Brand New Tune from Esben and the Witch

Wow, I didn’t expect this to come out so soon, and I didn’t expect to be so enamored with the newest tune from Esben and the Witch.  The group announced yesterday that their new album, Wash the Sins Not Only the Face, will be coming out January 21st via Matador Records.  Opening with a ringing guitar, then moving in with the vocals; from here the song ebbs and flows, leaving the guitar to echo and dance in the background.  I’m glad we’re slowly starting to hear great new sounds for the new year, assuming we make it that far (damn Mayans).


Download:Esben and the Witch – Deathwaltz [MP3]

Cool Vibes from The Pear Traps

I stumbled upon this gem the other night, and I’ve been playing this track, and it’s accompanying EP pretty much non-stop the last few days, aside from the other stuff I’ve been spinning.  The Pear Traps are a group from Chicago, and they’ve crafted this short little EP that’s just chock full of mellow harmonies; this track is the second on their Elsewhere EP.  While it begins patiently, there’s a slight increase in the group’s urgency, which is quite brilliant in my opinion, especially the way the guitars seem to dance in the distance.  You can grab the EP from the band for the extra special NYOP (I encourage you to donate to support the band!)


Download:The Pear Traps – Sister [MP3]

Fun Fest Preview: The Helio Sequence

We’re only a a short week or so away now from the upcoming Fun Fest this weekend and it’s time for us to start really delving into this lineup.  It’s hard for me to pick just one band to focus on so we’ll be bringing you several previews this week with bands we deem worthy of your time.  Today I’d like to turn your attention to veteran indie outfit The Helio Sequence.  Follow the jump for a little info on the band and their set time.

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New Hit from September Girls

I love writing about the bands on Matinee Recordings; it makes it so easy as they almost never miss.  The newest installation to their storied stable is Dublin’s September Girls, a five piece group specializing in bringing a blend of atmospheric post rock and girl group harmonies.  It’s pretty much a perfect blend of all your favorite things, uniting noisier pop with your tendency to wax nostalgic about a more pure rock n’ roll sound.  You better get your hands on it now, as the history of the band shows that there music is being gobbled up quickly all over the globe, so chances are this 7″ EP won’t be around for too long.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Show Preview: Divine Fits @ Stubbs (10/31)

Date 10/31/12
Location Stubbs
Doors 7pm
Tickets $20 @ Frontgate

Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite spooky holiday and a great way to celebrate would be heading over to the Divine Fits show over at Stubbs.  With one ATH crew member already verifying that the supergroup can pull of one hell of a live show, this is sure to be a must see show.  Oh and let’s not forget that ATH approved band Cold Cave is providing opening support, so now I just don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be here.

We’ve also heard that a costume contest is going down along with some horror movie snippets between band performances.  I’m in.


Download: Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice [MP3]

New Tunes from El Perro Del Mar

Today seems destined to be a day to swoon with the ladies, so I thought I’d but out this track that just popped up yesterday from El Perro Del Mar.  One of my favorite things about Sarah Assbring is her ability to shift her sound and her image, ever so slightly, yet remain a distinctive voice.  This gem of a track comes from her upcoming Pale Fire album, which hits stores on November 13th.  She’s definitely come a long long way since her early days, and she only sounds more grounded and secure on the record; it’s going to be a surprise hit among many…if it can even be considered a surprise.  Enjoy our love for the ladies with this tune.


Download:El Perro Del Mar – Hold Off The Dawn [MP3]

New (ish) Tune from Cheap Curls

It’s good to know that a little bit of that Dum Dum Girls heritage can now stake some claim in Austin, Tx.  Former member Katie has come back home to Austin, and she’s working under the name of Cheap Curls.  She’s just recently released a new EP via Art Fag Recordings, and I’m finally getting the time to give it more than just a glance.  There’s definitely some resemblance to her former band mates, but I tend to think Katie’s got more of a forceful songwriting style, which just happens to please my ears.  We were reminded of her talents when she helped make way for the Crocodiles this past Friday night. Oh, and one of her band members features a dude from The Rise, so there’s more rad Austin history for you!


Download: Cheap Curls – Message [MP3]

Photo Pop 2012: Photography and Rock n’ Roll @ Red 7 (11.9)

I’ve been waiting to make this announcement since we first began planning Photo Pop 2012, which takes place Friday, November 9th.  As a native Austinite I realize how important the community aspect of the local music scene is, so I wanted to highlight some of our favorite photographers who work their tails off to bring you the best footage of our local scene.  Photographers Rick Kern, Brian Gray, Tim Griffin, Pooneh Ghana, Randy Cremean and Gary Miller will be displaying and SELLING prints of their favorite photography shot here in Austin.  A portion of those proceeds will go to HAAM.  But, that’s not the end of it.  Since the photography wouldn’t go down without the rock, we’re putting on a show afterwards with some of our favorite local bands: Gender Infiniti, Low Times, Tiger Waves, Shivery Shakes and Grape Street.  It’s a chance to enjoy some incredible photography (and get your hands on some good prints) plus stay and enjoy the rock n’ roll. Or you can choose one or the other, just be sure to support the local scene; it’s what makes it great. Here’s a tune from one of the bands, Tiger Waves.


Download:Tiger Waves – Countryside [MP3]

Thanks to Transmission Entertainment for helping us organize this event!

New Pop Gem from We Are the Physics

Man, you’ve got to give it up for quirky art-pop bands like We Are the Physics, especially when they embrace the pretense in order to maximize the fun potential for fans.  They’ve just unleashed their album, Your Friend, the Atom, sticking with the science theme.  I like the latest single, which sounds like a nerdier version of early Les Savy Fav.  It’s got that knifing guitar work moving around angularly, and the vocals are emphatic–even allowing a bit of a dancing stomp.  This isn’t your average Glasgow act, though we’ve scene some ferocity coming out of the city recently, so let’s praise another act pushing forth.

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