Great New Single from Alpaca Sports

One of my favorite discoveries of the last year has been Sweden’s Alpaca Sports.  The duo creates hook-laden pop that dares you to play the songs just once; I promise you that’s not a possibility.  Lucky for all of us the group has been kind enough to let us stream their new single, “She’ll Come Back for Indian Summer,” which I sincerely hope is a Beat Happening reference.  You can get your hands on the digital single on June 20th via Luxury, and then you’ll have it on your own stereo to play over and over again.  Keep your eye on these guys, as there’ definitely going to be more gems from them coming our way soon. Also, you can check out a video for the single that just went up today by clicking HERE.



New Tunes from Apache Dropout

I’m always going to give a shout out to Trouble in Mind Records; they’ve got a really diverse catalogue, but typically it all dwells in the garage rock category.  Today, this new jam dropped from Apache Dropout kicking out the rock n’ roll jams with a psychedelic twist; I tend to think more along the lines of psycho-billy, at least when I’m listening to this song.  It’s got whimsy, choppy guitars and the album artwork has a hint of ghoulishness. If you dig this track, you can get a hold of the group’s new record, Bubblegum Lemonade, soon; it hits stores on August 7th.


Download:Apache Dropout – Candy Bar [MP3]

New Single (+ Album Stream) from The Daredevil Christopher Wright

I’m absolutely loving the new record from The Daredevil Christopher Wright, a Eau Claire three-piece who’ve created an eclectic sound akin to the likes of Here We Go Magic or Fleet Foxes.  Their album combines elements of folk, group harmonies, but there’s also a slightly experimental bent–though not as much because the group wanted to focus on the songwriting on the record for performance purposes (I commend that!). If you’re sitting at work, wondering what the next record you’re going to HAVE to buy is, then you need to take a listen to The Nature of Things, which hits stores next week. You can stream it in its entirety HERE.


Download:The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Divorce [MP3]

Warm Pop Gem from Cinderpop

The single for Cinderpop’s newest album has been floating around for quite some time, but I hadn’t really given it too much of a listen until I started spinning Manic Sparkles repeatedly on my player.  It’s an album that’s chock-full of wonderful pop tunes that recall all sorts of influences, from the Lucksmiths to Sloan to Nada Surf.  These are the sorts of influences that make me swoon, so I’m happy to have re-discovered the band and their classic pop sound.  I feel like more people should be writing music like this, but if they’re not, I’ve always got great bands like this to enjoy.


Download:Cinderpop – Florentine [MP3]

Great Slow Burner from Easter

Sometimes you stumble upon music that moves you emotionally, though you can’t exactly put your finger on it. That’s precisely how I felt when I put on this record from Manchester’s Easter titled Innocence Man. It’s got a casual alternative rock feeling to it, like one would find with early Mark Kozelek works. Oddly, the vocal affectation that comes along with most UK bands isn’t overwhelmingly present here, which makes it feel like it wasn’t written here in the States during my formative college years.  Here’s to hoping you enjoy this on your way to a great work week.


Download:Easter – Damp Patch [MP3]

Summer Pop from Orca Team

I’ve heard whispers of Orca Team for sometime, and now that I’ve got some time to sit down and listen to their new release, Restraint, I think I’ve found the album that will be with me for the rest of this warm Texas summer.  Oddly, the group’s from the Northwest, but a great record is a great record, right?  It’s got a little bit of a beach party vibe, but wrapped in a nice box of pop. If you’re looking for something light-hearted, yet written really well, then you’ll probably find yourself, like me, spending an awful lot of time with this record.



Mellow Electrco Jam from Poolside

It’s definitely one of those days when you want to lay out by the water and get some sun. This jam popped up on the P4K with BNM accolades, and I’m not going to lie that it’s definitely something you’re going to want to turn up today.  It’s by the Cali duo Poolside, interestingly enough, giving you directions as to where you’ll enjoy this band most.  You can find the track on the band’s upcoming album, Pacific Standard Time, which hits on July 9th via Day & Night Recordings.  It’s not beat you over the head with bass elctronica, which is exactly why I can get into it; there’s a steady throb, but ultimately a chilled out vibe. Give it a go.


Download:Poolside – Slow Down [MP3]

New Power Pop Jam from The White Wires

Ever since the new album from The White Wires arrived in my mailbox the other day, I’ve been jamming it as loud as I can around the house.  The Canadian group has signed on with the good folks over at Dirtnap Records to release their album WWIII, which will be in stores on July 31st.  It’s exactly what you want in a power-pop record, and this song epitomizes the feel of the release, with bouncing garage rhythms and just the faintest hint of melody in the vocals.  If this doesn’t lift your spirits a little bit, then I don’t know what will.


Download:The White Wires – All Night Long [MP3]

Announcing the ATH Records Web Store

The day is finally here! We’ve had some tweaking to the site in the work behind the scenes by our excellent partners, Paravel, and I’m here to announce the first update.  I hope you know by now that we’ve started a non-profit (aren’t they all) record label, and our first release was Literature‘s Arab Spring (partnered with Square of Opposition). It’s a great record that has gotten lots of national press, so you should definitely check it out (and buy it!).  You can purchase the album directly from us by going HERE.  There’s also a little tab on the lower right of the home page, and we’ll be updating it with all our releases.  If you prefer to get your vinyl in a non-Internet environment, it’s all over Austin at End of an Ear, Waterloo and Trailer Space. Here’s a few great tracks to stream so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Keep an eye out for more updates on the site, and on the record label!

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