Mellow Folk Jam from The Crackling

Kenton Loewen is a Vancouver musician who works with the name The Crackling, but he might do well just to go with Dave Bazan Jr. I meanest this in the sincerest form of flattery, and also with the intent of letting you know how much we love both Bazan and our newly annointed Bazan Jr.  Loewen, with help from various collaborators is set to release the Ashen EP on May 22nd, and you should expect to find some similarities to early Pedro work, from the heavy soft heavy guitar strumming to the introspective lyrics.  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far, so I wanted to share it with you all, my Inter web friends!


Download:The Crackling – Keep Me Drunk [MP3]

Fall In Love With New King Creosote Track

Last year was a great year for the mysterious Kenny Anderson and his King Creosote project, especially if you followed our adoration over here at ATH.  Everything he touched won me over, and he’s already back again with a new 12″ EP for Domino Records titled I Learned From the Gaels.  We’ve got the lead track off the 4 song single, and it’s super upbeat, not to mention ridiculously catchy.  These are the sort of songs that make it a joy to be a music fan and find stuff like this in your inbox.  You can get your hands on this on May 28th, and I suggest you do, as KC stuff is definitely hard to find!


Download:King Creosote – Doubles Underneath [MP3]

Stunningly Beautiful Track from Gravenhurst

Sadly, I’m not really sure how many people out there in the Internet world are aware of Nick Talbot and the incredible music he’s been making under the Gravenhurst moniker.  In case you haven’t, then let this be an introduction to one of the songwriters that will go on to be part of your life for the duration. His latest effort, The Ghost in Daylight, will be released by Warp Records on May 1st, and I’m in love with this sprawling single by Talbot.  It’s quiet and subtle, until you get this burst of creativity near the end of the song.  It’s the sort of song that begs you to listen through and through, and that’s the kind of music you’ll get with Gravenhurst.  Hope you like your new favorite band!



Sprightly Pop Track from Still Flyin

Sometimes you put on a track and you just want to have a dancing good time; that’s the precise feeling I got as soon as I played this new single from Still Flyin.  Currently the SF group is preparing to release their sophomore effort, On a Bedroom Wall, which will be in stores on May 22nd via Ernest Jenning.   Angular guitar work definitely gives this a bit of a nostalgic flip, but in an endearing manner where you just throw your arms up in the air and go with your gut; your gut is telling you to get out there and shake it. Do it.


Download:Still Flyin – Spirits [MP3]

Introducing Alcoholic Faith Mission

Danish bands always need a little love over here in the United States, especially when they’re on small labels like our good friends over at Old Flame Records (we’re looking at you Rob!). We’d like to give you a nice little introduction to Alcoholic Faith Mission, the newest Danish export, crafting some really elegant pop tunes that head straight for the soft spot in your soul. My personal favorite is the one below featuring Sune on the lead vocal, with her raspy vocal recalling hints of Emily Haines.  That being said, the band also crafts more dynamic tunes as well, all which will be featured on the band’s upcoming release, Ask Me This, that comes to stores next week.


Download:Alcoholic Faith Mission – Ask Me This [MP3]

Clever Tune from New Beard

Occasionally you come across an inexplicable track that makes its way into your listening rotation and just sort of sticks there.  That’s much the case with this new track from New Beard, a proclaimed freak rock group from NYC.  But, when I listen to this song from their debut New Beard City, I can’t help but think of the early days of Architecture in Helsinki.  There’s layers of non-traditional percussive elements centering around a casual vocal and strummed guitar.  I can just jam this track all day long, again and again; it’s just catchy and well-written, so now you can enjoy and share with your friends.


Download: New Beard -Doom [MP3]

Sad Bastard Songs from Mbilly

It’s been awhile since I’ve revisited the quite side of my listening tastes; I’ve been delving into the rock n’ roll lately.  However, Portland’s Mbilly really sunk in with me today, especially listening to the following tracks from his upcoming LP, Malheur (June 5th).  My favorite of the two at this instant is the soft beginning of the album’s title track, strolling along gently with pure emotion.  The latter of the two tracks is more of a duet that demonstrate’s singer Helfrich’s ability to pull every ounce of his soul out through his voice.  Maybe you’ve been looking for some softer music to go and get lost inside; I hope this does the trick.


Download: Mbilly – Malheur [MP3]


Download: Mbilly – All Lives Lived [MP3]

Psych Fest Preview: The Paperhead (+ New Song)

Psych Fest is going down this weekend over on the East Side of town, and I wanted to give you a few bands I think you should check out.  The first band I’ve got for you is Nashville’s The Paperhead.  After releasing a wonderful self-titled record last year, they’ve got a new 7″ on Trouble in Mind Records this year; this new jam displays their blossoming maturity in regards to their songwriting.  You will find that it’s a lot less psychedelic than the last effort, almost coming off as the second coming of the Kinks or the Beatles (neither of which is a bad thing).  There’s still hints of darkness in the sound, but the writing’s lacks some of the frills.  Regardless, this a band that many have taken notice of in the last couple of years, and you should add your name to the list.

You can catch their set at 3:15 at Emo’s East on Saturday! And here’s one of their new tracks off that aforementioned 7″.


Download:The Paperhead – She Is Above Me [MP3]

Newish Girl Pop from Hollows

Chicago’s Hollows are secretly winning me over with their recently released Vulture LP on Trouble in Mind Records.  The lead single is just ridiculously solid, reminiscent of a more innocent version (and possibly less extravagant) Camera Obscura. There’s still touches of orchestration on these songs, but they’re more scaled back, giving the vocals the ability to soar as they should.  I have a feeling that once you give this track a few listens you’ll get just as excited as I am by this group–if you are be sure to grab a copy of their remarkable record.


Download:Hollows – V Is For Vulture [MP3]

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