SXSW Tip #1

Today as those infamous SXSW wristbands go on sale, please take a minute to read our Top 5 SXSW myths post from last year.  Please refer to #4 and see our thoughts on those lil pieces of plastic.  Also, check out SXSW pages from our friends do512, Donewaiting, The Peen Scene, Showlist Austin, Ultra8201, or We Shot Jr. for information on free/RSVP parties.  In the coming weeks we’ll make a short list/seperate site of the parties we recommend to you.  Also stay tuned next week for details on our very own international extravaganza of a Showcase during the festival.  That is all.

The Constantines on Daytrotter

constantinesVancouver’s The Constantines have long been one of my favorite bands (I love their post-punk ways), and I always felt like no on gave them enough appreciation.  Luckily, Daytrotter has done me a favor; they put the band up with an unreleased track to boot!  The rest of the songs come from the group’s most recent effort Kensington Heights.  Check it.


Download: constantines-sub-domestic [MP3]

SXSW Radio Stream

So as you’re gearing up to head out to SXSW this year, you probably want to know about what’s hot or what’s cool.  We’d love to help you out, and we will, but now SXSW has set up a radio station where you can stream all the artists that are showcasing at this year’s event.  Keep a note pad handy, and start making that schedule for yourself.  The radio is HERE.

TCV ACL Taping Finally Airs Saturday

Finally!  After around 5 months from it’s original air date, the Them Crooked Vultures ACL taping is finally making it onto the air Saturday (2/13).  Air date looks to be at 7pm, so set your DVR to PBS.  Be sure to look out for some of your friendly ATH staff members, as a few of us were there with faces melted to the floor.  Until Saturday, check out this preview video of “New Fang” over on the PBS site.

Black Tambourine Anthology Coming Soon!

Black+Tambourine+BT3If you haven’t gotten to know Black Tambourine, as very few did, then you’re lucky this time around, as Slumberland Records (the one who brought you lots of goodies like Pains of Being Pure at Heart) will be releasing an anthology of the band on March 30th.   BTambourine only existed for a few short years, but this new anthology will have four new songs (two originals, two covers) for your ears.  Just another thing to be excited about in 2010.


Download: Black Tambourine – Black Car [MP3]

Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles

wutangWhile surfing the interwebs today, we found this crazy Band Camp site featuring a DJ/Producer who decided to mix some Wu-Tang Clan with a few Beatles samples.  Sounds crazy huh?  Well if nothing else you should at least get a good laugh out of the project.  The idea apparently came from Tom Caruana who owns and runs a record label called Tea Sea Records.  Tom definitely believes in bigger is better as the compilation features 27 free to download mash-up tracks.  Sure the Grey Album may have been better produced and more relevant, but this thing is worth the download time.  Funny stuff.  Thanks to LHB for the heads up.  I’ll hold off on posting any MP3 tracks as I could easily see legal issues coming this guy’s way just like they did for Danger Mouse.

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