My New Best Friend, James Murphy…

We are pretty lucky to live here in Austin. Friday night, the wife and I started out at the friendly confines of The Mohawk, caught a kick ass set from Flesh Lights, chilled at a picnic table, had beer, whisky, and Topo Chico with good people that also love our music scene.

Red7 played host to a DJ set from James Murphy thanks to Learning Secrets. The wife got tix and that means that we became besties with the leader of one of my favorite things, LCD Soundsystem.

Click though for evidence…

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Show Preview: Wintersleep @ Red 7 (4.14)


Date Sunday, April 14
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10 from Red 7

You guessed it folks, it’s rock n’ roll April in Austin, and we’ve got another good show for your weekend adventures.  We’re being invaded by Canadians this time, with Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep making their way to Red 7 on Sunday evening.   They’re touring behind the release of their latest effort, Hello Hum, which we’ve supported since the first singles leaked out.  They carry with them a blend of melody and powerful rock riffs, which leads me to believe the show will be both loud and mesmerizing.  Plus, our boys Grape St. will be opening.  I’ll actually be on hand to sell their records, since we just put it out on vinyl.  You don’t have it? You can grab that HERE. See you Sunday friends.


Download: Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

Ballsy Rocker from Speedy Ortiz

3ue5_IMG1780_1I feel like Friday is going to be really loud in my head, so I may as well find some music to accompany it, right?  Nothing seems more fitting than this new track from Speedy Ortiz, the Massachusetts quartet of creative noise-rockers.  Opening guitar lines and cool vocals fall in line with traditional indie rock, but during the chorus they unleash a wall of noise and discord, not unlike many peers currently making name with a loud approach.  On April 30th Inflated Records will release a 7″ single, which will feature this tune “Ka-Prow” as the A-side.

Show Preview: Frank Smith + The Preservation Album Release @ Holy Mountain (4.13)

Frank Smith

Date Saturday, April 13th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $8

Hey there Austin.  Just a heads up, you have no business calling yourself an Austin music fan if you’re not going to this show on Saturday night.  For starters, there’s four of our favorite bands, and we like to think we have good tastes, so that’s important.  Second, both Frank Smith and the Preservation will be releasing their albums that night, and I’ve even raved about the new Frank Smith record HERE.  Also, you get to check out some other up-and-comers who’ve been receiving a lot of our attention in East Cameron Folkcore and Growl.  It’s cheap; booze at Hold Mountain is cheap; people are friendly. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Download: Frank Smith – Chewing Glass [MP3]

New Music from Coma Cinema

1881Man, I’m digging this tune.  It’s so playful and casual, yet clearly well-written.  Coma Cinema is the project of Mat Cothran, and he’s got a bright future, if my words have anything to do with it (which I’m afraid they don’t–sorry Mat).  I like the backbone of the piano that works here while Cothran sings atop it; it’s almost bouncy, but not over the top.  And did he just say “fuck me in the graveyard?” Mat’s got a new effort titled Posthumous Release, which will come out on June 11th via Fork & Spoon Records.

Show Pics: Two Door Cinema Club @ Stubb’s (4/10)

Guilty pleasures, we all have them (Timberlake, comics, shimmying, wrestling, jello shots). I have a thing for Brit-Pop and the poppiest stuff going in my playlists has to be Two Door Cinema Club. I swore them off after the last show based on their destined rise with a rabid fan base of teenage “drop me off at the show, mom” crowd. More on them in a bit.

Inevitably, openers will get also get more mainstream as the crowd changes. Robert DeLong is an interesting creature.

But, even if you hate the bands involved, I hope you will take a look at the photos. I shot the second night and the photo pit to myself. It was well lit and a ton of fun to shoot.

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Careful Electro-Pop from Standish/Carlyon

SC_PURPLE_1SQ-300x300Standish/Carlyon are one of the newest acts to sign on with our friends Chapter Music over in Australia, though the US release comes via Felte Sounds.  This is the second single from the duo’s upcoming Deleted Scenes LP, demonstrating how electro-pop can unfold before you when it’s created so delicately.  Just as you think the track can explode, it calms back down just as quickly, like one of those waves you think you’ll catch before it fades away into the ocean.  I’m thinking a lot of people are going to be interested in what this band has to offer us all in 2013, don’t you agree?


Download: Standish/Carylon – Gucci Mountain [MP3]

Jangle to The Mantles

1885I’ve been waiting for new music from The Mantles for what seems like a long time; you know, something like four years.  On their first single for their new record, it almost has the feeling as if it’s been recorded in the group’s home studio; it’s got an uplifiting guitar jangle to it, while the vocals hold on to a certain sense of earnestness.  If you need some charming pop music to get you through the day, then you don’t need to look any further than here.   On June 18th Slumberland Records will be releasing Long Enough to Leave, and it’s already in my year end lists, I promise you.

Driftwood Pop from Young Hunting

YH_promo_webThere’s a great deal to be said for carefully crafted pop songs, especially the sort that slowly unfolds. Restraint and all that.  Such is the feeling you’ll get when you listen to the first single from the upcoming album from Young Hunting.  Their track builds towards the climax, which turns listeners on their ears during the chorus, also adding more musical accompaniment to the rest of the track from it’s first bright burst.  Each note has a purpose, allowing the band to maximize their emotional pull.  You can find the group’s new single on Hazel, their new LP being released by Gold Robot on June 4th.  Be sure to follow along carefully.


Download: Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps [MP3]

Cool New Tune from Creative Adult

Promo2.1When I first listened to this new track from Creative Adult, as you might be doing now, the vocals took a second to sink in; they sounded as if they were almost slurred into the microphone.  But, the more I listened to it, the more I realized that it couldn’t be anything but that vocal to make this song so hauntingly enchanting.  Mood wise, it’s definitely a dark song, with the swirling guitar ring leaving a post-rock taste in your mouth.  It’s heavy, but it’s not fast…I appreciate a band that will mix it up.  You can grab the band’s new Bulls in the Yard EP on May 7th courtesy of Run for Cover.

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