Brand New Dum Dum Girls

This track’s been all over the Internet today, and deservedly so.  Dum Dum Girls always seem to have something going on, be it a tour, an EP or a full-length album.  You’ll find this track on the group’s upcoming End of Daze EP, which will be in stores courtesy of Sub Pop on September 25th.  Of course, it’s one of those drawn out tunes the band has been working towards for some time, and I love the light little touches of backing vocals that come in about midway through the track. You’ve got to love the consistency from these ladies.


Download: Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows [MP3]

Great New Jam from She Sir

I really feel like there’s a lot of great music being made in Austin lately.  I know, that should come as no surprise, but some years are weaker than others, but this new jam from locals She Sir is a guaranteed hit, promising us more great music from the group in the near future. They’re recording with Erik Wofford, which always seems to guarantee good things for bands here in town, and the forthcoming record from the group should definitely benefit from his work.  Here’s a track they’re giving out as a teaser, with just a small catch: it’s a new track, but it won’t be featured on the album.  Get it while it’s hot; it’s definitely hot.


Download:She Sir – You Could Be Tiger [MP3]

Fuzzy Pop from Joanna Gruesome

Nope, not a typo.  I promised some people I’d try to get all twee on you this week while RayRay was taking his annual vacation, so I’ve been trying to bust out some goodies I hadn’t shared with you all yet.  So yeah, this is Joanna Gruesome, a favorite of the excellent indie pop blog, A Layer of Chips.  As of right now, the Welsh group only has a few songs to their name, but they’re all absolutely delicious.  I love the recording on this one, with its barely audible lyrics lurking beneath the fuzz of the guitar.  You have no idea how much I nerd out to tunes like this one.


Download:Joanna Gruesome – Pntry Grrlll [MP3]


New Discovery: Dot Dash

It’s hot outside, finally. I’m hanging inside getting my Olympics on and trying to discover new tunes. My favorite hit today comes from DC’s band Dot Dash, a band who win in their Wire reference alone, but they’ve also got the hits to back it all up. Honestly, I think this tune from their most recent record, Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash, has a bit more of a Jam/Futureheads feel to it, but they’ve got some other tracks on their Soundcloud that give way to the reference point. It’s all like a mod/punk blend of goodness that really deserves a lot of respect (and love); I miss people making music like this.  Check em out.


Download:Dot Dash – The Color and the Sound [MP3]

Catchy Hooks from Cassolette

I have a feeling that today’s going to be sort of a light-hearted day, at least to start out the morning music run.  I stumbled upon Cassolette this past weekend while visiting Anorak, who just put out the group’s latest Annie 7″, which is absolutely delightful.  The Florida sextet isn’t breaking new ground, they’re just executing pure indie pop in marvelous fashion.  I dare you to listen to this track and not tap your feet and not let a grin creep up on your face; it absolutely cannot and will not happen. I don’t even want to go on about this song, I just want you to listen and love.


Download:Casolette – Annie [MP3]

New Music from Lightships

It’s been a solid year so far for Gerrad Love, having released his latest Lighsthips album, Electric Cables, earlier this year to great fan fare.  But, that’s what you’d expect from a member of Teenage Fanclub, at least what I expect.  He’s back already with some brand new tunes featured on the Fear and Doubt EP, which includes three tracks that didn’t make it on the album, including this new gem. Love just floats in with his vocals here, letting them playfully rest atop the track, while the instrumentation is steady, yet chilled out.  Can’t say enough good things about this dude and the tunes he’s writing in 2012.


Chilled Tune from The Sea and Cake

I believe my first introduction to The Sea and Cake came from my friend Ryan Jewell back in 2000–somehow he turned me onto Oui, the band’s current release (at that time).  I love how they combined really mellow indie rock elements with bits of jazz fusion, and it always fascinated me that more people didn’t understand, or care I guess, about the band.  Still, Sam Prekop and his posse have been going strong for some time, and they’re about to release Runner, their latest for Thrill Jockey, on September 18th.  This new track really has me excited for the release with its underlying brightness, yet ageless sound. I’m always going to dig this band; do you?


Download:The Sea and Cake – Harps [MP3]

New Tunes from Mac DeMarco

It too me awhile to get into Rock and Roll Night Club, Mac DeMarco‘s recent release, but the more I listened the more his songwriting grew on me.  With his latest single from his forthcoming LP 2, he’s continuing to grow before our ears, and in doing so, he’s really warming his way into my heart.  This track encapsulates everything I dig about his tunes, from his captivating, to his lyrics, and even down to the twang of the guitar twinkling in the foreground.  Mac’s definitely making a name for himself, and you can grab his new record on October 16th from Captured Tracks.


Download:Mac De Marco – My Kind of Woman [MP3]

Powerful Ballad From Will Johnson

A quick search for his name on this site and you’ll surely see that ATH has been a supporter of Will Johnson since we first began talking about music.  His music has always been underappreciated in my opinion, and he somehow always seems to be just on the cusp of blowing up, but then never does.  He’s one of the best kept secrets in the songwriting world.  This year, Will is planning to release another solo album entitled Scorpion which is due out September 11th.  To preview the album, Will has offered up this new track “You Will Be Here, Mine” as a free download to his fans.  The song features the typical beauty we’ve come to expect from Mr. Johnson with its subdued songwriting technique yet more powerful after ever listen.  Carry on sir.


Download: Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine [MP3]

New Instrumental Jam from Balmorhea

So I’ve been hitting you in the face with rock n’ roll today, so perhaps I should pull it back a little.  Good thing this great Balmorhea track is cleared to post.  It’s an interesting listen, really giving you two different songs in one, but that’s what we’ve come to appreciate about one of Austin’s most revered acts.  I love the way the song slowly inches its way along, then with the lightest of switches, the guitar picks up a touch, the percussion moves in, and the song begins to move in a faster direction–they continue going off in this fashion as only they can. If you dig this, you can pick up the band’s new record, Stranger, on Western Vinyl October 2nd.


Download:Balmorhea – Pyrakantha [MP3]

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