Show Preview: Snowden @ Red7 (6/7)

Date 6/7/13
Location Red7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $12

Insanely busy weekend.

It has been six years since I saw Snowden at SXSW play tracks off of the excellent Anti-Anti album with the people at Emo’s Annex tent during a day party. I guess that South-By was one of the first to really flip things upside down, making the day parties how you discover music. Jordan Jeffares finally brings some sound back to Austin to play Red7 tonight with Learning Secrets along for the preshow lounging. Come dance and then gaze.

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New Music from Jonathan Rado of Foxygen

jonathanradoAdmittedly, I’m not a fan of Foxygen, at least in so far as the live setting goes. I thought the band was so horrible that I actually walked out of their set.  But, that being said, I can’t say enough about the songwriters in that band, especially Jonathan Rado.  He’s announced a solo effort for Woodsist, and it definitely harkens back to days of sincere pop.  If you didn’t hear the 60s influence on his writing before, you’re definitely going to hear it in this new track.  The album is titled Law and Order and should see a release date at some point in the fall.

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Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ Mohawk (6/5)

CHVRCHES is sporting a plethora of buzz, right? SxSW fan favorite, plenty of blogger hype, sold out shows in the mid level venues that most indie bands fill before spilling over to the mainstream, they have the boxes checked for a big 2013. The crowd at their show at The Mohawk was packed with bloggers and familiar faces. There were also plenty of show newbs (welcome) and a few dickwads (get bent).

But the big story for me on the night was that the better band was the opener, Still Corners. At least for me.

Click through for the pics and a few notes of import.

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Sprawling Noise from Tape Deck Mountain

tapedeckmountainThis newish 7″ from Tape Deck Mountain is really solid.  It opens with this huge wall of noise that blares right in your face; you think it’s just going to be a big loud rocker from the get-go.  But, they pull back just a tiny bit, revealing a quiet pop tendency, which is briefly interrupted by a wash of noisy atmospherics from time to time.  Those moments begin to unfold more often, accentuated by machine gun snare hits, as the song drifts towards its end.  Always down to hear something new from this group; they never seem to let me down.


Download: Tape Deck Mountain – Always Lie [MP3]

John Laird Turns 30 @ Holy Mountain – Tonight!

Going on 30 - BadgeThere’s a small little “blog” community in Austin, and we’re happy to be part of it; it also means we’ve got to support the other people involved, like John Laird of Side One Track One, who celebrates his 30th year of life with great music for you at Holy Mountain.  You’ll get to hear LA Snacks, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, The Sour Notes, Space Camp Death Squad and Miss Manners, with the first band kicking things off at 9 PM.  It’ll only cost you $5 to get in and support the bands, plus there will be drink specials and free cupcakes (while they last). Come out and support the locals and celebrate birthdays!


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Visions [MP3]

Show Preview + Interview: Beach Day @ Mohawk (6/9)


Date 6/9/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

We’ve already mentioned that the 7 day period of music we’re currently going through in Austin is just one of those weeks that seems to happen once or twice a month.  One I’m personally excited about is the Sunday night show at Mohawk featuring one of my favorite new bands Beach Day.  I’d of course not be doing my duty as a reporter if I failed to mention that the show is actually headlined by Blank Tapes with opening support provided by Deep Space.  Prior to the show, I sent a couple silly questions to band member Kimmy.  Her answers are after the jump.

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Energetic New Music from Steel Phantoms

steelSummertime is perfect for turning the knob up to eleven and letting yourself free from the mundane activities, though I guess some of us do have to sit in offices…sorry BGray. This new tune from Steel Phantoms is perfect for rocking out; the guitars come in and heavy and fast from the get-go, allowing you feel the energetic push the band’s proposing.  If you’re sitting in your chair tapping your toes, as you should be, then you can find a copy of the band’s new self-titled EP coming your way on July 16th.  Let’s celebrate and rock it out today!


Download: Steel Phantoms – Matt LeBlanc [MP3]

Fresh New Rock from Hausu

hausu_small2In all the nostalgic nods in the scene right now, I think I’ve found the piece I like the most: the new single from Hausu. This Portland act is slated to release their new record, Total, on Hardly Art on June 25th, and it’s got great promise.  I like the intricate guitar opening on this song, but it only last for a short bit before the band jumps off into, dare I say, and emo realm.  But, this is the sort of emo that we all loved, back before it became a four letter word. It combines elements of heavier rock moments between melodic guitar chords and discordant noise.  Definitely something on my “to fall in love with” list.


Download: Hausu – Chrysanthemum [MP3]

Beautiful New Tune from Seatraffic

seatrafficHey. You. What are you doing? Nothing? I’ve got something for you to do, and it’s important.  Our current favorite duo Seatraffic has just released yet another single from their single series, and it’s possibly their best to date, in my opinion.  You need to do yourself a favor and go grab the tune from their page, not to mention all the other singles.  In this tune, the trickling bit of electronics floats effortlessly throughout the tune, atop careful percussion and a gentle melody.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to this track another one-hundred times today, especially considering the beautiful closing moments of the tune.  Be sure to donate to the band via their page so they know you love them like we do.


Download: Seatraffic – Conscious Awake [MP3]

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