More Sprawling Beauty from New Mexico

1178I love the way this opening moment of the new single from New Mexico opens up; it’s barely audible, with vocals pushed really high into the mix for their entrance.  You’ll have to listen closely to the guitar work in the background, just barely chiming in beneath the electronic wash that coats the song.  Perhaps it’s not an immediate sort of track, but the unfolding glory is undoubtedly present the more you let the song sink in to your soul. You can grab their new album, Malpais, next Tuesday; I know I’m getting my hands on a copy.


Download: New Mexico – Wandering [MP3]

New Electronica from Jon Hopkins

Jon-Hopkins-2Musically, I’m going out on a limb here, but only because B. Gray is our usual electronic afficionado.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the work of Jon Hopkins.  He first came to my attention a few years ago when he worked on Diamond Mine with King Creosote; I still play that album all the time. He’s got a new record coming out on Domino on June 4th titled Immunity, and it’s going to be a much appreciated piece by those in the know.  Now, you’re in the know; you get to hear the first single from Jon’s record, so if this is you’re thing, it’s time to get excited.

More Great Music from The Bankees

bankeesThankfully, the Bankees are going strong with their new efforts, deciding to release an EP in honor of Record Store Day.  Just a few weeks ago I put up “Heaven 1&2,” but this song has a different feel to it.  It begins slowly, with a tinkering piano and a lightly strummed guitar part, awaiting the entrance of the vocals.  A minute later, the song takes off into old school rock pastiche, with swagger and soul, just as a guitar solos in momentarily.  For me, this song shows the growth of the group over the last few years, crafting some of the most intimate pop music.  Be happy bands write tunes like this.


Download: The Bankees – The Plumber Life [MP3http://

More New Music from The Legs

legs-e1361513246175Not too long ago I brought you the first single from Legs upcoming album, Pass the Ringo, and I’m at it again with this new gem for your ears.  This track has a faster pace than “Two Colours,” and I’m personally attached to the way each verse sort of fades out just before picking up right where the group left off.  It’s surprising more people aren’t head over heels in love with this band, as songs like this are just too good to simply ignore.  You can pick up their LP next week from our homies over Log Lady Records.




Sorry I’m Late: Here’s The Fireworks

LIFE099_Cover480Man, I hate myself.  In the recovery process that was post-SXSW, I forgot how much I loved this jam from The Fireworks.  The band just recently released their The Fireworks EP, and it’s this blistering bit of guitar-pop for you to digest.  On this four song effort, the guitar work is really what does it for me; it provides a gritty edge to the group’s poppier underbelly.  This tune in particular will have you tapping your toes, bobbing your head and hopefully picking up the EP from Shelflife Records.  You know what’s good for you, don’t you?

Show Preview: Young Girls @ Mohawk (4.16)


Date Tuesday, April 16th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $6 @ the Door

Let’s face it, we can all use a good pick me up, emotionally speaking.  It may sound a bit off, but sometimes escapism is a simple solution, albeit one that might be short lived.  In that case, I can’t think of a more uplifting way to spend tonight than surrounded by friends at Mohawk watching Young Girls.  Their music reminds me of the innocence and purity in indie pop, where lyrics are simple and hooks collide.  They’ll be joined by Gang Sign and Single Lash, so the energy should be high, and the music should be rad.  Let’s make the best of things the only way we know how.


Download: Young Girls – Mexico in December [MP3]

Pop Time with Circle

circle-we-can-playI feel like today needs a good shine to it, so I wanted to play this new track from Circle right off the bat.  It’s just a pure spirited pop song from the moment it launches off, with multiple mini sections within the song…some parts are have just tinkering keyboards, while others have this driving guitar working.  I just want you all to have a smile on your face today, and the best way to do that is to give you some classic indie pop goodness to force that smile upon your face. Keep on keeping on.


Download: Circle – We Can Play [MP3]

New EP from Weekender

weekenderMan, the weekend’s are great for discovery, and I’m grateful I came across this brand new EP from Weekender.  The guitar sound is what caught me at first, but the delivery of the vocals, both calm and coated, really drew out the emotion that I seek in a album.  It was as simple as that, and so I spent much of my Sunday jamming to Spanish Peaks, the newest EP by the band.  They’re currently offering it up for NYOP, so you’ve got to get on it quick…donate to the cause, as being a musician doesn’t come cheap.


Download: Weekender – Spanish Peaks [MP3]

You’re Going to Love Ascetic

883945_544088232279916_962009203_oI’m stuck on this new release from Ascetic, another gem from Melbourne.  But, that being said, this is further proof that all things Oceania don’t have roots in Flying Nun…not that I don’t like those roots.  This is a band intent on using the broadest strokes to create an expansive rock record, dark at times, yet stunningly beautiful in every aspect.  Listening to their new effort, Self Initiation, I just keep finding myself lost in the musical landscape, taking turns, or unfolding to a further degree.  Definitely worthy of multiple spins on repeat, just to wrap your head around the sound itself.


Download: Ascetic – Pharmacy [MP3]

Dark Wave from So Sexual

2756197706-1I’m really enjoying this new track from So Sexual, a Liverpool act who seem to have more in common with the sound of rival city, Manchester.  You can’t take away the nod to Joy Division, or perhaps even a darker version of the Killers.  I think the vocals have a higher tonal quality than they might lead on, so you can see that it’s more than just an average knock-off.  The band just released a single with Bleeding Gold Records, and you can grab that for cheap if you’re interested in the sounds. I dig it, if that counts.

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