Pleased to Meet You: Hanna Cash

tumblr_mkdn4mcnEE1r821dno1_1364484695_coverYou know I have a penchant for really great jangling pop music, so it’s no surprise that my introduction to Hanna Cash encouraged me to share it with you.  The guitars on this tune have a nice ringing quality, while the drums steady the pace.  All the while, you’ll find the lyrics soothing, almost yearning for you to fall in love here.  Oh, and did I mention that the band is from Manchester, so their sound will continue to grow, backed by a huge history that continues to leave us with endearing bands.

Rose Melberg Warms Hearts with PUPS

246720085-1Is there another lady that works as hard as Rose Melberg?  I’m thinking know, especially now that I discovered this new band she’s working with via Bloodbuzzed.  PUPS just put up their self-titled EP last week for the NYOP fee (remember not to rip off your favorite artists).  I’m really impressed with the drumming on this tune, not to mention the refreshing vocals; it’s amazing how the tightly sloppy drumming can work so well with the quality of the voice.  You definitely need to spend some time today falling in love with this track, as you’ll be better off for it.


Download: PUPS – Take Your Shoes Off [MP3]

Brighten Your Day with Songs for Walter

coverCloudy days always seem to go one or two directions, musically speaking.  I can delve into my sad bastard catalogue, or venture about for some good old fashioned pop gems.  I’m going to do both, but I’m going to share this new Songs for Walter track in hopes that it will pick you up today. Main man Laurie Hulme has a great voice to accompany his pop balladry, and he’s agreed to release a song a month until his next proper full length is ready.  I like the light instrumentation here, with the crisp string sound really doing its job to win me over.  Pay attention to his label, Bleeding Gold, as they’re likely to keep you in the know about future single and that full-length right around the corner.


Download: Songs for Walter – Family Hold Back [MP3]

Pop Goodness with Victory

5a.180425It’s amazing to me what the recording process has evolved into over the last several years, allowing one man to really do all the work on his own, much like Victory, the project of multi-instrumentalist Robert Fleming.  His new record, Victory is Music, will be out on April 23rd and it’s filled with catchy hooks and straight-forward pop tunes.  The newest single “Woman” has some vocal inflections that come across as stuttering pop perfection; I also like the fuzz on the guitar.  Something about this jam reminds me of Britt Daniels, so that can’t be a bad thing now can it? Try it on for yourself.


Download: Victory – Woman [MP3]

Down Trodden Rock from Gun Outfit

Gun_OutfitIf you’re looking for something special to get your hands on this week then I suggest you pick up the new album from Gun Outfit; it’s titled Hard Coming Down and it’s seeing release from PPM Records.  One listen through and you’ll definitely get the picture of where this record is going to go, knocking back guitar licks with a bit of nostalgia, as well as some exploration into working with negative space within a tune.  I get the impression that the group listened to a lot of Build to Spill records when their Sonic Youth albums had been worn out.  I think you’ll all have fun listening to this new LP.

New Tune from Nick Jaina

PrintMy first foray into attempting to play music began as a young lad on the piano, so it makes sense that I’ll always gravitate towards pop songwriting that centers, or is guided by, piano tinkering. That’s much the case with this new song from Nick Jaina; he’s spent a lot of time composing for ballets and films, so his attention is always there with the finer details.  But, don’t expect this to be some grandiose orchestral affair; his new album Primary Perfections seems to be a jaunt in the direction of more modern indie pop.  It’s good songwriting, simple as that.


Download: Nick Jaina – Don’t Come to Me [MP3]

Hypnotic Electro-Pop from pacficUV

Pacific-UV-Pacific-UvI always have this preconceived idea about Athens, Georgia, at least in referencing the city’s musical history.  But, with bands like Twin Tigers and now pacificUV coming into their own, perhaps my ideas will begin to change a bit.  This tune has a hypnotic electro beat that just grooves the whole way through.  You’ll also find some rad interplay between male and female vocalists that really ups the ante on mass appeal.  The band has a new record titled After the Dream You Are Awake, which comes out on May 14th via Mazarine Records…but if you can’t wait, they have a sampler HERE with a few new tracks, as well as some of their other career retrospective tunes.

New Pop from Marmalakes

557990_10151464720897210_989583134_nAustin’s music scene isn’t the easiest to break into, let alone stick around in, but Marmalakes have been holding their own for some time.  What bodes well for the group is this ridiculously great new single that they just released over the weekend.  It starts with this bouncing bass line that gives great tempo to the group’s blend of folk and pop.  Personally, I like the changing in tempo that comes in and out of the song, especially the quick to soft to quicker that closes this jam out.  One of Austin’s best acts just keeps getting better. Get in on it now.


Download: Marmalakes – Wells [MP3]

Sharing A Track By Fol Chen

Good Friday. Slow Friday.

How about a little something you might have missed post? Well, don’t mind if I do do. Take a listen to this lovely track by Fol Chen off the album The False Alarms on Asthmatic Kitty. <- one of my favorite label names Hang with it through the lead in…

BTW, there will be a couple more SxSW related posts from this kid next week. Not done yet. Nope, not me.

Pure Beauty from Wintercoats

705236_533455266681988_285299108_oIt’s really remarkable when you listen to the music of James Wallace, the one man composer who works with various friends to flesh out his sounds under the name Wintercoats. I like the light-hearted feeling and the feathery quality of the vocals. He’ll be releasing his new Heartfelt EP over in Australia on April 7th through Yes Please.  If you need a composition piece with an other-worldly edge, then allow yourself to be carried away by this new tune.


Download: Wintercoats – Everyone Seems To Be In On Something [MP3]

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