New (Old Track) from Emperor X

As much as I can get carried away by the world of power pop at times, there’s always been a soft spot in my heart for great songwriters; C. Matheny is one such writer, writing much like John Darnielle of Mountain Goats.  His group, Emperor X, is riding a high note after the release of Western Teleport last year, and will probably continue on a high note as Bar None Records are re-releasing their old albums for the masses.  I think once you give a good listen to this track from Central Hug/Freindarmy/Fractaldunes (2005), you’ll be just as excited as I am that we’ll all have a chance to get our hands on these great old songs from Matheny and company.


Download:Emperor X – Raytracer [MP3]

At The Drive-In @ Red 7 Tonight!!!

In case you aren’t tied to your twitter account, you might not even know that the seminal Texas indie rock pioneers were going to be playing at Red 7 on Monday night.  After avoiding the reunion tag for years, the five piece El Paso posse has decided to end all the what-ifs and whens, choosing to bring us all a bit of the past–a past many of us might have missed. Whether or not they’re just doing it for the money, you know that every one in town in will be clamoring for a spare ticket (as the show sold out). Personally, it’s going to be the best opportunity in the world to catch At The Drive-In, as they’ve long eclipsed playing the small venue status, so it’s definitely going to be unique experience. Plus, it gives me an excuse to post this great track from their Vaya EP.  I hope to report back with great things, but if not, there’s still 400 other shows to go out and see this week in Austin.


Download:At The Drive-In – Rascuache [MP3]

Nice Track from Dive

This track surfaced towards the tail end of last week, and the more I listen to it, the harder it is not to fall head over heels in love with Dive.  The band recently signed on with Captured Tracks, who will release their album Oshin on June 26th.  There’s a similar bounce to the early work of Beach Fossils (no surprise since the bands share members) holding the pacing on this track, but you can definitely see that the group’s placed a bit more emphasis on the clarity of the lyrics and guitar sounds; i the end, it makes for a much warmer sound, yet still very intimate.  We’re all going to enjoy playing this one.


Download:Dive – How Long Have You Known [MP3]

Sunday Fun with Young Girls

It’s Easter Sunday, and while a great many of you are out celebrating eggs with your families, I’m at home working on our site, hoping to let my body recover.  Why must it recover? Well, RayRay and I spent the evening out on the town with our friends Young Girls, trying to convince them to put out their next record with us later this summer.  If you haven’t had a chance already to get into these guys, take a listen below to see precisely why we’re so excited about working with these dudes.  Their tracks are catchy, their spirit spreads, and you just can’t help having a good time with them.  Take a listen to a track from their last self-titled album and enjoy your Sunday.


Download:Young Girls – Party Tape [MP3]

Upbeat Jam from Wintersleep

Wintersleep is by no means a new band, having worked hard for the last decade or so perfecting their sound.  But, based on this new track they’ve just released from their upcoming album, Hello Hum, it could be a year where they go big.  This single has sort of a jittery feeling to it, almost as if it’s stuttering at points, but the pulsing rhythm of the backbone really propels the song forward.  Combine that with the relaxed approach of the vocals, and you’ve got yourself a track everyone will enjoy.  The record comes out on June 12th, so be sure to grab it at the local record store.


Download:Wintersleep – Resuscitate [MP3]

New Tune from Austin’s The Eastern Sea

The Eastern Sea is sure to have a great year, if you’re going off this new single from their upcoming album, Plague.  You can get your hand on this record on June 26th via the WhiteLabBlackLab Label.  Our first listen to the record is pretty splendid; it opens with a trickling bit of guitar work.  It’s so gentle in its approach that you might skip the quieted lyrics that enter around the 1 minute mark, but once they grab hold of you, you’ll pray that they stick around.  The vocals are so fitting to the emotional state of the song that you’ll be pressing your ear closer to your speakers in hopes of grasping every bit of the tune. Pretty sure you’re going to love this track.


Download:The Eastern Sea – A Lie [MP3]

New Jam from Fresh and Onlys

Earlier today P4K threw out this great new track from The Fresh and Onlys, which appears on a compilation (HERE) between the band’s new label Mexican Summer and Software.  While I completely dig the sound, it appears as if it’s going to end up a B-Side of sorts, being tossed aside for the band’s upcoming label.  Once again, you can see the band really progressing in their songwriting, eliminating a lot of the cacophony that was on earlier recordings.  I’m digging the chorus quite a bit, and if this is an outtake, there’s no telling how good the new album will be when it finally sees the light.


Download: The Fresh and Onlys – Do What I Came To Do [MP3]

Sloppy Rocker from Heavy Cream

Everyone always fawns over the Kills, and rightly so, but I’ve recently come across something that’s just a little bit better, just a touch dirtier.  Heavy Cream‘s part of the blossoming Nashville scene that’s blowing up at the moment, and I’m really digging this track.  It’s got the balls you want from a female-led band, offering sex appeal, brattiness and killer riffs to go along.  If you’re digging what you hear, you’ll be able to find this song along with others when the band release their new record, Super Treatment, on Infinity Cat Records.  The Ty Segall produced album comes out on May 8th, and you better be ready to rock with this group; they mean business!


Download:Heavy Cream – John Johnny [MP3]

Great New Music from Francisco the Man

I first encountered Francisco the Man awhile back, but had totally forgotten about him until the great blog I Guess I’m Floating posted a track from the new single by the group from Los Angeles.  But, in checking in, I discovered he’d also posted a couple of new jams to go along with the single, one that you can only get via Soundcloud (or here).  For me, listening to this sort of reminds me of listening to Ducktails; it’s got carefully crafted pop/folk tunes, yet there’s these ambient noises coating the music, giving it this distant quality that I completely enjoy.  Just listen to these two tracks and pretend like you’re not excited by the music; I dare you.


Download:Francisco the Man – Tiger [MP3]


Download:Francisco the Man – Broken Arrows [MP3]

Sweet Electro Pop from Seventeen Evergreen

Okay, so if you just listen to the first little bit of this song, then you’ll definitely get the electro-pop elements featured at the beginning of this new jam by Seventeen Evergreen.  But, while the song goes along, it evolves into more of an avant-pop construction, coating the track with slight bits of ambient noise, before returning to the electro-pop hook.  You can find this track this week in your local record store on the group’s new release, Steady On, Scientist, which was put out by Lucky Number.  It’s definitely more than just your average listening affair, so get on it!


Download:Seventeen Evergreen – Fluorescent Kind [MP3]

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