Catching Up with Jeremy Jay

jeremy-jayAfter a prolific run, Jeremy Jay took some time off, but whilst checking in on the guy, I came across a new tune, which appears only in the demo form below.  Interestingly, he seems to have lost a bit of his soul-influenced bent, leaving us with a more solemn track that works predominantly with just a pounding drum beat and light guitar work.  You can hear faint accompaniment of the atmospheric/electronic sort in the background, so who knows where the track will end up in the long run, but this seems like a pretty good start for all us JJ fans out there.  He also alludes to an up-coming 7″ that should come out soon, we think.


Download:Jeremy Jay – Now Its Gone [MP3]

New Music from Twin Library

504246447-1I’ve been relaxing all day with a plethora of emails that I skipped over for a few days, and the one record that stuck out for me was the new release from Edmonton’s Twin Library, Lowways.  It’s most folk, though there’s a quiet element to the recording quality that makes it extremely personal.  But, while there are some really soft moments on the album, there are also experiments with noise, which provide a little bit of differentiation, giving the record more endurance from spin to spin.  I chose the track below because it’s the first track that really builds your experience with Lowways.  You can grab the whole album for the NYP option  HERE.


Download: Twin Library – The Surgery Never Left [MP3]

Gritty Gem from The Living Eyes

artworks-000040370353-zsrb68-t500x500I’ll continue my fascination with Australia today by tossing out this rad tune from The Living Eyes.  On April 1st the group will be releasing their self-titled record with help from Anti-Fade and Z-Man Records.  Unlike a lot of their Aussie peers, there’s more of a garage-rock, blues-oriented groove at play in this track. I like the control of the vocals, as I’ve seen many a band throw that wayward howl into similar sounding jams.  Just goes to show you all that rock n’ roll is alive and gritty all around the good old globe.

New Jam from Velcro

715679295-1You people need to really turn your ears towards Velcro.  I’ve raved about the Australian group for some time on these pages, but with the new Budding Teens EP set to be released via Terroir Editions, things are definitely shaping up to be huge.  There’s a casual wayward twanging guitar, and the vocals have this relaxed vibe to them.  But, like all things Velcro, it sticks in your head so quickly, and then its gone, forcing you to play the track over and over again.  That’s not a bad thing now is it?  Just go browse through the Velcro greatness, and enjoy one of my favorite acts that I wish more people knew about!


Download: Velcro – Bong Lion [MP3]

Indie Pop Friday with Just Handshakes

841230_10151385453640805_840043184_oWhat a great way to wrap up a really good week in music! Just Handshakes are readying their debut full-length, Say It, but in the meantime, they’re offering up a nice glimpse via their new single from Bleeding Gold Records.  There’s definitely some nostalgic leanings in this track, but that aside, it’s just a glistening pop tune with a wonderful female vocal eager to make the world swoon.  If you can make it all the way through this track without letting a smile creep upon your face, then I do believe there is something wrong with you sir! Enjoy your weekend folks.

Electro Goodness from Barbarossa

1775When I first heard this new single from Barbarossa, Hot Chip sprang to mind.  The groove and the vocals do bear some resemblance, but the song unfolds in a different manner.  As opposed to an over-sexualized nerdiness, this track unfolds in a gentle manner, showing more restraint.  It’s not a club banger, but there’s a soothing mood created.  James Mathe is the man behind the music, and he’s just signed with the heralded Memphis Industries to release his first single, which we’re featuring below.  You need a mellow electro jam? Look no more.

Punk Rock Weekend @ the Mohawk with Lucero and ALL

acl_luceroMan, I’m bummed I’m going to be out of town this weekend, as the Mohawk line-up is killing it.  First, Friday night features Lucero, who may not exactly be purveyors of punk due to their folk sound.  But, you can’t tell me vocalist Ben doesn’t have that raspy punk pull in his voice.  And, if you want to stick around, East Cameron Folkcore will tear it up inside…who also have a vocal likeness to my punk heritage.  And, if that wasn’t enough on Friday, Saturday night you can see the great ALL.  The group is more or less the Descendents, just with singers that aren’t named Milo. I have a feeling Scott Reynolds will be taking vocal duties this weekend. Seriously, the 1-2 weekend punch is ridiculous; I’d probably just camp out at the bar if they let me.  Please help me feel good about Austin and go to one, if not both of these shows!

Friday night: Lucero w/ J. Charles and the Trainrobbers and Cartright – Doors @ 8 PM – Tickets

Saturday night: ALL, MOD  and many more – Doors @ 4 PM – Tickets


Download: Lucero – Hey Darling Do You Gamble [MP3]

Bright New Music from Dead Ghosts

252We just got sent this new tune from Dead Ghosts, and it’s a shimmering piece of psych pop.  The vocals are a little bit skewed in the mix, intentionally done I’m sure, but I really dig the work of the drumming and the guitars.  It’s something I would imagine could have rocked many a club no Haight-Ashbury in its hey-day, so if that’s your bag, then you’ll love this Canadian act.  They’ve just been picked up by Burger Records, who will be releasing their new album, Can’t Get No, on April 30th–just to add to the swelling hits being pushed by Burger in 2013. You likes?


Download:Dead Ghosts – Roky Said [MP3]

Rocking It Out With Mikhael Paskalev

1170In my experience, music from Norway doesn’t sound quite like Mikhael Paskalev.  At first opening it seems to have some sort of barroom jangling troubadour, with a nice little effect on the vocals, but then he changes the direction of the track, slowing it down to allow room for his pop-centricities to slide through.  He’s about to release the below single on March 5th via Mom + Pop, so it should be making some waves just before he blows into Austin for our annual SXSW festival.

SxSW Releases Music Schedule

We tweeted out earlier that SxSW released the last batch of wristbands other than the week-ofs that we be available at Waterloo and a few of the venues.

Along with those, other big news landed with the formal release of the Music schedule. You can now peruse the lineups, start stalking artists and getting in line for the big artists at the small venues. The other cool thing is to see the little suspect gaps in venue nightly lineups, such as the hour before The Polyphonic Spree at Red7 Tuesday.

News announcement here. Play with your schedule here.

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