Johnny Jewel – After Dark Remaster

Just in time for your ACL afterparty…

Johnny Jewel, best known as part of Chromatics and half of Glass Candy has remastered and offered for download an hour and seventeen minute long mix from five years ago called “After Dark” (“After Dark 2” is forthcoming). Previously a merch table extra, it features tracks from all flavors of collaborations and label projects from Mr. Jewel including aforementioned Glass Candy and Chromatics as well as Mirage, Professor Genius and Farah.

Sample below, use your bandwift. Did you miss their show at The Mohawk? Click.

Killer Tune from Sunglasses

A few years back, I remember that everyone was hyped up on Brooklyn’s Sunglasses, and deservedly so.  But, since their self-titled EP, they’ve sort of gone missing, sadly.  However, the group is gearing up to release their first full-length, Wildlife, on November 13th via Mush Records.  This lead single is really busy, but I think they know what they’re doing, layering extensive sound collages/handclaps atop the song’s inner hook.  It’s definitely in the sphere of poppy art-collage, but while this song is busy, I think it also demonstrates a finesse and control you don’t see from similar acts.


Download:Sunglasses – Cold Shoulder [MP3]

New Music from The Babies

The following track is not like anything I’ve heard from The Babies as of late, but to be honest, I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed listening to the group: their sound is fairly unidentifiable.  They’ve got tunes that come off as garage-rock, but they’ll mix it up with some slow-paced ballad, keeping you on your toes throughout your listening experience.  This new tune begins with a bit of a wayward stomp, filled with a melodic hook that I can’t escape; of course, it also features a closing guitar ambling to wrap up the track.  Who knows what we’ll get when their latest album Our House on the Hill comes out November 13th (Woodsist), but I bet it’s going to be good.

New Single from This Many Boyfriends

Ah, glorious pop music at its finest.  That’s precisely what you’ll get when you listen to this brand new single from Leeds’ group This Many Boyfriends.  They’re crafting this wonderful pop music right now, and there self-titled debut is coming out in stores, at least overseas, this week via Angular Recording Corporation.  I can’t exactly put my finger on their sound; it’s familiar, but the vocals oddly remind me of Jeremy Jay fronting a jangling indie-pop act.  Those aren’t bad things in my book, which is why I’ve fallen for this record so much.  If you’re looking for something to raise your pop flag for a few weeks, then I suggest you get into the group below.


Download:This Many Boyfriends – Number One [MP3]

New Tunes from Pale Lights

Pale Lights will automatically get my support, based on the fact that main man, Phil Sutton, was once part of Comet Gain…one of my top bands of all time.  This new gem isn’t quite along the lines of the quirky art-pop, but it’s equally as infectious.  The vocal has a deep tonal quality that while fairly distant in sound, holds onto an intimacy that makes pop fans swoon.  Musically, it’s a slow paced jangling affair, with ringing guitars that craft warmth and melancholy simultaneously.  You can find this tune and a few others on the group’s Pale Lights EP, which is available right now.

ATH Interviews: Doug Guller

We here at ATH have always been huge fans of east side venue Scoot Inn, so we were intrigued to hear that Austin business mogul Doug Guller was purchasing the property.  Doug obviously knows the live music scene here in town, as he has owned and maintained popular venue The Parish for quite awhile.  Our intrigue of this recent acquisition lead to an informal interview with Doug via email.  Follow the jump for Doug’s responses to how he plans to restart the famous east side locale.

Read more

Show Review: Grimes @ Emos (10/6)

It was the first real taste of colder weather in Austin Saturday night, and I got the chance to see Grimes and accompanying acts on the Mythical Gymnastics tour at Emo’s. Even though the show sold out weeks ago, the venue announced the release of 100 more tickets, allowing the already packed space to feel even more like a weekend night on the dance floor of Barbarella (which isn’t a bad thing). More after the jump… Read more

New B-Side from Gap Dream

Not too long ago I brought you the A-Side from the recently released Ali Baba 7″ by Gap Dream, but now I’m here to toss up the B-Side too!  I really like the way this is recorded, even if it does come across as a touch unpolished; that’s what makes it so rewarding.  The vocals come from the other room, in a haunting manner, while the guitar work seems to amble slowly, with an interesting wash seem to be placed atop it all.  If you’re interested in what you hear, then grab the 7″ from Suicide Squeeze before they sell out!


Download:Gap Dream – A Little Past Midnight [MP3]

Show Preview: Godspeed You Black Emperor @ Mohawk (10.9) (10.10)

Date Tuesday, October 10th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

I’m not surprised by this in the least, but the legendary cult status of Godspeed You Black Emperor remains, with the band selling out two nights in a row over at our favorite venue The Mohawk.  Perhaps this is because the group are releasing their new album (first in ten years) on tour; it’s titled Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (that’s a whole lot of exclamatory notes). Regardless, those that search the annals of indie rock history will find that the group has earned their status, even with limited releases, so do what you gotta do and scour the Internet for someone selling a ticket. It’ll be a night, or two, Austin won’t soon forget.


Download: Godspeed You Black Emperor – Moya [MP3]

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