More Hooks from Lace Curtains

Just a short while ago we brought you an awesome jangly jam from Michael Coomer’s new project, Lace Curtains, but now it’s time to unleash another hook-laden pop tune for your ears.  This time around, there’s a steadiness to the song’s development, but it’s still got that bouncy quality that Michael’s other group, Harlem, displayed.  I can’t wait to hear the entire record; it’s all going to sound this good I swear.  This new album is titled The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, and it comes out this July via Female Fantasy–something to look forward to listening to for the rest of your summer.


Download:Lace Curtains – Bedroom Honesty [MP3]

Dark Pop-Gaze from Seatraffic

If you’re in the search for some brooding pop music, then you better press play on this new Seatraffic jam as quick as you can.  It takes almost a minute to build into the lyrics, but once the vocals come in, the dark undertones make way for the rest of the song to settle into a nice groove.  The San Francisco-based group will be releasing their latest 7″ on a limited vinyl release come August 1st, and this is the A-side for that release.  Subtle dark undertones always make for great listening, no matter what mood you find yourself in at the moment. Give a listen.


Download:Seatraffic – Crimes [MP3]

Classic Pop Track from Bart and Friends

Haven’t heard about Bart and Friends yet? Well, if you follow the Australian pop scene, then surely you’re aware of bands like Lucksmiths, Zebras and Black Tambourine…all which have members in this wonderful supergroup of sorts.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re releasing their There May Come a Time EP on one of our favorite labels, Matinee Recordings. This is precisely the sort of gems the label is known for, featuring some of the best pop you’re going to hear around the globe.  This tune has Pam Berry taking the lead, backed by  a steadied hand of gorgeous pop destined to make you swoon.  Give it a listen, give it some love.


Download:Bart and Friends – There May Come a Time [MP3]

Fun Rocker from Finn Riggins

I first brought you Finn Riggins earlier in the year as the group was preparing to release their Benchwarmers EP, and they’re back again with another single to get you interested.  This tune features gang vocals from the trio, bouncing rhythms and steady drumming.  I don’t know what it is about these guys, they just seem to get under my skin, in an endearing way of course. There’s even a little jam in the middle, followed by more enjoyable rock moments.  If you’re on the West, the group heads out on tour, though they unfortunately won’t be making it into Austin just yet.


Download:Finn Riggins – Big News [MP3]

New Jam (and tape) from Velcro

A few weeks back my friend Guy from Chapter Music turned me on to Velcro, a Melbourne band that I really dug.  They’ve just released a new tape overseas, and the lead track is pretty solid; I’ve been jamming to it all this afternoon.  They’ve also seemingly tossed it up for free on their BANDCAMP page, so you have the right to enjoy it, just in case you’re not into ordering tapes from abroad.  Regardless, these guys are really warming me over with their mellow affected pop tunes, and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter time before the rest of the world gets to see the talent laying in wait.


Download:Velcro – One Day [MP3]

More New Music from Magic Trick

Tim Cohen‘s newest track has been floating around for a few weeks now, but it was just made available to us, so I’ve got to fawn over Magic Trick some more.  His newest LP, Ruler  of the Night will be out on Hardly Art this week, and I suggest you pick it up if you know what’s good for you.  Of course, if you’re familiar with Tim’s work in Fresh and Onlys, the slow progression of the guitar and Cohen’s vocals will certainly be surprising. There’s an abundance of creativity, however, in the song’s final construction, which is one of the things that’s made listening to Magic Trick so enjoyable.  Dig in folks.


Download:Magic Trick – Invisible at Midnight [MP3]

New Jam from Cold Cave

Okay, so it’s not a new jam obviously, as it was recorded awhile ago as a B-Side for the Cold Cave‘s latest effort, Cherish the Light Years. It’s a heavy-handed dance jam, precisely what we’ve come to love from the group in the last few years.  For me, it sounds like a dark-edged Depeche Mode, rooted in the history of 80s, but obviously it’s got that modern twist.  Admittedly, there’s nothing new and sparkling about this song, nor the style, but it’s a jam I felt would kick off your Monday in the right manner.  Hope it does you justice.


Download:Cold Cave – Believe In Our Blood [MP3]

Friday Facts: 40,000 Years Ago

So you may have missed the story a couple weeks back about the oldest musical instrument found to date. It is a flute, 40,000 years old found in southern Germany made from mammoth and bird bones. With a discovery like this, there are typically other things learned about our ancestors.


  1. This pushes back the first time someone tried to “talk” during a show. Scientists assume there was grunting from a female about how her caveman wouldn’t “commit”.
  2. Cave paintings of performances were limited in scope. Apparently, they were made during the first three songs, no torch allowed.
  3. Distant relatives of Gerard from Matador was at the first show and bought a band pelt along with early members of Jim Eno’s lineage and the actual Lemmy.
  4. The flutists eventually signed a new tribe and lost all indie cred in the cave.
  5. Flute/penis euphemisms were born.

Image courtesy Oxford: Full Story.

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