Show Review: Tanlines @ Red7 (8/30)

Last week featured back to back nights at Red7, outside to inside. Wild Nothing was fantastic. I had relatively light expectations for Tanlines. When I found out it had sold out, even given the smaller capacity of the inside venue, I was quite surprised. I think the band was, too.

Tanlines is Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm. They throw down calypso-electro dance jams. They asked Love Inks to open. Learning Secrets spun between sets.

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FAC DANCE 02 Compilation

Take a look back.

Factory Records made an impact on my listening in the days of old. Tony Wilson and Aaron Erasmus started the label in Manchester in the late 70’s. It was the mid-80’s run that took my ear over with artists like New Order and Happy Mondays. The label also featured tons of eclectic post punk, funk, new wave and dub jams that hold up to anything out today. Compiled and released on Strut Records, FAC DANCE 02 picks up where 01 left off, a scatter chart of what the Factory guys were promoting and distributing to the scene. Jazzy jams from Kalima, smooth darkness from Durutti Column, harder edged tracks from Section 25, Jamaican dub from Sir Horatio

FAC DANCE 02 is out September 18th on CD and Vinyl. Digital versions include a few extra tracks. Here are couple tracks to show you what’s up.

[audio:] [audio:]

Dream Pop from The Belinda Butchers

The last several years have left me with a pretty solid impression of what to expect with San Francisco bands, so I was surprised when I started checking out the latest EP from The Bilinda Butchers, Goodbyes.  If you can catch the allusion in the band’s name, then surely you’ll think you’ve got them locked-down, but they’re not out to blaze the trails of their namesake…though you could possibly throw the haze/gaze word around a bit.  I like the rhythmic electronic of this track, with it’s vocals immersed beneath the song a bit.  This definitely gives me a different idea of what San Fran is all about.


Download:The Bilinda Butchers – Hai Bby [MP3]

New Pop Tunes from Generationals

We’ve long supported Generationals over here at ATH, and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon.  There’s something effortless about the way they construct their tunes, and this new single definitely epitomizes that aspect; it’s not overly produced, with just a simple vocal over an electronic beat in the background.  You can find this song on their upcoming Lucky Numbers EP, which will be available to the masses on October 2nd.  It seems to have a lot less of the guitar hooks, but when it sounds this good, who cares.

Show Pics: Wild Nothing at Red7 (8/29)

Late night for the photo guy, album reviewer, significant others and assorted friends.

Wild Nothing last played Red7 on the coldest day of the year in 2011. I remember icy sidewalks and legit need for wool hats. This time around, the show moved to the larger outdoor stage to accomodate demand with a swing of the weather pendulum towards 90F at show time. Austin’s Boy Friend and Super Lite Bike opened.

Click though for a few thoughts and plenty of pics.

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New Dark Electro-Pop from LESANDS

I figured I’d throw the whole world for a loop by dropping this catchy hit from LA’s LESANDS.  Honestly, I’m digging it, though I can see just the faintest hints of a dub step influence hiding in the song.  But, the construction is pretty interesting in and of itself, not to mention the faint haunting of the vocals from the background.  It’s not my typical fare, and I accept that, but I just want it to be Friday already so I can get my dance on somewhere about town.  You dig?


Download:LESANDS – Prism [MP3]

Moody Beauty From Labyrinth Ear

Aside from trolling and harvesting for the best jams to share, we get music tips from all over the place. Sometimes, we miss things. Thankfully, our friends on the internet help us help you. This really is a digital village which is why I tell people to send me stuff (but not be offended if I don’t post it because I don’t like it).

Such is the case with this gem from Labyrinth Ear called “Urchin” Brooding, yearning builder with Scandanavian sensibilities, a friend on teh bookface (thx byron) posted it and so it shall be forwarded to the masses.

Be sure to check out their Apparitions EP, streaming on their Soundcloud. The player below includes a download link for “Urchin”.

Quirky Pop from Jesus H. Foxx

Sometimes you stumble upon something that musically intrigues you, and while you might not give it much attention at first, it eventually finds its way into your brain.  When I first heard this track from Jesus H. Foxx, I found the construction quite fascinating, but I moved on for the time being.  But, now that the band has released Endless Knocking, their new album, I’ve got to support the group.  They’re a Scottish act, and the vocals have a deep resonance that reminds me of a gone-but-not-forgotten Arab Strap.  Be sure you listen in here, and stay until the end, as there’s an interesting touch in wait.


Download:Jesus H. Foxx – So the Wind Won’t Blow it All Away [MP3]

Killer Pop Tunes from Zebra Hunt

You’ve gotta depend on your Internet friends when it comes to discovering the scene across the country, so I’m glad Toby over at Finest Kiss in Seattle turned me onto this band Zebra Hunt. The three-piece outright definitely has some Oceanic hints in their works, but I also see a modern bent in the recording process, allowing for the central melody to really burst through here. They’ve got a short little EP that you can download for free over at their BANDCAMP page, and I promise you’ll be spending the rest of your day listening to these three gems.  Have fun here folks.


Download:Zebra Hunt – Half Right [MP3]

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