New Jam from MMOSS

If you haven’t heard of MMOSS, then I suggest you trudge back in time and find yourself a copy of i; it was one of those records I honestly adored so much that I really didn’t share it with too many people.  Now, they’ve got a new effort coming out on one of my favorite labels, Trouble In Mind, and this first single is pretty remarkable if you consider the group recorded the entire upcoming album, Only Children, at home.  This first track from the LP has this rise and fall quality of sounds, yet it is able to hold onto this mesmerizing emotional pull that evolves just as the song does.  Definitely mark your calendars for November 13th, as you’ll get a chance to hear more from these New Hampshire lads.


Download:MMOSS – Another Dream [MP3]

Show Review: Godspeed You Black Emperor @ The Mohawk (10/10)

Sure, ACL starts tomorrow. Doesn’t mean we get to take off from live music, especially when you have a band like Godspeed You! Black Emperor playing the friendly confines not once, but twice.

Weather did its best to cooperate. The crowd was excited to witness. I was too, I spent a little time with GY!BE many years ago, but they fell off the radar, likely due to the relative silence form the band. But with their first new recorded material in ten years, Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! seemed like the perfect excuse to mount a bit of a tour and take up brief residency at The Mohawk.

Dark, noisy pics and dark, noisy thoughts after the break…

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New Tunes from Black Lizard

Our friends over at Soliti Music have just signed an excellent new band out of Helsinki named Black Lizard.  I think the name does justice to the group, as they’re definitely carrying a darker flag than a majority of the label’s stable.  That being head, I was really surprised listening to this track; it begins with this solemn, stark approach, but then guitars feedback revealing a poppier element living beneath the group’s personality.  It’s quite refreshing to see a group combine elements of psychedelic rock and tie them up in a happier shoegaze world.  It all gets even fuzzier towards the end–you won’t regret listening to this one with the speakers turned up to 11.  We’ll keep you posted on release dates and such when they come our way.


Download:Black Lizard – Dead Light [MP3]

New Folk Track from Book Club

Even though my penchant for rock n’ roll has lived on the heavier side this year, I still get excited over incredible folk music (you can blame my father).  When I first heard the latest single from Atlanta’s Book Club I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.  It’s not over-produced like a lot of folk music; it’s simplicity is both endearing and purposeful, leaving room for the lyrics and the vocal interplay to shine in listener’s ears. There’s really no need to cover up your songwriting when it’s this spot on.  You can find this track on the band’s Shapes on the Water EP, which adds to the growing list of great November 13th releases.


Download:Book Club – Oh! You Lied [MP3]

Sweet Pop From Incan Abraham

LA’s Incan Abraham has a lovely piece of indie pop. For Fans Of: That one good song by Temper Trap, Snowmine, Memoryhouse.

The band’s latest EP, Springhouse, is available digitally. They’ll have a limited run 10″ piece of CH=CH2 with noise embedded grooves available 11/27. Jaxart brings us this pretty piece of music. <- Check out some of the other stuff on Jaxart, pretty varied, plenty of ambient and electronic to occupy your afternoon.

New Music from Ducktails

Last year I really got stuck listening to Ducktails III; it made my year end list, in fact!  Now we return with news of a new record, this time on Domino Records.  The first single sees Matt Mondanile and Ducktails again crafting his own sonic genre, with mellow guitar lines turning around minimal percussive elements.  He seems subdued here, which could make for a great listen when Days comes out on January 29th, wrapping up the winter months with his beautifully spun pop tunes.  I can’t find any faults with the music he’s creating when it sounds as good as this tune.

New Rocker from Squarehead

Ah, the Irish are making their way!  When I first heard about this new song from Squarehead I immediately jumped out of my chair.  I’ve been jamming to these guys for a long time; I’ve also been jamming to So Cow for forever.  Why does this matter? The two have teamed up to make a ten song split LP titled Out of Season–it comes out on November 13th via Inflated Records.  The Squarehead track is definitely the heavier the two, as that’s just their style, but assure you that the record will have some more melodic moments from So Cow. Either way, all ten tracks are pretty much guaranteed to be kick ass, so get ready.


Download:Squarehead – More Quickly [MP3]

New Tunes from Ace Reporter

It’s that time of year, when releases are already being mapped out for 2013.  One of those releases that’s on my radar is the project from Chris Snyder, Ace Reporter.  He challenged himself to write a song a day, and he’s narrowed that down to ten of his favorite/best songs that will be released on his new record, Yearling, via Ooh La La on February 13th.  This track is definitely placed smack in the realm of traditional pop, with Snyder utilizing various samples and guitar tracks to craft a complete sound.  For me, it’s subtle, but uplifting, leaving listeners with a modest pop tune they can play again and again.


Download: Ace Reporter – Untouched and Arrived [MP3]

New Collage Pop from Jinja Safari

I can’t hide from the fact that I’m always intrigued by groups that compile various layers of pop instrumentation into their tunes, much like the current single from Jinja Safari.  The group is preparing for a release of their debut sometime in early 2013, but until then I think a lot of people are going to be really excited by this tune.  It’s a weird cross between Animal Collective and Local Natives, using tribal influences that mix with more organic electronic sounds.  Definitely a sound that I’m interested in hearing more of; I’ll keep you posted as news floats in my way.


Download: Jinja Safari – Hiccups [MP3]

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