go into detail, as Hynes has the standout performance on this track.  You can find this number, as well as others when the band releases their Holy Esque EP on April 23rd…should be more than just your run of the mill Scottish rock.



Listen to the Softer Side of Tim Cohen (Magic Trick)

You all should know Tim Cohen as the lead in Fresh and Onlys, and hopefully some of you’ve heard his solo work as either Tim Cohen or Magic Trick.  This time around, he’s teamed up with some friends (members of Aisler’s Set and Kelly Stoltz band) to flesh out the line-up for Magic Trick; the group will release Ruler of the Night via Hardly Art on June 12th.  I love how you can always hear bits of Cohen’s other work slip into this sort of thing, but this effort definitely sounds like it’s being give a really mellow treatment.  Even so, it’s clear that Cohen’s always a captivating as a composer, so this is no surprise I’m loving this track.


Downlaod: Magic Trick – Torture [MP3]

Introducing Paperfangs (For Fans of Dream Pop on the Electric Tip)

I’m really pleased to have discovered Soliti Music over the last year; they introduced me to Finnish acts Big Wave Riders and New Tigers, put out the new Cats on Fire, and now this wonderful new signing, Paperfangs. It’s a more electronic dream pop then the majority of the stuff I’ve been into lately, but those down-trodden vocals and mixture of samples near the end of this track really stuck with me.  Before they get huge, you can also go HERE and get ahold of their latest AAVVAV EP, which is the precursor to what I can only expect will be great work with Soliti.


Download:Paperfangs – I Felt the Ocean [MP3]

Great Indie-Pop from The School

Sometimes musical simplicity is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to falling in love with a certain track or group.  Welsh group,The School, pretty much have always operated in that realm, adding little twists and turns to the formula of indie-pop meets Northern Soul. Their last LP, Loveless Unbeliever, was quite a gem, and now they’ve got a new single on the way for everyone, titled “Never Thought I’d See the Day,” which you can get from Elefant Records tonight. It’s straight pop with female vocals, but you certainly won’t let this one get out of your head today. Here’s a video too of the lead track on the single: VIDEO.


Download:The School – Never Thought I’d See The Day [MP3]

SXSW Interviews: Tribes

We’ve all fully recovered from our SXSW shenanigans here at ATH and our coverage is also just about over.  Before we call it quits, I’ve got one more interview coming your way from UK indie rock band Tribes.  Jim Cratchley took the time to answer our round of SXSW questions shortly after his band left town and headed back out on the road.  You can find his responses after the jump.

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New Single from Slow Club

Slow Club is one of those bands that I always seem to forget about, but when I return to them, I find myself swept away for several days.  For instance, I neglected to review Paradise, their latest LP, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself; I can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten from this record.  Luckily, the band just sent out a reminder that their second single from the record, “The Dog”, will be out in stores this week (with a remix from Tom Vek).  If you haven’t been introduced to the band as of this point in time, just give a listen here.  Those ringing guitars, soaring vocals and pounding rhythms will ahve you rushing to hit repeat.


Download:Slow Club – The Dog [MP3]

New (ish) Rocker from Mean Jeans

As we finally get our feet back under us after the work leading up to SXSW, I really wanted to toss out this track that’s been living in my inbox.  The song comes from the new Mean Jeans album, On Mars, which will be released by the excellent folks over at Dirtnap Records on April 17th.  If you’re in need of an energetic boost to get your Monday off, then be glad I saved this number until today; it builds with infectious hooks, then bursts off into a snotty vocal delivery.  You’ll definitely find the cure for a case of the Mondays by turning this one up!


Download:Mean Jeans – Anybody Out There [MP3]

Sprawling New Song from Lost Left

Lost Left is a three-piece, recording their music somewhere between London and Glasgow.  They’ve just put up their new record, Levollinen, which has really caught my attention.  It’s full of these extended soundscapes, crafted with truly remarkable melodies that come in and out, and then in again.  It takes a truly willing ear to listen to this record in its entirety, but the reward you receive will have you reeling.  It’s some of the more emotional compositions I’ve stumbled upon this year, and the band’s currently offering it up for the convenient Name Your Price.  If you’re looking to lose yourself this weekend, this is the perfect place to find yourself.


Download:Lost Left – Thank You For The Lung [MP3]

Great Garage Jangle-r from Blooper

It’s taken me almost a full week to completely recover from SXSW, but luckily I can go to our friend Toby’s site, Finest Kiss, and catch up on the good stuff he’s stumbled upon in his neck of the woods (Seattle).  This track he ran by Blooper is superb, and reminds me a lot of basically every sweet jam I’ve been rocking in my house for the last several years.  There’s a bit of swing within the jangle, and an infectious aura that sucks you in.  The band’s working on a new EP as of now, but they’ve also got a free Ballard Avenue EP you can grab to wet your appetite while you wait if you go HERE.


Download:Blooper – Secret Song [MP3]

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