SxSW 2013 – Over 1,000 Bands

SxSW just announced another chunk of bands, around 200 more. This latest group is probably the best of the bunch. You want some highlights for the sets you’ll be jumping fences for this spring break?

A few that jump out for me…

Alah-Las, The Besnard Lakes, Black Lips, Camera Obscura, The Ettes, Fol Chen, Frightened Rabbit, Joywave, Lemuria, Local Natives, Calvin Love, Psychic Twin, Pure Bathing Culture, Races, Royal Teeth, Snowmine, The Thermals, Useless Eaters, Chad Valley, Vampy Weeks, Wax Idols

Read the full list of 2013 showcasing acts here.

Catchy New Power Pop from Cocktails

The last few years have seen bands reignite our love for pure honest rock n’ roll, so we’re glad to add another excellent act of that ilk to the mix: Cocktails.  They call San Francisco home, but the way that these hooks  dig their nails into you, I wouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves with a huge audience outside of their home city.  While the power-pop element survives in the track, I’m enjoying the gentle quality of the vocal delivery.  They’ll have a new 7″ EP coming your way on February 12th via Father Daughter Records, giving you all the more reason to get your hands on a very limited run!


Download:Cocktails – Hey Winnie [MP3]

Exploratory Pop from Apparat

Perhaps one of the best things about our site is that it belongs to us, so we can post whatever we like, which is why I feel like this new piece from Apparat is definitely worthy of some mention.  It’s a creative piece of pop music, based around Sascha Ring’s interpretation of a theatre production of War & Peace.  It’s a pretty lofty goal to set a whole album based on such lofty note, but this is precisely what he’s done with Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre), which will see a digital release from Mute Records on February 19.  Lofty as it might be, it’s also equally as beautiful.  Sit back and enjoy.


Download:Apparat – A Violent Sky [MP3]

New Music from The Woolen Men

It’s always interesting when you can see a geographical stamp in a band’s sound, so it’s no surprise that new music from The Woolen Men bares some homage to the Pacific Northwest.  Sure, this most comes through in the bands vocal stylings, with hints of woodsmen, though the aesthetic of recording and running things on your own has also played a huge part in the region’s output.  The band just signed on with Woodsist to release their brand new self-titled LP, which will be in stores officially on March 5th.  I have a feeling a lot of you are going to find this release something you can really get behind.

Noisy Girl-Pop from Flowers

There’s not too much information out there concerning Flowers, but I guess that’s too be expected considering the group’s name.  What I can tell you is that the UK outfit is going to have a four-song EP coming your way very soon from the good folks over at Cloudberry Records.  On this single, there’s a rush of distorted guitar and pounding drums, encouraged by the spritely female vocals that flow effortlessly throughout the track. This is the sort of music I dig at the moment, combining bits of noise and dainty elements of indie pop.  The EP should be out soon!


Download:Flowers – When You Lie [MP3]

Free Week Pics: Modern Outsider Takeover @ Emo’s (1/5)

Ume. There is the general feeling around these parts that they just need to blow up; power trio rock with the remarkably charismatic powerhouse lady putting down the jams should be a lock. I love photographing this band. I think every music photographer in Austin loves photographing this band thanks to Lauren’s hair.

But they weren’t my highlight. Modern Outsider is a friend of the program. They have several great acts on their roster and bedsides being really good people, they call Austin home. So naturally, they decided to host a pre-SxSW showcase as part of Free Week 2013.

Click through for plenty of pics of Soft Swells, My Jerusalem, The Black and White Years, The Calm Blue Sea and Ume.

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