Drifting Pop Tune from Grandparents

When you come across a tune that you can’t escape you’ve got to just sit down and applaud the efforts of the artists; that’s exactly what I did when I listened to this first track from the latest EP, titled Fumes, from Portland’s Grandparents.  There’s sort of a far-out approach to the craftsmanship of the group’s pop efforts, something that makes their songs always seem to rise and fall with the changes of the wind.  Hopefully you get the same sentimental drifting emotion that came to mind when I continuously played this song through my stereo; you’re going to find your spirit lightened just by listening.


Download:Grandparents – Arrows [MP3]

Catchy Pop Number from We Cant Enjoy Ourselves

I feel like I’ve got some heavier tunes on the site today, so I wanted to toss up something ever-so catchy.  I’ve talked about We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves several times before, so with their new album, Make A Mess Of Sacred Ground, coming later this year, I figured I’d get this ditty up for your tastes.  It encompasses everything we’ve come to expect, and love, from the group, featuring a bouncing rhythm and nice hook.  Personally, I’m always a sucker when the whole gang jumps in to offer up supporting vocal moments.  You can never have enough good tunes, so enjoy this one as we spring back into the week.


Download:We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Devil In The Old Folks’ Home [Mp3]

Fuzzy New Single from Terry Malts

There’s been lots of great records this year, but one that’s going to be in my top five for sure come the end of the year is Killing Time from Terry Malts.  But, not a band to rest on their laurels, the group already has a new single ready to go on Log Lady Records.  It’s going to be a split affair with Dead Angle, and it demonstrates the continuous power of a Malts release. If you jam to the stream below you’ll find those fuzzy guitars and solid percussive moments that have come to define the group’s sound.  You can pick up this jam on June 12th, so keep your eyes open!



Dark New Tunes from Broken Water

Our friends over at Hardly Art currently have a dark soul brooding in their catalogue.  Be it Grave Babies, K-Holes or this band, Broken Water, it’s clear that there’s a love for the dark underbelly of rock n’ roll.  BW has their latest album, Tempest, coming out via the label on May 29th, and we’ve really been enjoying the jams they’ve already released.  This one’s got a classic alternative rock sound attached to it, at least in terms of the song’s construction, but with hazier vocals, you get this feeling of being surrounded by angsty music-goers in some darkened concrete venue; don’t lie to yourself, you love those places, so you’ll love this jam.


Download:Broken Water – Underground [MP3]

Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (5/10)

Washed Out puns ruled the night as the rain came down by the bucket load. The drainage holes in the east side wall of The Mohawk couldn’t keep up and the patio turned into a shallow pool. I have to give it up for these fans, they stayed, they got soaked to the bone and they had fun.

Dog Bite was able to avoid the weather with their opening set, while Memoryhouse had to play through the worst of it.

More on the show and a ton of pics from a different view point after the break…

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New Single from Hunx

The great new album from Hunx, Hairdresser Blues, has been out for some time via Hardly Art, but that doesn’t mean the world doesn’t need more reasons to listen to the whole record.  For one, Hunx’s performance at Mohawk last month found him more endearing and honest than I’ve seen him before, and the record follows along in the same tribute, with two tribute tunes (to Jay Reatard and his father) that still break my heart.  On this little ditty you’ll find Seth (Hunx) pleading for his lover to let him in to his heart. Just another great song off a record you need to own.


Download:Hunx – Let Me In [MP3]

Danceable Bedroom Pop from Onuinu

You don’t typically think of dance music or bedroom pop when you think of Portland do you?  I agree, but it looks like the one-man project Onuinu aims to change our minds this year.  Dorian Duvall is the man behind the project, and he’s finally going to see a full-length come to fruition when he releases Mirror Gazer on August 21st of this year via Bladen County Records.  If you listen to jam below, you’ll find yourself in that escape mentality, arms in the air as you swing your body around your bedroom.  Those are the best kind of days, are they not?


Download:Onuinu – Happy Home [MP3]

New Tunes from Guided By Voices

Guided By Voices is certainly an acquired taste for many, but if you listen to this track, you’re going to have to recognize the songwriting gifts of Robert Pollard and Co. You can find the song on a 7″, as well as the new LP Class Clown Spots a UFO, which hits stores on June 12th.  In my mind, this is perhaps one of the best songs the group’s written.  For one, there’s a good solid length (something often lacking from the group) and Bob’s voice sounds remarkable here.  It’s about as simple as a pop ballad as you can get, and I’m loving it!


Download:Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO [MP3]

Scuzzy Beach Rock from Guantanamo Baywatch

Dirtnap Records has done a pretty solid job with releases this year, and they might just have another one on their hands with the new record from Guantanamo Baywatch.  The album is called Chest Crawl, and this track is pretty much a solid snippet of what the whole thing will sound like to your ears.  It reminds me of a weird surf rock jam that lives somewhere between Thee Oh Sees and the Cramps.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s the kind of stuff I’ve been into lately. Give it a little taste.


Download:Guantanamo Baywatch – Boomerenga [MP3]

Dark Jam from Rayon Beach

Just a bit ago we were watching a passionate set from Austin’s Rayon Beach, with the three piece punk-of-sorts band opening for Terry Malts.  Their songs were catchy and powerful, even without the presence of a bass guitar.  Luckily for fans of the band it’s time for you all to open up your ears and check out the group’s new LP, This Looks Serious, which you can purchase from Hozac Records (gold colored vinyl if you’re a nerd like that). I dig the shady darkness that kind of has the band brooding here, giving them this weird sensation of facing peril head-on.  It’s only a matter of time before Austin’s darlings make bigger waves–this LP seems to be that step out the door.  AND…if you’re in Austin, the band has their LP release tonight at 29th Street Ballroom.


Download:Rayon Beach – Where Are the Cities [MP3]

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