Straight Rock N’ Roll from Turf War

TurfWar_PressPhoto1.180040One of the many acts that I think is severely overlooked is Turf War. Their first album Years of Living Dangerously still manages to make its way deep into my playlist, years later I might added.  They’ve just announced they’ll be releasing The Great Escape EP, and I’m stoked to see that things haven’t changed much.  When I hear them, I tend to think of straight rock sounds a la the Replacements, but I can also hear bits of blues and country lurking back in their somewhere…you combine it all and you’re bound to have a winner.  I’m guessing a new LP is right around the corner, and I’m placing my bets that it’s going to knock your socks off.


Download: Turf War – Born to Run Free [MP3]

Welcome Back Kids on a Crime Spree

kidsWhere have these guys been?  It’s been almost two years since we last heard from Kids on a Crime Spree, and I’m ecstatic that the band is back today.  Their sound compiles elements of hazy guitar pop with bouncing rhythms and floating vocals, all of which guarantee a hit over at the ATH offices…and hopefully beyond.  The group has a brand new Creeps the Creep 7″ that comes your way next week courtesy of the most excellent, Slumberland Records.  Hopefully this great tunes is just a hint at great things to come from the group in 2013.

Show Preview: Shivery Shakes + Tiger Waves + She Sir + Shrines @ Mohawk (4.4)

Shivery Shakes

Date Thursday, April 4th
Location Mohawk
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $6 at the Door

If you’ve looked at the upcoming shows listing for Austin, April is about to get really crazy ya’ll, so why not start things off right by spending an evening with some of the best local bands Austin has to offer.  We’ve raved about all of these bands for a long time, and I know that at least three of the four acts are working on new albums/singles, so you’re bound to hear some fresh tunes.  Shivery Shakes are tighter than ever. Tiger Waves, I love them. She Sir make smart pop that I adore. Shrines I haven’t seen, but to be on this bill, you know they’re rad.  Seriously everyone, it’s a cheap show, so come out and support local music. Here’s some jams from the Shakes, the Waves and the Sir in case you needed convincing.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Soulful Hit from Cool Ghouls

LP_FrontCover_350While reading the press release for Cool Ghouls the name Tim Cohen was mentioned; that sold me from the get-go, but the song itself pushed my fandom even further.  On their new single, the band combines psychedelia elements with true country tunes, all the while piling up some great musical accompaniment to fill out their sound.  It’s a song with soul and swagger all in one, keeping things interesting for all of those taking the time to enjoy great music.  On April 23rd, the band will release their self-titled record via Empty Cellar Records, so keep that on your radar if you know what’s good for you.


Download: Cool Ghouls – Grace [MP3]

Spirited Americana from Christopher Paul Stelling

falsecitiesFollowers of ATH will surely note that we’ve always had a soft spot for well-written Americana, which is precisely what comes to mind when I listen to Christopher Paul Stelling. There’s a certain raspiness to his vocals that provides the spirit and soul to this track, and I like the quickness of the guitar playing.  You can hear faint bits of tambourine or cymbal in the background, but the special moment comes near the end.  Here you’ll find Stelling straining his voice and his pace to put every drop of emotion into this track.  If you dig it, his new album False Cities will be out on May 21st.


Download: Christopher Paul Stelling – Brick x Brick [MP3]

Enchanting Pop from Rollin Hunt

rollinI can’t get this damn song out of my head! I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s there for good.  At first, I couldn’t help but attach myself to the careful tone of the vocals, but then I started to realize that the grandiose orchestration really pushed the song to an exceptionally emotional level.  Now, I could do for a bit more length, but one shouldn’t mess with greatness.  You can pick up The Phoney, which is the debut LP from Rollin Hunt on Moniker Records on April 30th.  This won’t be your average pop affair, thank goodness.

New Music Premiere: The Bankees – Heaven 1 & 2

bankeesI’m going to support this band until the day I die, so I’m glad they’ve let us premiere one of their most accomplished tracks to date.  If you recall, last year I doted on Home, but the band has been hard at work crafting new sounds and a new record.  It’s titled Heaven, and currently is looking for a home (hit me up if you want to put this record out, and I’ll get you in touch).  Seeing as I’m familiar with the group, you can tell that they’ve developed their sound quite a bit, dabbling a bit in psychedelia, while still holding true to their affectingly warm pop.  I pray for big things, as the songs and the band truly deserve greater recognition.


Download: The Bankees – Heaven I & II [MP3]

Jam Out with Oberhofer

oberhoferI love the rich pop music that Oberhofer created, not to mention the live show they put on at ACL this past year.  So, with that in mind, I’m excited they’ve already geared up to release a new EP, titled Notalgia; it comes out on April 23rd via Glassnote.  It’s steady guitar pop when it opens, with the machine gun drumming pushing the pace forward, but the chorus is where the song truly takes flight.  It bursts forth with ringing guitars and accompanying arrangements that really display the profound pop exploration of the group.  I won’t complain about hearing this song a dozen or so times today, and neither should you!

Great Track from The New Tigers

thenewtigersWhile line-up changes are never fun, they sometimes push bands into new horizons, which seems like the place where The New Tigers will go after losing drummer Kece. For me, the first thing I noticed was the spritely step in the bands sound; it’s immediately more playful than anything they’ve created before.  You’ll still find swirling guitar work in the background, but the light-hearted attitude is immediately charming.  You’ll be able to find this track, and others on the band’s second LP, which will be released by our great friends over at Soliti Music.


Download: The New Tigers – Quicksilver [MP3]

Show Review: Caveman @ The Parish (4/1)

I hadn’t really been out and about, at least not to a proper show, since SXSW.  But, with the Brooklyn act, Caveman, coming to town with their friends Pure Bathing Culture, I thought it would be the perfect time to venture out; it didn’t hurt that they bands would be playing at the Parish, which always has great sounds.

Read on for my thoughts on the bands and your typical excellent shots from B. Gray.

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