New Tunes from Mac DeMarco

It too me awhile to get into Rock and Roll Night Club, Mac DeMarco‘s recent release, but the more I listened the more his songwriting grew on me.  With his latest single from his forthcoming LP 2, he’s continuing to grow before our ears, and in doing so, he’s really warming his way into my heart.  This track encapsulates everything I dig about his tunes, from his captivating, to his lyrics, and even down to the twang of the guitar twinkling in the foreground.  Mac’s definitely making a name for himself, and you can grab his new record on October 16th from Captured Tracks.


Download:Mac De Marco – My Kind of Woman [MP3]

Powerful Ballad From Will Johnson

A quick search for his name on this site and you’ll surely see that ATH has been a supporter of Will Johnson since we first began talking about music.  His music has always been underappreciated in my opinion, and he somehow always seems to be just on the cusp of blowing up, but then never does.  He’s one of the best kept secrets in the songwriting world.  This year, Will is planning to release another solo album entitled Scorpion which is due out September 11th.  To preview the album, Will has offered up this new track “You Will Be Here, Mine” as a free download to his fans.  The song features the typical beauty we’ve come to expect from Mr. Johnson with its subdued songwriting technique yet more powerful after ever listen.  Carry on sir.


Download: Will Johnson – You Will Be Here, Mine [MP3]

New Instrumental Jam from Balmorhea

So I’ve been hitting you in the face with rock n’ roll today, so perhaps I should pull it back a little.  Good thing this great Balmorhea track is cleared to post.  It’s an interesting listen, really giving you two different songs in one, but that’s what we’ve come to appreciate about one of Austin’s most revered acts.  I love the way the song slowly inches its way along, then with the lightest of switches, the guitar picks up a touch, the percussion moves in, and the song begins to move in a faster direction–they continue going off in this fashion as only they can. If you dig this, you can pick up the band’s new record, Stranger, on Western Vinyl October 2nd.


Download:Balmorhea – Pyrakantha [MP3]

Rad New Tunes from Nu Sensae

What? You thought I was joking? Here’s more rock n’ roll, this time from Vancouver’s Nu Sensae.  In just a few weeks the group will be releasing their new record, Sundowning, on August 7th via Suicide Squeeze.  This track opens with Andrea Lukic’s rough snarl, but while it hits hard immediately, it also has the ability to draw back a little bit.  You’ll find a smoother vocal during the chorus, followed by a gut busting guitar solo.  I love the brash mentality here, putting a little (or a lot) of balls into the formulaic girl-fronted garage rock of the day.


Download:Nu Sensae -100 Shades [MP3]

Show Preview: Glass Candy @ The Mohawk (7/27)

Date Friday, July 27th
Location The Mohawk
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $11 adv/$13 DoS

Do you have a plans on Friday? No? Good. We have Glass Candy with Chromatics heading to town to play The Mohawk.

Sharp-eyed readers with a memory may recognize Glass Candy from an IT Dept. post and fans of the internet buzz will know Chromatics for their recent cover of Neil Young‘s “Into The Black”, a song in heavy rotation at Sirius XMU.

The bands had the good sense to ask ATH-local-to-watch band Orthy to open up. Flying Turns will sling vinyl to keep you dancing.

Stream: Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor [MP3]

Download: Chromatics – Kill For Love [MP3]

Plan Your ACL Schedule

You can now officially start arguing with your friends about at which stages you will lose the rest of your friends. The Austin City Limits Festival 2012 Schedule is now broken down with time slots and stage assignments so you can lament your favorite band playing the Google stage. Note for the wife: no strange gap in festival lineup despite the empty few days after a Dallas show on 10/12 in New Order’s tour dates.

War on Drugs or Delta Spirit? Theivery Corporation or M83? Bombay Bicycle or Zola? Polica or Tennis? Better band or better festival band? Start the debate below…

New Jam from FIDLAR

I feel like I took it easy on the world, posting some chilled out tracks yesterday.  I aim to change that this morning, giving you all a bit of rock n’ roll.  Fortunately, I came across this sludgy gem from FIDLAR on NME (I know, I still read it), which really has little information to go with it. Unlike some of their early tracks, the vocals are sort of screamed here, while the guitars sound fuzzy and dirty.  Like I said, no word on whether this tune will feature on the band’s upcoming full length, but all the same, it’s time to rock.


Download:FIDLAR – The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid [MP3]

New Single from Megan Reilly

I’m sure that I’m probably thought of as the punk rock/twee specialist of this here site, but I definitely like to dabble in other arenas, particularly those realms influenced by folk traditions.  Megan Reilly caught my attention when she recently released The Well a bit ago, and I’m glad that she’s getting some attention from the likes of NPR and others.  She’s got a great way of telling personal stories, and I appreciate the familial link on this number.  Plus, there’s a bit of haunting effect created by the slide guitar, as well as the other instrumentation, that accompanies Megan on this song.


Download:Megan Reilly – Lady of Leitrim [MP3]

New Music from The Fishermen Three

I’m really stuck on this song, so I decided I’d share it with you.  The Fishermen Three is the brain child of Simon Beins, who has toured the world opening for some of my favorite acts like The Wave Pictures and I Was a King.  That being said, this tune is more a solemn folk affair; it can be found on iTunes. Also, you should check out his record Time to Think About the Morning Once Again–it’s in stores now on Shelved Records. Basically this track is Simon and a guitar, telling personal stories the way only he can.  Maybe it’s a folk tune, maybe it’s singer-songwriter, but whatever, it’s damn good.



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