ACL Preview: Lucero

Our artist to watch really shouldn’t really be an artist to watch, rather a must see artist.  Lucero aren’t a new band, in fact, they have six albums to their name, all full of songs we know you’ll enjoy.  They blend a nice bit of country twang with a punk rock ethos, giving them credibility galore in my book.  Singer Ben Nichols has a throaty vocal, often times seeming like he’s struggling to get his voice out, but that’s just the sort of passion he brings to the table.  Their latest album, 1372 Overton Park, featured some new moves, bringing in loads more horns, and you’re sure to get a glimpse of the more than just a four-piece band on stage, as they definitely will be bringing an entourage to bring the house down.  I can see this as one of those shows that unifies the unkempt rockers with the casual ACL festival goers; the band is simply good enough to bring us all together, especially in the live setting.  So, if you like a little bit of punk rock, you have to be there.  Country is your thing? Still, you gotta be there. We’re all going to throw back a few nice beverages, and fall in love with Lucero.


Download: Lucero – Hey Darling Do You Gamble [MP3]

Unsubstantiated Rumor: The Drums @ the ND (9/25)

The Drums album, released earlier this year, had been on my radar for quite some time. It used jangling surf-guitars, smooth rhythms, and a pretty killer vocal to win me over pretty quickly.  I was excited, to say the least, to see the band on their return venture to Austin, but something was amiss last night.  This might just be hearsay, and one man’s opinion, but I almost left early due to the fact that I can’t guarantee, nor do I want to, that the band actually performed live.

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Free Tunes from White Denim

It seems like our local boys White Denim are up to more than we thought. While working on their untitled third LP, the guys decide to do sort of an off shoot and record a bunch of stuff, songs they say aren’t in the same vein of the stuff they’ve been working on.  Good news for you is that they’re offering up the entire recording session absolutely FREE.  Well, not entirely, as the band is asking for donations, and you should definitely spend a little money, as they’re worthy of support, ours and yours.  You can only get the new work HERE. Oh, and the work is called Last Day of Summer. Here is a sample.


Download: White Denim – Through Your Windows [MP3]

Young Man on Daytrotter

We talked to you guys about how much we loved Young Man when he released his Boy EP not too long ago.  Unfortunately, those four tracks weren’t enough to hold us over for long, so when we found the awesome Daytrotter set today, we were really excited.  The recording features two brand new songs that haven’t been released yet, so you better hurry on over and get a hold of those tracks now.  We’ve got one here, just in case you can’t wait long enough.


Download: Young Man – Problem [MP3]

New Belle and Sebastian Tunes

This might be old news at this point in the day, but as a long time devotee, I have to post about it.  Belle and Sebastian have a new album B&S Write About Love coming out October 12th, and as one of the more clever creative groups out there, they’ve created a 30 minute video that features two of the new songs–which are brilliant!  You can claim not to like them, and claim its not newsworthy, but no one has been as consistently good as this band since 96, and I mean no one.  Watch the video HERE.

New Sufjan Stevens EP Online Now

The interwebs is going crazy today with news of a brand friggin’ new EP from songwriting great Sufjan Stevens.  The EP, All Delighted People, features 8 new tracks and can be streamed for free on the Sufjan Stevens bandcamp site.  Stevens is using the new material to promote his upcoming fall tour which sees a stop at The Long Center in Austin on October 19th.  Tickets are currently on sale for that date and are running at $35.  Take a listen to the EP and feel free to share your thoughts.

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